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Heavy losses in the Ukraine war for Russia – Kiev hopes for fighter jets


Highlights: Heavy losses in the Ukraine war for Russia – Kiev hopes for fighter jets. Ukraine will continue to hold on to the American-made F-16 as the backbone of its future air forces. Families of Ukrainian prisoners of war held rallies across Ukraine under the slogan "Don't be silent! Captivity kills!", as reported by the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. Putin praises Russian defense industry, which has reached a "precedented level" since the end of the Great Patriotic War.

Status: 10.12.2023, 17:47 PM

By: Nail Akkoyun, Jens Kiffmeier, Felix Busjaeger, Tadhg Nagel, Sonja Thomaser, Stefan Krieger

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Kiev is hoping for fighter jet deliveries from Sweden. The fighting in the east intensifies. Current developments on the Ukraine war in the news ticker.

  • Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces: Military situation in the east is "challenging"
  • "Unprecedented level" reached: Dmitry Medvedev praises Russian defense industry
  • The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, but also from the warring parties Russia and Ukraine and their allies. In particular, the information on losses of the armies involved in the Ukraine war cannot be independently verified.

Update from December 10, 17:39 p.m.: According to its own statements, the Ukrainian military leadership is negotiating with Sweden on the receipt of Gripen fighter jets. "The Swedish side could transfer the amount (of fighter jets) it has so far to Ukraine," Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat said on television on Sunday. He did not want to give exact figures. He pointed out that Sweden wanted to replace its previously used Gripen with new, technically upgraded and improved models. Ukrainian pilots have already tested aircraft.

Ihnat did not want to comment on the status of the negotiations. "But if the decision is made for the Gripen, it will be a good option for us," he said. However, Ukraine will continue to hold on to the American-made F-16 as the backbone of its future air forces. Several countries have pledged F-16s to Ukraine, and the first aircraft are to be handed over at the beginning of next year after the completion of pilot training.

A Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen during a NATO exercise. (Archive photo) © Sandor Ujvari/dpa

Demonstrations for Ukrainian prisoners of war

Update from December 10, 16:29 p.m.: Families of Ukrainian prisoners of war held rallies across Ukraine today (10 December) under the slogan "Don't be silent! Captivity kills!", as reported by the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. The rallies took place in Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchuk, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi and other Ukrainian cities. In Kyiv, several hundred people gathered for the demonstration, including families of Ukrainian prisoners of war and military personnel who had experienced Russian captivity.

The Kiev demonstration was also attended by representatives of various brigades and international organizations, as well as volunteers and charities. Nataliia Zarytska, head of the NGO Women of Steel, which organized the demonstration, said that the families and friends of the detainees "are doing everything in their power to focus the authorities and society on the issue of returning the defenders [to Ukraine]." But their actions have not yet had the desired effect. Some relatives of Ukrainian prisoners of war said they had not had any contact with the prisoners for almost two years.

Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces: Military situation in the east is "challenging"

Update from December 10, 14:59 p.m.: Oleksandr Syrskyi, senior commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, today commented on the military situation in eastern Ukraine on Telegram. "The operational situation in the east is challenging. The enemy has never stopped its offensive along the entire line of contact," he wrote in a message from the chat provider. "I have thoroughly analyzed the situation and, together with the commanders in charge of defense on the Eastern Front, I have considered options for further action," Syrskyi continued. He added that decisions had been made to ensure the stability of the defense and protect the lives of soldiers.


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Dmitry Medvedev praises Russian defense industry, which has reached "unprecedented level"

Update from December 10, 13:49 p.m.: Putin confidant Dmitry Medvedev has now emphasized that the capabilities of the Russian defense industry have reached a "level unprecedented" since the end of the Great Patriotic War. Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in turn, let it be known that in 2024, taking into account additional budget allocations, the purchases and repairs of weapons and military equipment would increase, as the Russian news agency Ria Novosti reported today.

Russia launches "concerted campaign" in Ukraine war, according to intelligence

Update from December 10, 13:08 p.m.: The fact that Russia has again attacked targets in Ukraine with the strategic air force after more than two months of interruption could be the beginning of a larger campaign, according to British assessments. On the night of 7 December, the Russian Air Force flew major attacks on Kyiv and central Ukraine with its bomber fleet for the first time since 21 September, the British Ministry of Defence announced today on the short message service X.

"This was likely the beginning of a concerted campaign by Russia aimed at weakening Ukraine's energy infrastructure," the British wrote in their update. However, according to initial reports, most of the missiles were successfully intercepted. Although at least one civilian has reportedly been killed, the damage appears to be minimal at the moment.

