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Murder Giulia Tramontano: The sister: "She did not understand what trap she was in"


Highlights: In questioning the judge he said 'I did everything myself' The prosecutor: 'Disputed premeditated murder' VIDEO - The man indicated to the carabinieri where he hid the corpse. Immediately after the crime he tried to meet the other woman with whom he had an affair, going to his house and telling her he was 'free' The victim's family brought flowers where the girl was found lifeless VIDEO (ANSA). A continuous pilgrimage this morning in via Monte Rosa in Senago, in front of the box where the body of Giulia Tramontano was found.

In questioning the judge he said 'I did everything myself'. The prosecutor: 'Disputed premeditated murder' VIDEO - The man indicated to the carabinieri where he hid the corpse. Immediately after the crime he tried to meet the other woman with whom he had an affair, going to his house and telling her he was 'free' but she, frightened, did not want to see him. The victim's family brought flowers where the girl was found lifeless VIDEO (ANSA)

A continuous pilgrimage this morning in via Monte Rosa in Senago, in front of the box where the body of Giulia Tramontano was found. A cousin and uncles from Naples also arrived. Many tears, they accepted the condolences of the many strangers present, but they did not want to say anything,

"Giulia you are beautiful in all the photos that people report": Chiara speaks to her in the first person in a post on Instagram in which she thanks for the "beautiful initiative" of the fundraiser organized by her colleagues in favor of her sister, killed at 29 years pregnant for 7 months by her boyfriend. "It's hard to find a photo where you don't shine. You have the face of one who knows no malice. Too naive to understand what trap you were in" writes Chiara calling Giulia "irreplaceable".

"The only form of repentance that makes sense is to take my own life." These are the words that Alessandro Impagnatiello repeated to his lawyer after confessing to the murder of Giulia Tramontano. Words that today the lawyer, the lawyer Sebastiano Sartori, reported at the end of the interrogation to validate the detention in which the barman confessed to the murder "adding details concerning the last phase of the stabbing". "The bartender denied premeditation and said he did everything himself," the lawyer concluded.

The interrogation of validation
The interrogation of Impagnatiello lasted less than an hour, just enough time to confirm what he confessed, adding details of the murder. The defender denied that his client on Saturday night, when he killed Giulia, was under the influence of drugs. The lawyer also explained that at the moment he has not asked for any transfer of the 30-year-old to any psychiatric or health facility as Impagnatiello "can stay in prison" but that he intends to "deepen some aspects". And when asked if he is afraid of some careless gesture, he replied "I am serene, they are good and they have found a right solution", referring to the conditions of detention. The judge is expected to decide the same day.

It was not enough that between those two women, "psychologically abused" by him in the same way and until a few days ago unaware of being linked to the same man, a "solidarity", a "union" had been created, so much so that one had offered shelter to the other. Alessandro Impagnatiello placeholder image "He wanted to free himself at all costs", according to the prosecutors, of Giulia Tramontano, his partner who was 7 months pregnant, and he did so by "raging" even on the body, trying to burn it twice. And he also showed up at the house of the other, who fortunately did not open the door. "It was me, I stabbed her two or three times," confessed the 30-year-old, a bartender in a luxury hotel in Milan, already the father of a child from another relationship, and able for months to lie to Giulia, 29, with whom he lived in their home in Senago, in Milan, but also to the other woman, a former colleague with whom he had been dating for just over a year.

ANSA Agency

The other woman: 'I asked him what happened to Giulia Tramontano' - Chronicle

'I talked to her. He had latex gloves in his backpack' (ANSA)

It was he on Sunday, pretending to be worried, to report the disappearance of Giulia Tramontano, with a job in real estate and parents who live in the Neapolitan area, who immediately arrived in Senago to look for their daughter, together with brother and sister. The last image from a surveillance camera was taken on Saturday around 19 p.m. as she returned home. He "collapsed", in front of the carabinieri of the Investigative Unit and the Company of Rho and the deputy Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, when the investigators also challenged the traces of blood found on the stairs of the condominium outside the apartment. In addition to those found in the house, in his car, the inconsistencies of his version, the images recovered, the contents of phones and devices seized. Taken to the barracks, he found the body: he had thrown it into a cavity, a hole behind the boxes in an area not far from the house and had tried to cover it with things resting on it, like cellophane.

