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Lotto on Wednesday: Here are the winning numbers for 5 million euros today


Highlights: The drawing of the lottery numbers takes place every Wednesday at 18.25 pm. The winning numbers for the current lottery draw on Wednesday (07 June) can be found here. The jackpot today is 5 million euros. A survey by (from the 4th quarter of 2016 on behalf of Xing) showed that only a few Germans would quit if they won a large sum of money in the lottery. Only 18 percent (i.e. not even one in five) would stop working if they suddenly became rich.

The winning numbers for the current lottery draw on Wednesday (07 June) can be found here. The jackpot today is 5 million euros.

  • The drawing of the lottery numbers takes place every Wednesday at 18.25 pm.
  • Here you will always find the current winning numbers after the draw of the lotto on Wednesday.
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Lotto on Wednesday from 07.06.2023: Here you will find the current lottery numbers after the draw

  • Lottery numbers (match 6 out of 49):
  • Super Number:
  • Game 77:
  • Super 6:

Source: (All information without guarantee)

Lotto on Wednesday: What is the jackpot on 07.06.2023?

There are 6 million euros up for grabs in the draw of 49 out of 07 on Wednesday, 06.2023.5. Normally, of course, only those who have guessed the six correct numbers and the matching super number will receive the winning amount.

But whoever hits this jackpot has pretty much taken care of and can put the dismissal on the boss's desk tomorrow. Theoretically, anyway. A survey by (from the 4th quarter of 2016 on behalf of Xing) showed that only a few Germans would quit if they won a large sum of money in the lottery. In their opinion, only 18 percent (i.e. not even one in five) would stop working if they suddenly became rich.

Obviously, a fifth (20 percent) of all Germans enjoy their work so much that they would continue to work exactly as before even if they won the lottery. The remaining respondents would reduce their number of hours or look for a new job.

The lottery numbers are drawn every Wednesday - and every Saturday. © dpa / Arne Dedert


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Lotto on Wednesday: Will the drawing of the lottery numbers be broadcast live on TV today?

The winning numbers of Lotto on Wednesday will be announced on ZDF as every week. However, not live - the ZDF calls the current lottery numbers at 18.54 p.m. before the today news. The draw takes place half an hour earlier.

Wednesday Lotto : How to Watch the Lotto Numbers Draw Today in Live Stream

For decades, Germany followed the drawing of the lottery numbers on Wednesday live on ZDF. Since 3 July 2013, the draws on Saturday and Wednesday have been broadcast exclusively via live stream on the Internet. The figures are drawn in a studio of the Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR) in Saarbrücken.

Miriam Hannah moderates the drawing of the lottery numbers alternately with Chris Fleischhauer. Incidentally, the openly homosexual presenter is the first male "lottery fairy" in Germany. The live stream with the drawing of the lottery numbers starts on Wednesday, 07.06.2023, at 18.25. From 19:00 p.m., the video with the drawing of the current lottery numbers can be seen on the YouTube channel "Lotto24".

Wednesday Lotto - Where can I play Lotto 6 aus 49 online today?

All major lottery providers allow you to play Lotto 6/49 online for the Wednesday draw. Among other things, at, the information offered by the state lottery companies united in the German Lotto and Totoblock.

  • Participation in the game is only possible from the age of 18.
  • Gambling can be addictive. Information is available on the free hotline 0800 137 27 00 or at the Federal Center for Health Education at

Wednesday Lotto : How to play Lotto 6 aus 49 today?

You are allowed to tick six numbers between 1 and 49 on the lottery ticket. Either you fill in six numbers of your choice according to your personal preferences, for example lucky numbers or birthdays, or you can generate six random numbers using a quick tip.

The super number (a number between 0 and 9) is already printed on the classic ticket. Online, the super number can be changed with one click.

How long can I play Lotto 6/49 online every Wednesday before the draw?

It depends on which state you live in. In most countries you can submit your bet until 18:00 p.m., only in Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia it ends at 17:59 p.m.

