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This is it and the Rolnik report mocking and inciting against those who are "other" - even if they are half of the country - voila! news


Highlights: "This is it and the Rolnik report mocking and inciting against those who are "other" - even if they are half of the country - voila! news. Both programs set themselves the goal of attacking only the right, and presenting it as crazy and dangerous" "The television belongs to our group, to the good old Israel, we will do what we like with it, and those who don't like it are welcome to keep funding us and keep their mouths shut" "I've watched all 29 episodes of the current season and haven't found a single word against anyone who isn't me"

Both programs set themselves the goal of attacking only the right, and presenting it as crazy and dangerous. The problem is that the two programs, one of which is defined as satire, and the other as an investigative program, spread one-sided propaganda, and all this while using the funds of the very public against whom they are inciting

This is the one they sing to Kfir Bibs Likinton Chorus/Kan 11

I have been working for the Public Broadcasting Corporation since its inception, but I am writing this column as an ordinary consumer, watching among viewers, who finances the "Kan" broadcasts and feel that someone is using my money to hurt me.

I want to talk about two series here.

One is "this is it", the other is "the Rolnik report".

The first is defined as a satire program, the second is defined as an investigative program.

It's not really about satire, it's not really about investigations.

On the face of it, two unrelated programs.

In practice, programs that spread the same one-sided propaganda against the same publics, and in their way express one bottom line: the television belongs to our group, to the good old Israel, we will do what we like with it, and those who don't like it are welcome to keep funding us and keep their mouths shut .

I'll emphasize: I'm not talking about biased or unbalanced programs.

I'm talking about series whose basic goal is to harm anyone who is the "other" - to incite against him, mock him and mark him as psychotic and dangerous - even if this "other" is half a country.

"Limor Son Har, the king of squealing".

Gidi Gov in this one/screenshot, here 11

"Shrulilik from Samaria"

Two preliminary comments in defense of this is it.

One, that when I was a child they made me laugh.

The second, that their singing pieces - by Glickman, Baraba, Moshunov, Kushnir and Gidi Gov - are real magic.

What about the satire?

Well, here the truth must be told.

The ID guys are not funny.

not even a little.

But since we are not dealing with a humor review, I will put this issue aside, and focus on what is more important to me.

what do I mean?

That I am required to finance from my own pocket a television series that despises me and incites against me on a regular basis.

And don't get it wrong.

I have a sense of humor.

I even understand that we - the right-wing, the religious, the settlers, those who support the coalition led by Netanyahu - are funny people.

That everything we do and say and think is a good basis for satire.

But tell me, does it make sense to you that we are the only ones like that?

Could it be that there isn't another funny group here?

who does nonsense?

worthy of review?

for a skit?

Choose yourselves, leftists, Arabs, Kaplanists, anyone.

Because if 99% of the mockery of this was on me, and one percent was on someone else, I would be deaf.

This seems to me to be a fair distribution.

But I've watched all 29 episodes of the show's current season and haven't found a single word against anyone who isn't me.

What is in these chapters?

Here's a summary: Benjamin Netanyahu is stupid, cowardly, ridiculous, someone who doesn't care about the country and who doesn't care about anything except continuing to rule.

Limor Son Har-Malech is a squealer, Dodi Amsalem is a moron, Miri Regev is a fool, Bezalel Smotrich is a lover, Orit Struck is an extremist, and the religious people and the settlers are all a psychotic, delusional and ridiculous looking bunch.

And I look at it and wonder, why do I have to pay for it?

Does the entire management of the corporation think this is the return I should receive as a consumer?

More in Walla!

Strategic location, spectacular view and luxurious apartments: the intriguing neighborhood being built in the center

In collaboration with Aora Real Estate

Anyone else worthy of review?

Demonstrations against the government in Kaplan/official website, Amir Goldstein

Only against religious people and settlers is allowed?

Take an example: following the events of October 7, and even more so since the IDF entered the Gaza Strip, there are those among us who watched and longed for Gush Katif. You can argue with them, you can try to make security and political claims against them, and explain to them that they are wrong. But the group of leftists In one of the skits

, a five-song competition is announced

entitled "Returning to Gush Katif Now". Three made it to the finals of the competition. All three are wearing funny caps. All three look like they just escaped from the closed ward. All three have carefully chosen stupid names and idiotic addresses. The first is Shrolik Avigratz from the "Haritzi Shomron" settlement, the second Yochanan Krippner from the "Tel Ha'atz" settlement, the third Jeffrey Girpetschein from "Mitzpa Ekshin"

funny, right? Sha'ir, there is an oppressive group and a harassing group, but the best group is Gush Katif." The second: "The children went to classes, to school, and to kindergarten in an armored car, on the way to the grocery store, rockets flew at us from here and there, I shoot at Gazans and Gazans throw grenades at me. Oh Gush Katif, how many are my longings."

