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Migue Granados, the irresistible: dancing for Dua Lipa, similar to Elton John, interviewing Darín and having his own channel


Highlights: Migue Granado is the host and musician of La Cruda, the most listened to podcast of 2022. On Monday he debuts with his streaming platform, Olga, his own streaming channel. He was trending on Twitter for his resemblance to Elton John, whom he played in Your Face Sounds Like Me. Granado: "When I saw the cameraman I started dancing to get punched, obviously! There was Dua Lipa in the stadium, she looked for a second, and it was funny"

Host and musician, he had the most listened to podcast of 2022. His philosophy: work just enough and laugh a lot. On Monday he debuts with his streaming platform, Olga.

He is something like "the king of the Podcast" (for La Cruda, which was the most listened to in 2022 and in April ended its second season), the millionaire of the networks (for his followers on Instagram and Twitter), the interviewer to whom in Playroom -by ESPN and Star +- everyone says yes. And, from next Monday, June 12, Migue Granado will formally be the maker-caravisible-conductor of Olga, his own streaming channel.

It will be released on YouTube and Twitch and is a project he created with Luis and Bernarda Cella, the children of Luis Cella, the historical producer of Susana Giménez. I dreamed that I flew is the program that will lead from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13 with Sofía Morandi and Julián Lucero.

Migue is Miguel, although no one calls him that, and he doesn't stop for a minute. A month ago Benito was born, his second child with Fernanda Otero, photographer and his wife of twelve years. Therefore, the family has changed schedules and today it is time to bring Bernadette (6) to the new job. They arrive with a broad smile, holding hands and chatting about their things.

The climate is broken with the "rrrrbbbbmmm" of the drill that starts just as he enters Olga's studio -250 square meters, glazed, on the corner of Humboldt and Cabrera, in the heart of Palermo Hollywood- where the details are being finalized. Therefore, the first thing he will say is: "I arrive and they start drilling!"

Migue starts with Olga, its streaming platform on June 12. There he will make "Soñé que volaba". Photo Maxi Failla

The resemblance to Elton John

-It's that strange things happen in your life ... Last weekend you were trending on Twitter for your resemblance to Elton John, whom you played in Your Face Sounds Like Me.

-Yes! I woke up, saw that it was trending and said, "Oops, what did I do now or what did I do a long time ago?" Did you see a tweet from 2001 pop up again, for example, when you laughed at things we learned that you don't have to laugh anymore? But no, it was Elton John with the Manchester City players and everyone saying he was just like me, fat red, with hair like that... Poor Elton!

-You were also a trend for your frantic dance at Madison Square Garden, during halftime of an NBA game, they focused on you, you came out on the giant screens and you even got Dua Lipa to react. That was sought I imagine...

-And yes, when I saw the cameraman I started dancing to get punched, obviously! There was Dua Lipa in the stadium, she looked for a second, and it was funny. It started as a, it was magnified because the mine was watching, which is a super mega star ... but I don't know it very much!

"Don't you know what he sings?"

Migue Granados, between Julián Lucero and Sofi Morandi, his companions in "Soñé que volaba". Press Photo

-No. If I passed by, I would only have said, "How beautiful." But I don't know who it is. Did you see that there are very famous people that if you do not consume it you have it, but you do not know well from where? But she does know me! (laughter).

The own channel

"And Olga?" I would ask you who she is, but since I already know that she is not a woman, but a channel, the question is why you chose that name.

-Painted. And the grace is that: why did they give it this name? I liked it, we were throwing names with Speedy Cross, our producer. The same thing happened with I dreamed that I was flying. Lucas (Fridman, producer and additional co-host) said, "I dreamed of piranhas." Another: "Condor shawama". And I said, "No, it's "I dreamed I was flying." And it stayed.

All cute names, super naïve. And the program of the first morning It would be incredible, with Nati Jota, Leticia Siciliani and Eial Moldavsky, which begins on Tuesday 13. From 8 to 10, I also like it a lot, we have faith.

Olga is the place where we are going to test my philosophy, as Luis and Bernarda told me when they summoned me, which is to do what I always did, but in a place of my own. I met this method in Vorterix, with Mario Pergolini, total avant-garde. And we are going to continue with that support that is to go directly online, without dial or anything, we do not need more than that.

-Do you aspire to settle with your style regardless of the competition or the idea is to fight the place to Luzu TV?

-Let's do ours because. Show me... You say compete or go out to fight them and we are talking about numbers, because going out to fight even makes me ashamed because I adore Luzu's kids, Nico (Occhiato), Nachito (Elizalde), everyone, Leuco (Diego) is a friend, that is, he does not go there.

And I also have the letter that if they tell me: "Hey, another Luzu", I can say that I did it two years before them in Vorterix. But that does not matter, there was generated a spectacular magic and hopefully it will be generated here. It is not a question of competition and it is better that there are twenty places like this because it grows for everyone.

Migue Granados interviewed the biggest ones on his ESPN show. Now he goes for Fito Páez. Photo Maxi Failla

-What is the "Migue philosophy" that Luis and Bernarda mentioned when summoning you?

-It is worrying about important things, working just and necessary, not working on holidays and laughing a lot, even at misfortune.

-In April you said goodbye to La Cruda, after two seasons and with the title of the most listened to podcast.

-Yes. It's a big pressure, but it went very well and now they're asking us for a third.

-Ah, but you already said goodbye, you're like Los Chalchaleros (laughs).

