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28M election dinners: menus for four cities and thirteen autonomies


Highlights: Tomorrow, May 28, there are votes in several autonomous communities, Ceuta and Melilla, and also municipal in all towns and cities. We propose an assortment of local recipes to follow in company the counts of the four most populated cities and the autonomous communities where elections are held. For the former, what we recommend is patience. And for the latter, we have prepared this compendium of dinner proposals that meet minimum requirements: that they are not too heavy, that they can be shared and that they fit into seasonal products.

We propose an assortment of local recipes to follow in company the counts of the four most populated cities and the autonomous communities where elections are held

A good zarangollo fixes you an election nightMònica Escudero

In case you didn't know, the elections are here. Tomorrow, May 28, there are votes in several autonomous communities, Ceuta and Melilla, and also municipal in all towns and cities. In El Comidista we believe that humanity is divided into two before this type of electoral events: those that close their stomachs during the recount before possible catastrophe and those that the adrenaline of television programs opens their appetite.

For the former, what we recommend is patience. And for the latter, we have prepared this compendium of dinner proposals that meet minimum requirements: that they are not too heavy, that they can be shared and that they fit into seasonal products as far as possible. After the Eurovision Song Contest, if you are one of those who are looking for any excuse to make a meeting of friends with food, this is your moment.

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville

Local elections are held, in fact, in the more than 8,000 municipalities that Spain has. As we cannot talk about all of them, we propose a menu for the four most populated cities, which are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville (for now). In the capital of the kingdom, the polls give few options to the left: after the turnaround in 2019 – when Carmena won, but could not govern – the PP is almost guaranteed to be first, although without an absolute majority and with the support of Vox. The key is whether the city becomes one of the last (political) tombs of Ciudadanos and one of the few remaining leaders: Begoña Villacís.

In honor of the liberal party and mirror of Macronism, we have thought of a very French starter, the ham puff pastry by Émile Fléchaire that collects the book Terrines, rilletes, sausages and pâtés en croûte. In this compendium of charcuterie recipes we have this very easy fantasy based on layers of quality ham, interspersed with béchamel inside a puff pastry. You will only have to make or buy 500 grams of dough, divide it into two and assemble a cake superimposing about eight layers of slices with the béchamel. Cover with the second part of the dough, paint with egg and bake (at 180º for about 20 minutes).

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In the Andalusian capital the pulse between left and right seems to be very very tight. The current socialist mayor has spent months with one of the craziest agendas that are remembered to be everywhere and at all hours of the day. At the same time, the city is about to lose its position as the fourth most populous in Spain in the absence of the INE making it official, in favor of Zaragoza. So for this group of cities we followed the menu with a Sevillian dish in May: snails. In this recipe by blogger Marí Carmen González Curral (Los Blogs de María) you will find the secrets to clean them and make the exquisite sauce with cumin, very simple and that will hook you as if they were pipes while Ferreras scares you in your body.

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In Barcelona three candidates are in a position to reach the first place, also with very little difference in votes between them: the campaign is crucial because there is a fairly important bag of undecided. The dish we propose comes from the mayor herself, Ada Colau, who shared with us a few weeks ago this recipe for fried artichokes from her grandmother María. It comes with a shot of the broth to boil the hearts of artichokes that we are going to leave it optional, depending on whether it inspires you triumph or failure.

In Valencia capital Compromís has better expectations than at the regional level: the Valencian party governs since 2015 with socialist support and according to the polls, there are also possibilities that the blocks are very tight. Its hallmark right now is a set of urban transformations very Barcelona style that remains to be seen if it convinces the most classic voters of the city. To reduce tension, we propose a very simple and rich dessert with the best loquats you find: cut them in half, remove the bones, pan upside down for a few minutes with a little butter and fill them with a mixture of cream cheese and chopped fresh herbs that you like the most. A rosemary if you think yours lose and you need luck or a fresh mint if you go up.

Community of Madrid

If you are a minimally progressive person and you live in Madrid, we are sorry: it is probably not going to be your night: what to tell you, friend, that you do not already know (especially with the turra that the national media give). The popular president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has many ballots to opt for re-election. The only doubt is whether it will do so with an absolute majority or with the support of Vox again. The previous campaign will always be remembered for being done in the middle of the pandemic and for putting the culture of beers at the center of the debate, so if this time you want to have some beers, ok.

But better if you do it accompanying and taking advantage of part of the liquid for these cod fritters with beer and parmesan that will make you feel like in Casa Labra (if you fancy more some pavías we also have the recipe). Second, let's go with some asparagus, which in Aranjuez have them very good and this proposal of roasted whites with menier sauce (the second of the article) is spectacular. The difficulty is in treating asparagus well, but the result is worth it. For dessert we chose a traditional recipe -in view of the surveys, it is what the people of Madrid want-, so we recovered these Felipe de Fornos alcalaínos to return to the Golden Age, also gastronomically.

