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Cristina and La Cámpora do not know what to do with Daniel Scioli: force him to get off or face the damage he can cause in the internal


Highlights: The PASO continue to generate tension within the ruling party. Máximo Kirchner warned that he will not deliver the list to the Brazilian ambassador. Cristina Kichner used the sentence of 6 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office to denounce her alleged "proscription" The leader of La Cámpora announces that he won't give Scioli the list of KirChnerism. No one really knows what to do, writes Juan Carlos Gómez.

The PASO continue to generate tension within the ruling party. Máximo Kirchner warned that he will not deliver the list to the Brazilian ambassador, who has already launched his campaign talking about leaving Kirchnerism behind.

Cristina Kichner usedone conviction to avoid another. Thus she used the sentence of 6 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office for defrauding the State in the Vialidad case (which is not yet firm) to denounce her alleged "proscription", an argument that served her not to face what really hurts her: that people also condemn her at the polls.

After the ruling, the first reaction of the Vice President was to get out of the electoral fight. On December 6, on YouTube he let the guts dominate his words. "I'm not going to be a candidate for anything," she bellowed on the verge of tears and amid a volley of furious criticism of Justice and the media.

Máximo Kirchner did not object to Mayra Mendoza receiving and being photographed with Scioli in Quilmes. A couple of weeks later, the leader of La Cámpora announces that he will not give Scioli the list of Kirchnerism. No one really knows what to do.

There was not a single allusion that it was outlawed. On the contrary, she made it clear that she could present herself as a candidate but that she did not do so so as not to be a "mascot of power." Since she didn't say it, hers didn't talk about proscription either. All his propaganda apparatus interpreted it as "The Renunciation", to extol the figure of Cristina and connect it with that of Evita of August 31, 1951.

They assure that it was the lawyer Alberto Beraldi who pointed out the error of not victimizing herself as an electoral persecuted. It was enough with an erratum that Cristina made a few days later for the mills of Kirchnerism to forget about Evita and the renunciation and dedicate themselves completely to the thesis of the proscription.

Daniel Scioli with Miguel Rodríguez and Daniel Funes de Rioja at the UIA. The Ambassador cultivated good contacts with businessmen who could contribute to his campaign.

The rest is known. An operative clamor that she promoted and that she had to silence four times in the last 25 days: the reasons she published on her social networks were followed by an act at the Teatro de La Plata. It was not enough, he had to add a one-man show on a militant channel and ended with another stand up at the May 25 event in Plaza de Mayo.

The clearest was in C5N, when she said without saying it that the polls could condemn her. And they would be far more ruthless than the supposed judicial mafia. He spoke of an election of thirds and that the objective was no longer to win but not to come third.

That sentence of the ballot box, and not the judicial one, is the one he truly fears. It would leave her with almost nothing. "We can tell Clarín that it's the mafia. Also to the judges. But not to the people," confessed to this newspapera Buenos Aires Peronist leader still with a cold after the rain that accompanied last Thursday's event.

Cristina didn't want Sergio Massa before and she doesn't want him now. But he needs it and he uses it, as almost everyone uses everyone in politics. The relationship is mutual: the Minister of Economy, and especially his wife, Malena Galmarini, do not esteem Cristina either. Nor do they recognize her as a leader. Massa suffers every time he has to go to see her to give an account of the economy, in general all bad.

What do we do with the ambassador? The Peronist mayors asked themselves, in clear reference to Daniel Scioli, during the meeting they shared last week in Quilmes, with Máximo Kirchner and Eduardo Wado de Pedro.

Scioli annoys. He is willing to pull the rope until he is offered something before breaking it. Kirchnerism took away the possibility of carrying the same candidates in the Province as whoever is blessed K and the ambassador knows that without Axel Kicillof or the heads of the GBA on the ballot, he has no chance of winning. But what it can do is damage the internal government.

From the outset, for each of the parties of the Province of Buenos Aires, Scioli has to have candidates for mayor, 12 councilors plus six alternates and five school counselors. A total that is multiplied by 135 districts. In addition, you must collect the corresponding guarantees, which can range from 500 to 4,000, in each municipality.

Five Peronist mayors of the GBA told Clarín that they spoke with Scioli but that he did not ask them to help him either with the endorsements or with the list he has to put together if he wants to compete. "It's not impossible, Mario Ishii submitted several lists in 2009. But we would find out if Daniel is moving, gathering people. And it's not doing that. He perjures that he will be a candidate but did not move a hair even to gather the endorsements. He's a strange guy," said a PJ leader from the Third Section.

A colleague of his, but from the First, is convinced that Scioli will eventually get off. A seat to deputy is not denied to anyone, they ironized there.

Máximo Kirchner did not object to Mayra Mendoza receiving and being photographed with Scioli in Quilmes. A couple of weeks later, in that same district, the leader of La Cámpora announced to the mayors of the GBA that he will not give the ambassador the possibility of sharing the ballot of candidates of Kirchnerism. No one really knows what to do. Did Mayra notice something in Scioli that Maximo didn't like?

Scioli was chosen by Cristina to fight Mauricio Macri in the presidential election in 2015. "It was to lose. He didn't move a finger to support him. When I met with her, I felt that she was reproaching me because we were moving in the deep Conurbano to support Daniel. I didn't understand anything and now I understand it less," reproduce two witnesses who were with Emilio Pérsico, of the Evita Movement.

In the GBA they recognize that the PASO, "and the new presidential plane", were Alberto's only victories. "Now the one who signs up can knead and raise the price and then negotiate and get off," they explain. Most see that this is what Scioli is doing.

Several leaders in the PJ of the Conurbano feel that the ambassador "takes his candidacy in. He even sells himself as the "Pichichi", who does not score a goal or the rainbow. And he does it very well, it's the best he has to win votes." They also admit that if Cristina allowed him to put Kicillof as a gubernatorial candidate on the ballot, he could even beat Wado De Pedro.

They emphasize that now Scioli can do damage by proposing a hard intern, where he says a thousand times that Kirchnerism must be left behind, as he said. "And obviously, wet as much as I can the ear of Sergio (Massa), who hates it," they say.

Another chief of Greater Buenos Aires warned about two issues: "Exceeding 25% in the internal elections, Scioli can intersperse candidates, although that percentage will surely be raised by Máximo to shield us. I also believe that the votes that Scioli gets in a PASO will not go to Wado or Kicillof in the general (election). Especially if (Patricia) Bullrich wins the internal of Together for Change. And as the hand comes, to retain the Province we cannot waste a single vote."

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