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The Speaker of the Polish Parliament: "We will do everything so that Jews can live according to their faith in security" - Voila! Judaism


The activity of the empowerment programs for young rabbis and the rabbis' wives will be expanded, and departments for investigating Judaism and kosher will be established.

In the Gansha Cemetery, Warsaw (Photo: Eli Itkin)

A higher beit midrash for teaching to address the problems of the hour and to direct the teaching house - 'Beit Hanoch' by Gab'd Europa zt'al will be operated in Europe, the activity of the empowerment programs for young rabbis and the wives of rabbis will be expanded and departments for investigating Judaism and kosher, training and licensing for mohels shochat kosher supervisors and seth writers will be established This is what the president of the Gaon Conference, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, announced during the second day of the meeting of the Standing Committee and the Great Court of the "Conference of Rabbis of Europe" held in Warsaw, Poland.

In the Gansha cemetery, Warsaw (photo: Eli Itkin)

At the meeting chaired by the president of the conference, Rabbi Goldschmidt and the chairman of the standing committee of the London High Court Rabbi Menachem Gellai, the rabbis of the states and cities, the high courts and judges from most of the European Union countries are participating.

Rabbi Goldschmidt added that all the departments, including the coordination and control department for mikvahs and interbreeding and the department for upgrading the ties between the heads of the communities and the rabbis, the expansion of the conference's international ties and the security of the communities will be operated from the 'Rabbi Conference of Europe' house which will be completed with the assistance of the Bavarian government within four months. He praised the head of his staff Mr. Gadi Gronich, who worked on developing relations with the Bavarian government and brought to a close the historic agreement on the government's sponsorship of the conference's activities in Europe and the establishment of the conference house in Munich.

Nozik Synagogue (Photo: Eli Itkin)

He reviewed in detail the purpose of establishing the Beit Midrash for teaching "intended for first-rate rabbis with the goal of producing and promoting local spiritual leadership that responds to the challenges of the hour for the public in all areas of life based on ability, breadth of knowledge and public responsibility. As part of the program, the rabbis acquire comprehensive knowledge in a variety of fields of knowledge, medicine, welfare , community leadership, technology and economy. In addition, the program serves as a kind of platform that enables rabbis from a variety of classes to study together and learn from each other, with the goal of formulating answers to the issues of the hour in Israel and abroad and to direct the teaching house - 'Beit Hanoch' named after Gab'd Europa, the genius Rabbi Hanoch HaCohen Arentroy zt'al operating in Europe".

In his words, Rabbi Goldschmidt expanded on the special programs for young rabbis in which they study and learn in depth in Halacha and in practice for two years on many subjects, including: checking mikvahs, supervision of supervisors in factories and restaurants, clarifying preliminary Judaism, and more. The rabbis professional training and tools for the development and management of the community in the fields of; communication, leadership, building the community, management and fundraising, public speaking and more.

Chairman of the Permanent Committee, Garem Ga'eli (Photo: Eli Itkin)

The evening before, during the special reception for the rabbis, the Speaker of the Parliament, Tomasz Grodecki, told the rabbis: "We will do everything so that Jews can live according to their faith in security and peace in Poland for another thousand years." Personal. The rabbinical director of the conference and head of the Torah Chaim Yeshiva, the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Labell, brought up in the session the issue of the hardships that the justice seekers from Russia and Ukraine are going through at the hands of the officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the work that is being done with the new Minister of the Interior to correct the injustice.

In the afternoon, the rabbis, under the great guidance of Rabbi Mordechai Shudrich of Poland, went to the Ganesha cemetery where world greats are buried and sites related to the Holocaust near the ghetto.

In the Gansha cemetery, Warsaw (photo: Eli Itkin)

Upon entering the cemetery and on the holy note of Maran HaNziv Zatzukal and Maran HaGaon Rabbi Chaim HaLevi Solvitchik Zatzukal on whose Torah the world of Yeshiva rests, the rabbis of the conference led a prayer reciting chapters of the Psalms for the recovery of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky Shalita and the Gaon The tzaddik Mishgich Dalikwood Rabbi Mattiyo Salomon Shalita who are in need of the many mercies of Heaven when the president of the conference says the chapters of the Psalms and the rabbis answer after him verse by verse with great excitement. Also a

special prayer was said for Marnan and Rabbin who the eyes of the conference are drawn to for their advice and blessing - Maran HaGrij Edelshtin Shalita and Maran Garad Lando Shalita may they persevere in their health and in the study of their Torah and may they have longer days and years of life added to them. A special prayer for the salvation of all Israel and for the Torah and the media in the Holy Land that they may continue their Torah without interference and plots of those who seek to save Torah and its rule in the Holy Land.

A tour of the Warsaw Ghetto area (Photo: Eli Itkin)

Near the bunker pit dug during the days of terror in the center of the cemetery where Jews hid, the representative of Israel's elders told the conference Rabbi Israel Friedman the story of his grandfather from the rabbis of the town of Goborova, which was completely wiped off the face of the earth by fire, and the Jews who were imprisoned in the synagogue before it was set on fire, were rescued after an unknown Nazi officer arrived on a motorcycle and ordered to release them and the whole town caught fire.

All the survivors went on a wandering journey towards Siberia.

His grandfather, Rabbi Yisrael Yehuda HaCohen Kroc refused to eat non-kosher food and he breathed his pure soul and was buried without specifying a place.

"My mother brought in her hands the tractate of Yavmot which he did not leave and which remained in his hand until he passed away, and in it these two greeting cards sent by her two yeshiva brothers whose fate is unknown, for Rosh Hashanah. This is all that is left of the town that was wiped off the face of the earth."

The conference closed with a prayer in the only "Nujok" synagogue that survived the threats of the Holocaust.

Aryeh Zamir, in collaboration with Shuba Israel

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