The third: "Sitting on a beach in Gaza on the water, Uzi on my shoulder and a Glock in my pants, Barbara with a Shaqpatz preparing lunch and little David screaming 'I found a tire with hashish in the water', this is our great life before disengagement, to return there is worth dying for."

And I want To say a few things about this ugliness. The former residents of Gush Katif, who also finance this and that out of their own pockets, did no harm to anyone. Do you think the secession was justified? Fine. Do you think it improved our security situation? Well, fine. But mocking people who didn't His sin and not his crime and their life's work was a sword? To laugh like this at those whose house the state destroyed and displaced their dead from their cemetery? To compare them to a "malignant mass"? Is this really funny to you? A subject for a joke at their expense?

Try to imagine that ten years from now a TV show will discuss the residents of Kibbutz Bari who are forced to be secure, just so that the Nouhba will not kidnap them again or rape their daughters again. Does that sound reasonable to you? It may be that such skits are only allowed to be produced against religious people and settlers And

here is the Hamshir that ends the skit: "Next year in Neve Delikim, when we are guarded by thousands of soldiers." Wow, holding your stomach, right?

By the way, tell me, is this a song suitable only for Neve Dekalim?

Because to the best of my memory, right now, "thousands of soldiers" are also guarding Menara, Dan, and Dafna.

It could be that from the Public Broadcasting Corporation's point of view, soldiers risking themselves to protect the northern kibbutzim is great, but soldiers risking themselves to protect settlers is a satire worthy of a skit?

And this is not an unusual sketch.

This story repeats itself in another skit, in which two couples are seen, she with a dress and a long dress, he - his name is Elhezek, hahaha - with a cap that is placed on his head, of course, like Connie Lemel.

Both of them, how funny, are interested in settling in Gush Katif.

Arabs who were our enemies in 1948 and fled their homes in what they call the "Nakba" and dream of returning to Jaffa and Ramla, have never made anyone laugh in a satire show the way unfortunate Israeli citizens who lost their homes in Netzer Hazani and Gani Tal laugh.

They did no harm to anyone.

Residents of Gush Katif after the disengagement/GettyImages

The joke is on them


In six different skits, in the last few months, the people of this and that tried to laugh at Channel 14 that it is biased, that it is one-sided, that it blames the left for everything and more.

Once they showed the entertainment "A difficult question for the Prime Minister" which shows what an easy life they lead on 14 Netanyahu.

Another time they went down on the right-wing channel that blames all the problems on Oslo and the disengagement.

You have to rub your eyes to see how well the camel can not see its hump.

I will tell you something.

I hardly watch current affairs programs.

I don't have energy for that.

It annoys me.

I have an exemption from the cardiologist.

The sports channel works for me full time.

Although I still consume something from the other channels, the share of channel 14 is increasing. Why?

Because it's the only channel that doesn't shout at me through the screen that it hates me.

And since I'm just a humble guy, that's enough for me.

And when they laugh at the one-sidedness of Channel 14, they don't realize that the joke is on them.

Because when you broadcast 29 consecutive episodes of satire against Netanyahu and against the right wing and against the settlers and against Ben Gabir and against Strock and don't devote one minute to a skit against anyone else, you can't really mock someone for their one-sidedness.

And when you broadcast on a channel that gives Guy Rolnik a free platform to promote his political positions and present everyone who doesn't look like him as a walking disaster, without bringing a single position that thinks otherwise, you can't really laugh at Yanon Magal or the "Patriots".

And when three news channels have been dancing on the shoulders for months with Shakama Bresler, the most ridiculous thing is to laugh at Channel 14 for politically supporting something or someone.

Is it funny to you that Channel 14 mentions Oslo and the disengagement?

I am embarrassed that on the other channels the contribution of Oslo and the disengagement to the disaster that happened to us is not discussed.

A week ago, after it was announced that he would start working as a forecaster and presenter of an economic program on Channel 14, Danny Rupp also found himself the subject of a sketch.

After all, anyone who cooperates with the devil, even if he only reports to the devil about the level of the Sea of ​​Galilee, should know that every Shabbat has a Shabbat evening.

And what is the most embarrassing?

That's when they broke their heads on how best to make fun of Rupp, and chose to present him as someone who goes to 14 only because they pay him a lot of money there.

Don't yell at me through the screen.

