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Eight mysterious, haunted and cursed places in the world


Highlights: In the catacombs of Paris lie the remains of more than six million Parisians. The crater of Darvaza (Turkmenistan) is a gas well that fascinates those who visit it. The forest of Hoia-Baciu (Romania) has become something of a mecca of the paranormal for experts. The island of Poveglia is a place that would not have greater significance if it were not open to the public because it is uninhabited.

Looking for strong emotions? Are you passionate about the world of mysteries? Here you have dream places that at the same time cause chills.

Looking for strong emotions? Are you passionate about the world of mysteries and the paranormal? If you like dream places that also send shivers down your spine, there are places on the planet that meet those expectations.

"Scary" tourism has its thing, but if there is something clear, it is that it will not leave you indifferent. And who knows, maybe you'll meet some otherworldly being.

The remains of six million Parisians rest in the underground ossuary, which is the object of tourism for 300,000 visitors a year (AFP).

1. The catacombs of Paris (France)

There is nothing like taking a walk along "the walk of fear", because in the catacombs of Paris, which in Roman times were used as limestone caves, lie the remains of more than six million Parisians.

With bones dating from the eighteenth century, the catacombs contain so many remains because the city of Paris could not cope with the excess of deaths of the capital and neighboring cities.

Of course, there is only a small section open for tourists because of the ease of getting lost inside.

The crater of Darvaza (Turkmenistan).

2. Darvaza crater (Turkmenistan)

As if it were the door to hell itself (that's why it is also known as such), but in reality it is a gas well that fascinates those who visit it in the Karakum desert, in the heart of Turkmenistan.

Discovered by chance in 1971 when the earth swallowed an entire team of Russian geologists trying to find oil deposits in the area, the 60-meter-diameter well has been burning ever since, since one of them came up with the idea of throwing a match inside. It is not known when it will be turned off.

The forest of Hoia-Baciu (Romania).

3. The forest of Hoia-Baciu (Romania)

From the moment a military technician captured the photograph of a UFO in the forest in the late 60s, the place has become something of a mecca of the paranormal for experts around the world, with some even believing that it is a portal that causes anyone who enters to disappear without a trace.

Known as "the Bermuda triangle of Transylvania", the place leaves no one indifferent.

Bhangarh Fort (India).

4. Bhangarh Fort (India)

Located a few kilometers southwest of the city of Delhi, the ruins of the ancient fort of Bhangarh are worth seeing.

Piles of stones stacked overlooking the desert of Rajasthan, but that contain (or so they say) a horrible curse: apparently, a sorcerer would have fallen in love with a princess of the area, but when she rejected him, the sorcerer put a curse on the earth and whoever dared to live in it. Because of this, the place is practically uninhabited.

Hashima Island (Japan).

5. Hashima Island (Japan)

Hashima Island, one of Nagasaki's 505 uninhabited islands, has been abandoned since 1959. You can visit a small part of the island, which has been open to the public since 2009.

Ancient Ram Inn (United Kingdom) (La Vanguardia).

6. Ancient Ram Inn (UK)

Built in 1145 in the town of Wotton-under-Edge, the house has functioned in various ways during its history: it was the house of a religious, "storehouse" of slaves, a tavern popular with thugs and even served as a public bath.

But it is also famous for being a haunted house that attracts dozens of lovers of the paranormal every year and who swear they have seen ghosts of children, a sorceress and even a creature as terrifying as an incubus, a demon that lies on every woman who falls asleep to have sex.

Castle of Brissac (France) (La Vanguardia).

7. Château de Brissac (France)

If you like ghost stories, this is the perfect place, because with a little luck you can meet the ghost of "The Green Lady", Charlotte of France, illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, who was killed by her husband when he discovered that the woman had a lover.

It is assumed that since her tragic death (wearing a green dress, hence her name), the woman is dedicated to strolling through the tower of the chapel or can be heard sobbing at dawn.

Island of Poveglia (Italy) (La Vanguardia).

8. Poveglia Island (Italy)

A few kilometers from Venice we find the island of Poveglia, a place that would not have greater significance if it were not because it is uninhabited and not open to the public.

The island has had all kinds of "peculiar" residents, as it once served as a quarantine zone for victims of the bubonic plague and was even a center for a psychiatric hospital in the early twentieth century, where horrible experiments were supposedly practiced.

It is illegal to venture into the island, but it can be seen from the beaches of Lido, another nearby island.

Sources: La Vanguardia and others.

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