"Mirtha, how many times did she say goodbye?" Actually, Spotify wants to make another one, but for that we need to live up to the previous ones. I do not want to go through the small door to the tomatazos, I want to retire from the casino with the winnings. So if Olga does well after two months I'm going, haha, no, two seasons minimum ...

-On TV, with Playroom you go for the fourth, there you already exceeded your average.

-What happens is that I have been at ESPN for many years (he started conducting Redes in 2015, replacing Chino Darín), it is a place to stay to live because ESPN is Disney, it is once a week (Thursdays at 23). although it takes us time to shoot each program.

With "La Cruda", Migue Granados had the most listened to podcast by Spotify, which wants to make a third season. Photo Maxi Failla

Start high

-At the start of the new season with Ricardo Darín as the first guest, don't you wonder after him who?

-Strategically it is very good, because when you have strong names from the start then everyone says yes (in 2022 he had, among others, Guillermo Francella and the world champion footballer Ángel Di María).

-Who is your next interviewee?


Fito Páez, who is the soundtrack of my life, the artist I love the most. But I don't know if I want to get that close, because I don't want to lose the magic of still being his fan.

-Did you see the Fito series?

-Yes, I loved it. Besides, it happens a lot in Rosario and I'm from there, I lived there half of my life, I came to Buenos Aires at age 18 when I finished high school and I'm 36.

The spirit of the mother and health

-Of the episodes of La Cruda, one of the most mentioned was that of the medium Noelia Pace, in which you exposed yourself because your intention was for her to contact your mother (Mariana, died in 2017).

-Yes. I don't believe in that, but I did want it to happen. In fact, I was afraid it would happen and would have even allowed me to cry, but it didn't go through me. Then she told me we were going to have a child. And yes, I already knew my wife was pregnant. He also told me that he had seen something in my lungs, I was scared because at that time I was a smoker. But he clarified: "Don't worry, it's nothing."

Did you quit smoking because of what he told you?

I quit smoking two months ago, because I wanted to feel a little better. I decided to look at my old man (Pablo Granados) who is 55 and is doing very well. I realized that I was shitting very hard and I said: "Ready, let's get on the campaign to get to 40 like 30." And I'm on that, on a diet, without pucho and exercising.

-You have been in a couple with Fernanda for more than twelve years, how did you meet?

-In the CIC, Center for Cinematographic Research, in Matienzo and Cabildo. We studied acting and directing actors, she graduated, and I didn't, I left before. When I saw her I said: Wow. I loved it badly. It is a morocha re brazuca. Crazy! Sometimes when we pass by and see the place we think about that, how crazy it was, about the passage of time and that we already have two children!

-You presented Benito in the networks, you playing the guitar with him resting on your shoulder.

-I wanted to put it up on the guitar like in a video I had seen. And I wasn't three weeks old! It couldn't be sustained. But yes, the fat man is divine and is very cute apart, apart from being my son.

-Bernadette from what I saw is a mini Migue.

-Yes, it's very Granados, haha. She's 6 years old and she's a genius.

-When you have to introduce yourself, what do you say: driver, musician, actor, comedian, producer or what?

Producer is anyone who gets together with another to do something. But producer of race, who lives by producing, I am not. Musician yes, but I am not professional nor am I interested in being one, because I would work the only passion I have left. Actor never acted, I have been called to make series and movies but I still did not want to, at some point I will ... Because I have to save resources for when I run out of others! (laughs).

-We talk about profession, what do you put when that's the question?

-Media or radio. That's what I put. And that's okay.

Migue Granados says his philosophy is to work just enough and laugh a lot. Photo Maxi Failla

-Your dad, in the profile of his twitter put: father of talents. What happened to you when you read that?

-And... This is good. My old man really likes the artistic and grew up with that, and that his children sing and are musicians is a great pride. And my grandfather was the same with him. His name was Raúl Granados and he was like a Tinelli from Rosario (host, journalist and animator of Channel 5). He had that imprint and when he saw VideoMatch he would laugh, but he was proud, because my old man had reached more, at the country level.

-Is that what you feel when you see your sister Mery in a recital singing, for example, with Abel Pintos?

-Yes. I admire her, besides she always sang like this, beautiful, perfected the technique by going to study and polished her natural talent.

-You were in Tu cara me suena, they wanted you in other programs and you said no. Do you no longer want the exposure that would give you to participate in Bailando or MasterChef?

-It really depends on what you call exposure, because an Instagram video that has 2 million views is 20 rating points, so it's the same. But I do not underestimate it, on the contrary, TV is like the mother of all media, only being on a TV show does not amuse me much now.

Followers in networks

-Having on Instagram one million eight hundred thousand followers and on Twitter more than one million two hundred thousand, does it generate any pressure or did you learn that this is part of...?

-If it had been from one day to the next I would be shit in the legs, but I started with 1 follower!

-And how many did you buy?

-(laughs) I never bought! I don't even know how to buy it. It is a digital number. They are people who chose to press a button, but pressing a button is free and easy, after they accompany you really is another laburo.

-That is to say: you do not have to believe it.

-No. Not even in fart, I do not believe all that gilada, because it seems to me a gilada to settle for that. I am happy at home. When my friends, my wife's friends or family come, playing with Bernadette and Benito. Yesterday, in fact, my wife can't sleep it and I can, and without boobs, right? I mean, I have boobs without giving her tit. And it was wow, let's go one for me!


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