Yanon Magal on Channel 14/screenshot, Channel 14

Tell me, friends, are you really convinced that the story of the money is the best way to laugh at Rupp, who gets his salary from a private landlord, while you get your money, which you use to mock Danny Rupp and half the people, from the pockets of Danny Rupp and that half the people?

But all this pales in comparison to the following story.

At the end of every "Patriots" show, the presenter, Yanon Magal, usually gets up from his seat, and gives a mouthful for a few seconds to a representative from the audience.

In one of the programs, such a guest, Mazal Habib, approached the microphone of Magal, who spoke about the need to be united, but clarified that "first of all, the enemy must be defeated from within."

It's not pretty, it's not appropriate, and we still have to remember that the person behind this text is not the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but a woman from the audience, whom none of us know. This is it

, you won't believe it, they decided to make a skit about her. Yes, yes. The skit is about "Mazel Mashkelon" Avi Kushnir dressed up as a fortune teller and imitated her, with the handkerchief on her head, with the hayat, with the eye, and with all the eastern toolbox that you can laugh at, and Gidi Gov made her for 3 minutes a fool who doesn't understand anything.

Do you understand? Ehud Olmert calls Ministers in the government are "enemies" and "terrorists", writer Haim Baer calls religious Zionism a "cancer", director Benny Barbash says of the prime minister that he is "the greatest enemy that has arisen for the State of Israel since its founding", former Shin Bet chief Karmi Gilon compares the religious right To Hamas and ISIS, the playwright Moti Lerner sees the Gazan children who were killed by IDF fire and remembers the Jewish children who were sent to their deaths by Adolf Eichmann, and this is why he chooses to dedicate a skit to "Mezel of Ashkelon", a woman who appeared in the audience on one of the programs on Channel 14, because she spoke badly. Tell me, is this real?

We talked about taking care of minors only because they are in the wrong and deserving of ridicule? Here's another example, so that it's not a case, but the operating software of this program. who "stands out in his anonymity".

For several minutes, the stars of the show mocked MK Pesal as someone who does nothing in parliament, as someone who never comes to his work in the Knesset, and as someone who is not even ready to resign because to do that you have to go to the Mishkan.

The truth is, I don't know the man, from Tov to Bad, but I bothered and went to the Knesset website to check whether this unknown man's attendance in the Knesset is so low that it is appropriate to dedicate a skit to him. Well, in the attendance list of Knesset members, from the day Moshe Pesal entered it until today, he is ranked 66th out of 120 The MKs

The chairman of Israel Beitenu Avigdor Lieberman is in 87th place. The chairman of the Labor Party Merav Michaeli is in 97th place.

The head of the opposition, former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, is in 106th place.

Receives a salary from a private home owner.

Danny Rupp/Nir Pekin

Go on the heads of the opponents

Now, tell me, in what world is a satire show that debates over whose head to go on the claim that he doesn't come to work, prefers to leave Michaeli, Lieberman and Lapid, and focus on Moshe Psal?

Listen to me, this is what all the plans look like.

If you are not a Likud member or a settler, you are a protected flower.

This is a production that from start to finish was set up to go over the heads of its political opponents.

And another word about Yair Lapid.

If there was a satire show without political appeals, Lapid would occupy half of the broadcast time.

If our media wasn't all political, Lapid would be shown as he really is - Regev shooters on steroids.

There is no sentence he said that did not say the opposite.

There is no ideological position that he presented, that he did not present with the same level of conviction the ideological position opposite to it.

His worldview is more flexible than Linoy Ashram.

The amount of sentences that come out of his mouth, which have no internal logic and which it is clear that he himself does not understand - is enormous.

And yes, he comes to work in the Knesset much less than Moshe Psal, and his contribution to the Israeli parliament is lower than the Dead Sea.

If Lapid is still treated with respect in some studio, it's only because he comes from the right group.

Transfer him to the Likud for a trial period, and the whole world turns him into a class idiot in a minute.

Countless skits devoted themselves to portraying every minister who dared to ask something of the senior IDF officials at the cabinet meeting - as barbaric, violent, and uncivilized. In one of the skits, the chief of staff is shown as being rescued from the cabinet meeting with the kind assistance of Hilik Magnus.

In another sketch, Harzi Halevi is seen leaving the yeshiva crying.

In a third skit, Minister Orit Struck is mocked, after she dared to make things difficult for senior members of the defense establishment at the cabinet meeting.

And it's amazing that after October 7, after the biggest security failure in the country's history, the man most outraged in the satire programs, the ones that tell us they deal with sharp criticism, is the man who heads the system responsible for our security.

And who is shown in these programs as a joke?

Aman who slept on his nose? The Shin Bet who fell asleep?

