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Turkey election: Erdogan celebrates in Ankara - apparently murder case in Ordu


Highlights: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is razor-thin ahead of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in elections in Turkey. A member of Kilicdaroglu's CHP was murdered at a celebration of AKP supporters in Ordu, as reported by the Twitter account Solcu Gazete. According to Anadolu Ajansi, 98.64 percent of the votes have been counted. Erdogan comes to 52.09 percent, KIlicdaroglu to 47.91 percent.

In the elections in Turkey, everything is at stake for Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu. There are first projections. All results of the election live in the ticker.

  • Most of the votes counted: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is razor-thin ahead of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in elections in Turkey
  • Riot in Ankara: Tumultuous scenes as the votes of Turks abroad are counted
  • Reports of attacks on election observers: Several incidents during Turkey's run-off election in Istanbul

Update from May 28, 22:14 p.m.: Apparently, a member of Kilicdaroglu's CHP was murdered at a celebration of AKP supporters in Ordu, as reported by the Twitter account Solcu Gazete. CHP Vice-Chairman Cemil Enginyurt confirmed this.

Update from May 28, 21:14 p.m.: Meral Aksener, leader of the Iyi Party, also accepts defeat, but attacks Erdogan. "Immediately after the result, he booed Kılıçdaroğlu with great pleasure. This is not appropriate for a newly elected president. I hope he doesn't let himself be blinded by his ambition to win," he said.

Update from May 28, 21:04 p.m.: Kilicdaroglu gives a speech and comments on the looming election defeat. "I couldn't be quiet, I didn't. I could not allow millions of refugees to come and turn you into second-class citizens. I couldn't allow my people to get poorer while everything was getting expensive every day," the challenger said.

Supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are celebrating his victory in the run-off election in Turkey. © UMIT TURHAN COSKUN/AFP

"We will continue to fight until there is real democracy in our country. I want our 25 million citizens who voted for me to stand up, our fight continues and we stay here," he added. Kilicdaroglu accepts that he lost, but says "We have seen the most unfair electoral process in recent years. All state institutions were mobilized for a political party. In this election, the will of the people to change authoritarian rule has been revealed, despite all the pressure."

Erdogan supporter speaks out

Update from May 28, 20:34 p.m.: Sinan Organ, a supporter of Erdogan, spoke up. "The losers are parties close to the terrorists and those who trusted them, now a new era begins, the winner of which is the Turkish nationalists, the Kemalists, the Turkish nation and the Turkish world"

Erdogan's supporters celebrate his victory

Update from May 28, 20:20 p.m.: Erdogan's supporters are already celebrating his victory. Thousands have gathered in front of the presidential palace in Ankara. Erdogan is expected to deliver his victory speech there later in the evening. Anadolu currently gives the incumbent 52.09 percent and only 47.91 percent for Kilicdaroglu. In Anka's case, Erdogan is at 52.02 percent, Kilicdaroglu at 47.98 percent.


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Update from May 28, 19:42 p.m.: There are growing signs that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the Turkish election in the run-off decision. According to Anadolu Ajansi, 98.64 percent of the votes have been counted. Erdogan comes to 52.09 percent, KIlicdaroglu to 47.91 percent. Anka has calculated that Erdogan will get 98.7 percent with 52.02 percent of the votes counted. Kilicdaroglu received 47.98 percent of the vote.

Erdogan begins speech

Update from May 28, 19:29 p.m.: Recep Tayyip Erdogan began his speech in Istanbul. "We won the second round of the presidential elections with the favor of our people. I would like to thank my people," he said, among other things, on the preliminary results of the Turkish elections. "We will be worthy of the trust of our people, just as we have been for the last 21 years," the Turkish president continued.

Kilicdaroglu wants to give speech

Update from May 28, 19:17 p.m.: Opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu wants to give a speech in about an hour. Around 20:30 p.m., he will probably comment on the election results in the run-off election for the presidency.

Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of the president have gathered in front of Erdogan's house in Istanbul, according to Die Zeit. They are probably hoping that Erdogan will soon announce his election victory here.

