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The Israeli government presents: Primaries instead of Zionism | Israel Hayom


Highlights: After a century of extraordinary success, Zionism is now undergoing a dangerous process. Israel was established because of the Zionist vision, and Zionist values are supposed to guide every decision. In actions, the current government is acting exactly the opposite of the decision to give priority to Zionism. The criticism of this decision, from the opposition, including the opinion of the attorney general, is also a sign of an eclipse, writes Yossi Dagan, former Likud minister and head of the opposition.

In actions, the current government is acting exactly the opposite of the decision to give priority to Zionism • It is inconceivable that only part of the country will be promoted because of political interests • It is inconceivable that they will promote evasion and non-integration into the labor force

After a century of extraordinary success, Zionism is now undergoing a dangerous process. In the heat of the political debate in the streets, the current Israeli government, together with the opposition (yes, "right" and left), together turned the glorious national movement into a mutation that distances itself from the original.

The debate over the government's decision that "Zionist values will be guiding values in shaping policy" is a negative climax that seems to have been misunderstood. Let's start with the fact that the original proposal is absolutely right. You can't suspect me of having much affection for Ben-Gvir's party, as well as for their proposals on Twitter and TikTok. Nevertheless, Israel was established because of the Zionist vision, and Zionist values are supposed to guide every decision. Point. Not maybe and not near.

The goal of Zionism was to establish a national home for the Jewish people. Therefore, they purchased land for the Jews, encouraged Hebrew labor, clinging to the land even when it was difficult, immigrating to Israel and defending the homeland. Every government in Israel should see things exactly like this. Left and right. That is why, in my view, the criticism of this decision, from the opposition, including the opinion of the attorney general, is an eclipse. Complete lack of understanding of long-term processes.

But this is where the opposition's problem ends. The fundamental problem lies with decision makers, or perhaps in reality. Zionism is not just theoretical values but a real movement that is supposed to deliver results. The state contract has one, after that need people who will realize the vision, not just give comments from managers.

Opposition to the decision on the value of Zionism is also a sign of an eclipse, Photo: AP

And here's the absurdity: In actions, this government is acting exactly the opposite of the decision on the priority of Zionism. There is nothing real about a government decision when all the political energy is directed in the opposite direction. When evading the army is encouraged, because it is forbidden to deal with the ultra-Orthodox parties, it is the opposite of a declaration. If an additional reward for Avrachim is attached to the proposal, it is also not Zionism, but an attack on those who serve and are not Jewish. This is how bitterness is created in the Druze community.

When in a Hebrew workplace, Jews are encouraged to avoid education and integration into the labor market; when, instead of dealing with governance, an entire government has been engaged in the senority system for five months – a judicial reform that is long dead; When the Negev and Galilee become forgotten regions, devoid of governance and with a dwindling Jewish population, all this is the opposite of declarations of Zionism.

The disgrace of the Likud

Not only is Zionism not the government's guiding value, but it is fading from its priorities. I have respect for the settlements in Judea and Samaria. I'm all for it. This is the area where my family lives. Still, that's only one-fifth of the country. How many times have the ministers of the current government met the head of the Samaria Regional Council, and how many times have they met the heads of the regional councils from the Galilee and the Negev? This is not the fault of Yossi Dagan, a great Likud enumerator who cares about his council, and not about the others, who identify with the opposition. This is the disgrace of the Likud, as a ruling party, which is giving up Zionism in favor of primaries.

I am very proud that as a minister in two governments, I made sure to deploy communications infrastructures everywhere in the country: in the Negev, Binyamin, Galilee and the Jordan Valley. Every time I arrived, I heard gratitude for the attitude. As if it were not self-evident that a minister is supposed to realize the Zionist vision, that this will be his guiding value.

I've tested this before. There are council heads who have not had a single meeting for years with Likud ministers, despite countless requests. That's what's happening now, too.

Every time I make this claim, I am answered, "But look what about the other side. What about Merav Michaeli when she was Sarah and the roads in Judea and Samaria." They're right, but what difference does it make? Thus forces of leftists and rightists combine in the campaign to destroy the concept of Zionism. That's why the poster is a thorn in it. Just like declarations of Jewish weakness, Zionism has become a sign for demonstration, not action. "Death to terrorists" shouted by marginal youths from Lehava, instead of enlisting in Golani and eliminating terrorists.

Only a minority serves the state, a minority receives a state education on Zionist values. A minority knows today who Tabenkin, A.D. Gordon were, and what happened during Rav Kook's colonial journey. This is not a generation that is decreasing. It's not the children's fault. It is the fault of the leadership that chooses by its actions to put Zionism behind. A government in which there is a minister of ultra-Orthodox education in the Ministry of Education, instead of everyone teaching both Judaism and Zionism, is a government that acts opposite to Zionism.

The most similar parallel I can think of is the process that millennia-old Judaism underwent by the ultra-Orthodox movement in the 18th and 19th centuries. Zionism effectively prevented the loss of Judaism. Had it not been for this national movement and Herzl the infidel, the Jewish people would probably have been lost or looked very different. With mass assimilation and Jews who do not define themselves as Jews, versus ultra-Orthodox Judaism that looks like Poles in the 18th century. If Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yochanan the cobbler were to land today in the streets named after them in Bnei Brak, they would not recognize the dress, commandments and customs. It's a completely different Judaism. We must not allow Zionism to go through this process. Certainly not because of Israeli politics, which has been in turmoil for five years due to a failure of leadership.

Good corner

Leadership is worth nothing if it does not have the ability to change and lead. The Rebbe of Belz, an important Hasidic movement in Israel, decided this week for the first time to recognize those who came out of his community.

The Rebbe of Belz. A brave decision, photo: Yoav Ari/Contact

The "Ahavat Kedumim" organization, designed for those who leave on the question, was established under his guidance and provides assistance to dozens of young people. A few weeks ago I mentioned the organization "Going for Change" here. The problems, I explained, are the disconnection of these young people from their families, the loneliness and lack of skills in the new world.

The ultra-Orthodox parties and the entire country ignored them, as if closing their eyes would make them disappear. Thus, tens of thousands of young people were left penniless. The Rebbe's courageous decision came after the suicide of a young man who repeated the question. He is not the only one, and despite this, the ultra-Orthodox representatives saw no need to save lives in Israel. This breakthrough will probably lead other community leaders to recognize the problem. Who knows? Perhaps the state will stop ignoring.

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