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Ticker for the winter chaos: So much snow lay on the Polariom - Realschule-Halle now closed


Highlights: Gymnasium of Unterpfaffenhofen secondary school is closed by the district office with immediate effect and until further notice. There is a risk that water could accumulate on the hall roof. Secondary schools in Germering (both grammar schools, FOS and Realschule) have decided not to hold face-to-face classes on Tuesday. Parents can excuse their children at school if they have any doubts about the safety of the way to school due to weather conditions.

Status: 05.12.2023, 16:48 PM

By: Lisa Fischer, Eva Strauss, Klaus Greif, Kathrin Böhmer, Helga Zagermann, Thomas Steinhardt

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Emergency services shovel Germering's ice rink free. © FFW Unterpfaffenhofen

The heavy snowfall also has far-reaching consequences in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. Emergency services have been in continuous operation since Saturday night.

District FFB - The masses of snow continue to have a firm grip on the district of FFB. Fire brigades and emergency services are in continuous operation. Furthermore, the snow problem has not yet been solved - even though the sun showed up on Sunday. There is still a lot to work through.

There were numerous accidents during the snow roller. The damage to property is enormous. Some people suffered injuries - and some police officers had to listen to verbal abuse. Read more here.

Update 5 December, evening: More gym closed - continued face-to-face teaching

Due to the current weather situation and the announced rainfall, the gymnasium of the Unterpfaffenhofen secondary school is closed by the district office with immediate effect and until further notice. In addition to the existing snow load, there is a risk that water could accumulate on the hall roof. This means that the following buildings are currently closed until further notice: Gymnasium Olching Building, Max-Born-Gymnasium Germering, Gymnasium Realschule Unterpfaffenhofen.

After a meeting of the responsible coordination group, there will be no district-wide cancellation of classes on Wednesday, 6 December, which means that face-to-face teaching will generally take place in schools. This is announced by the district office.
Parents are called upon to pay attention to the information provided by the respective school. If a safe way to school for one's own child(ren) is not guaranteed, an excuse for the school can be made in the usual way.
The local school management could exceptionally make their own decisions due to the special situation of their school, according to the district office. If, in consultation with the material expense carrier, they consider the conditions on site to be problematic from a safety point of view, the school can order distance learning, which has already happened in some cases.

Despite all the efforts of the fire brigades, the masses of snow have the district firmly under control. © FFW Olching

Due to the inconsistent situation, the coordination group had made its decisions in such a way that it could react according to the situation: In principle, a large number of schools could be reached despite the weather conditions, so that face-to-face teaching was possible and sensible here. Where this is not the case, school administrators may make different decisions. Parents can excuse their children at school if they have any doubts about the safety of the way to school due to weather conditions.

Numerous firefighters and the THW in Germering also had a lot of activity on Sunday. A total of around 100 emergency personnel were busy clearing the snow from the 3500 square metre roof of the Polariom. There, the splendor was 47 centimeters high, reports Christian Ruder from the Unterpfaffenhofen fire department, which coordinated the operation. Previously, Gerd Felder from the municipal utilities had weighed the snow load. There were 65 kilos per square metre. The maximum is 105 kilos. But they didn't want to let it get that far.

Update 4 December: Secondary schools closed on Tuesday

Contrary to the decision of the responsible commission in the district office (see below), the secondary schools in Germering (both grammar schools, FOS and Realschule) have decided not to hold face-to-face classes on Tuesday. Instead, distance learning is offered, for example at the CSG. After Monday's experience, the schools have decided to take this step, according to a letter to parents - after consultation with the ministry and the district office. Emergency care is to be offered. "Unfortunately, the MVV is not in a position to resume S-Bahn traffic and cannot provide a rail replacement service," says the letter to parents, which is available to the Tagblatt. In large parts, pupils and teachers would not be able to get to school. "It is to be hoped that the situation will ease by Wednesday." According to Tagblatt-Info, the Gymnasium Gröbenzell has also decided to take this step, for very similar reasons.


