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The biggest scandals and upsets in the ZDF television garden of all time


Highlights: Andrea Kiewel has been a TV garden presenter for 23 years. She has caused a number of scandals, some of which she has caused herself. In 2007, she was caught in the crossfire because of allegations that she had made surreptitious advertising for "Weight Watchers" In 2019, there was another riot incident – and this time even the police had to move in. She was so happy about the appearance of Jürgen Drews in the Mallorca-Fernsehgarten that she let herself be carried away.

From smoke bombs to wet T-shirt contests: In her 23 years as a TV garden presenter, Andrea Kiewel has witnessed a number of scandals – and some of which she has caused herself.

1 / 27The biggest scandal of all was probably caused by Andrea Kiewel herself. In 2007, she was caught in the crossfire because of allegations that she had made surreptitious advertising for "Weight Watchers". © IMAGO/Sven Simon2 / 27In Johannes B. Kerner's talk show, she had denied this. She later admitted to having a PR deal with "Weight Watchers." This was followed by dismissal. © IMAGO/Metodi Popow3 / 27Ernst-Marcus Thomas then took over the moderation of the ZDF television garden. It was not until 2009 that she returned. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA4 / 27Screenshot 2023-05-23 17.17.51.jpg ZDF/Fernsehgarten5 / 27Screenshot 2023-05-23 17.16.37.jpg © © ZDF/Fernsehgarten6 / 27In the same year, there was another riot incident – and this time even the police had to move in, as the Hamburger Abendblatt reported. At that time, a group of about 50 drunken people disturbed the ZDF television garden. Among other things, they are said to have insulted guests, smashed glasses and detonated a smoke bomb. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA7 / 27The good news is that no one was injured. However, ten charges were filed for trespassing and two for insulting officials on that day. The smoke bomb was reported as attempted dangerous bodily harm. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA


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My area8 / 2780 police officers were on duty during the broadcast at that time. She brought the group back to their coach and even accompanied them for a while on their journey home. © ZDF/Kerstin Bänsch9 / 27Wet-T-Shirt-Contest? Everyday life in the ham street. On the Lerchenberg, however, Andrea Kiewel's transparent white summer dress caused a stir in 2018. © ZDF/Fernsehgarten10 / 27Andrea Kiewel was so happy about the appearance of Jürgen Drews in the Mallorca-Fernsehgarten that she let herself be carried away to a spontaneous shower. © ZDF/Fernsehgarten11 / 27What she probably didn't consider: Wet, her white dress was more or less transparent. Since Kiwi apparently didn't have a bra on, the infamous "nipple gate" occurred. © ZDF/Fernsehgarten12 / 27Same year, new scandal: This time it's not Kiwi who is angry, but DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi. In 2018, his baseball cap was no problem, but a year later it was. In 2019, he was banned from performing with Cap. The reason: The brand logo is a problem. © IMAGO/Revierfoto13 / 27As a result, he cancelled his performance. In his Instagram stories, Pietro Lombardi then etches against the ZDF television garden: "Television garden Ciao and would not recommend anyone to go there". © Instagram/Pietro Lombardi14 / 27There was also a lot going on in the ZDF television garden in 2019. We remember all too well Luke Mockridge's scandalous appearance. "We, the TV garden editors, adore him like crazy," Andrea Kiewel announced to the comedian, but she had no idea what came next. © ZDF/Fernsehgarten15 / 27Because a few seconds later, Luke Mockridge lets off on the potato scent of old people, makes fart noises with his armpit, talks on the phone with a banana and imitates monkey sounds – all on live television. © ZDF/Ralph Orlowski16 / 27The audience was, booing the comedian. Andrea Kiewel was also beside herself and broke off his performance. "Shame on you, dear Luke Mockridge, never ever again," she calls after him. © ZDF/Fernsehgarten17 / 27In his SAT.1 program "LUKE! The Greatnightshow", he then revealed what was behind the scandalous appearance: He had the gags of six children given to him. He apologized to Andrea Kiewel and even invited her to his show. But Kiwi never accepted the invitation. © YouTube/LUKE! The Greatnightshow18 / 27Is it okay to ask women if and when they want to have children? Most would answer this question with no. Andrea Kiewel, however, does not see this as a problem. In May 2022, she asked Lili Paul-Roncalli this very private question. © IMAGO/Eibner19 / 27Lilli Paul-Roncalli was actually a guest to show off her acrobatic skills. After her performance, however, Andrea Kiewel is more enthusiastic about her appearance. "Wow! Check them out! What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful woman!" she says – without saying a word about her performance. © IMAGO/Eibner20 / 27Completely taken out of context, Andrea Kiewel suddenly asks: "Of course you have long since been taken, but no children yet?" Lili says no and Kiwi wants to know: "But it's not out of the question?" © IMAGO/Eibner21 / 27Lili Paul-Roncalli seems stunned for a moment. Then she says: "You don't ask a woman such questions anymore in 2022!". Now Andrea Kiewel is confused and replies: "Yes! Precisely because you can ask that per se." Then she quickly changes the subject. © IMAGO/Eibner22 / 27We can't talk about 2022 without mentioning THE scandalous song of the year: "Layla", because the "puff mama" is dividing country. Some think it's right that sexist texts are not given a platform, others talk about censorship and continue to shout along with the text. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA23 / 27ZDF is probably not bothered by such texts, because in August 2022 "Layla" was allowed into the TV garden uncensored. However, not without consequences. Because after the performance, the station is said to have received a lot of complaints. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA24 / 27There were also consequences for DJ Robin and Schürze: The two were uninvited from the ZDF New Year's Eve show "Welcome 2023". As "Layla" producer Ikke hip gold revealed to BILD, the appearance of the two at the mega event was actually already in dry cloths. © IMAGO/Future Image25 / 27Asterisk, colon, Binnen-I: Gendering or not? The topic is not only of concern to the regulars' table in the pub and politics, but also to Andrea Kiewel. Because a side note by the presenter caused the next tangible TV garden scandal in 2022. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA26 / 27This "I must" then makes waves. Does ZDF force gendering? No, as the broadcaster explained to the German Press Agency: "There is definitely no instruction on gendering in the 'ZDF television garden'. Andrea Kiewel is personally concerned about addressing everyone, which is why she used this phrase in connection with 'must'." © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA27 / 27"We as the Fernsehgarten team currently have the impression that there are a lot of positive things going on in the German singer-songwriter scene," says Andrea Kiewel. Then turns to a spectator and declares: "Don't grimace, I have to!" © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA

Mainz – For many viewers, the ZDF television garden is THE highlight of the year – and has been for over 35 years. Andrea Kiewel (2000) has been the host of the popular TV show since 57 and presents an entertaining mix of music, service topics and daredevil actions every Sunday.

But even on the Lerchenberg, the world is not perfect and so there have been a few minor and major scandals in the history of the ZDF television garden. There is the police operation because of a detonated smoke bomb, the unintentional wet T-shirt contest of Kiwi or the mother of all TV garden scandals: Andrea Kiewel dismissal because of surreptitious advertising.

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