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Dario Barassi before his new program, between therapy, TV vertigo, stickers and stamps with his face


Highlights: The popular and successful figure will begin this Monday, June 5, a new cycle, 'Ahora caigo', at 18:30 p.m. in eltrece. "It's not humble to say, but my career changed. Access with people, how a brand looks for me or what happens publicly when I go out to a place, "assumes the Scorpio of the most viral memes," says Dario Barassi. "In 100 Argentines they say I came out much more adrenaline. Because the game was good, but I depended too much on Barassi"

The popular and successful figure will begin this Monday, June 5, a new cycle, 'Ahora caigo', at 18:30 p.m. in eltrece.

"Sorry, I took off my sneakers because my feet hurt," says Dario Barassi, half in the middle – now with stockings in sight – but still wearing makeup and a suit of etiquette.

The clarification, little protocol and from his new television dressing room, has logic: this Monday, June 5, at 18:30 p.m., he returns to eltrece with the cycle Ahora caigo and, after recording the first program, some technical failures stretched the day more than necessary.

The host Dario Barassi starts this Monday, June 5 with the new program "Ahora Caigo", by eltrece. Photo Maxi Failla

"Today it cost a little bit. It happens to be huge! There are eight cameras, plus one aerial and one rotating. It is a 360° study, which was put together in 3 months", explains Dario Barassi.

Few potholes

Although he already did it once, with the popular program that he recognizes hinge in his career – making it viral even in the form of WhatsApp sticker – the San Juan actor today measures another suit.

"In 100 Argentines they say I came out much more adrenaline. Because the game was good, but I depended too much on Barassi. Here, at times, I have to be a more level, game-show driver and read questions. Then my head does not run out so much, "clarifies the former lawyer, about the new game show of the channel that saw him born on television as a host.

Dario Barassi, at the time of "100 Argentines say". Press Photo El Trece

"It's not humble to say, but my career changed. Access with people, how a brand looks for me or what happens publicly when I go out to a place, "assumes the Scorpio of the most viral memes.

Stepping on the brakes from time to time – and releasing the accelerator – is not for Dario. Or yes, but only for a while. "It's that I'm not used to it. I had a pretty angry career and I rarely have bumps," he clarifies.

-And when do you have them?

-Now that I was 20 days without working, I took my daughters to school, I was in my pajamas all day, I played tennis four times a week. I was at Disney! Emilia is a fat woman who sings, acts barbaric, is now a fan of Mulan. So I'm a Mulan and she's Li Shang, who's the bad captain and we fight in the mountains and she does karate.

And the baby (Agnes) looks at us, as if to say, "What? I don't belong to this family. Or "loosen up, fat. Read me a story" So figuring out how to father the other fat woman. It was also 20 days of sleeping, which I don't sleep in general, because I'm always on the stick.

-That's why you said that you return to television a little "rusty"?

-I enjoy my family and friends a lot, but I don't enjoy leisure very much. I like it for a little while. I am not one of those who can be in a marathon of series, pulled. My head is going to ten thousand. I need to do, talk, communicate. And if I do it at home, my wife wants to divorce or my daughters ask me to please shut up or tell me "I went out for a while".

I miss being home, but I have the agenda to have enough quality time. I am on the first morning with my daughters to take them to school and I leave to get to the time of bathing them, the story and eating.

Central time, yes or no?

-Weren't you for prime time? There was even a virtual campaign asking you in that strip.

-Look, I talked about it with Adrián (Suar) and other people on TV. It is something that can come as a proposal of the channel, but sometimes it also ends up happening. With 100 Argentines they say we talked and tried it on Sunday nights with celebrities. But I go out to win wherever I am, whether it's at night or in the afternoon.

Obviously in prime-time there is more audience, but it does not limit me. Once, in the afternoon, I made a peak of 11 points and we celebrated as if it were a World Cup.

Dario Barassi, in full preparation for the debut of "Ahora Caigo". Photo Maxi Failla

"Aren't you worried about having to hold it?"

-I always go out to win; I don't like to lose. And yes, I intend to surpass what was 100 Argentines ..., but I am like that in life. It's quite historical about me. I'm a planted guy. I have tools that allow me to be like this. Not only at work, I'm stuck with my house, my wife, my daughters. Obviously there is therapy that was building me. I'm not the same at almost 40, as the kid I was at 18.