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Update 4 December, early evening: Classes continue to take place - MBG hall closed

On Tuesday, 5 December, face-to-face teaching will also take place in schools in the FFB district, the regulations from Monday will continue to apply. Since the local school administrations could make their own, deviating decisions due to the special situation of their school, parents are called upon to pay attention to the information provided by their respective school, according to the district office. Children who cannot come to school because there are concerns about the safety of the way to school or because the bus does not run should be excused in the usual way. Meanwhile, a bus company voices harsh criticism, especially of the city of Germering. If there is no change in the winter service, he will have to stop the bus service.

As a precautionary measure, the Fürstenfeldbruck district office has closed the large sports hall of the Max-Born-Gymnasium in Germering until further notice due to the snow load on the roof. In addition to the snow load, there is the problem of wet insulation. Clearing the snow from the roof would only be possible to a limited extent due to the green roof and would be associated with risks; it is therefore not intended, the district office announces. Funds have been announced for the roof renovation for the 2024 budget.

In deciding to vacate the Olchinger Gymnasium, the district office followed the recommendation of a structural engineering office. This is according to a statement from the early evening. Those among the pupils who could not immediately make their way home were able to stay in the Olching secondary school accompanied by teachers until they could go home. If the roof were to be cleared of snow, considerable damage to the roof could not be ruled out, the personnel expenditure of snow removal would be very large, the clearing would take several days, according to the district office. The roof is therefore not cleared. There is a ban on entering the school until further notice.

Update 4 December, noon: Students sent home again

The students of the Gymnasium Olching were sent home in the morning. The reason for this is that there is concern that the roof of the building, which is in need of renovation, could collapse under the weight of the snow. The school will also be closed on Tuesday. On the other hand, there is no danger of collapse at the FOS/BOS in Bruck - and yet there is almost a yawning emptiness there. "Catastrophe" is how Monika Pfahler, headmistress of the Fürstenfeldbruck technical and vocational secondary school, called it. Most of the students come from far away from the region. "There are, if any, 100 students in the house." Schoolwork scheduled for today has been canceled. "There are sometimes two or three students in our classrooms, and maybe nine in others," Pfahler said. The teachers who had to work on Monday had all arrived at the school building at the Tulip Field. "But some of them had to leave very, very early and had great difficulties," said Pfahler. For the long-time headmistress of the FOS/BOS, the decision of the commission to open the schools on Monday in principle is therefore "difficult".
It has been just as difficult with distance learning, which was introduced out of necessity. "Due to data protection regulations, it is hardly possible to keep the camera running," said Pfahler. The Fürstenfeldbruck vocational school on Stockmeierweg also set up distance learning on Monday. Occasionally, students had also arrived at the school building, the school said. Public transport continues to be severely affected. S-Bahn trains are currently not running on the outer branches.
The waste management company informs that the Kottgeisering recycling centre will have to remain closed on Saturday, 9 December, due to weather conditions.

School should be able to take place on Monday. Firefighters have cleared countless streets - like here as an example in Graßlfing. © FFW Graßlfing

Update 4 December: Delays in garbage collection

The waste management company (AWB) informs that due to the weather, unfortunately only limited operation is currently possible at the small and large recycling centers of the district. In addition, there will be delays in garbage collection this week. Please keep bins accessible and provided free of snow. In addition, bins will also be emptied on Saturday.

Update, December 3rd, early evening II, school is taking place.

Unlike in the district of Starnberg, there will be no general cancellation of classes in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck. According to Tagblatt information, the responsible commission has decided that the lessons will take place in principle. A district-wide cancellation of classes is therefore not ordered. Corresponding publications and letters to parents are coming.

These are now available. Accordingly, the coordination group "weather-related teaching restrictions" in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck had decided not to order a district-wide cancellation of classes. This means that in the schools in the Fürstenfeldbruck district, face-to-face teaching will generally take place.

