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June 2023 monthly horoscope: predictions for all signs


Highlights: Astrologer Lourdes Ferro explains what the month of the winter solstice holds for each zodiac sign. The horoscope for June, the first month after the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, announces changes. The full moon in Sagittarius, which will be perfected on Sunday 4, marks the closing of a six-month cycle that began with the new Moon in this sign of Fire in November of last year. Another of the most important planetary movements of June will be the return of Pluto to Capricorn on Sunday 11.

Astrologer Lourdes Ferro explained one by one what the month of the winter solstice holds for each zodiac sign.

The horoscope for June, the first month after the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, announces changes. On the 21st of this month the winter equinox in the southern hemisphere welcomes a new season and mobilizes even more energies.

The astrologer and tarot reader Lourdes Ferro explained to Clarín what will characterize the weeks of the sixth month of 2023. For example, from the astrological point of view, the cycle that began on March 20 with the autumnal equinox reaches an outcome.

The full moon in Sagittarius, which will be perfected on Sunday 4, marks the closing of a six-month cycle that began with the new Moon in this sign of Fire in November of last year.

Another of the most important planetary movements of June will be the return of Pluto to Capricorn on Sunday 11, a sign where it will remain until January of next year, allowing us to close slopes.

Below, Ferro detailed the predictions of the twelve signs for June 2023.

Aries: June 2023 horoscope

Aries: Your mental agility will be overflowing. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

Something inside you seems to be very restless, curiosity will make you go down different paths, investigating and conquering at an intellectual level the challenges that come your way. You find great mental agility, which allows you to acquire new knowledge easily.

  • Your best day: on Monday, June 5, you will be a carrier of great beauty and magnetism, you can fall in love or, in the case that you are already in a couple, fall in love again as the first day. Charisma and magic allow you to conquer whatever you set out to do.
  • Tip of the month: you will feel that everything stops, the clock stops marking time and you are submerged in a feeling of stagnation; Instead of fighting this, let yourself go and flow with emotion.

Taurus: June 2023 horoscope

Taurus: you get involved in businesses that will give you profits. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

You have the ability to look beyond what is seen with the naked eye, Taurus. You are visionary and adventurous. You dare to negotiate, travel and communicate potentially. The changes you want to make involve great rebellion and your interest will go on to investigate other ways to make money, you will see your economy as something dynamic that also requires freshness and initiative. You get involved in new businesses that, in the short term, will be giving profits.

  • Your best day: on Sunday the 18th you begin to see how personal issues that have you worried and required a financial solution are resolved.
  • Tip of the month: at the end of the month you will feel exhaustion, it will be the opportunity to connect with your limitations and identify and evaluate if they really correspond to you or are burdens imposed by third parties.

Gemini: June 2023 horoscope

Gemini: you must connect with what generates pleasure: (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The word becomes harmonious and pleasant towards others, the dialogue is clear and your power of seduction, total. Dare to say everything you had saved. You must connect with what generates pleasure: reconnect with the people you like, go to the movies, read a new book, etc. The nights will be full of reflection about the things that were pending. From there, you can find the solutions and put them into practice.

  • Your best day: on Saturday the 10th your achievements will be illuminated, allowing you to focus on what you have been longing for for a long time. It's time to connect with authority figures and make proposals to your bosses.
  • Tip of the month: mental activity will be at maximum and that can cause you some anxiety. I suggest you use lavender and chamomile.

Cancer: June 2023 horoscope

Cancer: dream your future big and don't limit yourself. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

Curiosity takes hold of you, leading you to delve into the past in order to find the answers you need. Do not leave things in the hands of chance, plan clearly -month by month- to move towards your goals. Dream your future big and don't limit yourself. In addition, you bond with people of brilliant energy, within that group there will be someone who will be very interested in you and will have no problem telling you.

  • Your best day: on Monday 5 you will be able to resolve pending issues related to the economic, your finances will be increased and you will even have the opportunity to sign documents that will result in an increase in assets for you.
  • Tip of the month: your freedom and your desire to know everything will be shortened, so you will be extremely intuitive. It is an ideal time to pay attention to your thoughts and renew your faith.

Leo: June 2023 horoscope

Leo: dive into the depths of your unconscious and heal little by little. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

You dive into the depths of your unconscious and rescue from there precious information for your evolution. Look with unconditional love at that being you were, embrace it, let go and forgive it. You will be able to regenerate yourself completely. Remember that you have the ability to be attentive to everything that is around you, you can see in advance what can come to your life.

  • Your best day: on Monday 26 you will feel in an overflowing mood and you will be socially active. Your voice is heard by the environment and your opinion is respected. It is appropriate that you clarify some points that were generating conflicts.
  • Tip of the month: avoid contact with people who can take you out of your focus, you know very well where you are going, do not fall into any distraction.

Virgo: June 2023 horoscope

Virgo: that fears and insecurities do not force you to stay where you do not want to be. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

If you feel the need to close old wounds that have been stagnant, try to feed the warmth of your heart. Friends are the best company right now. Someone within your circle arouses interest in you. Don't let fears and insecurities force you to stay on unfamiliar or uncomfortable ground.

  • Your best day: Sunday the 11th turns your attention to the figures who have had an effect on you; You will pay more attention to how you handle and confront power. This day favors you in the application for loans or recognitions and in the presentation of works related to writing and study.
  • Tip of the month: you should be especially careful with negative or impulsive reactions to third parties; Pay attention to how you stand on issues related to love. You must learn to defend what is yours without despair or arguing.