-Do you have a lot of couch behind?

-Divan there is a lot. I do conventional, Lacanian therapy. Since I came to Buenos Aires at 18 and with the same psychologist. Poor her! Imagine, a kid from San Juan, coming here, which is so giant. There was too much material to talk about and then I started to be public.

-How are you as a patient?

-Quite verbose. I work a lot with the unconscious and expose everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I cancel too. I enter periods that I am a little on demand. I find it hard to be consistent with things that have to do with my well-being: nutrition, gym, therapy. For others everything, but sometimes for me I'm a bit irregular.

"I like to see myself"

On the small table of Barassi's dressing room, where producers come and go to congratulate him or adjust some nuts of his recent performance, there are personal objects, a bottle of mineral water by hand and a toasted Arab ham and cheese that will not take a bite.

Dario Barassi in els et de "Ahora Caigo". Photo Maxi Failla

Although the production talk is over, now Diego Guebel, leader of Boxfish and producer of the adapted cycle of an Israeli format, breaks in.

"It looks barbaric, did you see? I'm shocked. I feel comfortable, I like it, I have a good time," says Darío, who speaks up to his elbows. "Do you want to participate in the note? Then we talk, bug," he says goodbye affectionately.

"I always said that if I did something on TV again, it was yes or yes with Boxfish," he tells Clarín.

-If they offered you a reality show?

-I like them. At some point I have flashed to be a jury of something, it happens that I do not know what. I consume a lot, all of them. Big Brother I followed him through networks and I liked Marcos (the winner) Nacho, Juli ... And I voted.

"My wife is the most demanding audience"

Somewhat embarrassed, he confesses: "This is quite ego, but I look at myself a lot. I like to see myself as a spectator and my wife is the most demanding audience I have. I watch a couple of chapters with her to see if she laughs at some point at all the I do and serves me."

-It is not another year for eltrece. Great figures left for America and ATAV 2, fiction of which you are also part, is not giving the return that was expected.

-I think the demand of the public is very good, but I do not like the punishment. Punishing a channel that for a long time measured so well. It is gratifying that the fiction has been made, with that cast and we must thank it. There is also a lot of opinion and you have to be here for so long, being a number one like Adrián (Suar) in his different roles.

In the channel they are very empathetic. Obviously, no one runs a program of this magnitude without, at least, an intention to make it work and leave a good floor for the news. It's not that I don't realize I'm on a strategic schedule, but I go out on the court to fulfill it. They ask me X and I want to go for X + 70.

-Don't settle for an average rating floor?

-I am ambitious. I don't want to be supportive either, because I want to break it and be told: "How good is the fat man", but I am aware of the investment behind. And when I say that I want to measure well, I am not interested in the rating of Telefe or America; I want my number to be good.

-It gives the feeling that you have few haters (haters) and a large majority of people bank you.

-There is a 20 percent hate, which bardea me. I think it's healthy, they're welcome. But I receive an amount of love, that sometimes I wake up without the ability to receive it and return it.

Part of that 20 percent criticizes that you are corny with your partner, hot on the heels of Camilo and Evaluna.

-(Laughs) We are there, competing with them. But hey, Gime Accardi and Nico Vazquez too... When I was studying law, with my wife (Lucía Gómez Centurión) we were two pajueranos who spent the afternoons together, we lived next door when we were dating. Today work occupies me so much, that we lost that 70 percent of the day together.

I'm here, "Lu" sends me a picture of the girls and I make a post because I miss them and I'm not in the square playing with them.

-Your last name is already a brand in itself. Are the networks managed by anyone?

-I do not like that there are intermediaries. Nor is it very difficult for me to say: I make a story to the sandwich, to the water ...

-You are not an influencer.

-No. I am an actor who works very well with humor and a driver with good reach to the public. Yes, before it was a little more barking, but it began to happen that the competition became more pro. I always "Nico" Occhiato and say: "This brand was mine, why do you have it?".

Now I started working with a filmmaker, but before that I even asked my daughter Emilia to film me making a goat at the age of four. Paying him later with gummies. But I modernized.

-Are you already for your own Instagram filter?

-I don't know, I don't know... I'm naming Occhiato a lot, but I steal filters from him and Cande Ruggeri. One tanned.