The press that didn't ask questions, and all its commentaries explained that if we arrange a livelihood for the Arabs, there will be peace here?

God forbid.

The satire programs exist only to give the right-wing the lead, and who is more right-wing than Orit Struck?

And so, Kushnir and Moshunov repeatedly present the Levi runners as victims of the situation, and Strock - the unit that has troubled the security establishment countless times with questions about the activities of UNRA, the arming of Hamas and the products we flow into Gaza - as a clown. Why? Very simply. Strock Comes from the wrong party. Strock walks around with the wrong look. Strock lives at the wrong address.

66th place in attendance.

MK Moshe Psal/official website, courtesy of the photo

Not even a division on their part

This, it turns out, also has something to say about the division in the nation.

Who is responsible for this division?

In one of the skits, an imitation of Justice Minister Yariv Levin is seen, as he explains that what threatens him the most is the unity among the soldiers.

"My friends and I in the coalition worked night and day to tear the people apart. We must not let the group of murderers of Hamas destroy the vision to which the government led, and sabotage the hatred for nothing that we created here with great effort."

What a laugh.

Former chiefs of staff called on the reservists not to report for duty. Pilots announced that they would not come to the squadron. Not a day goes by that Yeshi Friedman does not publish on Channel 14 - yes, the only one that publishes such things - recordings of clerics and members of the Kaplan protest who denounce religious Zionism and see it as an enemy. The left stars "Bibi Betrayer" signs, but the only one who harms the unity of the people of Israel is Yariv Levin.

Now, look, if with this they explained that Levin is responsible for all the division in Israel except for one tiny faction in which someone from their political group is responsible, I would live with that in peace. But They are not willing to leave even one corner unclear. They are the good, the others are the bad. They are the children of light, the rest are the children of darkness. They hold the country, and the rightists and the Likudniks and the Netanyahus and the religious and the settlers are destroying it.

Plan after plan I ask myself how the hell They can't produce a single image of a person with a cap who is not ridiculed? What, you haven't come across such people on the street? We are all fools? We are all dangerous? We are all fools? , "And I studied computers at the 'Adusham Computers' studio at Atniel Elit." Wow. Peepy.

All the rest are sons of darkness.

Yariv Levin/Official website, Knesset channel

Rolnik does not ask

At the beginning of the week, under the auspices of public broadcasting, another propaganda, one-sided, hateful project was broadcast, the bottom line of which is similar to that of this one.

Guy Rolnik is behind this project.

Once a journalist.

In the last year, he has been active in protest.

"I spoke twice in Kaplan, and yes, also in Afula, Kiryat Bialik, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ra'anana, Emek Beit Shan and Nahalel," he says in the film.

What should have been self-evident should be said here.

To place public funds in the hands of an activist in the Kaplan protest so that he would make a tribute film to the heroes of the Kaplan protest, is a relegation of public broadcasting to prostitution.

To call this product an "investigation" is a real blasphemy.

If there is ever a procedure that seeks to close the Public Broadcasting Corporation, the decision to let Rolnik go on a political rampage at the expense of all of us, will be evidence number 1 in this procedure.

Rolnik chose a series of people, from the leaders of the protest against what he calls the "regime coup", and made them his/our heroes.

Throughout the 50 minutes of the film, he does not ask them anything or challenge them in anything, even in appearance.

He is they, and they are he.

If you had given Shikama Bressler the money Rolnik received to make a film about the check, "The Rolnik Report" is exactly what she would have gotten.

The film follows Ilan Shiloh, an advertiser and campaigner who was behind much of what we saw in the protest.

I have no interest in arguing with Shiloh himself or with the very interview with him, only with the way it was done.

Shiloh spreads fairy tales, and Rolnik, "presenting an investigative program", does not even think to check them.

For example, after Rolnik defines Shiloh as "the number one wanted among Netanyahu's staff", Shiloh tells him: "I know that they sent me spies, private investigations. Some businessman came to me, he came to my office and told me that he had a lot of money, And he knows how to stop the coup d'état and do campaigns and all kinds of things like that. I understood that this is a type of private investigators who are trying to fail me... He was sent by elements who want to act against me in the other camp."

Interesting story, isn't it worth checking out?

What is the name of this businessman?

Shouldn't you find out the matter instead of trusting the story of Shiloh?

On another occasion, Rolnik recounts that "the family closeness to the head of Amn led to sending a person close to the government with a strong hint: do not renew the protest and in return the level of attacks will decrease." Who is this "person close to the government"? It is not clear. Shouldn't we be told Should he or check if the story about him is true? Still, an investigative program, you know. Well, Rolnik doesn't check. Rolnik doesn't ask.