Parents are asked to check the current information for tomorrow, Monday, 4 December, either on the homepage of their children's respective school or via the school's parent communication system. In addition, parents are asked to clarify in the morning whether the bus stop is safely accessible for their child and whether the bus is running. If parents have concerns about the safety of their children on the way to school, or if the bus does not run, their child can stay at home; it is to be excused in the usual way at school, according to the message from the district office on Sunday evening.
The situation in the district is very different in the different municipalities: In principle, many bus lines can be served, but there could also be restrictions. Due to this different situation, a district-wide cancellation of classes is not justified, according to the district office. The district authority wants to issue further information on the situation at the schools on Monday, 4.12.23, in the course of the afternoon. Real-time information on the situation with bus services can be obtained in the MVV app and in the timetable information at Many buses are expected to be able to run; however, considerable delays are to be expected.

Update 3 December, early evening: Buses want to run

The transport companies in regional bus transport are trying to resume bus operations in the MVV network districts on Monday morning, i.e. also in the FFB district. This has just been announced by the MVV. Where this is not yet possible due to uncleared side roads and snow-covered stops, short-term delays and cancellations on individual lines are unfortunately unavoidable, according to the MVV. Up-to-date information can also be found in the well-known apps or websites of the Bahn/MVG or the regional trains.

The next weeping willow is in danger. © Lane

Update 3. Dezember, Nachmittag: Naturdenkmal gefährdet - B2 wieder befahrbar

Der große Maulbeerbaum am Kircheneingang in Kottgeisering ist in Gefahr und könnte stürzen. Es handelt sich um ein eingetragenes Naturdenkmal und befindet sich damit unter der Obhut der Unteren Naturschutzbehörde im Landratsamt. Die Kirchenbesucher am Vormittag wurden durch die Sakristei in die Kirche gelotst. Ein Teilstamm des Baumes ist gespalten. Wie es weiter geht, wird geprüft. Auch eine weitere Trauerweide in Fürstenfeldbruck ist arg in Mitleidenschaft gezogen worden. Unklar, wie es weiter geht. Die Feuerwehr Althegnenberg meldet unterdessen, dass die Bundesstraße B2 wieder befahrbar ist. Der Kreisfeuerwehrverband berichtet von insgesamt rund 600 Einsätzen von Freitagabend bis Sonntagmittag im Landkreis. Kreisbrandrat Christoph Gasteiger dankt allen Einsatzkräften.

Update 3. Dezember, Vormittag Weitere Straßen gesperrt - Markt öffnet wieder

Laut Polizeiinspektion Fürstenfeldbruck sind mindestens heute (Sonntag) noch diese Straßen gesperrt:
- B2 zwischen Althegnenberg und der Abzweigung Mittelstetten.
- Kreisstraße FFB 2 zwischen Oberschweinbach und Mammendorf
- die Pfaffenhofener Straße zwischen Adelshofen und Pfaffenhofen
- die Ortsverbindungsstraße zwischen Hörbach und Haspelmoor

Die Feuerwehr Kottgeisering im Schnee-Einsatz. © mjk

Wahrscheinlich reist er mit dem Schneepflug an: Jedenfalls kommt heute (Sonntag) der Nikolaus nach Maisach, ab 17 Uhr ist er vor dem Rathaus anzutreffen (so die Mitteilung aus der Gemeinde). In Moorenweis dagegen ist die Nikolaus-Gala abgesagt worden. Man hat Sorge um die Stabilität des Daches auf der TSV-Halle.

Die Feuerwehr Puch im Schnee-Einsatz. © FFW Puch

Der Brucker Christkindlmarkt kann heute wieder öffnen. Das Gelände ist soweit vom Schnee befreit. Von 13 bis 21 Uhr ist einiges geboten: Kerzen verzieren im Kinderzelt von 15 bis 18 Uhr und ab 17.30 Uhr sorgt die Blaskapelle Maisach für die passende Adventsstimmung. „Um 19 Uhr erwarten wir dann die Brucker Perchten & Rauhnachtsgsindl, die ihren Auftritt von gestern nachholen“, teilt die Stadt mit, die dem Bauhof ausdrücklich dankt. Auch die Stadtführung rund um weihnachtliches Brauchtum findet planmäßig statt.