Erdogan is already receiving congratulations after run-off election in Turkey

Update from May 28, 18:57 p.m.: Although there is still no final result for the elections in Turkey, the first congratulations for Erdogan are already fluttering in from other heads of state. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote on Twitter: "Congratulations to President Erdogan for his undisputed election victory". The Emir of Qatar, Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, also congratulates Erdogan: "My dear brother Recep Tayyip Erdogan, congratulations on your victory."

Update from May 28, 18:40 p.m.: Around 95 percent of the votes have been counted in Turkey's elections, and it looks as if Erdogan will be able to hold on to office, as has been widely predicted. Both news agencies now see the incumbent president ahead of challenger Kilicdaroglu. According to the state agency Anadolu, Erdogan is at 52.43 percent, while the CHP-affiliated Anka news agency sees him at 51.48 percent.

First results on elections in Turkey from abroad

Update from May 28, 18:20 p.m.: The first results from Turkish voters from abroad are now also available. Erdogan also has a slim lead here: he is at 52.61 percent, Kilicdaroglu at 47.39 percent. Ten percent of the votes of Turks living abroad have apparently been counted so far.

Update from May 28, 18:17 p.m.: Erdogan's supporters are already gathering in Istanbul's Kisikli district for a speech by the incumbent. According to CNN Türk, if he wins the election, Erdogan will first speak in Istanbul, then travel to Ankara and give another speech in his palace. The party leaders of his alliance had also been invited.

Most of the votes counted in Turkey election - Erdogan is razor-thin ahead

Update from May 28, 18:11 p.m.: CHP spokesman Faik Öztrak held a first press conference on the election results in Turkey at his party's headquarters. "After the results we've obtained, there's a close race," he said. "At the moment, it looks like we've gotten the votes of every second person."

After counting more than 87 percent of the votes, the news agencies come to the following preliminary results. There is still no clear winner in the run-off election.

  • Anadolu State News Agency: Erdogan 52.93 percent, Kilicdaroglu 47.07 percent
  • Anka News Agency: Erdogan 50.60 percent, Kilicdaroglu 49.40 percent

Turkey's run-off election: First results are in - turmoil in Ankara

Update from May 28, 17:59 p.m.: The votes of Turks living abroad will be decisive in the run-off election between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu. They are currently being counted at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. According to reports on Twitter, there is already an uproar between AKP members and other groups. The work of the election observers was disrupted. Police and lawyers are apparently on the scene.

Update from May 28, 17:44 p.m.: More than 60 percent of the votes in the election for Turkish president have now been counted. And according to the latest figures, the race remains exciting: The Anka news agency now sees challenger Kilicdaroglu (51.04 percent) ahead of Erdogan (48.96 percent).

Results of the elections in Turkey live - Erdogan is ahead

Update from May 28, 17:31 p.m.: Around half of the votes in the elections in Turkey have now been counted. Current figures continue to differ depending on the source, but Erdogan is now ahead in both projections. The first results of the run-off election look like this:

  • State News Agency Anadolu
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 56.36%Kemal Kilicdaroglu: 43.64%ANKA
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan News Agency: 51.04


    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu: 48.96%

Update from May 28, 17:18 p.m.: The first official projections have arrived: The Turkish electoral authority has now released the publication of the first results of the elections in Turkey. However, there are big differences in the first results. The state-run Anadolu news agency reports that Erdogan is ahead with 58 percent, while the ANKA news agency sees Kilicdaroglu ahead with 50.86 percent. Around 36 percent of the votes have been counted so far.

Turkey run-off election: First results are in - close race looms

Update from May 28, 17:12 p.m.: A very close neck-and-neck race between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu in the presidential elections is emerging. According to journalist Onur Öncü, citing the ANKA news agency, challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu is ahead of Erdogan with 50.47 percent with 49.54 percent.

Vote counting in Turkey's elections is in full swing

Update from May 28, 16:59 p.m.: When will the first projections and preliminary results of the presidential elections in Turkey be available? According to Turkish journalist Ahmet Hakan of CNN Türk, up to 12 percent of the votes have already been counted, according to various sources. According to Turkish media reports, the head of the Supreme Electoral Authority YSK, Ahmet Yener, will hold a short press conference at 17 p.m. (18 p.m. local time). Yener will most likely give the go-ahead for the publication of the first results.