The meeting between the two women and solidarity
As reconstructed in the investigations, also thanks to the testimony of the other woman, a young Englishwoman, around 17 pm on Saturday she and Giulia had met for the first time in a bar. For weeks both had suspicions about a parallel life of Impagnatiello. The 23-year-old Englishwoman, heard by the prosecutors to whom she expressed "anger" against his behavior, said that, when on Saturday afternoon there was that clarifying meeting, there was a form of "solidarity", because they confronted the "mistreatment", including "lies", that the 30-year-old would have implemented with both. So much so that the 23-year-old told Giulia: "If you have problems when you come home, come and stay with me". She returned to Senago and was killed. According to the confession and not only, the partner hit her with a kitchen knife, between 19 and 20.30. Knife that, according to his version to be verified in many aspects, at first he would have had her in his hand for self-harming gestures, being in shock for what he had discovered. Twice he allegedly tried to burn the body. First using alcohol in the bathtub, then with gasoline in a box.

The false message on whatsapp
With her corpse not yet hidden, however, he would have come out and around 2 am he would have shown up under the other woman's house trying to enter, but she "scared" did not open. The 23-year-old that evening sent a message to Giulia, she worried because she did not answer and at some point on her phone appeared a whatsapp "I lied to you, leave me alone" that came from Tramontano's phone, but that the 30-year-old would have written, because she was already dead. He who had also sent a message from that phone to a friend of Giulia.

Search the Internet for information on how to dispose of the body
A femicide, yet another, "solved in 72 hours", said the investigators, despite the "attempts to mislead". And also aggravated by premeditation: five minutes before Tramontano entered the house, he had searched on the Internet "how to dispose of a corpse in a bathtub" and "how to clean up burning stains". He said he did "everything himself" when he took the body away, but possible accomplices who may have helped him at some stage are being investigated.

"Thank you for giving us hope to find her. Thank you for believing and helping. Thank you from the bottom of the heart of a broken family," the sister wrote on social media, after numerous appeals. "It's as if he were slowly coming out of a hallucination," explained lawyer Sebastiano Sartori, lawyer of the 30-year-old who will be questioned at 10 am in San Vittore by the investigating judge Angela Minerva. The prosecutors asked that he remain in prison for voluntary homicide also aggravated by premeditation, concealment of a corpse and termination of pregnancy without consent. And Minister Eugenia Roccella announced that in the next CDM "or at most in the next one", there will be "the package of rules on which as the Ministry of Equal Opportunities we are working together with the Ministries of the Interior and Justice, for a first cut to the anti-violence rules".

The prosecutor: 'Giulia's boyfriend searched online how to kill her'

The pm: 'Never go to the last meeting'

The amazement of friends. "He was a good guy, we never expected from this angel face" what then happened. So the father of a friend of Alessandro Impagnatiello. "It was considered one of the most beautiful in the company," he added. He and my son spoke on May 30," the day after he reported her missing. "He was disheartened by Giulia's disappearance, his friends tried to console and help him. This epilogue was never ever thought of. When we saw the news, we couldn't believe it."

The Armani Bamboo Bar, where Impagnatiello worked, remained closed and access was not allowed to any external customer. The venue was supposed to open at 11am. The entrance manned by the bouncers of the Armani Hotel. "Such things are not tolerable in a civilized society. Incidents like this cannot and must not happen, ever. For this reason, already during the days of the investigation, Mr. Alessandro Impagnatiello had been suspended from his duties as a barman at Armani Hotel", reads a note from the Armani Group and Emaar Properties Pjsc, the company that owns Armani Hotel, which expresses "its condolences and its closeness to the family of Giulia Tramontano".

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