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Ukraine war: "Massive" attacks on Kyiv


Highlights: The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has once again become the target of "massive" drone attacks. The Russian mercenary group Wagner has probably begun withdrawing troops from some of its positions in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Russia is losing numerous soldiers and several tanks. All the news from the Ukraine war in our news ticker. Some of the information comes from the warring parties in Russia or Ukraine. They often cannot be independently verified. For confidential support call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90, visit a local Samaritans branch or see

The mercenary group leaves the Bakhmut region. Russia is losing numerous soldiers and several tanks. The news ticker on the Ukraine war.

  • Assessment from the USA: Russia should only feign willingness to negotiate
  • Russian losses: Moscow loses soldiers and tanks
  • Arms supply from Germany: Kiev insists on Taurus missiles
  • All the news from the Ukraine war in our news ticker. Some of the information comes from the warring parties in Russia or Ukraine. They often cannot be independently verified.

Update from May 28, 6:45 a.m.: The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has once again become the target of "massive" drone attacks on Sunday night. A civilian was killed by falling debris, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Sunday. In the Solomyansky district, debris from a drone fell near a gas station, Klitschko said in the Telegram messenger service. A 35-year-old woman was hospitalized with injuries, a 41-year-old man was dead.

Shortly before that, he stated that the capital's air defenses had shot down "more than 20 drones" that had set course for the capital. The mayor described the renewed attack as "massive" and called on the population to stay in the shelters. He warned of another wave of drone strikes "coming from multiple directions at the same time." According to Klitschko, a fire also broke out at an enterprise in the Holosiivsky district.

Ukraine war: Russian border region of Belgorod is shelled again

Update from May 27, 21:41 p.m.: At least two people were killed in renewed shelling of Russian border regions with Ukraine on Saturday, according to local authorities. In an attack in the area around the town of Shebekino in the Belgorod region, a security guard was killed and other people were wounded, said Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. In the Kursk region, according to Governor Roman Starovoit, a construction worker was killed by shell fire.

Update from May 27, 15:06 p.m.: More than seven months after the explosion on the Crimean bridge, Ukrainian intelligence chief Vasyl Malyuk has officially confirmed Kiev's involvement in it for the first time. The Crimean bridge was severely damaged on the night after Vladimir Putin's 70th birthday, but has since been repaired.

"Since this is a logistical route that we had to cut off from the enemy, appropriate measures have been taken," the head of the SBU said in a YouTube interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov. He did not give details of the operation. Western intelligence services have also so far assumed Ukraine's involvement. In December, Malyuk had only hinted that Ukraine might have something to do with it. Now he confirmed it. Moscow had blamed Ukrainian military intelligence for the attack.

Ukraine-News: Wagner mercenary group apparently begins withdrawal from Bakhmut

Update from May 27, 13:10 p.m.: The Russian mercenary group Wagner has probably begun withdrawing troops from some of its positions in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, according to British intelligence experts. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in London in its daily intelligence update on Saturday. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin announced the withdrawal on Thursday, saying the city should be completely left to regular Russian forces for control by June 1. The Ukrainian side had confirmed an exchange of troops by the enemy around Bakhmut.


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Parts of the 31st brigade of the Russian Airborne Forces were probably withdrawn from the Svatove-Kreminna line to reinforce Bakhmut's flanks, it said. There, Ukrainian troops had captured around 20 square kilometers by mid-May. The replacement of Wagner's troops is likely to continue in controlled phases to prevent a collapse of the areas around Bakhmut, the intelligence report said.

A mercenary of the private military company Gruppe Wagner on duty near the city of Bakhmut. In addition to Wagner, the Kremlin could also rely on other mercenary troops in the future. © Valentin Sprinchak/imago-images

Ukraine war: Russia should only feign willingness to negotiate

Update from May 27, 11:10 a.m.: According to US experts, Russia is once again putting pressure on the West to push Ukraine to negotiate. Accordingly, the West should influence the Ukrainian leadership to accept Russia's conditions for such talks, according to an analysis by the Institute for the Study of War ISW in Washington. The experts cited Kremlin statements on Friday, according to which Russian President Vladimir Putin was open to dialogue. As in the past, Russia's only goal is to demotivate the West in its aid to Ukraine with a feigned willingness to negotiate, it said.

