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Elections 2023, LIVE: Ricardo López Murphy prevented Roberto García Moritán from running for Together for Change


Highlights: Electoral assembly, launches, cross-statements and polls, in a live coverage. The Frente de Todos, Juntos por el Cambio, leftist and liberal spaces define theircandidacies for the 2023 elections and face crossed declarations. I followed the minute-by-minute coverage on the way to the PASO and the October general elections. You can also consult the electoral rolls, the results and other details of the year in which Argentina elects a President.

Electoral assembly, launches, cross-statements and polls, in a live coverage.

The Frente de Todos, Juntos por el Cambio, leftist and liberal spaces define theircandidacies for the 2023 elections and face crossed declarations. I followed the minute-by-minute coverage on the way to the PASO and the October general elections.

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08.06.2023 17:22


Due to a move by López Murphy, Roberto García Moritán cannot compete in the internal of Together for Change in the City

"By unilateral and petty decision of Ricardo López Murphy, the party that led him to be National Deputy will not be part of the opposition coalition. After losing the internal party, he preferred to leave our party out to compete with him," said legislator Yamil Santoro, an ally of Roberto García Moritán.

The husband of the model and host Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain, tried to compete in the internal United Republicans but Ricardo López Murphy did not appear, but then he took the endorsements, so García Moritán will now compete outside of Together for Change.

"To the traitors and cheaters who prioritize their personal interests over those of the space they integrate, know that the ideas of Freedom will be well represented. That inside or outside the coalition they will have candidates who represent them," Santoro concluded. Now Lopez Murphy will compete within JxC but he will not be able to do it for the United Republicans.

08.06.2023 17:13


Martín Lousteau, confident: "I will govern with the best of the PRO, the radicalism and the Civic Coalition"

Martín Lousteau and Mariela Coletta, the president of the UCR of Buenos Aires.

The national senator and pre-candidate for Head of Government of Together for Change, spoke at a breakfast before 200 businessmen and launched: "In the City since 2019 governs Together for Change, not only governs the PRO, we are a coalition. We are going to develop productive poles for the digital ecosystem, special credits for young entrepreneurs and training centers in the skills most demanded by large companies."

"When I am Head of Government I will govern with the best of the PRO, the radicalism and the Civic Coalition," said the radical referent.

08.06.2023 16:58


Even the Toothless Magician welcomed José Luis Espert in Together for Change

08.06.2023 16:41


As part of the electoral campaign, the left announces a big picket

08.06.2023 16:10


The Peronist deputy governors also issued a statement to ask for a unity list in the Frente de Todos

08.06.2023 15:55


Which provinces elect governor this Sunday, which go to the local PASO, where mayors are elected and all the details at a click

Elections 2023: know what and when to vote.

In Clarín's electoral browser you can find where and what is voted on each date. The confirmations of electoral alliances, the closing of lists to know the candidates for the main positions. You can also consult the electoral rolls, the results and other details of the year in which Argentina elects a President.

So far there have been four major election Sundays that defined governors in a third of the country. There are already four new governors and four others who won re-election. Read more here

08.06.2023 15:34


Cornejo also celebrated the inclusion of Espert

08.06.2023 15:01


Wado de Pedro, Kicillof and Malena Galmarini, in campaign mode in Tres de Febrero

Axel Kicillof and Malena Galmarini were shown together at an event in Tres de Febrero.

While Massa campaigns with "Chiqui" Tapia and Alberto Fernández leads an event with Daniel Scioli in the front row, Interior Minister Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro, Axel Kicillof and Malena Galmarini participate in an event in Tres de Febrero.

08.06.2023 14:57


Alberto Fernández was shown with Daniel Scioli in an act amid the internal tension for the single candidacy

In the midst of the pressures exerted by the massismo and the kirchnerismo so that the Frente de Todos presents a single candidate, President Alberto Fernández showed himself this Thursday in an act with the presidential pre-candidate Daniel Scioli and asked not to back down.

"I am aware that in these four years we have done a lot. I am as aware of that as of everything that remains to be done, but let's not go back, let's not go back," said Fernández when participating in the first export to Brazil of the Whirlpool appliance plant, in the Buenos Aires district of Pilar. Read more here.