CHP-Sprecher Faik Öztrak hat zudem bei einer Pressekonferenz betont, dass die Ergebnisse der Stichwahl schnell feststehen werden. „Wir warnen ganz ausdrücklich, dass hier niemand vollendete Tatsachen schaffen oder mit Balkon-Ansprachen Verwirrung stiften soll”, betonte Öztrak. Bei der ersten Wahlrunde hatte Amtsinhaber Erdogan noch vor Bekanntgabe der Ergebnisse eine Balkon-Rede vor seinen Anhängern gehalten.

CHP warnt vor „Stimmenklau“ bei Wahlen in der Türkei

Update vom 28. Mai, 16.52 Uhr: Kilicdaroglus Partei CHP hat vor „Stimmenklau“ bei der Wahl in der Türkei gewarnt. Nachdem es bereits „Provokationen“in den Wahllokalen und Anzeigen von Wahlbeobachtern gegeben habe, sei es jetzt geboten, auf die Stimmzettel aufzupassen, sagte Canan Kaftancioglu, Chefin der CHP Istanbul, bei einer Pressekonferenz: „Wir sollten jetzt darauf achten, dass dieselben Stimmzettel aus den Wahlurnen rauskommen wie die, die hineingegangen sind“, sagte sie. „Die Wahlbeobachter sollten ihre Arbeit sorgfältig machen.“

Ende der Wahlen in der Türkei - Angeblich „keine Unregelmäßigkeiten“

Update vom 28. Mai, 16.33 Uhr: Die Abstimmung um das Präsidentenamt in der Türkei ist beendet. Laut dem Chef des Hohen Wahlrates YSK, Ahmet Yener, gab es bei der Stichwahl zwischen Erdogan und Kilicdaroglu „keine Unregelmäßigkeit“: „Alles lief ohne Zwischenfälle“, sagte er in einer Pressekonferenz.

Wahllokale geschlossen: Erste Hochrechnung wird in Kürze erwartet

Update from May 28, 16:00 p.m.: The polling stations in Turkey are closing in these minutes: voting is open until 16 p.m. Then the counting of votes for Erdogan and for Kilicdaroglu will begin. In the run-off election, a result can be expected more quickly than in the first round of voting two weeks ago. Since there were only two candidates this time, the counting will probably be faster.

Update from May 28, 15:38 p.m.: Erdoğan and his wife Emine cast their votes at a school in Istanbul's Üsküdar district around noon today. There, the Turkish president apparently gave away T-shirts and 200 Turkish liras (the equivalent of around 9.30 euros) to children. On election day, Turkish law prohibits propaganda.

Turkey run-off election underway: Reports of several attacks on election observers

Update from May 28, 15:26 p.m.: During the elections in Turkey, there have reportedly been attacks on election observers in Istanbul and the south-east of the country. Ali Seker, a member of parliament from the largest opposition party CHP, told the opposition channel Halk TV that he and opposition election workers had been attacked by a group after they complained about irregularities. The incident took place in a village in the southeastern Turkish province of Sanliurfa.

Kilicdaroglu encourages voters to cast their ballots

Update from May 28, 15:06 p.m.: Opposition leader Kilicdaroglu has once again called on all eligible voters to cast their ballots in the last few metres of the run-off election. "My brother, who still hasn't voted, go to the polls, don't be lazy, cast your vote. Your future is as close as a walk," the 74-year-old wrote on Twitter.

Update from May 28, 13:45 p.m.: In Turkey, there are doubts as to whether voter turnout will be as high as in the first round. Observers at polling stations report that there are fewer voters today than on May 14. Both the government and the opposition fear that this could hurt their chances of winning the election. Therefore, supporters of both sides are calling on each other to go to the polls.

Turkey election: Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu cast their votes

Update from May 28, 11:45 a.m.: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his challenger, opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, cast their votes in the run-off election in Istanbul. "In Turkish democracy, for the first time, we are witnessing a two-round election," Erdogan said. There is no country that has a voter turnout of around 90 percent. Turkey, on the other hand, is showing a "democratic struggle" with a high voter turnout. He called on all Turkish citizens to run to the polls and cast their votes. "I am sure that this vote will end very quickly today," said the incumbent.