-Do you use the stickers with your face?

"Yes, my wife is barbaric using them. I have mine, Mirtha Legrand's who dances to the side and I have two children who greet each other as if they were friends and then when they separate they look at each other with ortho faces. They're the ones I use all the time.

An intense man

All or nothing: that is Dario Tadeo Pacheco Barassi outside doors, and inside too. "I'm intense, dramatic to drive, quite demanding and very energetic," he breaks down, as if he knows himself better than anyone.

-Is there any theatricalization in the Barassi of TV?

One hundred percent, I'm not a race driver. My faces speak for themselves. I'm not very neutral, that color doesn't fit me. And I have it today as a challenge: to play and drive. Not adding my stuff all the time. I also found it exhausting. I finished recording exhausted, empty.

-In court, as a lawyer, did it happen to you too?

-Always. I'm very much about getting attention. Besides I'm a giant, I have a lot of voice. In court he came running, making jokes. He worked in a Ministry, in the Legal area of the City. I was always good at writing. It was pretty nasty, I still am. I am memorious and spoke English, which was needed for some things of jurisprudence.

-Does your daughter watch you on TV?

-A little yes. I was recording fiction for Disney and I took it. It's a family that lives with a monkey and it blew his mind! She tells her friends what her dad does, but it costs her a little. He says, "But you're my dad, you're not one of those's dad."

-Are you afraid that the driver blurs the actor, because of how he is climbing?

At first I was worried, because I'm a bit catastrophic. For a long time I said no, on different channels, accommodating small characters, because I studied theater. And I became friendly with that, but in the middle I need to put the actor, because I feel empty.

-Is it true that you really want classical theater?

Yes, I would love to do a classic work. A San Martín, from Wednesday to Sunday. A Richard III. I also understand that any producer with a Barassi would try to take it to a more grotesque record. When I was a big asshole, my grandparents took me to San Martín and at 17-18 my head exploded.

Your middle name is Thaddeus, after St. Jude.

"My dear mother put it on me. We are three brothers and the three Tadeo... weird (whispers). She is from a very Catholic family and very "conserves" San Juan and it was quite common to make promises: "If the boys are born healthy..." All very Christian, very baptized, communion, confirmation, everything.

-And conservative, you only had the name?

-I try, from time to time, although sometimes it is difficult for me to go to Mass. But I am of Christian faith and I believe in God. If I'm in a half-border situation, not praying, but more colloquially, I say, "Give me a hand with this." On Monday, when the program starts, I'm going to tell him: "Throw me a 6 on average to start even if I'm worthy. I don't ask for an 8, but throw me a 6."

"You even had your own little card, St. Barassi.

- (Laughs) Yes. People kept bringing me gifts to the program. It was like an offering. They brought food, businesses, they filled me with clothes for my daughters, underwear for my wife and me. And one day a whole group fell with the stamps of San Barassi, because they were classmates of the faculty, who the next day gave an end and circulated them a lot.

-Did you perform any miracles?

Well, they approved all four, which is no small thing. And in my program they won that duel, so from there I'm a devotee of St. Barassi too.

A show with traps and free fall

The competition, which will be held in Ahora caigo, the new great show of eltrece produced by Boxfish, has two great challenges. In addition to playing for the accumulated final jackpot – which can reach up to one million pesos – the engine of the eleven participants will be to avoid falling into the void.

Raised four meters from the floor -in a scenery mounted on a reinforced iron structure, so that the dynamics of "traps" work-, Barassi will mediate between a leader and 10 contestants who will try to dethrone him. In this framework, knowledge will be rewarded, with questions and answers of general interest for both parties, which will face each other in individual duels.

And the leader will rotate (or not) as he loses his accumulated lives of play. "Obviously, when they eliminate them I enjoy it on another level and I am surprised, because I do not know when they will fall," he says.

"I imagine you did your own quality control. Did you try the drop trap?

- There is no way! I suffer from significant vertigo. In fact, I asked to come in the assembly to see what the base was like, what was below the scenery, because really, I suffer. If I have to climb a ladder to pull out a spider web too, I look down and I'm uncomfortable.

I lived in an apartment for a while, but I always do raise the balcony railing. Either I put reeds or I put something together with plants. The emptiness down distorts me.


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