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Javier Milei's inauguration as president of Argentina, live | Javier Milei leaves for Congress for the inauguration ceremony


Highlights: Javier Milei, president-elect of Argentina, begins his four-year term at the Casa Rosada on Sunday, December 10. The far-right, who won the presidency on November 19 with 56% of the vote, will receive the baton from Peronist Alberto Fernández in a ceremony in Buenos Aires on Sunday around noon. The inauguration will begin in Congress, which is already prepared for the arrival of legislators and invited international leaders. The surroundings of this area are fenced off and guarded by agents of different security forces from early in morning.

The far-right leader begins his four-year term in the Casa Rosada this Sunday, December 10

Javier Milei, president-elect of Argentina, begins his four-year term at the Casa Rosada on Sunday, December 10. The far-right, who won the presidency on November 19 with 56% of the vote, will receive the baton from Peronist Alberto Fernández in a ceremony in Buenos Aires on Sunday around noon. The inauguration will begin in Congress, which is already prepared for the arrival of legislators and invited international leaders, including King Felipe VI of Spain; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; Paraguay's Santiago Peña and Chile's Gabriel Boric. In the Lower House, the transfer of power between Fernández and Milei will take place and the new president will then give a greeting in front of his supporters in the square.

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Mar Centenera

"The picket line is over, long live the armed forces"

Hundreds of people have already arrived at the Congress Square to greet Argentina's new president, Javier Milei. Callao Avenue, a major artery in the city of Buenos Aires, is guarded by police, whom protesters greet with shouts of encouragement. "Give your life," shouts one of his supporters. Then he adds: "The picket line is over, long live the armed forces." Milei and his security minister, Patricia Bullrich, have vowed to crack down during their tenure.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 11:15

This is what the presidential transfer of power will be like

President-elect Javier Milei will be sworn in before Congress after Vice President-elect Victoria Villarruel does. The outgoing president, Alberto Fernández, will give him the attributes, the baton of command and the presidential sash, and the ultra-liberal economist will go outside the venue to give his speech, in a symbolic gesture: he will address the citizens and turn his back on Congress.

Afterwards, Milei will move to the Government House, in Plaza de Mayo, where there will be an official photo with the heads of state, former presidents and representatives of Royal Houses from abroad who accepted the invitation to the inauguration. At around 19:00 p.m., a ceremony will be held at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The day will end with a special performance at the Teatro Colón, the largest lyrical theater in Argentina.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 11:00

El PaísBuenos Aires (ARGENTINA)

An Expanded Aerospace Protection Operation for Assumption

The Argentine government has launched an aerospace protection plan for this Sunday, when Javier Milei assumes the presidency in a day that will also be attended by presidents and foreign delegations. The provisions, which are already in force, are detailed in decree 734/2023 published in the Official Gazette, with the signature of outgoing President Alberto Fernández, Chief of Staff Agustín Rossi, and Defense Minister Jorge Taiana, reports Telam agency.

"It is necessary to expand the rules of aerospace protection that determine the procedures to be observed in the Buenos Aires Air Defense Identification Zone to guarantee defensive security in the corresponding aerospace and that establish the attributions and limitations to freedom of action in the use of the Military Instrument, regulating the intensity and modality in the use of force in the different situations that arise," says the text.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 10:20

Constanza LambertucciBuenos Aires

Milei's supporters also in the Plaza de Mayo

Since before nine o'clock in the morning, supporters of Javier Milei have arrived at Plaza de Mayo, in the center of Buenos Aires, to support the president-elect shouting "Long live freedom, dammit." Milei will take the oath of office in Congress, give a speech outside the precinct and head to the Casa Rosada, a few blocks away, where these protesters are now located. The surroundings of this entire area are fenced off and guarded by agents of different security forces from early in the morning as part of the security operation.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 09:34

Mar Centenera

Zelenski arrives in Buenos Aires to attend Milei's inauguration

Among the many presidents invited to Javier Milei's presidential inauguration ceremony, one of the most eagerly awaited was Ukraine's Volodymir Zelensky.

The president arrived in Buenos Aires at dawn and will be in Congress at noon to attend Milei's inauguration and meet with him.