Once a journalist, today a protest activist.

Guy Rolnik/Reuben Castro

For 50 minutes Rolnik paints for us, at our expense, the picture of the country in his eyes.

Good versus bad, democrats versus Christian extremists.

No complexity, no questions, no doubts, no other position.

I watched this piece and wondered who the lunatic was that approved to fund it out of my own pocket.

I am not at all entering into the question of reform, good or bad, necessary or terrible.

I have my opinion, and I also respect the opinion of those who disagree with me.

And here is exactly the point.

that the public broadcasting corporation does not respect those who disagree with it.

I mean me.

And it is unbearable.

Does it make sense to you that for 50 minutes not a single word will be broadcast that does not present the elected government as a collection of crazy, extremists and destructionists?

Does it make sense to you that half a country should finance this propaganda against her, without her voice being heard?

In one of the segments of the film, Rolnik narrates: "Protest activists warn of the dangerous route, but none of them imagines the disaster that will strike us on October 7."

I want to say, if we had listened to the protest activists, the massacre would not have happened.

In the background of all this, by the way, he shows the picture of his heroine, Shakma Bressler, the one who encouraged the IDF soldiers not to volunteer for reserve service.

He does not ask any questions about the refusals. He does not make any comments about those who threatened to withdraw investments from here and harm in the economy. He does not say anything about the protestors' decision to attack the IDF.

Blocking the whole country is fine.

Bonfires on Ayalon are great.

Leave the fact that it is one-sided.

This is not journalism.

I know the heads of the corporation.

knows and cherishes.

Not one of them, I'm willing to swear, saw the film and thought it was a worthy piece of journalism.

Not even for a moment does Rolnik think of the possibility that the disaster of October 7th also came thanks to the fact that the enemy saw his friends announcing en masse that they would not join the army.

"When you see Israel weak - you attack," Shiloh explains what Hamas did.

Well, and didn't calls not to enlist in the reserves help Hamas see Israel as weak?

Rolnik does not ask.

Rolnik presents the protestors as if they bear the security burden.

He has no memory of the fact that the mapping of those who fall in the war shows that a high percentage of them came from the sectors that he vilifies in his plan and that he presents as extremists, as anti-democratic, as those who came to burn the country.

Masses of citizens mobilized, established independent armed forces, raised donations from abroad, purchased and shipped huge amounts of equipment for the fighters, but those who watch the "Rolnik Report" will get the impression that only the protest elements on the left mobilized for this activity.

"How far can you run with the 'together'"?

A meeting of rabbis and female rabbis with "Achim LeNishek"/Official website, the civil chameleon Achim LeNishek

Just before the end of the program comes the event that packs into one package all of Rolnik's inciting and ugly worldview.

This happens after he explains how disgusted he is with the possibility of Israeli society coming together as a result of the war.

"How long can you run with this 'together' thing," he comments to one of his interviewees.

"You have to say at some point, 'No, we want to change the face of the country. Not everyone will come under the same umbrella.'"

"The slogan 'Together we will win' and the shock from the massacre," he describes, "led to the strange moment of the 'Brothers in Arms' meeting with representatives of some of the most extreme groups in Israel, those who supported the coup d'état."

Leave aside the fact that Rolnik's "Brothers in Arms" are on the bright and non-extremist side, even when on the screen we see one of their leaders, Ron Scharf, the one who before the war declared that if the non-proliferation clause was repealed he would not report to the reserves, even if the State of Israel was attacked.

I put it aside.

I went over the faces of those who met with the "kissing brothers".

Those "extremists", which according to Rolnik are assigned out of disgust.

There was Rabbi Eitan Eisman, whose two grandsons, the brothers Noam and Yishi Slotaki, were killed on October 7 when they jumped out of their house without anyone calling them, and went out to fight terrorists in the Otaf kibbutzim.

Rabbi Ram HaCohen, the head of the Hesder yeshiva at Otniel, four of whose graduates fell in the war, was there. Rabbi Bnei Clemenzon was there, whose son Elhanan was killed by terrorist fire when he went to rescue the residents of Kibbutz Bari from their homes, and his nephew Fedia Mark was also killed in battle. Rabbi David Pandel was there. , the head of the Hesder yeshiva in Sderot, 3 of whose graduates were killed in the war. There were others there as well.

In Rolnik's view, these people are "extremists" who should not sit around the same table with them. And this is exactly the feeling that the Public Broadcasting Corporation conveyed to me this week. That it needs my money to purchase products and set the table, but he has no interest in clearing a chair for me around him. This week, not for the first time, I felt that someone had pickpocketed me.

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