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Nacha Guevara vs. Susana Giménez: history of a relationship from which sparks now come out


Highlights: Nacho Guevara criticized Susana Giménez and generated controversy. Nacha has just composed three songs (for a future album that will be released in June) that she interprets in her work, one of which is entitled Estoy muy cansada. Susana did not react yet with that lyric, in case she heard it. But he did react when he learned that Nacha, in a mobile of Implacables (Elnueve), said: "The fortune was made in Argentina, be grateful"

They were never friends, but neither were they enemies... Until now. Nacha points to him from a song. And Su says, 'What grabbed this one.' Did the crack take them?

If there were a bible of historical fights between divas or stars of the Argentine show, there would be a thousand possible crosses, but it would be very difficult to find a public round between Nacha and Susana. Yes there would be a Moria vs. Susana, a Moria vs. Nacha, a Gasalla vs. Perciavalle, a Moria against many, but between Susana Giménez and Nacha Guevara there was never a media fight of those who feed several.

There wasn't... Until now. And it should not be a coincidence. Let's place ourselves in time and space: Guevara has just released Nacha en pijama, the evocative one-man show in which he reviews his career and his life on the stage of the Teatro Astros.

And, according to the dynamics of the promotion, when someone is about to release something artistic, they are presented with the chance to "sell" their show as much as a program or journalistic medium can. And, beyond the fact that the artist intends only to talk about his functions and what he wants, he also exposes himself to answer what he is asked.

Nacho Guevara criticized Susana Giménez and generated controversy. Capture video.

Most artists don't like to be asked about their colleagues, even if in off-the-clock coffee talks they sharpen their nails and their karate tongues. In the last 40-odd years, Nacha has been asked about Susana, but, except for the occasional minor Chicanite, he had never criticized her as openly as now.

What's more, in addition to others wanting to know "What do you think of Su's ideology?" she alone came out to say it. And to sing it. She has just composed three songs (for a future album that will be released in June) that she interprets in her work, one of which is entitled Estoy muy cansada.

"I got tired of hearing so much pavada/ I got tired of eating salad/ I got tired of Mirtha and Susana/ I got tired of trap and ballads." Militant of the resistance in the dark '70s and rebel by determination, at 82 he decided to turn on the fan and blow the hair of one more.

Mirtha promised to go see Nacha's work, but she didn't like the song in which Nacha talks about her.

The reactions of Mirtha & Susana

At 96, Mirtha only managed to say (to the medium Primicias.ya): "What a pity, I have a great tenderness and she is a true artist. He sent me an invitation for its premiere, but I'll go next week just now." Susana did not react yet with that lyric, in case she heard it.

But he did react when he learned that Nacha, in a mobile of Implacables (Elnueve), said: "The fortune was made in Argentina, be grateful. Let's explain what it's like to be international. Where did Susana make her money? Did you do it in the United States, in France, in Italy, in Brazil? No, right? She has done her whole career and her success, because she is a very hardworking woman, here. This country has given him a lot. That's what I mean by it's not international. He is a national star, big as a house, adored by everyone and that this country has given him everything he has."

That sort of discharge came because before, in the middle of her media tour promoting her show and consulted by the diva, she had acknowledged that "I do not like it when she criticizes Argentina, which has given her so much. She is what she is thanks to Argentina, she is not an international star. So there, I don't like it."

Nacha Guevara on Radio Mitre, a note later broadcast by LAM. Capture TV.

After those statements, all the microphones pointed to Susana, to know how she had fallen that "she is not an international star".

From Uruguay, where she also has a house and residence, the blonde spoke to a mobile in America: "Every time she needs a camera she talks about me. And now, what grabbed this one?"

Almost 20 years ago, in a tribute to Charly: Nacha, Susana, García and Cecilia Roth.

The driver escapes the controversy

Susana does not move comfortably in the scandal. A couple of years ago, about his historical media back-and-forth with Moria, he confessed to Clarín that "fighting wears me out. I am anti-war. And I'm not going to get tangled up answering someone who told someone else something about me... It's a chimentera wheel that leaves you out of bed. Tell me things in your face and I answer you in your face, without feeding everyone. But you can see that when some need press, they talk about me, and good."

Nacha and Susana did not share the stage, in fact they have very different careers. The glorious coffee concert eras of one and the career of model and picaresque comedy actress of the other had no point of contact. Nor then, each on its own.

In 1997, as part of Susana's program, she, Nacha and Valeria Lynch starred in El club de las divorciadas, a sympathetic segment in which they aired unfortunate issues of their married lives. Ten years later it was reissued, also by Telefe.

Although they have not shared credits or canopies, they have had many social meeting points, especially with Nacha invited to Susana's television living room, where they have expressed mutual admiration. And they have strung compliments about how well each one carries the passage of time.

"We are not friends"

"I appreciate her very much, she is a very good partner, but I do not like it when she criticizes something that I should be grateful for (...) We don't talk to each other much, we're not friends, we were never friends, but I've always had a good relationship," insists Nacha, who has known more than once to reconcile with those who have had media battles, such as with Moria.

At different times, or as members of the ShowMatch staff, convened by Marcelo Tinelli, they have had some grudges, but in a pandemic – as jurors of Cantando 2020 – they strengthened their bond of complicity. In the summer of that year they starred in The Great Depression, without poster problems in the Multitabarís. The play talked about two women who went from love to hate without stopping.

Nacha and Moria, in times of shared theater, three years ago.

Those who shared the behind the scenes of that play, say that in free time "Susana" was a topic of conversation between them about everything in general and politics in particular.

Nacha and Moria from the Peronist tiles and, Susana, clearly from the opposite sidewalk. And, in these days of promotion of Nacha and pre-election, the difference that was once insinuated and always disguised now climbed the lift of the crack.

Source: clarin

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