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Highlights: Irit Brenner is an Israeli actress and author. Brenner was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She says she is not used to the scorching sun and humidity of the Israeli summer. "I think I'll survive life anyway," says Brenner, who lives in Walla! with her husband and two children. "The sun is a source of suffering for girls with snow-white pigmented skin, light-sensitive eyes, and sand hating on-top-of-the-top," she says.

Irit Brenner on the hardships of the Israeli summer for a woman whose pigment is not adapted to the weather and the scorching sun. And the humidity – about the humidity Let's not even start talking

"Say, are you a winter or summer woman?"


"You didn't understand," they continue, "what season?"

"Season 21. Because those five days when the temperature says 21 degrees Celsius are my hope. These days, from time to time, I think I'll survive life anyway."

In Tel Aviv in the 16s, the main summer pastime was the sea. Imagine a five-year-old girl being dragged with her mother into the sea and even then I knew it wouldn't end well. Those were the days when the fact that the sun was not only vitamin D but also a source of suffering for girls with snow-white pigmented skin, light-sensitive eyes, and sand hating on-top-of-the-top.

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Elemis. New actor (Photo: Overseas)

Hot, and also burns

On the evening of a searing day I found myself lying on my stomach with my mother smearing cold white on my back, and to this day when I remember the chilling touch of the frozen white on my boiling and aching + peeling skin, I feel like crying. Everyone who touched me heard me screaming, "Laaaa

Later I rebelled, I would disappear into the rescue shed with a peach in hand, because obviously when you live fifteen minutes from the sea you must also stock up on food. And I would sit like that with the peach juicy running down my arms and mixing with the sand that turned into pulpy mud, tearing up from the cruel light and dreaming of the book I loved "Ella Kerry the Girl from Lapland" (available on various websites).

Hot, but the humidity

Even then, my mother showed disappointment in me by applying the outrageous cream Velveta on me again – the bluff of the time, which not only does not protect the skin, it frys it like steak on a barbecue. (I discovered not long ago that it is still being marketed – where is the enforcement department of the Ministry of Health?.) And tells me the unforgettable sentence: "Girls in the Land of Israel don't look like this. Sunbathe a bit."

To her credit, when in the 80s, when it became clear that the sun was (also) harmful, she apologized to me and said, "We really didn't know."

When I flew to Thailand (horror) and the humidity there is even worse than Tel Aviv, I went to pee and discovered to my horror that my calves were blue, I didn't remember getting hit, and it didn't hurt either - just blue. A small investigation revealed that the sweat dissolved the color of the jeans. They also asked me, "Well? What was it like in Thailand? Horrifying, that's what it was.

More in Walla!

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In collaboration with Shahal

See you in November. Irit Brenner (Photo: courtesy of those photographed)

Hot, dry

In the army, I served in the Dead Sea area as a guy whose scorpions also lay on their backs and lost interest in life, but he had a relative advantage. You could dry your hair just by sticking your head out the window. Another advantage was that you could make an eye on the sidewalk (try, swear). In the room I had an air conditioner that noised like a compressor, the one collecting leaves, so noisy that when they turned it off for me I would wake up from the silence. Later they discovered that the noise was due to a snake settling inside the air conditioner. No, he didn't do anything to me, he was hot.

After being discharged in my rented 30-square-meter apartment, the advantage of which was that you could shower, reach out and cook on the stove, a friend found me a patent for how to cope with the summer. He put a wet piece of fabric on the ventilator and so we sat like two lovers with splashes of water from the fabric spraying our faces (if you didn't understand, there was no air conditioner, the landlord was stingy) It worked for 10 minutes and then we would wet the cloth again and then again.

I tell you all this just to pay tribute to one man named Willis Havilland Carrier, who invented the air conditioner. I think that in every home, and certainly on the coastal plain, every household should place a small temple with its picture and thank it morning and evening.

That's all. See you in November.

Thanks Willis. Really thank you (Screenshot, Wikipedia)

Carolina Lemke sunglasses collection of 320 models!! Sometimes I spare the content marketing writers, they no longer know what to regret. Notice what I found in the press release. "The inspiration and agenda behind the collection promotes boldness, breaking conventions and freeing from outdated stigmas" no less. However, it is to the credit of Carolina Lemke who revolutionized the eyewear industry, certainly opticals. For example, what I paid in the past for a frame that is not a fancy brand and optical lenses - 1500 shekels. Today I close the matter for 400 shekels and often even less, follow their deals, and you will find an impressive collection and countless designs.

A new player in the field of cosmeticshas recently made aliyah, the British company ELEMIS. You will find several products in the series I tried the facial cleansing balm. It is an oily substance with such a pleasant texture that I even leave it on the skin for a few minutes, then with a damp paper towel (immediately the details) I remove and the skin glows when clean. Wonderful.

TIKKI disposable face towels. Whoever invented these disposable towels must have recognized my private need. It is a face towel (there are two sizes) made of biodegradable material that can be wet and it retains its texture like fabric. I put the detergent on my face, wet the towel and clean the detergent with rare pleasure. It's made from 100% bamboo fiber, which may explain the fun of using. That's it, I got hooked. Available on site

Vichy, La Roche Posay, Clinique (Photo: Image Processing, PR Abroad)

La Roche Posay Sunscreen In the past, I literally waged a journalistic battle that the state should subsidize sunscreen. Those were days when supply was scarce and price was high. Today there is an impressive supply and a price fan for every pocket, and I still think it should be subsidized. Like supervised bread. For the sake of wise consumerism for facial skin it is worth investing a little more, in this case a cream with a pleasant SPF 50, which does not cause tears or other teasing.

VICHY B3 CAREGIVER SERUM. A new series of Vichy has just been launched, which dramatizes that it has active ingredients that treat blurring the ravages of pigmentation, in high concentrations. Okay, so I don't suffer from pigmentation (remember? I've escaped the sun since I was five), but many of my friends certainly are. There is a dermatologist's concept of "skin remembers" which means that all the damages done appear, in this case as pigmentation - as you get older. I was assured that the material is also suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin.

Clinique Moisture Surge SPF 25 Sheer Hydratot Soothing Cream. This cream joins the Moister Serge family, which means creams with a soothing and cool texture that touch with it in summer is tolerable. What's more, it has billet-in SPF 25. And if your beautician tells you that you need a more "oily" cream, tell her to "see you in November."

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