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No parking: 20 places where you never have to leave the car and what fines govern


Highlights: The City of Buenos Aires modified its general parking rules this year to simplify them and add places in the neighborhoods. There are still numerous exceptions and special cases that are key to know to avoid fines and carrying. The minimum fine for violating parking and parking rules is 100 units (UF) The UF is now $102, which results in a penalty of $10,000, in addition to the fine for parking in violation of the parking rules. The city government has recalled "in all cases" the prohibition of parking during the 24-hour period.

Knowing them is key in the City of Buenos Aires to avoid economic sanctions and carrying. How to clarify doubts by WhatsApp.

The City of Buenos Aires modified its general parking rules this year to simplify them and add places in the neighborhoods. Likewise, there are still numerous exceptions and special cases that are key to know to avoid fines and carrying.

After the last reform to the Buenos Aires Transit and Transport Code, in force since April, the three basic guidelines that neighbors must memorize are the following:

1) Allowed parking on streets, on both sides, for 24 hours.

2) Allowed to park on avenues, on both sides, on weekdays from 21 to 7. And 24 hours a day on holidays and weekends.

3) It is forbidden to park 24 hours a day in the passages, as well as in streets and avenues with Metrobus and next to a bicycle path.

Three rules and multiple exceptions

The important thing to know is that these three principles apply everywhere, except where there is an official sign indicating an exception.

For example, that in that block you can park next to the bike path or that on a certain street it is forbidden to park on the left hand. In such cases, it is mandatory to obey the signal.

On the other hand, it is clarified that there are still many spaces in which a driver should never park, regardless of whether in that block the general rule enables to do so and even when there are no signs warning about the prohibition. Which more than once generates doubts.

It is known, for example, that you do not have to leave the car at a bus stop, but how many meters do you have to leave free in front of and behind it?

How far does the impediment go when there is a railway barrier? How far is it forbidden at the entrance of a garage, a school, a hospital or a wake room, and at what times? Can I park the car in front of a movie theater or in front of a subway entrance? Everything is specified.

Many times the prohibition of parking at bus stops is not respected. Photo: Maxi Failla.

To remember: 20 places always forbidden to park in the City of Buenos Aires


Bus stops. Although there is no demarcation, the law orders to leave 15 meters back (which occupies 3 vehicles) and 10 meters forward (approximately 2 vehicles).

-Taxi ranks.


Railway barriers. It is forbidden to park less than 50 meters on each side of the level crossing.


Subway stations. It is prevented to leave vehicles in front of the entrances.


Bike paths. It is forbidden to leave the car totally or partially occupying the bicycle lanes.


Corners. Never park on the ochava, until "the imaginary line that results from prolonging it". Nor on the horizontal demarcation of pedestrian paths and "stop" lines.

It is common to see cars parked on corners. Photo: Lucía Merle.


Garages and garages. You have to leave the entrance free and 50 centimeters on each side, respecting the yellow paint. On very narrow streets the ban can be extended to the opposite sidewalk, to allow those entering and leaving to maneuver.


Ramps for the disabled. Obstructing them, even in part, is one of the most serious infractions.


Wake rooms. It is prevented to park from 8 to 22 in front of the entire property in which they operate.


Public shows. You can not park at the entrance of the building in which they take place, only during the hours of the functions.


Police stations and fire stations. It is forbidden to park in front of the door.


Loading and unloading areas. If they are delimited with posters or with paint on the floor as exclusive for these or other uses, it must always be respected.

In turn, the rules require to leave 10 meters on each side of the entrance of the following places:

  • Health centers such as hospitals, sanatoriums and clinics.
  • Educational centers such as schools, colleges and faculties, only in class schedules.
  • Temples, only in the hours of services or ceremonies.
  • Hotels with more than 30 rooms (no hostels by hours).
  • Banks, only during business hours.
  • Post office, only during its hours of activity.
  • Institutions for people with special needs.

Finally, the Buenos Aires government recalled that "in all cases, the yellow cords are still valid, which mark the prohibition of parking during the 24 hours."

It is forbidden to park on the bike path and also next to it. Photo: Guillermo Rodríguez Adami.

What are the fines for bad parking?

The minimum fine for violating parking and stop rules is 100 fixed units (UF). As the value of the UF is now $102.92, it results in a penalty of $10,292. The same applies to those who do not respect the new metered parking system.

In the case of those who leave the car improperly in places reserved for emergency services, public transport stops, vehicle entrances, bicycle paths, exclusive lanes, Metrobus corridors, and in the Macro and Microcentro area, the infraction rises to 200 UF, about $ 20,584.

On the other hand, the harshest punishment is received by offenders who park in places reserved for vehicles of people with special needs or ramps for people with reduced mobility. They are punished with 300 UF, $ 30,876.

Finally, if the car was taken away by the crane for the infraction, in order to recover it will also have to pay the cost of the carrying, currently $ 9,462.

On the avenues you should not park on weekdays between 7 and 21. Photo: Maxi Failla.

How to clarify doubts by WhatsApp

Those who have doubts about whether it is allowed or forbidden to park in a certain place in the City, can consult it from the cell phone and confirm it instantly.

It is done by contacting by WhatsApp to "Boti", the chatbot (robot capable of chatting) of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which serves at +54 911 5050-0147.

When starting a conversation, the option "Where to park" already appears in the main menu. Once chosen, it will only remain to indicate the direction in which you want to leave the car, and the system will give the answer in seconds.


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