According to ISW's assessment, Russia has not yet created any conditions for such negotiations or said goodbye to its maximum goal of capitulation by the Ukrainian government. It is likely that the Kremlin will intensify its false claims that it is ready for talks. At the same time, the ISW experts see further attempts by China to use its special envoy Li Hui to urge the West to use its influence on Ukraine to achieve a ceasefire.

Ukraine war: Heavy losses for Russia

Update from May 27, 9:30 a.m.: The Ukrainian General Staff has published current figures on Russian losses in the Ukraine war. According to the report, Russia has lost more than 206,000 soldiers since the beginning of the invasion. In the battles on and on May 27 alone, around 480 Russian soldiers were killed or injured. In addition, Moscow lost three tanks. Actual figures on troop levels or casualties are not published by either party to the conflict. The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine war: Several German civil servants have to leave Russia

Update from May 27, 08:35 a.m.: Several hundred German civil servants such as diplomats, teachers and employees of the Goethe-Institut have been forced to leave Russia, according to a report. This is reported by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Saturday). In response to a request, the Federal Foreign Office said that in connection with the reduction of the presence of Russian intelligence services in Germany, the Russian Foreign Ministry had taken the decision in April to introduce an upper limit on the number of staff at German missions abroad and intermediary organisations in Russia. "This border, set by Russia from the beginning of June, requires a major cut in all areas of our presence in Russia."

According to newspaper reports, a low to mid three-digit number of diplomats are affected, but above all cultural mediators, such as teachers from the German school in Moscow and a considerable number of employees of the Goethe-Instituts.

Ukraine war: Kyiv insists on German Taurus missiles

Update from May 27, 06:30 a.m.: Ukraine has asked Germany to supply Taurus cruise missiles. In recent days, a corresponding request from the Ukrainian side has been received, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense. She did not provide any further details about the letter – such as how many units Kyiv demanded. A few days ago, CDU defense expert Roderich Kiesewetter spoke out in favor of the delivery of German Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. The guided missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers enabled the attacked country to "strike against the military infrastructure of the Russians far behind the front line," he said. Ten years ago, around 600 Taurus were procured for the Bundeswehr. Of these, "around 150" are still operational today.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) had reacted cautiously to Kiesewetter's proposal on Tuesday. But he also said that he "believes that we should support Ukraine with all the systems that are permissible under international law that are needed to win this war and that we are able to give."

Ukraine war: Huge cloud of smoke over steel plant in Mariupol

Update from May 26, 20:40 p.m.: Videos are circulating on Twitter purporting to show a huge cloud of smoke over the Azovstal steel plant in the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol. The factory site was the focus of coverage of the Ukraine war in the summer of last year. For weeks, Ukrainian fighters had resisted Russia there. The steel mill and the city had fallen in the further course. According to Russian authorities, the explosions were the result of missile attacks from Ukraine.

Update from May 26, 19:45 p.m.: At least two civilians are said to have died in a Russian missile attack on a veterinary clinic in the city of Dnipro. This was reported by the Ukrainian authorities. In addition, at least 23 other people are said to have been injured.

Update from May 26, 18:46 p.m.: Sergei Lavrov has blamed the US for the Ukraine war. Washington has brought the international community "to the brink of a third world war," the Russian foreign minister said. Lavrov threatened the United States that in this case, the Atlantic Ocean would not protect them either. The Foreign Minister's comments were shared by Kremlin-loyal journalist Pavel Zabrubin on Telegram.

Ukraine war: Zelensky responds to China's proposal

Update from May 26, 17:30 p.m.: Volodymyr Zelensky's office has responded to China's proposal for an immediate ceasefire. China's demand for Ukraine to cede the occupied territories to Russia was rejected by a spokesman for the president. Any compromise with Russia is "tantamount to admitting a defeat of democracy," Mykhailo Podoliak, Zelensky's adviser, said in a tweet.

Update from May 26, 16:15 p.m.: The special envoy of the People's Republic of China, Li Hui, has called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine. This is reported by the Russian state news agency TASS. The envoy allegedly tried to convince Ukraine's Western allies to influence Volodymyr Zelensky's government to agree to a ceasefire. Kiev should give up its claim to the territories occupied by Russia.

Ukraine war: Putin waits for Scholz's call

Update from May 26, 14:37 p.m.: According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready for a new phone call with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) about the war in Ukraine. So far, Scholz has not called or Berlin has not initiated such an initiative for talks, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. He was responding to statements by the chancellor that he wanted to talk to Putin in due course. "It is necessary to talk," Peskov said.