From the Golden AgeAna Vega 'Biscayenne'

Community of Valencia

Much is said about the fact that the elections in the Valencian Community are key to the correlation of forces throughout the State. The socialist president Ximo Puig has put all the pressure – of his party above all – on top so as not to lose one of the most coveted places. After the journey through the desert of the Valencian left during decades of PP governments, these last two legislatures of the Botànic government (PSOE + Compromís + Podemos) have taken their toll and some polls give possibilities to the right, with Vox included.

If everything blows up, it is best to catch you eating these nuggets: the recipe is a little more complicated, but it is worth it and will make you remember the night. For the second, we propose to resort to a good tomato coca, which we explain here. Its great advantage is that you can tune it with many things: the vegetables that you like the most -again some artichokes from the garden for example-, or some rich sardines, anchovies and olives if you consider yourself more pancatalanist. As we have gone a little to excess with fried and well of dough in this dinner, we propose one of the richest, simplest and Valencian things in the world: sliced orange with sugar and cinnamon. If you want a more polished version, we have this recipe, but in any case it is a rich and very easy dessert.

With a nugget, penalties are less penalties


Revilla's government is in question: polls point to the possibility that a pact between right-wing parties will win a majority and unseat the omnipresent Cantabrian president. Unless his political formation, Regionalist Party of Cantabria, wants to participate in other parties. The point is that, whether you are worried about the end of his reign or not, some good squid squid aperitif makes you great on Sunday night.

Second we propose this salad of endive with spicy honey, walnuts and Idiazábal cheese in good brotherhood with neighboring territories and to reduce a little, because the dessert comes strong too. The key is that, so that we are not insulted by Cantabrian voters, you can replace Idiazábal with any of the excellent smoked cheeses that the region has. We will finish the evening with this wonderful quesada, very easy to make and very forceful to enter the new legislature with all the energy.

To lower down a littleJulia Laich


For a political night where there are, we propose some onions stuffed with bonito to start, with all the interesting history that we already tell you in this recipe and perfect to share in a meeting (and dip bread). Asturias has a very consolidated leftist tradition for mining and some heavy industries and the polls do not foresee a shift to the right, a priori.

So to continue with the established, we chose a well-made cachopo: it is not mandatory to eat a whole one or that it is the size of a double bed, so you can also share and eat only a few pieces if we are not for many jogging. For dessert, this rice pudding to top off a 100% Asturian evening.

Never miss a good cachopoClara Pérez Villalón


It is one of the territories with the most political plurality and, according to forecasts, fragmentation will once again harm the right. Although it is likely that the traditional UPN will again be the most voted, the current government supported by different lefts seems that it could continue. Here is a clear proposal: asparagus is in full swing so we must take advantage of the fact that in El Comidista we have a festival of recipes to cook with its green, white, fresh and canned versions.

For this election occasion we have opted for this festival salty cake. In addition, asparagus represents very well the pantone of the Navarre and Basque elections, which is usually very green between EH Bildu and the PNV universe. Second, we went to a piperrada with eggs and a few extra ideas to give it a spin. For dessert the always simple and helpful cookie cake, but in this version with cream cheese and fruits totally adaptable to the situation and the need for sugars that you want to put on your Navarrica night.

Second, piperradaMikel López Iturriaga


Let's get a little more carnivorous: to start the night of the morning vote count we propose this salad of vegetables, ham from Teruel and pistachio that shouts leagues "meeting of socialist friends afraid of losing the Government". It is not for less because the Cortes of Aragon are also the richest in terms of plurality. Here is the epicenter of this political concept that is gradually marking more agenda: the emptied Spain. Teruel Hay has a long tradition in the streets, at the polls it surprised us in the 2019 general elections and now there are possibilities that Aragón Hay will do the same in its regional parliament.

The correlation of forces seems less favorable to a right-wing combination, but anything can happen. So as the night points surprise, we propose second these beef burgers with dried tomato, basil and goat cheese inside. If you do them, you already know, but your guests do not expect it. To finish, let's go with the classic cream canutillos that we have reviewed recently and that have enough tradition (such as the possible return to the right in the region).

La Rioja

We propose to start with this beet salad with creamy herbal dressing, because this vegetable begins to appear a little and is delicious. In this community could enter a new regionalist formation that unites the Riojan Party and the platform of Emptied Spain. It also seems that Vox could make an appearance for the first time. This, plus a rise of the PP, gives wings to the socialist government can fall and also gives us the opportunity to skip the rule of not including main dishes at dinner (because potatoes a la riojana are unbeatable and can be made lighter, or eat less). This grapefruit galette can come in handy to compensate for fats and finish the last ones left in the fridge.