General Staff reports 60 battles in one day in Ukraine war

Update from December 10, 12:24 p.m.: Over the past day, there have been 60 battles on the front line in Ukraine. This is reported by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, citing the situation report of the General Staff.

On the front line in the Bakhmut region, the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 12 enemy attacks, and repelled 11 attacks in the direction of the Avdiivka front.

Putin appeals to Russia's army in Ukraine war

Update from December 10, 11:42 a.m.: An appeal to Russia's soldiers, whose morale is considered low in the Ukraine war? "Russia's future depends in many ways on your combat activities," Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony, as reported by the state news agency Tass. "This is an obvious fact," Putin added. The journalist of the Russian TV channel Rossiya-1, Pavel Zarubin, published an excerpt from Putin's statement on his Telegram channel.

Zelensky seeks the backing of the Global South in the Ukraine war

Update December 10, 10:59 a.m.: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is making his first trip to Latin America since the outbreak of the Ukraine war. According to the announcement via Telegram and Ukrainian media reports, he will attend the inauguration of the new Argentine President Javier Milei. The government in Kiev has been trying to build relations with African, Asian and Latin American governments.

Russia launches numerous new offensives in the Ukraine war

Update from December 10, 9:45 a.m.: Russia's soldiers have now launched offensive operations in the Ukraine war on "numerous" sectors of the front during the "most difficult weather conditions". In its latest analysis, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) suspects that the Russian presidential elections, which are scheduled for March 2024, will be the reason.

Ukraine-News: Heavy losses for Russia again in the war

Update from December 10, 7:56 a.m.: The Ukrainian General Staff has published new figures on Russia's losses in the Ukraine war. According to the report, 700 Russian soldiers were either killed or wounded in the fighting within one day. The information cannot be independently verified.

  • Soldiers: 338,820 (+700 on the previous day)
  • Tanks: 5636 (+4)
  • Armored vehicles: 10,529 (+10)
  • Artillery systems: 8064 (+6)
  • Multiple Rocket Launchers: 919
  • Anti-aircraft guns: 605
  • Aircraft: 324
  • Helicopters: 324
  • Rockets/cruise missiles: 1586 (+1)
  • Ships: 22
  • Submarines: 1
  • Tanker trucks and other vehicles: 10623 (+25)

    Source: Ukrainian General Staff of 10 December 2023. The data on Russia's losses come from the Ukrainian army. They cannot be independently tested. Russia itself does not provide any information about its own losses in the Ukraine war.

Ukraine-News: Russia shoots down numerous kamikaze drones

Update from December 10, 6:19 a.m.: Russia launched a new wave of so-called kamikaze drones against Ukraine during the night. An air alert was sounded in the southern regions of the country.

Update from December 9, 22:23 p.m.: Kiev condemns Russia's plan to hold presidential elections in the occupied parts of Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the evening. "The holding of Russian elections on Ukrainian territory grossly violates the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine, the norms and principles of international law, in particular the UN Charter," the ministry said. "Such an electoral process, like other similar propaganda activities in the past, will be null and void."

Kiev also called on the international community to denounce Russia's plan and sanction those involved in the process. In addition, the Ukrainian government called on countries not to send observers to the "pseudo-elections", claiming that those who would participate in them would be prosecuted.

"Every election in Russia has nothing to do with democracy. They merely serve as a tool to keep the Russian regime in power," the ministry wrote.

Ukraine kann russische Rakete zerstören

Update vom 9. Dezember, 20.19 Uhr: Die Luftverteidigungskräfte der Ukraine haben am Samstagabend eine russische Rakete über dem Bezirk Krywyj Rih in der Region Dnipropetrowsk zerstört. Mykola Lukaschuk, der Vorsitzende des Regionalrats Dnipropetrowsk, schreib dies auf Telegram, berichtet das ukrainische Nachrichtenportal Ukrinform.

„Am Abend war es im Bezirk Krywyj Rih laut. Unsere Luftverteidigung war im Einsatz gegen eine feindliche Rakete. Ich bin den Luftverteidigern des Luftkommandos Ost dankbar“, schrieb er. Es wird darauf hingewiesen, dass der Feind den ganzen Tag über zwei Kamikaze-Drohnen auf Nikopol abgefeuert hat. Durch die Drohnenangriffe wurden ein Privatunternehmen, eine Infrastrukturanlage und ein mehrstöckiges Gebäude beschädigt. Es wurden keine zivilen Opfer gemeldet.

