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Highlights: Yinon Magal posted a screenshot from the Tinder app of a woman named Tom, 34, who declares on her profile that she does not sleep with Bibi voters. Magal: This story made me, for the first time in my life, see the beautiful side of politics. Here are 9 types of men you're really, really not having to date: men who believe the earth is flat. Men who have a sannyasis name, men who live in Pardes and men who wear shorts.

There isn't a woman in Israel who hasn't heard the phrase "you're picky" at some point. So no. Here, for example, are 9 types of men who were really disqualified in advance, except for Bibi voters

Earlier this week, Yinon Magal posted a screenshot from the Tinder app of a woman named Tom, 34, who declares on her profile that she does not sleep with Bibi voters. Immediately we will be a complete mess: leftists against rightists, leftists against harassers, rightists against leftists against harassers only if they are right-wing. Not to mention that this is a screenshot from 4 years ago, which led to a side discussion about whether Yinon Magal made a screenshot with his own hands, kept it for four years in a safe and waited for the right moment to drop the bomb, or that, like all nonsense in this world, it is a message that has been moving for years from WhatsApp to WhatsApp to WhatsApp.

Truth? This story made me, for the first time in my life, see the beautiful side of politics. It generates so much rage in people that they forget the nasty things they would do if there wasn't politics involved, which is, of course, telling that girl who will take you, accusing her of pickiness and manipulatively implying that at her age it's really too much to make any kind of demand. Because if there's anything that arouses excitement in Israel almost like political debates, it's a single woman, after the age of 30, who doesn't gratefully kiss the feet of any man who might redeem her and her egg reservoir.

Brittany, are you okay? Amala Abale and the weird
videos We talked about the Barbie and the strange pregnancy, and about the armpits, what are we going to say?"
I went to pee and found that my calves were blue"

Although I'm not in favor of disqualifying people based on their political opinions, I'm very much in favor of disqualifying people, period. There's nothing we can do, we can't love everyone and give someone a chance when your intuition vomits a little in your mouth from the inside doesn't signal to the universe that you're relationship-oriented, just that you're wasting your time. Everyone has exactly the types of people she'd never been able to spend an entire evening with, let alone put to bed, and if you don't, I'm always ready to inspire - here are 9 types of men you're really, really not having to date:

Screenshot in question(Photo: screenshot, Twitter)

Men who believe the earth is flat

Believe it or not, there are completely normal people among us, who are sure that the land we are stepping on is flat and that the whole claim that this is a "ball" is actually a conspiracy designed to control us or something absurd like that. Once I almost went on a date with someone like that, and thank goodness for the precious two hours of head eating I was spared.
Such people, who by the way call themselves flatalists and claim that all photographs of the Earth from space are fake, are people who will never stop talking about their conspiracy theory, and it is known that people who are confident in their position do not feel the need to defend it all the time. The only thing you can do with them is anamach, and into that you can include all Scientology fans and conspiracy theorists, unless they're celeb-related conspiracies. It's at least interesting.

Men who have a sannyasis name

Do you know those? Who used to call them Amir and today they call themselves Shavasana? Wow, I have itching all over my body just thinking about it, and not just because I imagine rastas, worn clothes and suspected lice. It's okay to connect with your spiritual sides, to want to become a better person, to meditate, but to decide that you've become an extension of Osho and that you're now an enlightened person – that's where I find it suspicious, and beyond that – it's not flattering to anyone. Not the fisherman's sleeves and pants, if they still exist, not the exaggerated fondness for grinding with everything, not the whispering voice and certainly not the too-soft touch.
Men who live in Pardes Hanna
as above.

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Omar Adam in shorts (Photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Men wearing shorts

I apologize, but men and shorts just don't work. Not Bermudas, and certainly not scratches, whose public presence should also be considered in a gym. It makes you look like elementary school kids in the case of Bermuda and potential perverts in the case of Short, and we all had better just avoid. True, it's cruel in a country like Israel, you'll be hot in your shins. We're hot at the back of the neck and some of us are also in our bangs, everyone carries the burden, that's what's there.

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Men who wear skinny

I feel claustrophobic just from seeing them, and I'm not one of the three organs that have to huddle in a shape that doesn't flatter anyone and that Obasely wasn't designed with male anatomy in mind. Stop it.

Men who write in English on their profile

Unless you are a new immigrant, tourist or foreign diplomat living here on a mission - I don't understand the reason to write in your profile in English. The fact that you wrote that you work in high-tech is enough, I don't need you to prove it to me, and if even that doesn't exist in your life and you just quote a sentence in English (derisive, usually), as if that's the motto that accompanies you in life - come. You grew up in Ness Ziona, sure some things in Hebrew influenced you as well.

Men with a foot fetish

I'm not against fetishes, but there's something about foot fetishes that makes me shudder. It's not the attraction to the organ itself, but the publicity and masses that come with it, the men who declare their fetish everywhere and salivate over every presence or image of a heel and a few fingers. Where's the class? Where is the selection? Do you know what feet are spinning here? Am I supposed to kiss the mouth that licked these walking biotopes later?

Electronic music lovers

If your peace of mind is important to you - Donat. At first it will sound cool to you but then you will find yourself going to parties only at 2 am because the really cool DJ from Holland comes up for closure, spends four hours in a room that is too dark with people who seem to enjoy the music but are actually just standing and not dancing, and sticking a sambusk at seven in the morning because something has to absorb all the alcohol in order for you to fall asleep. Oh, and endless speeches about the nuances between electro and minimal techno and house – who cares, you just want to dance.

Former participants in New
Love Let's start with the obvious: if you were one of the two options given to girls with a new love but not chosen - you are disqualified. If you bother to mention it – not as a curiosity that comes up in a conversation at some point in the relationship, but on a first date because you think it's impressive – you're disqualified and in need of treatment. And if you were chosen by one of the girls, you got into the show and you were on screen in a show with the potential but cringe of a network for an episode or more - wow how disqualified you are. Unless you're Moses from the last season. Moses, you are a prince. And Molly, too.
** The section also includes wedding attendees. We prefer to discover your pucks during the relationship and not know them in advance. It's a little hard to pretend they don't really exist when half the country has seen them in prime time.

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