This is Zelensky's first visit to Latin America and his trip has generated great anticipation.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 09:25

Mar Centenera

Milei Supporters Hold Wake for Central Bank

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has for years been one of the main targets of attacks by the South American country's president-elect, Javier Milei. Before making the leap into politics, this economist even tore up a model of the monetary institution on television and repeated over and over again that it was necessary to eliminate it.
After winning the elections, he reiterated that the closure of the central bank was "non-negotiable" and his followers organized a wake for the BCRA this Saturday, on the eve of his inauguration. The decision, however, will not be immediate, as the designated head of the entity, Santiago Bausili, has warned.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 09:10

Mar CenteneraBuenos Aires

Supporters of Javier Milei in front of the Congress of Buenos Aires. / AGUSTIN MARCARIAN / REUTERS

Milei supporters begin to arrive at Congress Square

There are only a few hours left before the ultra Javier Milei takes office as president of Argentina. The leader of La Libertad Avanza will take office in Congress but will later break tradition and give his speech outside of it, in front of his followers in the square.

The first supporters of 'Peluca', one of his nicknames, began arriving this morning with Argentine flags, giant posters of the president and dollar bills with Milei's face, in reference to his promise - postponed - to dollarize the economy.

ACT.10 DEC 2023 - 08:48

Mar Centenera

Orbán after meeting with Milei: "A new hope for Latin America"

Hungary's ultra-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met this afternoon with Argentina's President-elect Javier Milei in Buenos Aires. On the eve of his inauguration, Orbán was received by Milei, as were other international leaders.

A new hope for Latin America!" the Hungarian prime minister wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "I congratulate President Milei on his landslide victory in Argentina's presidential election. Thank you for the invitation!" he concluded.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 21:54

Mar Centenera

The fight against drug trafficking is the focus of the meeting between Bullrich and the U.S. delegation

Argentina's future Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, held a working meeting on Saturday with U.S. Congressmen Gary Palmer and Mark Green focused on cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking.

Bullrich, who already held that portfolio under the presidency of Mauricio Macri (2019-2023), seeks to combat a problem that has worsened over the years in Argentina, especially in the city of Rosario, the South American country's main agro-export port.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 20:58

Mar Centenera

Abascal and Milei, meeting in Buenos Aires "against leftist ruin"

Ties between Spain's ultra-conservative Vox party and Argentina's president-elect Javier Milei are growing ever closer. The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, travelled to Buenos Aires this weekend to attend Milei's inauguration and met with him on the eve of the transfer of power. "Endearing reunion in Buenos Aires with the already president of the Argentine Nation, Javier Milei," the Vox leader wrote on his X account, formerly Twitter.

Abascal wanted to make it clear that the harmony between the two is maintained despite Milei's change of discourse, which has eradicated from his public messages the insults against "shitty lefties" and "murderous communists" that made him known in Argentina and that he maintained well into the electoral campaign. "Irrevocably twinned in the cultural and political battle for freedom and against leftist ruin," Abascal described in a tweet that he accompanied with a photo of the two with their thumbs up.
Read the full article here.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 20:38

Alberto Fernández bids farewell to his mandate in a recorded message: "I listen and take charge of the judgment of my contemporaries"

The outgoing president of Argentina, the Peronist Alberto Fernández, said goodbye to his mandate in a video recorded this Friday in the courtyard of the Casa Rosada. "I keep with me the deep pain of not having managed to improve the lives of those who are still in poverty," said Fernandez, 64, who gave up seeking re-election because of his unpopularity and was blurred from the government in recent months while his last economy minister, Sergio Massa, became the candidate and the visible face of Peronism.

Fernández sought to highlight some of the achievements of a government that leaves inflation at 142% year-on-year and with 4 out of 10 Argentines in poverty: the sanction of the law on legal abortion, the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, or job unemployment, which reached a minimum of 6.2%.

The outgoing president made a little self-criticism. He did not speak, for example, of the biggest scandal that marked his administration: a private party at the presidential residence during the harshest restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. Nor about his confrontation with the outgoing vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who blocked the government's management for almost a year and a half.