Ukraine-Krieg: Tote und Verletze bei Kupjansk

Update vom 9. Dezember, 17.56 Uhr: Russische Streitkräfte haben Kupjansk und das nahegelegene Dorf Podoly angegriffen, wobei zwei Menschen getötet und zwei weitere verletzt wurden, das berichtet der Kyiv Independent.

Gegen 15 Uhr griff das russische Militär die Stadt Kupjansk an. Um 17:00 Uhr Ortszeit wurden vermutlich mehrere Raketenwerfer eingesetzt, wobei zwei Frauen im Alter von 67 und 71 Jahren getötet wurden. Berichten zufolge wurde bei dem Angriff, bei dem Häuser, Nebengebäude und Autos beschädigt wurden, ein weiterer männlicher Zivilist verletzt.

Am frühen Nachmittag hatte Russland Podoly am östlichen Stadtrand von Kupjansk beschossen und verletzte dabei eine einheimische Frau, das teilte die Generalstaatsanwaltschaft laut Kyiv Independent auf Telegram mit.

Ukraine-Krieg: Russische Verluste in Awdijwka steigen

Update vom 9. Dezember, 15.50 Uhr: Russlands Verluste rund um Awdijiwka sollen zur Zeit 25 Prozent höher sein als bei den Kämpfen um Bachmut. Das berichtete die ukrainische Nachrichtenagentur Unian und beruft sich auf Oleksij Hetman, Reservemajor der Nationalgarde der Ukraine, der darüber in einer Nachrichtensendung von Unian sprach. „Die durchschnittlichen täglichen Verluste während des Angriffs auf Bachmut betrugen 776 [Soldaten], derzeit sind es 931 russische Soldaten. Das sind 25 Prozent mehr, und sie haben noch keinen Erfolg“, so der Reservemajor.

Update vom 9. Dezember, 13.01 Uhr: In der Region Cherson soll es laut Behördenangaben bei einem russischen Drohnenangriff ein Todesopfer gegeben haben. Laut ZDF habe eine Kampfdrohne im Ukraine-Krieg am Vormittag einen Sprengsatz über der Stadt Beryslaw abgeworfen. Eine weitere Person soll den Angaben zufolge verletzt worden sein. Die Angaben können nicht unabhängig geprüft werden.

Dringende Warnung im Ukraine-Krieg: Selenskyjs Frau spricht von „tödlicher Gefahr“ für Bürger

Update vom 9. Dezember, 10.08 Uhr: Die First Lady der Ukraine warnt, dass die Ukrainer ohne ausländische Hilfe im Ukraine-Krieg in „tödlicher Gefahr“ seien. Olena Zelenska warnte in einem Interview mit der BBC vor den Auswirkungen der kommenden Monate und verdeutlichte die Notwendigkeit ausländischer Unterstützungen für den Krieg in der Ukraine. Viele Ukrainer könnten ihrer Einschätzung nach zeitnah in große Gefahr geraten.

Zelenska diese Sorge einen Tag nachdem republikanische Senatoren in den USA ein wichtiges Hilfsgesetz blockiert hatten, das der Ukraine Unterstützung im Wert von mehr als 60 Milliarden US-Dollar gewährt hätte.

Estland warnt: Russland verstärkt Offensive im Ukraine-Krieg

Update vom 9. Dezember, 6.30 Uhr: Das Nachrichtendienstzentrum der Streitkräfte Estlands geht davon aus, dass Russland seine Offensive gegen die Ukraine in den nächsten Wochen weiter verstärken wird – trotz erheblicher Verluste. Dies berichtet die Ukrainska Pravda unter Berufung auf ein Briefing von Nachrichtendienstleiter Ants Kiviselg. Ihm zufolge hat die „Intensität der russischen Feindseligkeiten“ im Laufe der Woche um ein Viertel zugenommen. Zudem wird erwartet, dass Awdijiwka der Schwerpunkt der russischen Offensive bleibt. Dazu hätten die Russen von direkten Infanterieangriffen auf Fernfeuer umgestellt, was „die Umgruppierung der ukrainischen Einheiten, die Schaffung und Stärkung von Verteidigungspositionen erheblich erschwert“, so Kiviselg.

Russland verstärkt strategische Luftangriffe im Ukraine-Krieg: Einschläge in der Ostukraine

Update vom 8. Dezember, 22.44 Uhr: Russland hat nach mehr als zwei Monaten Unterbrechung Ziele in der Ukraine wieder mittels der strategischen Luftwaffe angegriffen. „Nach einer langen Pause von 79 Tagen hat der Feind die Luftschläge mit Marschflugkörpern von Flugzeugen der strategischen Luftwaffe Tu-95MS wieder aufgenommen“, teilte der Militärkommandant der Hauptstadt Kiew, Serhij Popko, am Freitag bei Telegram mit.

