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The rift got into Boca and divided the historical champions: who are with Riquelme and who with Macri


Highlights: Andres Ibarra, the candidate (of the creator of the PRO) to president xeneize, surrounded by glories of the club divided the waters. The crack in the dressing room is still alive two decades after those extraordinary nights in the land of the rising sun. Many of the champions of the Libertadores and the Intercontinental were observed supporting the MM man. Others, of course, are in the ruling party. Many even work at the Riquelme Football Council. And a few are independent.

The presentation of Andres Ibarra, the candidate (of the creator of the PRO) to president xeneize, surrounded by glories of the club divided the waters. An X-ray of the inmate in the Ribera.

Intercontinental glory, that past of open borders that built the best stage of blue and gold history. The memory of the deeds against Real Madrid or Milan is still the boast of the fans. Boca once brought Europe's most powerful giants to their knees. From the wise hand of Carlos Bianchi and a group of players who enhanced their virtues. Even, despite the differences that always existed in the locker room.

Or perhaps the historic fight between Juan Román Riquelme and Martín Palermo did not occur in Tokyo because of the rumors that there were about the preference of the scorer for Guillermo Barros Schelotto to the detriment of Marcelo Delgado, friend of the "10"? Recently, Cristian Traverso said that the Titan's request did not exist, but the corrillos eroded the relationship. And there was never any feeling between the idols. They always respected each other, never loved each other.

The crack in the dressing room is still alive two decades after those extraordinary nights in the land of the rising sun. Now, product of the political scenario that has as main protagonists the symbols of the golden age. And it was very clear on Monday, when Andrés Ibarra launched himself as a candidate backed by Mauricio Macri, no less, the president who faced that unforgettable process of xeneize reconversion.

Last Monday, at the tables of the Arenas Studios, venue of the event, several of the champions of the Libertadores and the Intercontinental were observed supporting the MM man. Others, of course, are in the ruling party. Many even work at the Riquelme Football Council. And a few are independent. For now, without political appetites. Which side is every world champion standing on?

Oscar Córdoba, with Riquelme

The former goalkeeper was part of a golden era for Boca. With 7 titles under his belt, two Libertadores Cups (2000 and 2001) and an Intercontinental (2000) he has a good relationship with Riquelme and, above all, with his compatriots Jorge Bermúdez and Mauricio Serna, who are part of the Football Council.

Recently he threw good vibes to Roman and explained why he is not part of the structure: "I have my life totally organized here in Colombia and at no time was there any kind of call to me. You see a consolidated group," said the 1.

Roberto Abbondanzieri, with Macrismo

Successor of the Colombian in the blue and gold arch also left his mark on Boca de Bianchi. With 14 titles to his name, he was seen sitting at Macri's table last Monday. All an indication that he is with the opposition.

In his last statements he made it clear that he does not agree with the management of his former teammate Román: "I am sorry that the boys who are idols or who won many things have left the club badly. That's what hurts me. There are many who went wrong. It seems to me that they have to take care of us, although I am already far away." Currently, the Duck is engaged in agricultural activity.

Cagna, Schiavi and Abbondanzieri with Andrés Ibarra, in a dinner that was also attended by other glories of Boca such as Alfredo el Tanque Rojas. Photo: Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi.

Hugo Ibarra, with Riquelme

His departure as coach of Boca is still fresh. Riquelme said publicly that he wanted him as a coach for 20 years; It lasted 36 games. He won two titles, but the team was always unstable.

He never made high-sounding statements and when his friend fired him, he didn't make a noise either. It was politically correct. Senior player, he has his son Tiago in the lower leagues.

Jorge Bermúdez, with Riquelme

El Patrón is part of the Boca Football Council, beyond that in the last time he decided to return to his country to be close to his parents, who have health problems. With a strong personality, the Colombian was the official voice before the media, a role now taken by his compatriot Serna.

"I have not taken leave, I continue to do administrative work at a distance, which is my responsibility, I am still pending in the sporting aspects of each category," he said in March, when he returned to the country and showed himself with his teammates on the Banfield court. His son is the food and beverage manager at the Ezeiza Training Center.

Riquelme benched Ibarra as much as he could and El Negro quietly agreed to stop being the coach of Boca.

Cristian Traverso walks alone

The former central defender remains distant from the two poles. He was invited to participate in the Football Council and also to Ibarra's dinner. He prefers to continue in his role as a panelist for TyC Sports. However, publicly he was very critical of "the forms". He made proper names. He will play neither for one side nor for the other.

Rolando Schiavi, with Macrismo

Like Traverso, he chose the path of TV. El Flaco was also critical of Riquelme, who decided not to renew his contract as coach of the Reserve.

He officially joined the opposition side. "Very happy to join Andres' team to put Boca at the top," he announced at the end of April. And he was at the campaign launch dinner.

Nicolás Burdisso, faithful to Macrismo

He was manager of the management of Daniel Angelici. A confidant of the former president, he also closed his cycle when Riquelme took charge of Boca's football. "I told (Jorge) Ameal that I was leaving my position to continue with the management and with the people he predisposed. It's not important if I had continued," he said at the time. Today he is Fiorentina's sports secretary.

Boca world champion in 2003. In blue, Riquelme's friends; in yellow, those who bet on Ibarra and Macri. AFP Photo

Aníbal Matellán, with Macrismo

He worked with Burdisso side by side in the technical secretariat of Boca. It was his right hand. He had a leading role in the negotiations for reinforcements and took the same path as his former teammate in the defense of international champion Boca. He was seen posing with Andrés Ibarra on several occasions.

