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Debuts from the world of marketing: VPs of marketing share the tools and practices that made their year - voila! Marketing & Digital


Highlights: The marketing profession is dynamic, changing and innovating. Marketers are always looking for the latest tools and the most advanced technologies to make the marketing work they do better and more accurate. In honor of Shavuot, we teamed up with Walla! Marketing and digital with the professional "debuts" of senior marketing professionals in the economy. Here are the new tools and work methods they introduced to their work over the past year. The first fruits are the digital insurance platform for small business owners and freelancers.

On the occasion of Shavuot, the market's senior VPs of marketing share the practices and tools they have implemented in their marketing work throughout the year that have yielded the juiciest fruits - the first fruits

The marketing industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years with the rapid development of technology and digital tools it provides for us. Innovation and frequent changes require marketers to respond quickly, to be updated and to introduce new practices and tools to their organization so as not to be left behind and of course to provide value to their customers and company.

Violet Horn Galperin. (Photo: Israel Marketing Association)

"The marketing profession is dynamic, changing and innovating. Marketers are always looking for the latest tools and the most advanced technologies to make the marketing work they do better and more accurate.
In honor of Shavuot, we teamed up with Walla! Marketing and digital with the professional "debuts" of senior marketing professionals in the economy – the new tools and work methods they introduced to their work over the past year", is how Siglit Horn-Galperin, CEO of the Israeli Marketing Association, describes the project.

So what happens in the marketing departments of Israel's largest organizations? We went out to check.

Digital insurance platform for small business owners and freelancers

"Insurance is not a simple business," saysMichal Lutzky, vice president of marketing at AIG. "Many clients don't really fully understand the many clauses that make up their policies. That's why we've put simplicity as one of our core values as a company. It is clear to all that in order to establish a long-term relationship with customers, simple and clear products must be maintained. An insurance product that every customer understands easily inspires trust."

"This year we launched an innovative platform with a fully digital process and an easy and convenient user experience for insurance for small business owners. The new tool is designed to address the needs of more than half a million businesses that were left behind and abandoned, because the solutions offered to them were cumbersome and unsatisfactory and therefore were not purchased by them. Now, with the innovative platform, small business owners and freelancers can within minutes close a policy tailored to the needs of the business and free themselves up for other occupations, instead of trying to decipher dozens of documents," Lutzky says.

Michal Lutzky (Photo: Micha Lubton)

"Before I came to AIG, I worked for many years as a consultant and freelancer. I wasn't familiar with the world of business insurance and didn't understand how necessary it was. This is an experience shared by most small business owners and the self-employed, who are alone in the business, and usually do not have suitable partners to consult with. Therefore, the launch of a valuable tool for many people was significant for me on a personal level as well. In my opinion, the most significant challenge for any leading company is to know how to identify the unique needs of each relevant segment in the market, and provide it with a precise and easy-to-use solution," she concludes.

Personalized AI benefits and coupons

Ziv Kesselman, Head of Marketing and Digital, Shufersal Group: "The advanced marketing tools we have implemented include, inter alia, the use of our existing data of the club's customers, which has over two million users. Through constant analysis and the use of AI tools, we know how to provide at any given moment benefits and personalized coupons dedicated to the specific household, alongside benefits and generic coupons.

The personal work gives each customer a personalized benefit for the products and categories he likes and consumes regularly - which leads to an increase in preference and increased loyalty, along with savings for each customer on the products he buys. In addition, we use AI tools such as Chat GPT to create content based on the same data, such as dedicated recipes, changing a dish to vegan or simpler, etc. This is how we make the content relevant and personalized to the customer.

Ziv Kesselman. (Photo: Shufersal)

Over the past year, we launched a pilot of smart carts at dozens of Shufersal branches, in cooperation with the Israeli startup Shufik. A smart cart enables a fast, innovative and fast shopping experience, during which each customer is exposed to the current deals, alongside personal coupons. The results of the pilot show an increase in preference, loyalty and reuse among those who used a smart cart.

In addition, we recently successfully completed our first pilot to integrate influencers who drive sales into our campaigns. We are analyzing the results and insights obtained in order to decide how to further develop the activity."

Predicting consumer preferences based on previous choices

"The aviation industry is dynamic and evolving, and its competitors face a significant challenge – to create a good and unique experience for customers," saysNadav Hanin, VP Marketing and Digital at El Al. "Data and personalization, and even hyper-personalization, are key for us to creating a quality experience.

Although these methods are not new, in the past two years there has been tremendous progress in AI technology alongside methods for data analysis. Adopting them allows us to examine the information, analyze it more accurately, and as a conclusion, understand the customer in front of us in the best and deepest way.

The data and personalization of the current era allow us to create smart customer journeys and touches within the journey, both on the functional and experiential levels. Using these technologies, we are able to understand the preferences, sensitivities and personal needs of each and every one of our customers in an efficient and smart way. As a result, we can focus on creating personalized experiences tailored to each customer, creating a sense of freshness, uniqueness and a significant improvement in the travel experience. We work to create a feeling for every customer that we see them every moment of the process, trying to help them navigate the complex aviation world in a simple, digital way, and with minimal friction."

Nadav Hanin. (Photo: Guy Koshy and Yariv Fine)

Imagine you book a flight and the airline offers you your optimal seat. From your data, we will understand where you like to sit, near the aisle or by the window, at the front of the plane or at the back. If you haven't selected a seat, we'll alert you that there are a few last seats left of the type you prefer. These are the kinds of solutions we are working to implement in the near future."