Die Raketen seien von mehreren Bombern bei Engels im russischen Gebiet Saratow abgefeuert worden. „Nicht ein feindliches Ziel hat die Stadt erreicht“, resümierte der Generaloberst. Im Umland der Hauptstadt mit ihren rund drei Millionen Einwohnern wurden durch Trümmerteile und die Druckwellen von Explosionen dennoch mehrere Häuser beschädigt. Der ukrainischen Luftwaffe zufolge sind von insgesamt 19 abgefeuerten Marschflugkörpern 14 abgefangen worden.

Einschläge gab es den Angaben nach im ostukrainischen Gebiet Dnipropetrowsk bei Pawlohrad. Dabei kam nach vorläufigen Angaben ein Mensch ums Leben, wie der Gouverneur des Gebiets, Serhij Lyssak, im Nachrichtenfernsehen sagte. Acht weitere Menschen seien außerdem verletzt worden. Behördenangaben nach sind in Frontnähe bei Kupjansk zudem durch russische Bombenangriffe mindestens ein Mensch getötet und vier weitere verletzt worden. 

Waffenlieferung im Ukraine-Krieg: Nato-Land Bulgarien schickt 100 gepanzerte Fahrzeuge

Update vom 8. Dezember, 22.06 Uhr: Das Nato-Mitgliedsland Bulgarien wird der Ukraine erstmals eine umfangreiche Waffenhilfe zukommen lassen:Das Parlament in Sofia kippte am Freitag ein Veto von Staatspräsident Rumen Radew gegen ein Abkommen für Panzerwagen mit der Ukraine. Geliefert werden sollen jetzt rund 100 gepanzerte Fahrzeuge. Der als russlandfreundlich geltende Staatschef Radew hatte sein Veto vom Montag damit begründet, dass die Ausrüstung beim Grenz- oder Zivilschutz des eigenen Landes gebraucht würden. Doch das sah die Mehrheit der Parlamentarier anders. Ein Datum für die Lieferung wurde aber nicht bekannt.

Mehr Zusammenarbeit wegen Ukraine-Krieg: Washington und Kiew wollen gemeinsame Rüstung vorantreiben

Update from December 8, 20:48 p.m.: Washington and Kiev want to cooperate more closely in the field of armaments in view of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. For example, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on "co-production and technical data exchange" to meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian armed forces in the areas of air defense systems, repair and maintenance, and production of ammunition, the US Department of Commerce said on Friday. The agreement is the result of a corresponding conference in Washington in the middle of this week. According to the ministry, it was attended by more than 300 representatives of American and Ukrainian industry and government.

The U.S. government has also set up an interdepartmental team of representatives from the Departments of State, Defense and Trade. It is intended to support industry and partners in Ukraine - for example with questions about possible business and export requirements. Washington and industrial partners are also providing Kyiv with technical data to improve Ukraine's old air defense systems on the ground by installing certain Western ammunition, the Ministry of Commerce further explained.

Suspected Russian spy arrested by Ukrainian intelligence service in Ukraine war

Update from 8 December, 20:10 p.m.: A Ukrainian man was identified and detained on Friday by the regional prosecutor's office in cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) as a suspected spy for Russia, as reported by the Ukrainian newspaper The Kyiv Independent.

According to the Ukrainian prosecutor's office, the man was recruited by Russia and is said to have been working as a Russian spy under the alias "Mazepa" since October. His duties reportedly included taking photos of Ukrainian troop sites and defense and energy facilities in Odessa, and then forwarding them to his Russian contacts. In addition, the man is said to have documented Russian attacks in order to improve future attacks on Ukrainian positions. As expected, he is now facing an indictment for high treason.

Update from 8 December, 19.15 pm: Ukraine's energy consumption hit a record high on Friday, overburdening the fragile power sector. According to Ukrainian authorities, almost 500 settlements were affected by power outages on Friday. The causes were Russian shelling, air strikes and bad weather.

Ukraine, which exported electricity before Russia's invasion in February 2022, was forced to resort to emergency power imports from neighboring Romania and Poland to meet demand this week, grid operator Ukrenergo said. "The power grid continues to be in a difficult situation. At the moment, there is no spare capacity in the power plants," Ukrenergo said.

Ukrainian troops train in Poland for the Winter War

Update from December 8, 17:17 p.m.: Ukrainian troops are training in Poland for the tough winter war. In western Poland, Ukrainian soldiers are nearing the end of their training by EU militaries for the grueling trench warfare against the Russian invasion forces. On a snow-covered field in Wedrzyn, only about 40 kilometers from the German border, they were last trained for fighting in the trenches.

