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Highlights: The elite can move the Overton window from "unacceptable" to "current politics," writes Yossi Ben-Ghiat. In a democratic state, this monopoly is in the hands of the elected government, he says. But when its grip is shaken, we are in the twilight world of semi-democracy, he adds. The mass protest is weakening and protest leaders like Moshe Sneh raise their voices when a weak argument is reached, Ben- Ghiat says.

Ideas that were considered crazy are becoming mainstream. Look at the provocations that pass quietly here

The gun is on the table. A lifeless object that yearns for life. Take a life. The gunman dreams of the dramatic moment when he can finally cease to exist as a mere accessory and fulfill his destiny as the Redeemer of Chaos. He's been there since the first act, and there's no telling when the time will come for the third act. Maybe tomorrow, maybe another month, maybe just a year from now, and hopefully never.

But hopes and prayers are separate from reality, because the gun is there, and the violence sizzles like bubbling lava in a nervous volcano, just before it vomits destruction and destruction.

Nine days before Levin presented the reform, the first pilots' letter came out. This was inevitable once the right won the election. Everything was ready, organized, waiting for an opportunity. Weeks before Levin introduced the reform, they set in motion.

A state is evident in its monopoly on the use of force, legalistic violence. Calculated cruelty wrapped in legality. In a democratic state, this monopoly is in the hands of the elected government. But when its grip is shaken, we are in the twilight world of semi-democracy.

Even if we are strangers to their internal conduct in the security establishment, reality, my friends, has turned on flashing warning lights and sirens going up and down. Neither the yogist protest nor the hovering specter of economic collapse broke the government. No, the pilots' rebellion was broken.

The Deepstate gave us a quiet military coup, but stopping the reform is not enough for the bored generals, the arrogant dynasties, the black flags. The mass protest is weakening and protest leaders like Moshe Sneh raise their voices when a weak argument is reached.

How do ideas that were once considered crazy or taboo become mainstream and how are things that were once considered normal and acceptable now considered controversial?

This is where Overton's window of opportunity enters through the door, named after Joseph Overton, an American engineer, jurist and sociologist who coined the term. Overton explained that there is an acceptable range of ideas in public discourse. That is, a spectrum of ideas acceptable to the public. what is inside - logical, correct, acceptable; What is outside - extreme. And this window can be moved.

By planning ahead and manipulating the public consciousness, the elite can move the Overton window, from the socially "unacceptable" stage to the stage of "current politics." That is, raising the idea for public discussion, introducing it into the consciousness of the masses, and then regulating its status through the law.

Change happens in small steps. It is difficult to notice them in real time. Only towards the end of the ideological revolution, when it is already difficult to reverse it, does it make a boom. But then an idea that was once extreme suddenly becomes accepted.

Thanks to the protest, we are witnessing in real time a dramatic change in the Overton window. I'm writing this column on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Here are three examples from Wednesday alone: In the morning, we learned that it is permissible to harm bereaved families. The truth is that we already understood this on Memorial Day, but it is always possible to descend another floor of lowliness.

Veterans of the Deputy Commander held a ceremony to change the name of the Ben Zion Netanyahu interchange to a new name: the father of the dictator. Despising the monument commemorating the father of the prime minister and Yoni Netanyahu, who was killed in Operation Entebbe? Check.

At noon, at a left-wing demonstration in front of the Prime Minister's residence on Gaza Street, a demonstrator announced: "Only mentally retarded people can believe this nonsense and the work with your eyes. And these are your constituents. They are mentally deficient, in their moral values." Everything comes out. All pus.

The elite can move the Overton window from "unacceptable" to "current politics."

Towards evening, a video appeared on Twitter in which Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi, a lecturer in 20th-century history at the Hebrew University, claimed in class: "Why is there no serious opposition to the war in Germany? How does Hitler rise to power? How a population is willing to commit very serious crimes. Between 1941 and 1940 there are no institutions that can work for balance, there is no independent judicial system, there are no independent newspapers, everything is Channel 14." I work for Channel 14, so I am what - a Nazi? Am I helping the Nazis? Aren't attacks on Channel 14 and its people bloodletting? It's Overton number three, the Nazis as a casual, everyday parable.

And the Overton window is pumped with communication. Calls for violence, for civil war, are not condemned but are accepted with understanding. It should come as no surprise that Maj. Gen. Malka calls to harass elected officials, or Nehemiah Dagan, who hopes for a short and violent civil war in a Facebook post.

Whoever holds a big hammer in his hands, the whole world in his eyes is a nail. In the one-dimensional, flat, limited world of budgetary pensions, those who have failed to achieve their goals democratically – the choice is war.
In depth, there is something else here: a view concerning the paradox of tolerance of the philosopher Karl Popper, which goes something like this: a progressive and patient society sanctifies freedom of expression, tolerance of different opinions, but what happens when this freedom gives room to intolerant, dangerous perceptions that can bring society down from within?

In such a situation, the reaction must be intolerance. For example, in Israel, Simcha Rothman is not entitled to freedom of expression, is not entitled to conduct a discussion because his views lead to dictatorship, danger, fascism and perhaps Nazism.

And Rothman is of course not alone, this is true for anyone who democratically, legitimately and legally elected the current government and supports democratic, legitimate and legal actions. And yes, that's exactly what they are – democratic, legitimate and legal.

And the Shin Bet is silent. Yuval Diskin, former head of the Shin Bet, organizes a secret conference with the participation of Aharon Barak. For personnel only. Former Shin Bet officials demonstrate in front of Dichter's home.

Remember how, a few days after Bennett became prime minister, former Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman issued a warning: "Inciting discourse may lead to harm to lives"? About what - about tweets? On the daily torch? Did we call him a crook?

Two years of violent demonstrations in Belfort did not fall into the category of "violent discourse." The Shin Bet didn't say a word. And now what? What are the protesters familiar with ministerial schedules in detail?

Does the ISA account for past colleagues? Good Old Boys? After all, if a hilltop boy had expressed himself like the commanders, he would have been plucked in his wigs for administrative detention and spoken to the Lampa.

Playing with fire here. Take responsibility.

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