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The weekly message of the cards: "Trust your gut" - voila! Wind and horoscope


Highlights: The weekly message of the cards: "Trust your gut" - voila! Wind and horoscope. Our card of the week is the power card - and it has an important message for you for the days ahead: to make room for our creativity, needs and desires. The card talks about three main topics: self-confidence, the inner child and parent, and gut feeling. It is a connection to the simplicity of our various needs, the truth that guides us all in our lives.

Our card of the week is the power card - and it has an important message for you for the days ahead: to make room for our creativity, needs and desires

Tarot - The Death Card/Sagie Mendelboim

Cards are the gifts in our lives. They give us direction, strengthen us, challenge us to a degree, support us along the way and give us real Light. Light of wisdom and energy. Each card has its own unique light - and here's the power card's way of brightening up your week! I will show you the story on which the card is based, demonstrate the power of the card from the course itself and detail what the card gives you - light and message!

What is the story of the card?
The power card talks about three main topics: self-confidence, the inner child and parent, and gut feeling. Each subject is a whole world in itself, but we will try to shorten it so that we understand how it relates to our lives. So we are all familiar with the idea that we all have a more childlike, raw, authentic part (the same lion in the picture on the card) and a more parental part, controlling and adapted to the imperatives of society (embodied by the female character). This has been talked about a lot in the various fields of psychology, and in all of us there is often a struggle between the intellectual, realistic and socially obedient part of us, and the part of us that wants to unburden. The inner journey to create balance between the parts begins in childhood when we are taught to "behave well in class" and be polite in society, but never really ends, and quite a few fights, tantrums or alternatively submission to conventions are the result of this struggle. The card awakens in us an awareness of this duality and, most importantly, asks us to listen to the needs of that inner lion-child.

Here is also the connection to the gut feeling, this lion within us is the one that is connected to the gentle vibrations of intuition, it knows "in the stomach" what is right, and therefore it encourages us to listen to the body. From the subject of sexual attraction - a feeling that cannot be forced, to the people around us who sometimes arouse in us some inexplicable reluctance - or, on the contrary, immediate affection. The connection to the lion is a connection to the source of our self-confidence, because when we know what is right for us, we remove the dependence on a society that will lead the way and show us the Light. We become a light in our own way.

Is there a true story that illustrates this? Sure.
Christian Bale is not one of the best-known actors today, but for thirty years he has been one of the finest in Hollywood and in general. He played Batman (and said that while it wasn't a Walla "character" role, it helped him buy a house) but for the most part he invests in challenging acting roles. The film that made him famous was American Psycho. A quality thriller from 2000 (but very relevant today in light of the increasing use of the word "narcissism") that made it penetrate the consciousness in a big way. In one of the interviews, he said that he knew from the first moment that his role, even when they explained to him that they would give the role to someone more famous, even when they decided that the production was canceled, even when he and the director collected money for the project and were then dispossessed of its work, even when they brought the director back but explained to him that he would not take part in the project - he still continued to prepare for the

role. He says that friends, family and the director started thinking that he was a bit of a "ponytail" that he didn't realize he wasn't going to appear in this movie. It didn't change anything. He knew he would win the job, and voila - he won it. He knew in his gut that his job was his.

Tarot: The Power Card/Walla System!, Walla System!

What is the message for this week?

You can visually connect to the card, hold it, or simply visualize it. You can meditate for fifteen minutes in front of him, or imagine that we are "breathing" the information that exists in him. The card gives us a quality of softness, inner balance and especially the inclusion of all the parts within us and listening to everyone. In this way, we can balance and navigate the inner voices within us from that parent's compassion for a child, and the more we listen, the more we hear what is happening within us. It is a connection to the simplicity of our various needs, to the inner truth that lives in our body and guides it all the time, and it is also a connection to the security that comes from being who we are - as we are and accepting all sides of us without the need to repress or apologize. Our possible mantras for today are: "All parts of me are good. I respect all my parts. I get stronger when I hear everything in me. I accept myself and all parts of me. I allow my power to be heard. I know the way," and more.

The weekly message is to trust our "gut" more. It even means paying attention to when we are really hungry and what is pleasant or unpleasant for us to eat, paying more attention to the conversations we have and how they affect our physical and emotional state. Maybe today we should give more space to our creativity, needs and desires, and especially this is a great week to stop apologizing if we are "chronically apologetic" and feel more "at home" within ourselves. It's a great week to be more physical, play sports, dance or run, and be more authentic in our communications. Say what we want and what we don't.

And what is the message of the Five Swords card?

More in Walla!

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It's a great week to be more physical, exercise, dance or run/ShutterStock

How does the card advance us to the next stage in life?

Michal comes out with light. A charming, smart guy, everything she looks for in a guy, and most importantly - her parents have already met him and they love him. But something about attraction doesn't work so well. She believes she's just gotten used to bad guys and she's a bit traumatized by her previous partner (with whom there was a crazy attraction), and here comes a "good" guy and she's just not used to it.

They've been dating for a month and a half. In the meantime, they've just kissed because it's hard for her to move forward, and she's trying to figure out whether to continue. The power card tells her that while it's wonderful to be aware of the correction she has to make about romantic choices in her life, she can't be forcefully attracted to another person, and she has to listen to her body too. True, until now she has only listened to her body, and developed relationships with the wrong men, but one extreme does not correct another. Plus, as long as her parents don't have to sleep with light (sorry for the harsh visual spectacle) they can't decide for her. It's her body, her life, and she can't force herself to get physically close to a person whose body just doesn't want to.

How to get more from the gift of the tarot? - Become a mentor
Once we learn the cards, the connections between them, their lessons and the message we begin to conquer goals, overcome inhibitory patterns, find open and beneficial paths for us and also, we begin to discover our mentoring abilities. Just as the power card connects us to new places within us, so each card opens a window to a new perception, and perhaps to the resources within us that we have not yet discovered, or that we have discovered - and have not implemented until now, and now the time has come. That's how you build meaningful mentoring and also a profession that has compassion, wisdom and a lot of power to lead. Come on, let's teach tarot, ourselves – and shape the path together.

The writer is Mandelbaum Sagi, Director of the School of Personal Fulfillment, Tarot and Dreams Studies, author of the bestseller "The Guide to Tarot Card Reading", deals with classical homeopathy, has 28 years of experience in teaching and teaching courses and workshops on personal development, tarot and dreams, which he teaches on Zoom, in Tel Aviv, and in other cities throughout the country. Tarot cards and more - on Sagi's website.

"Sagi Mandelbaum | Personal empowerment, tarot and dreams" - Sagi's Instagram.

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