Libra: June 2023 horoscope

Libra: Don't be afraid to speak your mind, (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

You get very dreamy, who sees you may think you are in the clouds, but you do not lose sight of your goal. You are in a moment of great exposure that makes you worthy of praise and also of some criticism. You drive yourself to achieve achievements in your work area. The ease with which you have been communicating continues to work, do not be afraid to say what you think, because you are fair and right.

  • Your best day: Sunday the 11th invites you to think about a new style and form of adaptation. Maybe you feel anchored within your limits, if so, it's time to do something different. Transformation is here to stay, dare!
  • Tip of the month: at times you will feel demanded, your subordinates will not be able to accompany you and everything you undertake will feel uphill. Keep in mind: if you do not manage to organize yourself, it will be difficult to bear the responsibilities. Avoid making commitments that you will not be able to fulfill.

Scorpio: June 2023 horoscope

Scorpio: It is the best time to change in your profession and grow in your work. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The sky is arranged in a way that allows you to observe the most painful situations and be able to let go. Beyond this experience, you feel the possibility of shining, it's time to fall in love with someone or something, to spend time doing what you like and give you pleasure. Your interest in other realities is awakened, you decide to investigate the why and how of what you discover on your way. It's the best time to make changes in your profession and grow in your job.

  • Your best day: the 18th, the third Sunday of the month, will be a day of great passion in your life not only in the framework of the sexual or relationships, but in everything you do. You are facing a healing moment that will help you let go of negative emotions from the past and go through your transformation process.
  • Tip of the month: memories assault you. Images of forgotten and buried facts flow before you, you have the possibility to make claims. Instead of taking it as something negative and victimizing yourself, I suggest you write down the memories that arise.

Sagittarius: June 2023 horoscope

Sagittarius: you feel how all eyes are directed towards you. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

Your professional growth is favored, you will attract very convenient opportunities and you will be the bearer of a great charisma. All eyes are directed towards you, you feel beautiful and radiant. This feeling strengthens you and gives you the certainty that you can convince whoever you want. Speaking honestly benefits your relationship with the closest and most everyday bonds. You manage to connect with new people who can become next partners or couple.

  • Your best day: Sunday the 18th will be a great time for single people of this sign. Maybe you need to declare your love to someone and heaven is ready to give you the necessary energy. For those who are in a couple, it gives the opportunity to express your needs and desires from the depths of your heart.
  • Tip of the month: Going through your darkest and weakest areas will have its reward in the future. The universe, during this period, gives back to you through gifts, money, and opportunities; Everything that has happened in your life is a blank check for the present.

Capricorn: June 2023 horoscope

Capricorn: love and eroticism combine in a very intense period for you. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

You get involved in extremely passionate relationships. Love and eroticism combine in a very intense period that invites you to give yourself completely. I lived to the fullest, the romances that begin with this transit are difficult to dissolve, they will leave marks on your soul. You have the need to collaborate with those around you, you are willing to give them your attention and offer a sensible response to their problems.

  • Your best day: on Monday 26 the resolution of problems with your partners or partner can come to fruition through dialogue. You have the ability to negotiate and be assertive with the words you use.
  • Tip of the month: responsibilities increase and your work tasks multiply. However, you have the ease of speaking to solve problems and misunderstandings that were hindering your progress. This passage allows you to discuss issues related to wealth, sales and contracts.

Aquarius: June 2023 horoscope

Aquarius: you free yourself from situations that subjected and crushed you. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

Very pleasant days await you, Aquarius. It is the best time to get closer to those you love by offering them your unconditional love. Personal spaces become warmer and your presence is welcomed by everyone around you. You get involved in romances and feel the desire to meet people. The desire to go out, to fix yourself and to live a love story arises in you. You feel that you free yourself from those situations that subjected and crushed you.

  • Your best day: Sunday the 18th stimulates creativity and romance. That relationship that has not yet become official can gain weight. It will be a good time to make your partner fall in love again. A wonderful opportunity appears that changes the course of your life, do not miss this train.
  • Tip of the month: some unforeseen events can affect the usual outcome of your routine and overload you with responsibilities, try to comply with what you can, but do not neglect your health. June brings with it an increase in working hours and extra demands, therefore, organization and discipline will be what will help you get through this month.

Pisces: June 2023 horoscope

Pisces: this month favors removals and changes for you, (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

You will be attracted to someone with whom you share work duties. You will want to see your spaces arranged and perfumed. It is a good opportunity to place a mirror and admire your beauty. You have the need to make changes in the places you inhabit. June favors removals and changes, whether at home or work. It will be a good time to relax and do those activities that you like so much. It is also the best time of year to take care of yourself and your well-being.

  • Your best day: on Monday 26 you will meet again with situations of the past, it will be an opportunity to transform the present. Listen to your hunches for gambling, the universe will repay you what it owes you.
  • Tip of the month: you manage to connect with your sensitivity. It is an opportunity to make an evaluation of your life and close cycles that have been causing you discomfort. You should always top your list of priorities, take great care of your energy, because you may feel a little overwhelmed by others.

He advised the astrologer and tarot reader Lourdes Ferro, author of "Guía astrológica 2023" (Ed. Planeta). On Instagram, @lourdesferro.

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