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The professions of the future of hi-tech: not what you thought - voila! Marketing and digital


The digital-computer revolution, the transition to automation and the artificial intelligence revolution brought certain professions into femininity and brought others to the forefront. So which professions are in Mag

What will be the most sought-after professions in high-tech in the coming years?

We asked the experts. (Photo: Unsplash)

In recent times, there have been dramatic changes in the employment market, with an emphasis on the high-tech industry.

These changes have a deep and immediate impact on the marketing and digital worlds.

The changes are due to a variety of factors, including the ongoing impact of the Corona epidemic, the consequences of which, unfortunately, are only becoming clearer in the "snowball" syndrome, rising inflation in the United States, and the introduction of AI into ever-expanding use in industry. These changes do not miss a beat on the Israeli market either

. The interest rate in the economy and the dollar exchange rate, which keeps rising, prove this. The legal reform and the changes it causes to the local hi-tech and computing industry only increase the impact. It is known that there is no vacuum (empty) in the business world, and as a derivative of it also in the marketing and digital world, which is influenced by it, and even closely To him, in practice.

Therefore, every development in the political arena, as well as in the financial-business arena, especially in the technological world, has an impact on the worlds of marketing, digital and high-tech, as well as on the worlds of human resources, human capital, recruitment and the labor market.

Admittedly, at the moment it is not apparent to the eye that a full replacement for human labor will be created.

This work activates emotion, reason and judgment.

As of the time of writing these lines, these abilities, found in the hands of humans, still exceed those found in machines.

At the same time, it seems that following the digital-computer revolution, the ever-increasing transition to automation at any cost and the artificial intelligence revolution, which is an arm, or an outgrowth of the digital-computer revolution, means that the value of certain professions is decreasing while others are only growing and developing.

Thus, you can see professions that were most in demand in the high-tech, marketing, computing and digital fields, which are fading away, and in contrast new professions and fields, which have recently become the most sought-after professions in the industry.

Among the professions for which the demand is significantly decreasing, the following stand out in particular:

  • Software development

    - a profession that until recently was considered particularly central and attractive in the industry, if not its main anchor, has suffered a serious blow in recent months.

    This profession may suffer another severe blow in the near future, along with the expansion of the use of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence tools, for the production and writing of codes, scripts and prompts.

  • Quality control

    - QA, the quality control, the Quality Assurance, which used to be conducted manually, is also undergoing accelerated change and automation processes, which reduce the demand for workers in the field of quality control drastically.

  • Data Analyst

    - this profession has recently undergone no less than a revolution;

    From Big Data analysis, performed by skilled professionals through the use of traditional BI (Business Intelligence) applications, the field is moving to the use of Machine Learning tools.

Yigal Ona

, president of Israel Cyber ​​Campus and who served until recently as the head of the State of Israel's national cyber system, explained this week in an interview with "Walla!", why we are seeing the increasing decrease in the supply of these professions.

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This was Una's short answer to our question about what he thinks are the main reasons for the decrease in demand for these professions.

He explains: "The increasing use of AI technologies such as ChatGPT in high-tech and in general there is a surplus of professionals, whose daily field of work mainly included 'narrow' thinking, neither 'holistic' nor strategic-horizontal. I do not see a situation where the human element will be completely neglected, But there is no doubt that writing code, scripts and prompts within programs that are not of 'life and death' significance and then corrected or optimized in case of need or error - is something that can definitely be done using a machine."

According to Ona, this is a world-wide trend, which will not only not fade, but will also intensify as the days pass, and improvements in the form of additional features and improved versions of artificial intelligence products will enter the market at an accelerated rate.

Among the emerging professions in the fields of cyber, computing and digital:

  • SOC Analysts

    (Cyber ​​Operations Center Analysts or in English Security Operations Center Analyst) - one of the rising professions in the industry is the SOC Analyst.

    The past year closed with an extraordinary international report, revealing that in the global cyber industry there is a shortage of 3.5 million vacancies, which are required to be filled immediately. This means that there are currently thousands of organizations around the world that are exposed to cyber attacks, which could harm them at any time. a given moment, and therefore they are desperate for cyber people to protect their computer systems. When it comes to cyber defense, the sophistication of tools and automation can only improve the performance of the human factor, who knows how to optimize the activity and distinguish between the main thing to treat, and between a real attack and irrelevant 'noise' and - False Positives.

  • Prompt engineers

    are professionals who are skilled in creating queries for automated text generators like ChatGPT so that they provide the best answers.

    Ultimately, their goal is to teach the chatbot about the customer's specific area of ​​expertise and to adapt it over time using the right questions.

  • Product Managers

    - Product managers are required today to manage and be responsible for the overall and holistic development of the product from a variety of aspects.

    In order to improve and optimize a given product, and add features to it, which match the requirements of its specific target audiences in particular, and the global market in general.

According to Una, of the three above-mentioned examples of professions, which today are in a constant upward trend, the profession of SOC Analyst (cyber operations center analyst) is of increasing importance because without good protection, development and marketing will not be able to exist properly. "All

countries At the present time they exist, satisfy the needs of their citizens and residents, and protect the security of their borders and life within them, through computerized digital systems.

The cyber field and the protection it provides against the consequences of possible cyber attacks, is the 'tip of the spear', without which, in practice, there would be no life in the digital life space," Ona explained.

"Building a strong and sustainable ecosystem, which will support the growth and development of the digital economy, is something that cannot be possible without proper cyber protection. SOC Analysts (Cyber ​​Operations Center Analyst) are considered the 'first line', preventing massive and deadly cyber attacks. Without them, apparently, we would have been inundated with many more deadly cyber attack cases, the results of which are much more devastating," added the former head of Israel's national cyber system.

Yigal Ona, president of Israel Cyber ​​Campus and former head of Israel's national cyber system (photo: Leam)

Ronit Hassin Hochman, CEO of IMPROVATE. (Photo: Yanai Yehiel)

"Crises are an opening for opportunities. I believe that this will also be the case in the current case or cases. The global and local shortage of workers has turned those with education in the field into a 'hot potato' in the labor market. If in the past, the development of a cyber defense system was the exclusive property of countries and giant entities, this is Today, the challenge requires small and large organizations alike," said Ronit Hassin Hochman, CEO of IMPROVATE.

"We can foresee and see how technological developments, such as ChatGPT and Midgerani, begin to slowly erode the status of the content and marketing industries, until today is not far away And professions such as marketing and digital managers, a large part of whose activity revolves around content creation, may fall into a trend similar to that occurring in the programming market.

Add to all of these the steep and sharp drop in demand for programmers, and you have the new trendy professions of the high-tech industry: cyber defense professions," she concluded.

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