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Ana Obregón announces that the girl born by surrogate mother is her granddaughter and daughter of Aless Lequio


"This was Aless's last wish, to bring a child of hers into the world," announces the actress and presenter in an exclusive to '¡Hola!' magazine.

Just a week ago, Ana Obregón became news, a

trending topic

and even the protagonist of the political debate when the magazine


published on her cover that the actress had become her mother at 68 through a surrogate, an illegal process in Spain.

This Tuesday, April 4, the same magazine has once again brought forward her cover, which is published weekly every Wednesday, with a report in which the presenter also shows her "granddaughter" for the first time.

"Ana Obregón introduces us to her granddaughter, Ana Sandra, Aless's daughter."

The publication thus confirms what during the last seven days had been a strong rumor in the media, television programs and social networks.

"This was Aless's last wish, to bring a child of hers into the world," Ana Obregón, who received the publication in the apartment in Miami (Florida, USA) where she has been staying since last March, and where she is spending the first days with the little girl, born on March 20 (three weeks ahead of schedule), until her return to Spain.

“She tells us that she is a very good girl, eater, sleepy and calm.

That although 30 years have passed since she was a mother for the first time, this is not forgotten.

That she has become, again, an expert in changing diapers, giving bottles and taking care of her baby.

She sleeps little, she watches over her little girl's sleep, she says that she has dark circles under her eyes and that she hasn't been to the hairdresser for weeks ”,

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Ana Obregón, mother of a surrogate girl at 68: "I have lived again"

“Ana, everyone is in



Explain to us what are the reasons that lead you to make the decision to have a girl, by yourself, at your age, three years after the death of your son, Aless”, is the first question of the report published in the magazine, the publication that last week she took to her cover that she had become a “mother”.

“The first thing you have to know is that this girl is not my daughter, but my granddaughter.

She is the daughter of Aless and when she grows up I will tell her that her father was a hero, so that she knows who she is and how proud she has to be of him.

According to her account in the magazine, the decision to start a surrogate process was made the same day that her firstborn died, three years ago.

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“I want the truth to be known, of course.

Because I have nothing to hide, quite the opposite.

It is a source of pride, it is a miracle, ”he adds.

Of course, Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón is legally the daughter of Ana Obregón, as she herself also qualifies.

According to her account, the decision to start a surrogate process was made the same day her firstborn died.

Aless Lequio passed away in May 2020, at the age of 27, from cancer.

He tells that the last wish of her son was to bring a son of his into the world, and he told both her and her father a week before he died.

"Since that moment, the only thing that has allowed me to continue living every day, every second, is to fulfill the mission of bringing Aless's daughter into the world," Obregón reveals emphatically.

A few months in which she has also launched a foundation named after her son with the aim of raising funds for the fight against cancer as well as finishing the book that he left unfinished.

It is common that when a cancer patient is going to undergo a chemotherapy process, doctors recommend that men freeze sperm samples and women ovules, since the treatment can affect fertility.

And so did Aless Lequio, whose samples, as her mother now reveals, were kept in New York.

Obregón tells the magazine that the girl is "a blessing", "a gift from heaven", that she does not admit criticism and that only parents who have lost a child have the right to comment.

Some statements in which he reveals that she has been aware of the commotion generated in Spain since she was seen leaving the hospital with the girl in her arms and in a wheelchair, according to the protocol of the Florida hospital.

A piece of news that she came to think about not only famous Spanish people such as the singer Vanesa Martín or Georgina Rodríguez, but also the Minister of Equality.

After hearing the news, Irene Montero recalled from the halls of Congress that these types of agreements are not legal in Spain, and she described them as a "form of violence against women" that feeds on the poverty of pregnant women.

"Exploitation of the female body"

The actress also spoke about the commotion caused by the news that she had used a surrogate.

A debate that she describes as "absurd."

“This assisted reproduction technique has been done for many years and is legal in many countries of the world [not in Spain].

Many couples who cannot have children or homosexual couples or for whatever reasons use this technique.

But what scandal is this, now?

“I go to the pediatrician and, seeing how old I am, they ask me: 'Is she an adopted daughter?

Is it a surrogacy?

Well phenomenal.


Because here people are open, but in Spain, my goodness, we are in the last century”.

"It has been very difficult.

The pregnancy did not occur on the first attempt, far from it;

They have been several times and every time I didn't go out I was terribly upset and started over.

It's been a battle, a long road, but it's what has kept me alive.

It's just that if it weren't for this, I wouldn't be here anymore."

Since the death of her son, Ana Obregón has lived in mourning, as she herself revealed in an interview she gave to ICON magazine just a couple of weeks before Ana Sandra's arrival in the world.

Ana in honor of her, her great-grandmother and her great-grandmother, and Sandra in honor of Aless.

"I died on May 13, 2020 and I was born again on March 20, 2023, just like that," he tells


She now says she no longer feels guilty about enjoying things: "Now it is my obligation to be happy for her and, furthermore, my emotional stability, right now, depends on seeing this girl grow up happy."

And according to her account, she has also thought about the future: “I have worked all my life and, thank God, I am lucky to be able to leave her in a very good situation when I am not around.

And until then, I have all the love in the world to give him.

And a warning from her: she leaves the door open to give him a brother.

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