Here you will find an overview of how long you can play Lotto 6aus49 every Wednesday in which state - whether online or at an acceptance point. Important: There may be differences between the lottery outlets. The deadlines are not uniformly set.

StateDeadline for Lotto 6/49 on Wednesday
Baden-Württemberg18.00 p.m.
Bavaria18.00 p.m.
Berlin18.00 p.m.
Brandenburg18.00 p.m.
Bremen18.00 p.m.
Hamburg17.59 p.m.
Hesse18.00 p.m.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania18.00 p.m.
Lower Saxony18.00 p.m.
North Rhine-Westphalia17.59 p.m.
Rhineland-Palatinate18.00 p.m.
Saarland18.00 p.m.
Saxony18.00 p.m.
Saxony-Anhalt18.00 p.m.
Schleswig-Holstein18.00 p.m.
Thuringia18.00 p.m.

Lotto on Wednesday: What is my chance of winning six correct numbers today?

Anyone who includes a lottery win in their long-term financial planning is either unspeakably naïve or a case for the psychiatrist. The chance of matching all the winning numbers in the "Lotto on Wednesday" is just 1:139 million. But: If no lottery player cracks the six correct numbers with an additional number on Wednesday, the jackpot will be distributed among all tipsters with 6 correct numbers. In this case, the odds of winning are 1:134 million. If the first two prize categories remain unoccupied, you can also win the jackpot with five correct numbers plus a super number. The odds in this case are 1:542.008.

Profit categoryHitChance
16 Correct + Super Number1:139.838.160
26 Correct1:13.983.816
35 Correct + Super Number1:542.008
45 Correct1:54.201
54 Correct + Super Number1:10.324
64 Correct1:1.032
73 Correct + Super Number1:567
83 Correct1:57
92 Correct + Super Number1:76

Game 6 out of 49: Which lottery numbers have been drawn most often so far?

How many times has which lottery number been drawn in the game 6 out of 49? The statistics at provide an overview. According to this, the six numbers that have been drawn most frequently so far were: 6, 26, 38, 33, 31, 41. The six numbers that have been drawn the least so far are: 45, 21, 20, 46, 44 and 30.

In the 6 out of 49 histogram, each player can check how often his personal lucky number has been drawn in previous years. On the site you can also enter your 6 personal lucky numbers and check if they have been drawn in this combination before.

Lotto on Wednesday: How much does it cost to participate today?

The stake for a tip (box) in the Lotto 6 aus 49 is 1 euro plus a processing fee per ticket. In conjunction with the game 6 out of 49, you can also take part in the additional lotteries game 77 and Super 6 as well as in the lucky spiral. The stake for the additional lotteries is 2.50 euros for game 77 and 1.25 euros for participation in Super 6. Participation in the Glücksspirale costs 5.00 euros.

Drawing the lottery numbers: The biggest mishaps

Probably the biggest lottery glitch happened on April 3, 2013 at the Wednesday Lotto on ZDF. "As always, balls and equipment are tested," said lottery fee Heike Maurer during the live broadcast. At their start signal, the balls fell into the lottery machine. Actually, as always, but this time two balls got stuck in their anchorage. The draw was declared invalid and repeated 22 minutes after it was broadcast on ZDF.

In February 1999, happiness literally shattered in front of the camera. During the last shuffle for the lottery Spiel 77, the ball with the number six fell apart. The draw was repeated, the excitement was huge, the viewers complained to the broadcaster. "The story was even in the newspaper in Indonesia afterwards," recalls ARD lottery fee Franziska Reichenbacher.

Not a glitch, but quite curious were the draws on April 10, 1999 and July 30, 2014. At that time, the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 26 as well as the numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 37 tumbled out of the drum as the six correct ones. Since then, there has never been a ranking with five consecutive numbers in the history of the lottery. That's probably better for the tipsters, too.

Because: An unusually large number of players rely on ranking. However, the payout amount is divided among the number of winners, so that the profit share of each individual shrinks. In the 1999 draw, 38,008 winners received only 379.90 marks each for their five correct numbers. In normal draws, it would have been up to 10,000 marks.

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