Building dedicated moves on social media as a preliminary step to the campaign

"In our marketing work, we introduced a new method that carries out dedicated activity in all marketing channels simultaneously. Start as strong as possible and then increase in order to generate interest and curiosity as preliminary steps to the launch of the campaign", explainsDror Bhatt, VP Marketing of Yes and Pelephone, explainingthe company's new work method related to campaigns. Working at Social has of course accompanied the entire industry for many years, but in the work methodology we adopted, we created another stage that includes a wide range of activities that take place even before the campaign launches, with a lot of noise on TV and social media.

In launching yes+ Fiber, we made use of Noa Kirel's journey to Eurovision and leveraged the event to generate interest and discourse that will later connect to commercials that the entire nation of Israel will see on television screens.

The first stage was the publication of an extensive PR article covering Noa's meeting with the Eurovision stars. At the same time, we created a wide range of dedicated behind-the-scenes materials of the production, which presented Noa in various and authentic encounters with the Eurovision stars who participated in the campaign.

Dror Bhatt. (Photo: Rami Zarenger)

The same teasers, images and short videos were shared on various social media and also by the campaign stars, the Israeli winners of previous revisions, who shared the materials in their digital assets and created another wave of exposure and interest.

As a result of the activity, we managed to obtain over 5 million exposures even before the campaign was launched, and to create fertile and well-established ground for widespread interest, identification and sympathy for the campaign, which emerged immediately afterwards in traditional media."

Sayeret CEO - Responding and handling inquiries within a day

"As part of the service revolution that we announced last year at Leumi, in recent months we launched an extensive strategic move that offers a variety of services that support Leumi's convenience strategy under the position of "the most convenient bank in service", such as: banking via Zoom, unique digital services, a commitment to finish handling every inquiry within just one day, and more," notesMeital Shiran Harel, VP Marketing at Bank Leumi.

"In addition, we also launched Sayeret CEO, a special service team based in the office of the bank's CEO, Hanan Friedman, and responsible for responding to customers who did not receive full handling of their inquiries within a day, by contacting them directly on WhatsApp. Patrol personnel have all the capabilities, knowledge and authority to make decisions in real time, and thus they can solve any matter quickly while drawing conclusions and implementing immediate procedures through the regular service channels. This is a unique initiative in the banking system in particular and in the business sector in general.

Meital Shiran Harel (Photo: Bank Leumi)

"Beyond the campaign to promote service on television, billboards, social networks and the media, we used smart customer journeys to reach customers through advanced means to control and quality of service that customers receive. Today's technological capabilities allow us to contact customers after a service meeting with us, to verify and monitor that they have indeed received the best service, and thus we reinforce our promise - to provide a quality solution for every inquiry within a day.

This tool is exceptional in its impact on the quality of service and provides significant differentiation from competitors. We clearly feel customer satisfaction in the responses we receive and in the in-depth surveys we conduct regularly."

A system for onboarding new employees in the organization

"As VP Marketing at a large organization, my management vision includes end-to-end work processes - from the moment of the brief to a new product until its launch. Technology and digitization can help tremendously," saysNoga Benner-Suari, VP Marketing at Unilever Israel.
"FOR MY DEBUT PROJECT, I CHOSE TO TELL ABOUT OUR NEW TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEM, MARKETINGHUB, WHICH IS ACTUALLY THE ONBOARDING SITE OF THE MARKETING DIVISION. We developed the system in recent months within Unilever in a joint effort between several departments, with the aim of efficiently and digitally centralizing the entire overlap period – everything a marketing employee needs to know when joining the organization.

Noga Benner Suari. (Photo: Rafi Deloya)

"The work of the marketing team at Unilever is challenging because it requires us to engage not only in the marketing tasks we are all familiar with, but also in the overall business activities of the brands under our responsibility. When you add to this the fact that Unilever as a corporation is home to dozens of brands of consumer goods, and the environment is fast, dynamic and busy, it is understandable that precise execution of work processes among managers is required: familiarity with all suppliers, organizational structure, work procedures and more.

To do this, the newcomer needs a strong and clear foundation right from the start. Upon entering the position, the marketing person encounters dozens of procedures, briefs and other documents that are critical for correct and accurate work. In addition, he must undergo training on certain subjects, get to know the various partners, the work interfaces with advertising agencies, PR and more.

The new system allows the marketing person to perform all of these in the most convenient and advanced way. Now, every new employee can easily connect from anywhere to the dedicated hub and view all the trainings, enrichments and documents digitally.

We introduced a search option in which the employee enters the task he needs to perform ("I need to..") and the system will find the appropriate guidance or document for him.

The value here is twofold: first, of course, saving time and streamlining work, which frees up valuable time to enter the many ongoing marketing tasks in the organization. Second, it allows us to measure, fine-tune and improve the system, understand which tutorials work better, record new enrichment programs, correct procedures if necessary, and more."

In conclusion,

In the marketing industry, and especially digital, we must constantly innovate, be creative and think outside the box, in order to find the tool or method that will help the organization and provide real value to the customer. An organization that stands still and does not challenge itself to introduce innovations and make changes will be left far behind, while those who succeed in adopting them will gain a significant competitive advantage.

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