"President Putin remains open to dialogue, but of course pursues the fundamental goal of protecting the interests of our citizens." According to the Kremlin, Putin and Scholz last spoke on the phone for about an hour on December 2 on December <> on the situation in Ukraine and the consequences of the war. Scholz had told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger on the war that "in the end there will have to be an agreement between the governments in Moscow and Kiev". His last phone call with the Kremlin chief was some time ago. "But I intend to talk to Putin again in due course," said the Federal Chancellor.

Ukraine war: According to Moscow, attacks on Russia from Ukraine

Update from May 26, 14:15 p.m.: In the Russian border region of Belgorod near Ukraine, according to Russian information, targets have again been attacked with heavy artillery. The governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said on Telegram that the village of Kozinka near Graivoron had been hit by 132 missiles.

According to regional governor Gladkov, the Belgorodsky and Volokonovsky regions, as well as the city of Shebekino, were also shelled with artillery, mortar shells and drones. As a result, several buildings were damaged. According to Gladkov, there were no casualties.

In the center of the Russian city of Krasnodar in the southwest of the country, several buildings were damaged by two drones, according to regional governor Venjamin Kondratiev. The incident occurred on the central Morskaya street, he said on Friday in the online service Telegram. There were no casualties. Krasnodar is located about 200 kilometers from the Crimean bridge, which connects the annexed peninsula with the Russian mainland. While other regions of Russia are regularly shelled, the city has so far been little affected.

Ukraine war: Kyiv reports new Russian attacks

Update from May 26, 11:30 a.m.: Ukraine and Russia have reported new attacks by the opposing side, as well as several explosions. Russia has fired 17 missiles of different types and 31 so-called kamikaze drones of the Iranian type Shahed-136/131 at Ukraine, the air force said on Friday in Kyiv. 10 cruise missiles and 23 Shahed drones, as well as 2 reconnaissance drones, were shot down, it said. The attacks, which again affected the capital Kyiv, lasted until five o'clock in the morning. There was an air raid alarm at night throughout the country. There were also reports of attacks from the Ukrainian side in Russia.

There were strikes in Ukraine in the Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions, the Ukrainian authorities said. In Dnipro, the military administration reported explosions. A hospital had been hit. "As of now, one person has died and 15 have been injured," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in his Telegram channel. Media outlets circulate images showing severe damage to the hospital.

Medvedev on possible preemptive strike: "There are incontrovertible laws of war"

Update from May 26, 10:20 a.m.: Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev issued a warning of a possible preemptive strike if the West were to consider providing Ukraine with nuclear weapons. According to several reports, he tells various Russian news agencies: "There are incontrovertible laws of war. When it comes to nuclear weapons, there must be a preemptive strike."

Medvedev, former president of Russia and a close confidant of the current head of state Vladimir Putin, currently holds the position of deputy chairman of the National Security Council. This body plays a key role in shaping Russia's foreign, security and defense policy.

President Zelensky: Take more Russian prisoners of war for exchange

Kyiv/Moscow – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on his troops to capture more Russian soldiers. "Everyone on the front line should remember: the more Russian prisoners of war we take, the more of our people will return," Zelenskyy said in his evening video address on Thursday (25 May).

He welcomed a prisoner exchange in which 106 Ukrainian military personnel were handed over by the Russian side. They had fought in the area of the now almost completely destroyed city of Bakhmut, as Zelensky said. Among them are eight Ukrainian officers. Many of the returned military had previously been considered missing. Zelenskyy did not specify how many Russians were handed over in Thursday's exchange.

Ukraine war: Another air alert in Kyiv

In Kiev, an air raid alarm was triggered again on Friday night. The Ukrainian capital had already been attacked with drones in recent weeks. People in central regions of the country were also called upon to go to shelters. In the western areas, the night remained quiet at first.

According to the authorities, a Ukrainian missile was shot down in the south of Russia. Air defenses hit them near the city of Morozovsk, Governor Vasily Golubev wrote on Telegram. Ukrainian media pointed out that there is a Russian military airport in Morozovsk.

Lukashenko: Deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus started

Meanwhile, according to Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, Russia has begun deploying tactical nuclear weapons in the neighboring country. The number of weapons and places of storage have also been determined, Lukashenko said on Thursday in Moscow after a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Lukashenko did not give details.

This is the first time since the 1990s that Belarus has received nuclear missiles after voluntarily surrendering its nuclear weapons after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed that Moscow has sole control and decision over the use of nuclear weapons. (with agencies)

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