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Frédéric ("Koh-Lanta"): "I had very little qualms about lying to people"


Highlights: Frédéric sealed a strong alliance with Gilles, Quentin and Nicolas and together they excel in strategies. Disillusioned, Clémence, Laura, Julie and Tania decided to reverse the trend and managed to eliminate Gilles. Determined to take revenge, they took advantage of the linked destinies to oust CléMence who was teaming up with Esteban. The 33-year-old Chinese-Laotian masterfully leads strategies, not hesitating to multiply lies.

INTERVIEW - The 33-year-old Chinese-Laotian masterfully leads strategies, not hesitating to multiply lies.

From the beginning of "Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire", Frédéric sealed a strong alliance with Gilles, Quentin and Nicolas and together they excel in strategies. But that was without counting the women. Disillusioned, Clémence, Laura, Julie and Tania decided to reverse the trend and managed to eliminate Gilles. A turnaround that the four men did not expect. Determined to take revenge, they took advantage of the linked destinies to oust Clémence who was teaming up with Esteban.

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TV MAGAZINE. - Your adventure seems to be going pretty well.
FRÉDÉRIC. - It is true that everything is going well. I had my first big stress to the recomposition of the teams because when I arrived at the reds, the ex-yellows were in the minority so we had to do a little strategy. After reunification, I felt more comfortable. Inevitably, we find friends and therefore allies. The fact of moving forward in the adventure without necessarily feeling in danger in relation to the advice is quite pleasant. And then the hunger is much less felt because I have gotten used to the quantities of food that are minimal. On the other hand, I am really starting to miss my loved ones. But otherwise I live the adventure relatively well.

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You are very close to Nicolas, Gilles and Quentin. How was this alliance sealed?
In fact, it was quite fast. On the second day of the adventure so on the first day with the yellows, we found each other, we immediately got along very quickly, we spent a lot of time together. At one point, the four of us went to get water, we talked and it came like that. We thought it would be really cool to go the furthest we all four of us. We didn't realize at that time that we were going to be a quartet that was going to make the difference in the game.

It was early in the adventure to establish an alliance knowing that everything can be turned upside down from one day to the next...
It was very early but we didn't necessarily have an ulterior motive. We just thought: "We get along great, it would just be cool if we stick together to try to move forward as much as possible". Over time, we have been able to consolidate these different affinities. With the recomposition of the teams, I was able to solidify my links with Quentin, Nicolas with Gilles. With the talisman, we managed to "keep in touch" and then we found ourselves at reunification.

What was the hardest thing in the end: maintaining this mutual trust or hiding this alliance from others?
It is clearly to hide the alliance that has been complicated. Moreover, when I see the broadcast today, I tell myself that at times, we were not very strategic or at least not very observant because we were in our bubble. We had overconfidence and that led us to the loss of Gilles in particular.

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From the beginning of the adventure, there were a lot of strategies put in place, including yours. How did you live this atmosphere?
It's funny because I signed up for "Koh-Lanta" mainly for the sporting side but I knew that strategy was a major element of the game. When the adventure started, I realized that there were people who were not necessarily going to be strategists and I told myself that it was going to be good for me. Subsequently, it became complicated because when we make alliances, we must take into account the choice of each. At times, we are forced to impose choices and there are times when we are forced to force some to lie to others. I am talking in particular about Gilles who, in relation to his values, really struggled in this regard. We tried to make him understand every day that it's a game. We are with real people, we share real moments but as part of the game we have to do what is necessary. A betrayal in the game is not necessarily a betrayal in life.

"I can't hide my emotions because I'm like, 'I'm with the suckest'


Frédéric about Tania

For the linked destinies, you had to team up with Tania. At the time, you didn't seem really excited about the idea. What for?
In general, I can hide my moods but here it was complicated because at that moment I see my adventure stop. I can't hide my emotions because I'm like, "I'm with the most suck."

You're being tough in saying that...
I tell myself this because we will have to do events together and in the events Tania did not perform. At that time, we have known each other for a few days and I can only believe what I see. And I see that she can't. There have been many tests whether sporting, mental or other, there is nothing that has worked and so I wonder how I will do because I can not do the work for two.

