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Hailey we are with you: Selena Gomez can also go out as a dog once - voila! Sheee


Chen Amsalem imitates the stupid post, Itamar Ben Gvir ignores the murdered women, the attack on Hailey Bieber and women who are not in a hurry to get married. week summary

What the hell does it take to make Hailey Bieber be loved, why did Chen Amsalem have to leave the post of shame, why we must not under any circumstances forget the electronic handcuff law and how did Merav Cohen become the girl crush of the era?

In women's news, as usual, news and trash get the same place.

This is what true equality looks like.

Chen Amsalem and the cream for a hole in the bottom

everyone fell on Chen Amsalem and the post exploiting her protest to market an eye cream, which caused her to remove it, and it's a shame.

Since Smotrich's speech in English we haven't had a proper comic landing.

It wasn't like Amsalam's post, in which there is a crying picture of the actress kissing the brand's handset, under which is the caption "Tired and sad eyes in view of the situation in the country (...) Lucky that I have the eye gel *brand name* that will make me feel a little radiant during this time ".

Later she described how at least hiding the darkness under her eyes gives her hope and to finish she added, "Let them grow in peace", emoji

"Ultimately the rabbinic judgment will hurt us all - Israelis and Palestinians"

Bar is not guilty: the reason is why you have a hard time with the sexuality of "mothers of children"

for 30 thousand shekels Assi and Adi Bouzaglo will teach you about relationships

if they didn't tell me otherwise, I was sure that this was a satire on Influencers from Doreen Atias' creative house, of course, did not miss a stinging response to the issue, including the mention of the famous rectal cream.

The public criticism caused Amsalem to back down and publish an apology, but in my opinion, she should have acted completely differently, declaring that everything was a joke and branding herself as a sharp satirist, while at the same time she compliments the brand on high social involvement.

In the end, advertising products, making a living and selling, is more than okay even in these difficult times - the only question is how.

For example, the coup d'état hurts me, luckily I have Agistan.

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Ben Gvir overturned the electronic handcuffing law

This week, at the behest of Cole, the government overturned the electronic handcuffing law.

The law in its first version was proposed by MKs Aliza Lavi and Aida Toma Slimane in 2017. Since then other MKs and MKs have tried to promote it, including Keren Barak, Ayelet Shaked, Naomi Lazimi, Michal Rozin, Gilad Erdan and Gideon Sa'ar, with the last among them Stop right now. For six years the law has been rising and falling, trying to break through the glass ceiling to no avail. The Minister of Internal Security was given a golden opportunity this week to regain some of the trust he had lost, but he missed it and us, in a way that cannot be explained other than a childish ego game.

According to the minister, the current law is problematic, because it may harm innocent men against whom a false complaint was filed, but a simple reading of the law shows that this argument holds no water.

According to the law, the electronic bracelet will be received by a person who violated a protection order and was assessed by a judge as high risk.

Of course, for Ben Gvir, who has eight criminal convictions and 53 indictments, it doesn't sound like a big deal.

Perhaps that is why he expressed concern about a situation in which "every man" is Yazak, but it is worth mentioning that most men do not receive a protection order, the greater majority do not violate it, and certainly not "every man" is assessed as high risk by the court.

Eight women have been murdered since the beginning of the year, among them the late Addis Albana, 29 years old from Kiryat Ata, whose life was taken from her in cold blood this week. Apart from her and Bedan, so many other women live in daily fear, victims of untold and sometimes invisible violence. Some of them are "protected" A joke order that no one enforces, which is why so many refrain from applying for such an order. Of course - the message they receive from the state is that there is no point. They must make sure that the message changes.

Hailey Bieber was attacked, and still can't be loved like Selena.

Remember my interpretation of Hailey Bieber as Amber Heard 2?

Well, here she is already completing the Amber-Hardy circle, in the end we realize that we exaggerated and blame ourselves for becoming a bully out of concern for the victim.

The one leading the move is Hailey's victim and her husband's ex, AKA Selena Gomez.

According to Gomez's fans and the rather sweeping public opinion, Bieber is considered to be the one who "stole Justin", because evidence of meetings between her and Bieber became known even while he was in a relationship with Gomez.

Since then, and in light of various stings of the Bieber wife towards the ex, as well as the fact that she is simply not to be confused, Gomez's fans have developed a burning hatred for the new wife.

This hatred reached its peak with the eyebrows and dogs affair, and now there has been a further escalation with threats on Hayley's life.

But even this affair did not succeed in turning her into a martyred saint, because of course Selena intervened, as the peacemaker that she is, and asked her fan to stop the hatred and incitement like Galit Distal Atbarian was, just without inciting herself in the process.

Gomez's intentions are good - her intentions are always good - but what a shame to be Hailey in this equation.


She once had the chance to come off as a bruised princess, and that too Selina took from her with unbearable kindness.

At this point, I feel like seeing Selena get her hands a little dirty too.

Too many good people make us look bad, because deep down, let's face it, we're all a little Hayley.

Jealous, competitive, petty, anxious to be abandoned.

So it's true, what many of us keep as wishful thinking - Bieber turns into action, but between us, how boring it would be if they were all Selena.

Mirav Cohen is the new Girl Crush because

the last period has exposed many of our public representatives in their corruption, but if there is someone who shines out of the darkness, it is the "Yesh Atid" MK who does not stop giving heads. She is there to put in their place all the liars of the reform, the instigators, the who bite the law and usurp powers, and does it with eloquence but also with the necessary militancy. I have not known so much satisfaction in these weeks as when watching her remind everyone who proposed the first female Mizrahi judge and who opposed her (wonderfully, Simcha Rothman), raising her voice against the terrorist organization to- Familia O points out the misery of Ila Ben Gabir, even more extreme than her husband, who opposed the handcuff law while turning the spotlight on the pain of men suffering from false complaints. If you lack a real counterpoint from the opposition, follow her and get some relief.

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