Update 17 Uhr: Der Weihnachtsmarkt in Kaltenberg findet heute nicht statt.

Der einzig erleuchtete Stand am Brucker Christkindlmarkt am Samstagabend: BBV-Stadtrat Andreas Rothenberger verköstigt seine Helfer beim Schneeräumen. © Loder

Update 12.51: Türkenfelder Christkindlmarkt findet statt - Bergweihnacht erst am Sonntag

Der Christkindlmarkt im Schlosshof in Türkenfeld findet heute wie geplant ab 16 Uhr statt. Das teilt die Gemeindeverwaltung mit. Aber die Bergweihnacht auf dem Steingassenberg in Türkenfeld fällt heute aus. Die Veranstaltung soll am Sonntag, 3.12., starten

Update 12.38 p.m.: Olchinger Christkindlmarkt will take place - Fürstenfelder Advent today closed

The Olchingen Christmas Market will open normally. According to Mayor Andreas Magg, the building yard has cleared everything and the snowfall should subside afterwards. "We are looking forward to many guests," he told the Tagblatt. The Fürstenfeld Advent, however, remains closed on Saturday. It will continue on Sunday. The B2 between Althegnenberg and the Mittelstetten junction remains closed. This is reported by the fire brigade.

Update 10.56 a.m.: Christmas market cancelled - Amperoase closed

Due to the heavy snowfall, the Bruck Christmas Market on the Volksfestplatz will be closed on 2 December. This is announced by the city FFB. This measure serves the safety of visitors as well as exhibitors. The city wants to inform when it is foreseeable when it will reopen. In Emmering, the "Soiree in Advent" has been postponed to 23 December. The Amperoase in Bruck will be closed today. In Gröbenzell, the cemetery is now also closed due to the snow load. The sports hall in Alling is also closed for safety reasons. The Christmas concert for seniors today in the event forum Fürstenfeld is unfortunately cancelled due to weather conditions - just like the game of the Brucker Panthers.

Update 10:31 a.m.

In the early morning, several trees and branches blocked the local roads to Brandenberg and Reichertsried in Kottgeisering, so that the clearing service could no longer drive. In the meantime, the fire brigade has removed the trees and, with the help of a telescopic handler, freed the overhanging trees from their snow load. The large recycling centre on Brandenberger Straße will remain closed today, and the sports club's waste paper collection will be cancelled.

In Gröbenzell, too, the thick snow cover has a wide variety of effects: Due to the heavy snow load, the sports halls on the leisure area on Wildmoosstraße are closed until further notice. The school gyms are also closed up to and including Monday. Those responsible are in close contact and regular consultations take place. This was announced by the municipality on Saturday morning. "Due to the weather conditions, extreme traffic disruptions are to be expected," it continues. "The municipal clearing vehicles are in use, but are making slow progress due to the masses of snow. The municipality of Gröbenzell asks the population to avoid car journeys or to limit them to a minimum in order not to further aggravate the traffic situation. Necessary car journeys please only with winter equipment." The municipality addresses the population directly: "If you are out and about, please pay attention to possible dangers due to the weather conditions: trees can collapse under the weight of snow, branches or roof avalanches can fall, the ground can be slippery." The volunteer fire brigade can be reached for emergencies: Tel. 08142 51113.

The fire brigade in action in the forest near Althegnenberg. © FFW Althegnenberg

The waste management company informs that due to the heavy snowfall, the following recycling centers have to remain temporarily closed today: Alling, Althegnenberg, Egenhofen, Eichenau, Emmering, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germering Landsberger Straße, Germering Starnberger Weg, Grafrath, Gröbenzell, Kottgeisering, Maisach, Mammendorf, Moorenweis, Schöngeising Türkenfeld, Jesenwang.

Update 9:55 a.m.

The organizers of the Moorenweiser Advent market in the kindergarten Sankt Ulrich have to change their plans. Everything that was planned outside is omitted. That means: the popular horse-drawn carriage, St. Nicholas and children's theatre. Inside, however, you can buy Advent wreaths, coffee, cake, mulled wine and Sixtus bread. If you are interested, you can buy sausages and neck ridge to grill yourself.