Turkey election: Supreme electoral authority expects quick result

Update from May 28, 11:20 a.m.: Voting in the Turkish run-off election is much faster than in the first round. There are rarely long queues at the polling stations. The reason for this is the small and therefore clear ballot paper, on which only two candidates can be found. In the first round, on the other hand, voters also had to vote in the parliamentary elections. The corresponding, separate ballot paper was about one meter long, as a total of 24 parties had participated in the election.

Turkish elections: Turkish government and opposition politicians cast their votes

Update from May 28, 10:45 a.m.: Several politicians have already cast their votes in the run-off elections. Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stressed after casting his vote that any result would be accepted after the votes had been counted. "Today is a beautiful morning, our people will choose a beautiful beginning for the future and peace of our country," Soylu said. So far, there have been no problems with the vote. The Minister of Justice, Bekir Bozdag, also confirmed that there were no difficulties. "The elections are taking place with great democratic maturity," he said.

2023 Turkish election: Voting begins at polling stations

Update from May 28, 7:10 a.m.: Voting in the run-off election in Turkey has begun. Voters will vote at their ballot boxes from the first round on May 14. Turks eligible to vote will be able to cast their votes until 16 p.m. (17 p.m. local time). The first results are expected after the lifting of the voting bans by the Supreme Electoral Authority YSK. All campaign appearances, election propaganda and publication of polls or forecasts for the election are prohibited in elections in Turkey 24 hours before the end of voting.

2023 Turkish election: First run-off election in the country's history

First reported on 27 May: Ankara - For the first time in Turkey's history, there will be a run-off election for the presidency on May 28. While opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was still considered to have a good chance of victory in the first round of voting, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is considered the clear favorite before the decisive vote. In any case, the current polls clearly speak in favor of the incumbent.

In the first round of elections on May 14, neither candidate had achieved the necessary majority, but not much was missing and Erdoğan would have won the election in Turkey even then. In addition, his Islamic-conservative AKP and its allies retained their clear majority in the parliamentary elections taking place at the same time.

Official results of the first round of the presidential election in Turkey:

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan49,5
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu44,9
Sinan Oğan5,2

Turkey election 2023: Crises in the country apparently do not harm Erdoğan

The fact that Erdoğan was able to win so many votes in the first round came as a surprise to many experts. The devastating economic situation in Turkey was considered a clear minus point for the president. In addition, the government's slow crisis management after the earthquake of February 6, which left more than 50,000 dead, was sharply criticized. The mood in the country did indeed seem to point to a change, the polls spoke in favor of Kılıçdaroğlu. But in the end, everything was to turn out differently.

Catching up will be extremely difficult for the opposition. This is mainly because Erdoğan can also count on the support of the third presidential candidate. Ultra-nationalist Sinan Oğan appealed to the approximately 2.8 million eligible voters who voted for him in the first round to vote for Erdoğan in the second round.

Will Erdoğan intensify his authoritarian course after the Turkish elections?

In the event of another victory for the incumbent, he is expected to cement his power and further intensify his authoritarian course. Erdoğan introduced the presidential system after a referendum in 2017, which gave him far-reaching new powers. Since then, he has been president, prime minister and leader of his AKP party all in one, ruling the country with an increasingly heavy hand. Not only the opposition, but also Western countries accuse Erdogan of having slipped into authoritarianism.

While Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of the social democratic CHP, had initially placed the restoration of democracy at the center of the election campaign, he specifically courted Oğan's nationalist-oriented supporters after the first round of voting. With regard to the approximately four million people from Syria in Turkey, Kılıçdaroğlu announced that he would "send all refugees home as soon as I come to power".

When will the result of the run-off election in Turkey be available?

The result of the run-off election in Turkey is expected on the evening of 28 May. Then it will be clear whether Erdoğan, who has been in power for 20 years - first as prime minister, since 2014 as president - will secure another term in office. (cs/afp)

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