08.06.2023 14:42


Massa campaigned with "Chiqui" Tapia at an event in Escobar: "We bank it and we are going to move Argentina forward"

In the midst of the internal discussions for the candidacies of the Frente de Todos, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, led an act with a campaign tone with "Chiqui" Tapia. "We banked it and we are going to move Argentina forward," said the official in Escobar where he was accompanied by the president of the AFA.

"The National Team, the AFA, all that human group showed that with a low profile, doing things well, without grandiloquence, banking on the back of criticism, because today we all shout champions but many at some point lowered their thumbs to the leadership of AFA, to the National Team, to the coaching staff, "began the comparison Massa. Read more here.

08.06.2023 14:28


Carrió also celebrated Espert's inclusion in Together for Change

08.06.2023 14:10


José Cano accuses the Tucuman government of "managing drug trafficking" in the province

08.06.2023 13:42


Maxi Ferraro celebrated the arrival of Espert: "Together for Change is strengthened and grows in plurality"

08.06.2023 13:14


"A stronger and broader coalition to face the disaster left by Kirchnerism", Lousteau's message for the entry of Espert

08.06.2023 13:06


Katopodis insiste en que "lo más importante es que el peronismo logre un acuerdo"

El ministro de Obras Públicas, Gabriel Katopodis, consideró que "lo más importante" de cara a las próximas elecciones "es que el peronismo logre un gran acuerdo" sin recurrir a una interna, y sostuvo que el Frente de Todos "debe ordenarse en la confrontación con el macrismo y la oposición".

"La realización de las PASO en el Frente de Todos es algo discutible. Algunos creen que sí, otros que no. A mí lo que me parece más importante es que el peronismo logre un gran acuerdo. Si no sucede, habrá entonces una interna. Lo importante es poder evitar que el macrismo vuelva a gobernar la Argentina", advirtió Katopodis en declaraciones a FM Futurorock.

08.06.2023 12:20


Ignacio Miri

¿Un nuevo Frente de Todos?: Cristina y Massa presionan al Presidente para que acepte una lista única

Sergio Massa junto a Cristina Kirchner en Plaza de Mayo. Foto: AFP

La cercanía del cierre de alianzas electorales y de las listas de candidatos que podrán competir en las PASO de agosto aceleró la pelea interna en el Frente de Todos. En las últimas horas, el Presidente de la Nación recibió múltiples presiones de sus socios para que retire de la competencia las candidaturas de los funcionarios que le responden. Aunque se transmite como un llamado a la unificación de listas para que el oficialismo gane competitividad, el pedido se puede resumir en otra frase: Daniel Scioli no tiene que competir.

El miércoles, fueron los gobernadores del peronismo los que pidieron por un candidato presidencial único. Fueron convocados por pedido de Cristina Kirchner, quien mandó a llamarlos para que su deseo de unificación le llegara al Presidente de todas las maneras posibles. Leer más acá.

08.06.2023 12:02


Rossi cruzó a los gobernadores que reclaman un candidato único sin PASO: "Pareció de tono autoritario"

"Respeto la opinión de los gobernadores, pero con ese mismo respeto quiero ser honesto. Me pareció de tono casi autoritario el 'exigimos', otra cosa es plantear que consideran mejor una lista de unidad. Tampoco se a quién está dirigida esa exigencia. No me pareció razonable en ese sentido", afirmó el jefe de los ministros en radio El Destape.

Rossi consideró "valioso que los gobernadores se hayan propuesto protagonizar este proceso a nivel nacional" pero señaló que "tratar de imponer una lista de consenso es un error histórico" ya que los "consenso no se imponen a sangre y fuego, sino que se generan naturalmente".

08.06.2023 11:29


Ricardo Quintela: "Yo hablo con Cristina y también quiere una sola propuesta"

"Yo hablo con Cristina y también quiere una sola propuesta. Sin dar nombre pero una sola propuesta que simplifique la posibilidad de llevar adelante una estrategia electoral", sostuvo el mandatario riojano en una entrevista con Futurock.

08.06.2023 11:19


Agustín Rossi: "Lo extraño es que lo antinatural signifique que haya PASO"

El jefe de Gabinete y precandidato a presidente, Agustín Rossi, insistió con su defensa de las PASO y reclamó que se deje participar a quien quiera hacerlo, independientemente de si Cristina Kirchner elige a un dirigente.