The Gernlinden fire brigade has closed the toboggan hill in the village. The risk of snow breakage is too great.

The district fire inspectorate warns of continued heavy snowfall and slippery roads: Currently, the train connections and S-Bahn connections in the district are suspended. Bus services are also limited. Currently, several local roads in the district are closed. Citizens are asked to stay at home if possible as road conditions are extremely slippery, according to the county fire inspectorate. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Fürstenfeldbruck Integrated Control Centre. The fire brigades in the district are currently processing the incoming calls according to urgency, and the clearing services of the municipalities are also working at full speed.

On our own behalf: EPaper unlocked

Delivery and delivery of the newspaper is/was only possible to a very limited extent today. The weather conditions are so bad throughout the country that haulage companies and delivery companies cannot drive or walk on paths and roads. The EPaper of all our issues is fully activated today.

First reports from Saturday morning

The Gröbenzell fire brigade counted seven missions on the night of 2 December. They were broken branches that blocked the roadway. On the connecting road between Olching and Gröbenzell, a car slid into the ditch. There were no casualties. "Together with the Olching fire brigade, we secured the accident site and removed a fallen tree," reports Commander Weirauch on Saturday morning.

Gröbenzell's fire brigade in action. © FFW Gröbenzell

In general, many trees are in danger of falling. The wet snow develops a tremendous weight pressure. Several roads had to be closed as a result, such as the B2 between Althegnenberg and the Mittelstetten junction. The site will remain closed until Saturday noon, the fire department said.

The Mammendorf fire brigade was alerted to the B2 to the exit of the village in the direction of Hattenhofen. The snow-slick road surface and the incline had been the undoing of a truck. He couldn't get any further and was standing across the main road. The fire brigade pulled the truck over the elevation and thus ensured that the road was clear again.

The road from Türkenfeld to Geltendorf (Geltendorfer Straße) is also closed. It is unclear when this can be reopened, according to the municipality of Türkenfeld. Türkenfeld is looking for volunteers to help shovel snow. Because the Christmas market should take place in any case, writes Mayor Staffler on Facebook. Problem: The snow is piling up between the stalls and in the castle courtyard. The road between Hörbach and Haspelmoor was also closed during the night.

In Germering, too, building yard employees have been active for a long time, currently (Saturday, 8 a.m.) bus stops are being uncovered. Only a few traders have made it to the market in front of the library. But the baker's wagon from Friedberg is there, and there are also eggs, potatoes, meat and sausage. During the night, the road from Alling to Germering was closed past the Schusterhäusl. Here, too, the problem: the large snow load on the trees.

Some football enthusiasts didn't let it spoil the fun on Friday evening in Bruck. © Private

The Puchheim-Bahnhof fire brigade has appealed to the population. "We ask you to contact your property management in the case of small branches, branches / trees that have already completely fallen, as well as branches/trees that do not directly endanger people/living beings/material goods or traffic, and not to press the emergency number 112," it says on Facebook. "The fire brigades have been in continuous operation under difficult conditions since yesterday evening and can hardly keep up with the work."

S-Bahn guests stranded in Maisach - Mayor provides community center

The night was also short for the volunteers from the BRK Bereitschaft and Wasserwacht, who were involved in the care mission in Maisach. It began around half past two in the morning and did not end until shortly before six o'clock in the early morning hours.
Around 25 passengers of the S-Bahn were stranded in Maisach due to the weather and therefore had to be accommodated as well as cared for by the BRK. Without further ado, Mayor Hans Seidl made the community center available, while the BRK took over the care.

Germering on Saturday (2 December) in the morning. © Private

Public transport is severely impaired or completely cancelled. On the S4 between Pasing and FFB, for example, there are trees. The local newspaper is also affected: Due to the snow chaos during the night, the newspapers could not be delivered in some areas.

You can find even more current news from the district of Fürstenfeldbruck onürstenfeldbruck.

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