Clemente Rodríguez, with Riquelme

On the field, he was one of the great partners that Riquelme had and after leaving football he always maintained the link with his former teammate. After starting his career as coach of Deportivo Merlo, a year ago he joined the Fifth Division of Boca as an assistant to Walter Pico. Before the assumption of Jorge Almirón, his inclusion in the coaching staff was evaluated. Finally, it didn't happen.

Andrés Ibarra with Battaglia, Basualdo, Cagna and Ruiz, all ex Boca.

Sebastián Battaglia, with Macrismo

The most winning player in the history of Boca, always low profile, went from being the coach chosen by Riquelme to being part of the future Macri structure. Although he currently directs Huracán, he lent himself to participate in the event organized by Andrés Ibarra with a video that was broadcast from a giant screen. The relationship with Roman ended badly. He managed 55 matches and won 2 titles. His dismissal at a service station, carried out by Bermúdez and Raúl Cascini, was a testimony.

Diego Cagna, with Macrismo

"I want to tell you that the great captain of our Historic Deed joins the team we are assembling. Diego represents everything we want for the coming Boca: grit, talent and humility. Thank you for joining, captain!", Ibarra said on his Twitter account.

And although the idea that the former general manager of the Macri administration has is to dissolve the Football Council if he wins the elections, the former midfielder will be one of the heads of the football project. The presence of Cagna at Macri's table was no coincidence.

Mauricio Serna, with Riquelme

Chicho was the last former footballer to join the Football Council. He was working in the Reserve with Hugo Ibarra until Román decided to include him in the small table along with Bermúdez, Cascini and Delgado.

The former central midfielder, more akin to the dialogue with the press, was the one who communicated the departure of Ibarra and the search for a new coach.

Serna, Bermúdez, Cascini and Delgado, the hard core of Riquelme in one of the boxes of the Bombonera. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Raúl Cascini, with Riquelme

He is one of the most prominent former players on the Football Council. Conduct negotiations. Permanent consultant of Riquelme. Product of the scandal against Atlético Mineiro, in which Boca was harmed by the arbitration, he was suspended by Conmebol for two years and can not travel with the team.

"We are always in the hotel. We are always with the players. We also do it with the youth," he said about his role. Each match is next to Riquelme in the official box.

José Horacio Basualdo, with Macrismo

El Pepe was an extraordinary midfielder and still is in the choppes he plays with Macri. Without going any further, in December he participated in a match with the former President of the Nation and the mayor of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela, in the Slovenian club of Ramos Mejía.

He will be part of Andrés Ibarra's work team if he manages to prevail in the elections.

Matías Donnet, with Riquelme

It will be impossible to forget his goal against Milan in the final of the Intercontinental 2003. In the end, the draw of Santa Fe allowed him to reach Boca to the definition by penalties. And he was chosen The Man of The Match in Tokyo.

Today, he is part of Riquelme's team. He is the coach of the Sixth Division.

Marcelo Delgado, with Riquelme

El Chelo is Roman's man. After a failed foray as a commentator in the old Fútbol Para Todos and a false step as coach of Los Andes in duo with Cascini, he came to Boca football from the hand of the former hooker, one of his best friends.

He is one of the slopes of Riquelme along with Cascini. Participates in all meetings for negotiations. He also plays in the Senior team.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto, with Macrismo

He always had more affinity with Palermo than with Riquelme. He was a coach at Boca during Angelici's administration and has an excellent link with Macri. Moreover, during the presidency of the leader of the PRO he was in the Quinta de Olivos. He even participated as an investor in the wind farm business.

Currently, he directs the Paraguay National Team with his brother Gustavo. From Asunción both sent a greeting and their support for Andrés Ibarra.

Guillermo, close to Macri and Angelici. Photo: DYN/EZEQUIEL PONTORIERO.

Martín Palermo, with Macrismo

Top gunner in the history of Boca and one of the great idols. Together with Riquelme they were makers of the club's greatest successes. On the court, they left everything for the blue and gold jersey. Outside of it, they were never tolerated.

Still, they always had mutual respect. Without going any further, both greeted each other in the match of the legends organized by Villarreal on March 25 on the occasion of the centenary of the Spanish club. And his name sounded like a possible candidate to replace Hugo Ibarra.

He was recently received with honors at the Bombonera, in another sign of the rapprochement he is having with Riquelme, although it does not seem enough to make him change paths.

When it comes to defining himself politically, the Titan who today is Platense technician is with Ibarra. And he made that clear in a virtual message that aired at Monday's party.

Carlos Tevez, with Macrismo

Champion of America and the world in 2003, he embodied himself in one of the great idols. He returned in 2015 with Angelici and after his millionaire getaway to China, he returned to finish being decisive in the first championship of the Riquelme management.

Carlitos and Román, beyond that image of the end, embraced in the corridors of the Bombonera the day that the credit of Fort Apache announced his retirement, starred in a fight of egos. And much had to do, in addition, the relationship of Tevez with Macri, whom he invited to his wedding and with whom he shares business. Like William, he also put money into wind farms.

The former president wants him as a coach at Boca in the not too distant future.

Great friends. In 2017, Macri visited Tevez in China.

Pedro Iarley, away from the crack

The Brazilian is not involved in Boca's political life. From his country, he is sometimes consulted by the press. He publicly recommended Cuca and Tité to succeed Hugo Ibarra.

Luis Perea, a gentleman from a distance

The Colombian is another former footballer without interests. He spoke well of the arrival of the former idols to the club, but the last time he was consulted on the subject he said: "I can not say anything about the management of Riquelme because I am not there, but I hope it goes well."

The present finds him as an assistant to Néstor Lorenzo in the Colombian National Team and saw on the field the defeat of Boca against Deportivo Pereira for Copa Libertadores.

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