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Aliko and Liraz case: the cards explain why such relationships work - voila! Spirit and horoscope


Highlights: Aliko and Liraz case: the cards explain why such relationships work - voila! Spirit and horoscope. Stop clicking your tongue: the tarot cards also prove that relationships that have a large age gap definitely work. Here are the reasons why this is a lesson or how you will decipher them. The birth/Maariv card: His shadow is a coin that prolongs the lives of lung cancer patients. The Sun card: The secret of the sun's magic, why not do young women love men, but the men love them so much?

Stop clicking your tongue: the tarot cards also prove that relationships that have a large age gap definitely work. Here are the reasons why

The birth/Maariv

Relationships that have a relatively large age gap have always made us doubt their credibility - however, since this is a widespread phenomenon that also proves to work, perhaps we should stop criticizing it and understand its foundations more.

The elements appear, among other things, in the Tarot cards.

Let's start with a disclaimer: "grown men" is a relative matter.

When it comes to the Aliko Valieres case, the guy is only in his forties.

He is really not on the waiting list for the "Mish'an" nursing home.

He is a successful young man with his whole life ahead of him.

However, there is no doubt that there is a significant age gap here, and compared to a 47-year-old man - Liraz is a "girl".

However, couples with such an age gap have been an extremely common thing throughout the ages.

Is there an explanation?

Yes, this is the constant tension between the Emperor card and the Chariot and the Sun card.

There are three main archetypes that make the attraction between young women and older men such a fascinating magnet


the emperor archetype, the chariot and the sun card archetype


So let's start with the well-known matter of the "archetype (or complex) of the father".

The Emperor card is our father card and it gives us the most basic needs - not only physical, but also mental.

He gives us order, a strong "back", enormous security and ground.

And now to lay an important foundation: we should all have all the archetypes, each and every one has an "inner emperor" who should support her and guide her life.

How does the "Caesar" reach our mental system?

We usually acquire it from the outside and in particular from the father figure in our lives.

It is not for nothing that when we have a strong and stable father figure in our lives, we will walk in the world with a feeling of more self-confidence, certainty and ability in every situation.

If you look at the video that Aliko uploaded containing "how we met", you will see an interesting thing.

On the one hand, Eliko is wearing a colorful shirt, almost childish (we'll understand this in the solar paper), his hair is light brown in a ponytail, which also gives a slightly boyish and innocent feeling, but in practice, he leads the video and the conversation.

He tells what happened and how, and Valeriz does not lead the narrative.

He expresses authority, leads the conversation and also tells how he led the courtship patiently while sticking to the goal - just like the emperor conducts himself, a stable, consistent card that inspires confidence.

Symbolically, he also says that he helped her park the car - and this connects us to the Chariot card.

Tarot: The Emperor Card/ShutterStock

The Chariot card is another "masculine" card that describes the courting, active man.

In the video, Aliko tells how he tried to help Liraz park and when she couldn't do it well, he got into the task, got into the car and parked for her.

It is a very "chariot" act, because the chariot archetype is the one that moves forward and sets things in motion.

He is the suitor and the leader.

He leads the conversation, he drives the vehicle (in a chariot, in fact), and I emphasize, these qualities are not negative - and we are not "descending" on anyone here.

We're just trying to figure out what's so attractive about these creeps.

Women can also be "moving forwards", who "take the reins" in everyday life.

However, there is no doubt that these are qualities that quite a few young women are influenced by when they are pampered, enjoy them and want more of this complementary energy in their lives.

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The treatment that prolongs the lives of lung cancer patients

In collaboration with the Israeli lung cancer association

Tarot: The Chariot Card/ShutterStock

So what's the last secret?

The secret of the sun's magic.

Why, not only do young women love men, but the men love them so much?

Because of the card of the sun - the eternal child, and a card of small and large addictions.

So the Sun card is perhaps a masculine card - extroverted, illuminating, charismatic, but the card is decorated with the image of a child.

And every woman in the world will recognize this reality - when she and her husband give birth to a child, she will almost always jokingly say "now I have two children".

Indeed, men remain in many ways - children forever, the Peter Pan syndrome mainly characterizes men because women mentally mature faster.

Even Judaism recognizes that a girl becomes a girl earlier (before the mitzvah) and that women are obligated to fewer mitzvos than men because to a large extent they have been granted a natural spiritual rank (at least according to some of the explanations I know - correct me in the comments if I'm wrong).

In short, the man is an eternal child and therefore he feels that at any age he is emotionally and mentally adapted to a girl who is even decades younger than him.

The curious, excited, pleasure-loving nature of the average man makes him remain in constant curiosity and desire for the young fair sex - and the women often recognize this and say: "He just hasn't matured."

Tarot: The Sun Card/ShutterStock

The Sun card is also an addictive card.

There is no doubt that nature "conspired" to fertilize the women and the men, and the sun card shows us that more than once a man takes all the right steps of the "emperor" and the "chariot".

He manages to win the young woman's heart, and she is undoubtedly "addicted" to him.

So even if he has some shortcomings, or he's a little older or a little childish for his age - she just doesn't see it.

She is "addicted".

Again, getting addicted is not a bad thing.

The bees are addicted to the nectar of the flower, people can be "addicted" to work, and it could be that for all the psychological and physiological reasons in the world, even young women can become addicted to an older man and vice versa.

The childish enthusiasm of the man, the element of the chariot - which makes him woo with vigor, go for it, take all the right steps, pamper and understand what she likes, lead and take forward, alongside the "emperor" who seems authoritative and understanding, learned and experienced, a teacher of life and a "back " to difficult situations - all these produce the attractive adult thing.

So what did we learn?

First of all, the cards understood Freud perhaps, even before he understood himself (and maybe we are exaggerating a bit, Freud did an excellent job without opening any cards), but our psychology and the deep patterns in the human soul were always visible to the eyes of the cards and were always reflected in the ancient mythologies.

So yes the cards understand us deeply - and even Aliko and Liraz.

Good luck to them!

The author is Sagi Mandelbaum, director of the School of Personal Fulfillment, Tarot and Dreams, author of the bestseller "The Guide to Reading the Tarot Cards", deals in classical homeopathy, has 28 years of experience in studying and teaching courses and workshops on personal development, tarot and dreams which he delivers on Zoom, in Tel Aviv, and in other cities throughout the country.

Tarot cards and more - on Sagi's website.

"Sagi Mandelbaum | Personal empowerment, tarot and dreams" - Sagi's Instagram.

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