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What was your joy in winning the immunity test...
I think what worked was that we took the time to put things straight, to understand why we didn't talk to each other from the beginning. She told me that she had made efforts to come to me but that there had been no receptivity on my part. I remember the few times she came to chat with me but I had catalogued her so much, put her in a box. I said to myself: "With her, it does not "match" at all. I already have a lot of infinity on the other side so why am I going to waste time wanting to know this young woman who does not interest me?" It's very unfortunate but it taught me a lot. It gave me a little slap because in life, it's a bit the same. We meet people, we make a first impression and then we may put them aside and certainly miss out on a friendship. I really think it's this background work that we did in a day where we talked a lot, where we realized that we have a lot in common. In the end, we arrived at the tests as a block.

A few days before you had this sentence towards Tania: "It is useless". Do you regret saying that today?
It's terrible but I was really in my bubble, I didn't pay attention to the cameras anymore. It's nasty but I said that in relation to what one can imagine of the "merit" on "Koh-Lanta". On the tests, she often came last. On the camp, he was not the most indispensable person in the sense that he was not the most active person. As a result, there were these very harsh words that came out and that I obviously regret.

In your line of sight, you also had Esteban. Why?
It's a bit the same as with Tania. With Esteban, it was very strange because on the first 24 hours, we quickly hooked without necessarily much discussion. In terms of our personalities, it really "matched" and besides, today we are good friends, I have dinner with him tonight. He is really someone I really like, but when I saw him again in the red team, I saw someone self-effacing, not very combative, who really did not hit the nail on the head. A bit like Tania, on any type of event, whether team or individual, whether physical or otherwise, I did not see him surpass himself and it disappointed me a lot. Everyone managed the adventure in their own way but I saw a huge lack of combativeness. However, when we spoke with him, he said that he wanted to go as far as possible but there was a huge contrast between what he said and his actions. It bothered me and it's sad but the fact that I had this feeling meant that on the camp I hardly spoke to him anymore.

"I don't want my wedding to be an American wedding where anyone is invited"

Frédéric, candidate of "Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire" on TF1

At the last council, you voted against him. Was it for this reason or was it a roundabout way to eliminate Clémence?
This was clearly a roundabout way to eliminate Clemence. The loss of Esteban at this stage of the game didn't make me hot or cold so it killed two birds with one stone. But my target was Clémence for several reasons. In my mind, she was at the head of the strategy that made Gilles leave so I had to avenge him. There I was really in a position of strength because I was at the heart of all strategies.

You didn't hesitate to lie brazenly to him...
Of course and unscrupulously, it's really for the game. I had very few qualms about lying to people in "Koh-Lanta." In life, I am someone of extreme right, very reliable. Before the adventure, my future wife told me: "Sportingly, you will manage. On the other hand, you will jump to the first strategy." It made an impression on me and I thought, "Oh yeah? Well, I'm going to do strategy." I remember the first time I lied, it made me really funny, I didn't feel good. Among the reds, I lied to Esteban and told him, straight in the eye, that we were going to vote against Anne-Sophie. It was a big lie. It was baptism, once this step was over, I could lie at all costs! It made me laugh. I think there are not enough people who have understood that it is a game, it's a shame.

Did you feel no qualms about lying to Clémence when she "gave" you her little finger which for her has a strong symbolism linked to her murdered sister?
It made me stutter. In my head, I wasn't comfortable because it's a super strong thing for her. But afterwards, I thought she's very smart to do that at that time. I had the presence of mind to think that maybe she was playing with emotions. We are in a game, there are strategies to do, so there are lies that must be made and it is not because she tells me this that I will confess to her: "Since it is the promise of the little finger, listen, I am taking you on a boat". No, I can't, I have to go all the way and unfortunately it's part of the game but I recognize that the moment she told me, it hurt my heart.

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Have you explained yourself since then?
Yes, we talked about it once but she doesn't blame me at all. She understood that it was for the game.

Have you kept in touch since?
Yes, we had dinner together last week, we met in Bordeaux, everything is fine. There are no grudges about the game.

In August, you are going to get married in Portugal. Did you invite any of your former teammates?
It's a very private celebration. I invited only one adventurer, Quentin. He is really a person with whom I have formed a very strong friendship. It's the only friendship that really went beyond the game in the sense that we were the first to see each other right away, even before the broadcast. We saw each other several times, I met his wife, he met mine, he comes home in two weeks for a weekend. It's a strong friendship I have with him. We write to each other every day and this relationship, I do not have it with others. I don't want my wedding to be an American-style wedding where anyone is invited. I don't want to say to myself in ten years: "Who was the one who came to my wedding?"

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