"Lo extraño es que lo antinatural signifique que haya PASO", dijo Rossi en una entrevista con El Destape radio, y agregó: "Suponete que se junten una cantidad de dirigentes y con el acuerdo de Cristina nominen a un dirigente, si hay otro que quiere ir a las PASO, por qué no lo vas a dejar participar".

08.06.2023 11:08


Desde la Coalición Cívica también le dieron la bienvenida a Espert

08.06.2023 10:27


Carrió dijo que Macri quiere "ganar para hacer una alianza con Milei" y lanzó una dura advertencia: "Ese espacio busca reprimir hasta matar"

Elisa Carrió, pre-candidate for the presidency within Together for Change, was dispatched with heavy ammunition on Thursday against Mauricio Macri, one of the leaders of the coalition. He assured that the former president wants to "win to make an alliance with Milei" and warned that "that space seeks to repress until killing."

"It is very difficult to maintain a strategy when the great political leaders have no strategy, that is, when the leaders who found the parties have no strategy. And especially when those parties, for example the PRO, do not have leaders who coalesce the different parts of the party, but on the contrary split a party in two. This is the case of Macri, "said the former deputy in a talk she gave and that she published herself in networks. Read more here.

08.06.2023 10:24


Eduardo Paladini

The survey that explains why Larreta is playing all or nothing to add Schiaretti as an ally

Larreta at the expanded Cabinet meeting at the Teatro Colón

A poll that Clarín accessed in the last few hours puts in numbers what politics discusses in words. He explains, with figures, why Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is playing all or nothing to add the governor of Córdoba Juan Schiaretti as an ally for the internal Together for Change. The key fact? 19.2% to 6.1%. This is the difference that Patricia Bullrich would be making to the head of the Buenos Aires Government, in that province, in the face of the presidential PASO of August 13.

The study that measured this scenario was done by CB Consultora Opinión Pública, a firm that was born in Córdoba and today has among its clients, precisely, the governments of Larreta and Schiaretti. Read more here.

08.06.2023 10:00


Ricardo Quintela insists with the claim of "a single proposal that synthesizes in a formula"

Governor Ricardo Quintela, of La Rioja.

The governor of La Rioja once again maintained the importance of the Frente de Todos choosing a candidate by consensus, without resorting to an internal election, in line with the text prepared together with the rest of the PJ provincial leaders.

"We responsibly ask that it be synthesized in a formula that has a federal character," Quintela said in an interview with El Destape radio.

08.06.2023 09:35


Bullrich welcomed Espert but insists on criticism of the possible entry of Schiaretti

08.06.2023 09:12


Despite the claim of the governors, Anibal Fernandez said that Scioli will not lower his candidacy

The day after the Peronist governors demanded a single candidate, Security Minister Anibal Fernandez confirmed that Daniel Scioli will not lower his candidacy for the PASO.

"We all want it to be resolved as quickly as possible and if possible without PASO, but all that collides when the figure of "the candidate" appears. How is the candidate going to be chosen, throwing a coin up? Paying attention to rigged polls that are an embarrassment? We got to a situation that we have no choice but to fix and resolve through voting," Fernandez told CNN radio.

08.06.2023 08:57


Javier Milei: "If I were in an alliance with Mrs. Bullrich we would win in the first round walking"

The economist reiterated that it is too late to finalize an alliance. Photo: Maria Amasanti/Bloomberg.

The presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, flatly ruled out the possibility of sealing an agreement with part of Together for Change, arguing that it is too late for that and that it would be a betrayal of the people who work with him.

"The problem is that we are very advanced. I spent all this time building a structure, I opened the possibility countless times, I even proposed to create a new force so that we can go to an internal one and whoever won will govern. It's too late," the economist said this morning during an interview on Radio Mitre. Read more here.

08.06.2023 08:45


Rodríguez Larreta welcomed Espert

After comings and goings and amid the pressure of the radicalism, the Civic Coalition and Republican Encounter, the PRO ended up confirming the entry of José Luis Espert to Together for Change and Rodríguez Larreta welcomed him.

08.06.2023 08:39


"A common path for the struggle for freedom", Espert's message after joining Together for Change

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