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The weekly message of the cards: "Don't delay. Decisions have been made" - Walla! Wind and horoscope


Highlights: Our card of the week is a 2-coin card and it has an important message for you for the coming days: do not shy away from opportunities and face what comes. I will show you the story on which the card is based, demonstrate the power of the card - from the course itself and then detail what the card gives you - light and message! For the rest of the zodiac signs click here to advance the cards and here to read them in full: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Our card of the week is a 2-coin card and it has an important message for you for the coming days: do not shy away from opportunities and face what comes

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Cards are the gifts in our lives. They give us direction, strengthen us, challenge us to a degree, support us along the way and give us real Light. Light of wisdom and energy. Each card has its own unique light - and here is the way of the 2 coins card to brighten up your week! I will show you the story on which the card is based, demonstrate the power of the card - from the course itself and then detail what the card gives you - light and message!

What is the story of the card?
The classic story: Most cards have a story, not just a story, a mythological story that gives depth to the interpretation. On the two-coin card, our story is the story of Diadalus, an amazing craftsman, whose talent was declared to the whole kingdom by the goddess Athena herself. And despite the success, appreciation, appreciation and talent - Diadalus is really not sure that he is good enough, he really does not feel worthy of all this tremendous appreciation, and to some extent he is in a certain internal rift and a sense of crisis. So you might say that Didalus suffered from what I know as "imposter syndrome" – the feeling that we don't deserve the enormous respect or role we were given,

but is there a more modern mythological story? Of course. Michelle Obama says that as an African-American in the United States, she always felt a sense of inferiority because society always treated black women with some doubt and implicit contempt, so when she was accepted to law school at Princeton, an elite university in the United States, she really wasn't sure she deserved such a great honor. What did she do? She had a solution – she worked twice as hard all the time to prove mostly to herself – that she deserved every title, opportunity and appreciation she received. She always felt that she justified the status and stood up to the standard.

That's why the card deals with false dilemma, knowing internally that we deserve respect or that we know what is the best decision for us at any given moment – alongside an artificial sense of uncertainty that prevents us from going for it and moving in the right direction in our lives.

Two coins card (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is the message for this week?

The light of the card is the light of inner truth. It sounds a bit explosive, but in practice, the card provides us with a glimpse into different voices within us and the possibility of choosing which inner voice to hear and obey, and which inner voice we should understand in depth at the moment – but not act on it. We have many voices within us. Some stem from insecurity, unfounded fears, fixed external influences, and some stem from our higher vision, dreams, strengths. We can't erase the sounds we don't like, but we can choose how to respond to them, and what route to take. So the card gives us awareness, an understanding of the structure of our psyche, a supervised view of the forces acting on us, and especially the ability to choose in any situation. Knowing that there is always an optional choice for us is the bright spot and strength this week.

So themessage of the weekis not to procrastinate, not to get bogged down in conflicts and dilemmas that don't really get anywhere, but to identify the real direction we need to take – and then take it. This week, we should focus on the bottom lines and see what this means for us – to move forward on a given issue. This week it is worthwhile to reach decisions and decisions and remove deliberations from the field. A possible power question is: "What would we do today if we knew everything would work?" Another important message is to recognize our strengths and what we bring to the table this week and not shy away from opportunities, on the contrary - we can probably deal with what comes to us and if we need help or guidance - it is better to ask and move forward, than to retreat to a state of lack of growth. In a moment of doubt, we will ask ourselves what the vision of our lives is, or even, what is the vision of our coming week - and act accordingly.

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How does the card advance us to the next stage in life?

Ronnie, a student in the course, felt most of his life that he was not in the right profession. He studied law, got nice grades, is successful in his work, but also quite unhappy. He's already 30 years old, young though he is, but not a child, and he's really debating whether it's right for him to study writing – not as a hobby, as a serious occupation. His parents ask him if he's ready for a life of poverty, but okay. He doesn't take hard. In any case, he will not leave work without an alternative.

We asked: Is it right for Roni to study writing professionally? A two-coin card that came out in the middle of the layout accurately reflected its condition. He knows what he wants to do, inside he has a clear and sharp answer, but even though he is "not excited about the parents" inside, the social voice does undermine his confidence and he doubts (imaginary) his choice. The awareness that he has a fear of going for his truth helped him understand that he can't let that fear dictate his life and that he has a safety net, it's just a matter of inner loyalty. He went for it. Today he writes for a well-known website in English - on legal and social affairs. And it all came together.

When we choose our true inner voice, the false voice is revealed and we can reach a whole new level of fulfillment in our lives. More conscious of the inhibitory parts within us.

How to get more from the gift of the tarot? - Become a mentor
Once we learn the cards, the connections between them, their lessons and the message we begin to conquer goals, overcome inhibitory patterns, find open and beneficial paths for us and also, we begin to discover our mentoring abilities. The ability to derive from each card - real resources that will be directed along the way, will clarify how to conduct ourselves and create a much greater awareness of our situation - and the solutions available to us. With the cards, the chances that a crisis will become a challenge increase many times over, and most importantly, we have opened a creative channel that creates solutions that we have not thought of until now. But all this has to come and experience, feel and experience. That's how you build meaningful mentoring and also a profession that has compassion, wisdom and a lot of power to lead. Come on, let's teach tarot, ourselves – and shape the path together.

The writer is Mandelbaum Sagi. Director of the School of Personal Fulfillment, Tarot and Dreams Studies, author of the bestseller "The Guide to Reading Tarot Cards", deals with classical homeopathy, has 27 years of experience in teaching and teaching courses and workshops on personal development, tarot and dreams. Tarot cards and more - on Sagi's website.

"Sagi Mandelbaum | Personal empowerment, tarot and dreams" - Sagi's Instagram.

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