"I'm not going to choose the comfortable place of waiting for the judgment of history, which is usually kind to former presidents because it hides the chiaroscuro of the present. I listen and take charge of the judgment of my contemporaries. Their enthusiasm, their anger and their criticism," he said. "That's why it doesn't matter where I have to be from tomorrow. At the very moment when I hand over the attributes of power, I will once again be that young lawyer guided by the search for liberty, equality and fraternity, ready to give everything to build, together with my compatriots, a just society that develops in peace. Always with each one of you. Forever grateful for the immense honor they bestowed upon me."

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 17:59

El País

Santiago Peña gives Milei a poncho

Paraguay's President Santiago Peña has visited Javier Milei ahead of his inauguration as Argentina's president on Sunday. "We talked about the importance of strengthening our historic bilateral relations, which are not only very affectionate, but also because of everything that Argentina represents for Paraguayans," Peña said in a message on X, formerly Twitter. During the meeting at the Hotel Libertador, the center of operations of La Libertad Avanza, Peña gave Milei a traditional poncho from his country made by artisans from Piribebuy, which Milei tried on in front of the cameras. Recently, that garment was added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 15:57

El País

Milei meets with Santiago Abascal and King Felipe VI

Javier Milei met this Saturday in Buenos Aires with Santiago Abascal, leader of the ultra-Spanish party Vox. "Irrevocably twinned in the cultural and political battle for freedom and against leftist ruin," reads the message that Abascal shared on social media. The president-elect of Argentina also met with the King of Spain, Felipe VI, who heads the Spanish delegation, as is customary at the inauguration of Latin American leaders.

Abascal has a long-standing relationship with Milei, who participated in October 2022 in the great party of the ultra-Spanish party, at the Madrid Trade Fair. The link between Vox and Milei is the vice-president-elect, Victoria Villarruel. In August 2019, the then secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, participated in an event with Villarruel at the Military Circle of Buenos Aires, in which both defended the need to give "the cultural battle" to the left.

A day earlier, Milei met with another representative of the global far-right, Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro. It is also expected that the inauguration of the far-right, which will be this Sunday, will be attended by the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric; Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, among others.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 15:29

Mar CenteneraBuenos Aires (ARGENTINA)

Congress prepares for handover

Congressional staff is beginning to put together the platform from which Javier Milei will give his first speech as president of Argentina tomorrow. It will be a symbolic gesture to speak in the face of society and with our backs turned to politics. On each side of the Congress there are two giant screens from which the handover ceremony between Alberto Fernández and Milei and the subsequent message of the president will be broadcast.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 14:56

El País

Fear and hope in the two Argentinas that await Milei

The far-right Javier Milei has torn up the political map of an Argentina that awaits him today immersed in uncertainty. He came second in the October election with 30% of the vote, but won the runoff with 56% seeking "change." The uncertainty is felt by voters in cities such as Cordoba's Río Segundo, in the agro-industrial heart of the country, where it swept 79% of the votes; also in the most neglected districts, such as Isla Maciel, an old port neighborhood in the southern cordon of the city of Buenos Aires, where 83% chose the Peronist Sergio Massa in the elections. These two Argentinas are looking at a new country from December 10 and, even on opposite sides, they agree that the coming years will be very hard.

Read the full report here. By José Pablo Criales and Constanza Lambertucci.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 14:17

El País

The challenges of the new government

Javier Milei will begin his term with an economy in ruins. He has promised a very tough adjustment, but for this he will need the support of a Congress in which his party, La Libertad Avanza (LLA), is only the third political force. Resolving Argentina's $44 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will also be among its priorities.

In this article, our colleague Omar Barrientos Nietotells us about the challenges of the next president.

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 13:17

El País

Good afternoon from Buenos Aires!

This Sunday, the far-right Javier Milei, 53, will be sworn in as president of Argentina after being elected with 56% of the vote. The outgoing president, Peronist Alberto Fernandez, will hand him the baton of command in Congress and the ultra-liberal economist will then give a speech outside the chamber. The EL PAÍS team in Buenos Aires will be accompanying them with information about the inauguration. Started!

ACT.9 DEC 2023 - 13:14

Source: elparis

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