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Should Emily apologize to Olivia for the Harry Styles prank? - Walla! Sheee


Rumors overseas insist that Emily Ratajkowski is begging Olivia Wilde to forgive her for her steamy kiss with Harry Styles. Has Amarta broken the girl code?

Is it true that these news about two celebrities who were "caught close" immediately lead to rumors about an affair and allow them to both get some traffic and remain vague enough to deny when it doesn't work?

So this past weekend there were two who forgot to use that patent, or just couldn't contain themselves, and were caught eating each other's face in the middle of Tokyo - Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski, the supermodel aka Amarta. Now, they both know that at their level of publicity, they ca

n't to behave like that in public without expecting it to be published. Emily is especially experienced in this because only in the last few months, since she broke up with her husband, four or five different men have already managed to catch her, including Pete Davidson and Brad Pitt. But while with them you could say in retrospect about the photos that they were just " Friends", with Harry the story is completely undeniable.

Why is it interesting?

Because just a few months ago, Harry broke up with Olivia Wilde, who was his partner for almost two years, and now all the entertainment websites claim that Ameretta is really begging Olivia Wilde to forgive her for this, because they are actually "friends".

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Now, if they are really friends - there is no doubt that a very basic law was violated here.

Like, sorry, soul, it's not even a quarter of the time Harry and Olivia were together, and it's well known that the time it takes to get over an ex is half the time you were together.

They said that in some movie in the nineties.

But if they're not friends - sorry second soul, she doesn't owe you anything, honey.

You broke up, he moved on and even if it still hurts you, it's not her responsibility.

@samanthasiegel her and olivia must have beef now?

#foryoupage #foryou #fyp #harrystyles #loveontourparis #loveontour #loveontour2022 #paris #emilyratajkowski #oliviawilde ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

When it comes to romantic triangles, the Girl Code is very clear:

1. Don't pet your girlfriend.

If you covet him - at least be human and don't make a mob about him.

2. You will not go out with your ex-girlfriend until the end of the statute of limitations accepted by law.

What is the statute of limitations - how many years?


The issue is complex and each case is different.

3. Don't stand between your girlfriend and your ex for ego reasons only.

You won't happen anymore?

Do they have a chance for true love?

Swallow the insult and praise me.

Much easier said than done, yes?

No one promised us that life would be easy.

But in Amarta's case, I really don't think there was a violation of the Girl Code here.

no no.

Nor does she beg Olivia to forgive her.

She doesn't think about her at all.

Maybe just for moments, when she has to wipe Harry's saliva off her face and wonders how Olivia survived this wetness for two years without developing mold.

This whole story of "Emily begging for forgiveness" is an invention of the tabloids and the entertainment sites, who are trying to paint a picture of a friendship that ended in betrayal.

That's not what happened.

And as usual, I'd be happy to provide proof.

How do the sites tell us they are companies?

They provide three pieces of evidence.

Evidence #1 is that at the Oscars after party, Amarta and Olivia "hung out together".

come on.

Look at the picture.

It's not friendship, it's politeness.

And from Amarta's direction it seems that she is doing even that with an effort.

Evidence #2: Last June they "hung out together" again, this time in the VIP area at Harry's concert in Paris, when he and Olivia were still a couple.

First of all, I see them changing no more than a sentence.

So come on.

Besides, more than half a year has passed between June and the Oscar ceremony and although this is also the frequency of my meetings with my girlfriends - it really does not indicate friendship.

Evidence #3: Amarta defended Olivia when she took some criticism in the past.

Yes, it's true, but it was such a general statement from a woman who stands up for women and not something that can be heard in any way like someone having her bestie hurt.

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In short, what is happening here is the essence of chauvinism.

The default of all websites is to paint a picture of "women women sack of snakes", because it's easy.

And it clicks.

And that's what a lot of their readers would have thought anyway, just because they saw these two women next to each other twice.

And by the way, it should be noted that this happened at the same time as another and no less easy strategy, which was the third time between them.

What happened here in reality?

Harry Styles said back in 2014, long before he knew who Olivia Wilde was, that he had a crush on Amarta.

The man waited nine years - why is it difficult for him to restrain himself?

Amarta, as mentioned, knows very well that she is being photographed all the time, she would not have flown on such a long session in public if she had any shred of conscience in front of Olivia.

And Olivia herself - I don't think it interests her at all because she is in the middle of custody discussions for her children, a somewhat more fundamental matter for her, I guess.

However, I also do not rule out another option, that Olivia is addicted to these dramas and that romantic triangles are actually her hobby, which she has already practiced twice with Harry: once when she had an affair with him behind her husband's back, Jason Sudekis, and a second time when, according to rumors, Harry Had an affair with the actress Florence Pugh, who starred with him in the film Olivia directed.

A bit Bnei Goren, but a pattern can be recognized here.

What is certain is that if Amarta and Olivia were indeed friends, and Harry had to stay out of bounds for Amarta, she should have stayed out of bounds for him too.

If this is the story, he got off just as badly as she did, and he should apologize just as much.

But what to do, Cat Fight will always be more clicky than saying a man is a douche.

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