The dessert for the election night of La RiojaJulia Laich

Castile-La Mancha

Emiliano García Page is another of the socialist presidents in danger. In 2019 he surprised with one of the few absolute majorities in Spain after the death of bipartisanship and the emergence of other formations that began from the 2015 electoral cycle. The thing is that the right has possibilities, no matter how much the PSOE is again the most voted, according to the polls.

We will start with a tapa of Toledo carcamusas with a good bread to accompany, and as there are great chances that you have ratatouille to spare if you are from La Mancha, this tortilla is great to give you an outlet and share the joy or misfortune of the night. Castilla-La Mancha is halfway between an important population dynamism in the areas closest to Madrid and other areas that fully enter the most forgotten Spain. To reflect this contrast we propose to finish with this cream of white chocolate, lime and raspberries, which is also a perfect combination now that these fruits begin to appear in our supermarkets.

A cap of carcamusasMikel López Iturriaga

Region of Murcia

It is one of the communities where it does not seem that there will be a substantial change. Here the right is still strong, with Vox cultivating one of its most important fishing grounds and therefore, we propose to take the kitchen more calmly and start with some delicious zarangollos. In Murcia the current legislature has already been sufficiently movidita, with splits, failed attempts at motion of censure and political madness of all kinds, so a good salad will always seem like a plan to live without frights: here you have options of all kinds.

If you want to disturb a brother-in-law of the far-right party who sneaks into your home, we propose the possibility of offering a dish that recalls the cultural diversity that this area has more and more, with a large migrant population (without the right to vote, by the way). Cabbage rolls with minced meat – usually lamb – and rice inside, a dish at the base of many countries from Romania, the Balkans in general and the Middle East. Boil the cabbage leaves a little and fill them with a mixture of minced meat and rice with the spices that you like the most. Cook in a pot with water, salt, oil and a couple of tablespoons of tomato concentrate – or crushed tomato that will turn into sauce during cooking – and a plate or some weight on top for about 20 minutes.

Finally, one of the favorite traditional desserts of this humble collaborator: Calatrava bread, also widespread in the south of Alicante, which serves as maximum use of leftover bread.

Ceuta and Melilla

The two autonomous cities that Spain has perched in Morocco have an undeniable seafaring tradition in their gastronomy, and another of vote to the right very deep-rooted, because a large part of its population belongs to military bodies and other state officials. The PP is, therefore, in a position to stay in power in both and we have decided to be a bit hooligan and propose this recipe of rice with monkfish and spinach for two things. First, because it challenges one of the worst dogmas of cooking: that you cannot eat rice at night; Second, because to culminate such a political day it is likely that there will not be a more political video talking about a recipe.

Second would come this delicious Moorish chicken and given by the Moroccan influence of the area, although reading about Ceuta politics what they come are wanting to propose something with mackerel, because it turns out that this is how the Ceutis call themselves. One of the candidates is indeed Mackerel Coalition, so feel free to open a good preserve for yourself and your loved ones. The icing on the cake would put the union of two wonderful products in these glasses of lemon cream and meringue, to give the dot of excess that could be missing from this menu.

With Andalusian, Arab and Berber influencesAna Vega 'Biscayenne'

Balearic Islands

The Balearic PP would be brushing with its fingers to be able to govern again in the Mediterranean island community, according to estimates. This insularity has an identity and political effect with parties with local interests that break into the autonomous chamber. Thus, depending on what combinations there are, the government can end up in the hands of the PSOE as now or the PP of the good years dosmileros. However, it is true that the conservative party has less capacity to forge these relationships in the Balearic political tradition.

For what may happen, this hasselback potato recipe is a fantasy that cannot earn the rejection of anyone, unless it is vegetarian. In addition, apart from Germans, there is also a large Swedish community on the islands. To continue the party we could mention some good peas with ham. And you'll think: it's that simple? Yes, but it turns out that in Catalan or Mallorcan they have up to five words to call them: pèsol, xítxol, pitxo, xítxero and estiregassó. For something it will be. Finally, we return to one of the most curious desserts, the Ibizan flaó, which as good local food unleashes passions and has in peppermint the key to its idiosyncrasy.

Canary Islands

Another of the communities with more plurality of parties: if the colored cheeses on the screens remind you of this food, a good assortment with the amount of incredible cheeses that the islands have would be a great way to start the night. As a more elaborate dish, we propose this cod with onions that we wanted to take out of its seasonality and perfectly represents the pride of the islands. Here the thing is also expected to be a little tight for the left and on the right flank what is expected is a fight to see who now occupies the second place: the PP or the local Canarian Coalition, eager to govern again.

The rich Canarian cod with onionsJulia Laich

To gather strength, we have thought of a delicious meat strudel, which in its original recipe was designed for the lamb left over from Christmas, but that we propose to replace with a very famous meat in the islands: the kid. To finish this marvel of bienmesabe sure to reconcile you with the result and allow you to live the four years of legislature that remain in peace.

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