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MEP dollar: what it is and how you can buy it online, without limits and legally


To access, it is necessary to have an account in foreign currency. The procedure is very simple and free. Step by step how to do it.

In Argentina, those who seek to protect the value of their pesos in this context of high inflation and access the cheapest dollars on the market ($224)

cannot purchase more than US$200 per month

through their bank.

And if you are qualified to make the purchase, you should

pay a premium

for solidarity tax and profit retention.

Meanwhile, if you opt for the informal dollar, which in recent days has set a new record, you would have to pay around

$434 per unit

today .

But there are other options to get more accessible dollars,



without limitations through the Capital Market.

 And it is buying MEP dollars, also known as the stock dollar, with a

quick and simple operation


What is the MEP dollar?

It is called

MEP dollar

(Electronic Payment Market), or also called "

bag dollar"

, to the acquisition of this currency through the purchase of a bond in pesos and its subsequent sale in dollars.

After the rise of the blue dollar, there are other options to buy dollars legally.

Photo: EFE.

This is one of the

operations most carried out by Argentines

in the Capital Market, since it is

100% legal

and, being


, the risk of traveling down the street with physical money is avoided.

It should also be noted that

there is no monthly purchase limit

or taxes and recently the "parking" (minimum time that the title must be held in the portfolio before selling it) went to only 1 business day, making it one of the more attractive options for savers.

What are the requirements to buy MEP dollars? 

All persons with a

principal or investment account

can trade MEP dollars as long as:


You have not purchased a solidarity dollar

(official) during the last 90 calendar days and you agree not to buy it in the next 90 days thereafter.


Is not a user of public services that

has requested and obtained a subsidy in the rates

derived from the supply of natural gas through the network and/or electricity, or that has obtained it automatically and/or maintains a subsidy in the rates of drinking water.


It is also not enabled for

AUH or social plan beneficiaries

or for those who do not have declared income.


Is not a borrower of a "

zero rate credit", of a "2021 zero rate credit" or a "culture zero rate credit", or beneficiary of a "24% rate credit" financing for subjects not informed at the Central of Debtors of the "financial system", or of a "credit at a subsidized rate for companies".

All persons with a principal or investment account can trade MEP dollars, although there are some restrictions.

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Step by step, how to buy MEP dollar?

The MEP dollar or stock dollar is an option that allows access to the purchase of dollars online at an exchange rate very similar to that of home banking, although without any limit.

The procedure is simple:


Open a

client account

(these are the ones used to operate with bonds or shares in the Capital Market and in the Stock Market).

The account can be opened at a

bank or at a Stock Exchange


Settlement and Clearing Agent (ALYC), 

it is processed free of charge, with just a few clicks, filling out simple forms and validating identity with DNI.

2. Deposit or transfer the pesos

in the principal account from a bank account of the same owner.

Before operating, you must have the CBU of the bank account in dollars enabled to deposit the money there.

Then, the operations are already enabled.

3. Buy bonds in pesos


The most commonly used bond for this operation is the

2030 Bond (GD30)


It is important to bear in mind that the price at which the title will be traded is for 100 face values ​​(standard measure for bonds), but you can buy the amount you want.

One point to keep in mind is that for this operation, the bond in pesos must be

kept in the portfolio for one business day

in order to carry out the operation (term known as “parking” or “parking” by its translation).


Sell the bonds in dollars. 

To do this, you must select the "Immediate Cash" option with the AL30D/GD30D label or the chosen title.

There you must determine the number of bonds you want to sell and choose the market price.

Then, the dollars are received in the principal account.


Once the operation is finished,

the dollars are transferred to the

investor's bank account.

Thus, any investor can buy dollars (or sell by performing the reverse procedure) for an average total of

$421 per dollar


A much cheaper

price than the $434 blue dollar

that is acquired illegally.

The MEP dollar allows access to the purchase of dollars at an exchange rate very similar to that of home banking, although without limits.

Photo: File.

Tips to trade with MEP dollar

IOL Invertironline

, one of the best-known brokers in the market, which offers simple MEP dollars, shared some tips to keep in mind when operating with MEP:


To operate with settlement in foreign currency, it is necessary to have the

CBU enabled in your bank account in dollars



It is possible to have more than one dollar bank account enabled, as long as you are the owner or co-owner.


 Due to Communication “A” 7340, the amount resulting from the sale in Kind “D” (the bond in dollars) will be sent to your bank account in dollars that you have selected.

The money will be credited within 24 hours after its settlement.


Keep in mind that due to Communication "A" 7072 of the Central Bank, from a

second transfer

to the same bank account in dollars received during the calendar month, the receiving entities (banks) may defer the accreditation or reject it.


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