Combat missions could be made even more difficult by the onset of winter with snow and bitter cold. "I would say that winter is the most demanding season as far as war is concerned. It severely restricts our freedom of movement and maneuverability, while the enemy can see us clearly thanks to thermal imaging cameras and drones," said a Ukrainian soldier at the exercises. Another said the training in Poland would help them move forward in the counteroffensive. "Fighting in the trenches is one of the most important elements in this war (...) I think that improving capabilities in this area will help our soldiers succeed on the battlefield," he said.

Update from December 8, 15:42 p.m.: The latest shipment of military aid from Germany to Ukraine, including vehicles, drones, artillery shells and other equipment, has arrived in Ukraine, according to the Kyiv Independent.

Items supplied included 100 reconnaissance drones, six border patrol vehicles, eight all-terrain Zetros trucks, 000,33 first aid kits and other medical supplies, 155 GMG automatic grenade launchers, and an additional <>mm artillery shells.

"Absolutely unrealistic" - Russia rules out peace negotiations with Ukraine

Update from December 8, 13:50 p.m.: The Kremlin said on Friday that the idea that Russia would start peace talks with Ukraine on Kyiv's terms in 2024 was unrealistic.

This was in response to a media report that Washington wanted such a scenario to unfold, Reuters reported. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the idea "absolutely unrealistic."

Soon new combat zone in the Ukraine war: Russia evacuates settlement in the south

Update from 8 December, 7.50 a.m.: Russia has apparently begun evacuating the city of Nova Kakhovka in southern Ukraine. This is reported by the news portal Ukrainska Pravda, referring to a Telegram message from the local authorities. The city, located on the foothills of the Dnipro River, is in the zone that could soon become a combat zone in the Ukraine war, according to the report.

Update from 8 December, 7.30 a.m.: At least one person has been injured in Russian missile attacks on the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, according to Ukrainian information. The regional military administration said on the online service Telegram on Friday night that the city had been hit by six missiles. Several residential buildings were damaged. One injured person was treated on site.

According to the military administration, the city was allegedly attacked with Russian S-300 missiles. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov spoke of at least five missile strikes.

Russia launches air strike on Avdiivka in Ukraine war

Update from December 8, 4:00 a.m.: According to the Ukrainian military, Russian strike forces flew increased air operations during the night and deployed additional assault troops to take the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine. "For the second day in a row, the occupying forces have actively used kamikaze drones and aircraft. The number of battles has increased significantly," Ukrainian military spokesman Oleksandr Stupun said on state television.

Ukraine calls on population to save electricity after attack on power plant

Kyiv – Ukraine has called on its residents to save electricity after a power plant near the front line was hit in Russian attacks. The Ministry of Energy on Thursday appealed to consumers to "use electricity sensibly and economically, especially during peak load periods". Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal called on online services to "everyone to reduce electricity consumption."

According to the Ministry of Energy, Russia attacked a thermal power plant in the front area on Thursday afternoon, without disclosing the exact location. "The facility was severely damaged as a result of the shelling," it said. The ministry did not say which power plant it was, but said two generators had failed, causing a "temporary power shortage" on the grid.

Ukrainian officials have been warning for months that Moscow will intensify its attacks on energy infrastructure again this winter. Last winter, such attacks led to widespread power outages.

Heavy losses for Russian military in Ukraine war

The Ukrainian military is once again reporting heavy losses for Putin's army in the war of aggression against Ukraine. On Facebook, the General Staff said that about 24,1 soldiers of Russian troops had died in combat in the past 120 hours. As reported by the Ukrainska Pravda news agency, 26 armored vehicles and other military equipment were also destroyed. The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine News: More than 19,000 Ukrainian children abducted

The government in Kiev suspects that around 28,000 Ukrainian civilians from the occupied territories are in Russian captivity. About 2000,65 of these prisoners are over <> years old, the government's human rights commissioner, Dmytro Lubinets, said in Kyiv on Thursday, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform. What exactly the Ukrainian estimate is based on was not clear from the report.

According to Lubinets, the Ukrainian authorities cannot check how the prisoners are doing because they do not have access to Russian prisons. There is also no independent information on this. Lubinets also recalled that Kiev could prove the abduction of more than 19,540 Ukrainian children. In the meantime, 522 of them have been repatriated. Most of the children had been abducted to Russia, but recently also to Belarus. (with news agency material)

Source: merkur

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