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The secret Milei-Macri meeting, the combi law and the theory that Sturzenegger has


Highlights: Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri met face to face and alone and swore absolute secrecy about the meeting. Macri exposed his serious questions about the official management and the President insisted on the creation of a new political movement between the PRO and La Libertad Avanza. Milei is not willing to cede ministries to Macri and doesn't want to see himself in Alberto's poor mirror. The Chubut crisis put everything on fire. Mauricio looked for a solution that failed and Patricia bombarded Ignacio Torres.

Wall Street and the IMF talk about the weaknesses of the Government and do not fully understand the logic of the Casa Rosada. The President insists that things are going very well. He says he will move forward with reforms with or without Parliament's endorsement.

There was a secret and personal meeting between

Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri


They both saw each other face to face and alone and both swore absolute secrecy about the meeting.

Clarín confirmed that the two

saw each other in recent days

and that the dialogue was deep and sincere.

Macri exposed his serious questions about the official management and the President insisted on the creation of a new political movement between the PRO and La Libertad Avanza.

Mauricio avoided talking about names

– he has a hatred for Nicolás Posse – and he also took care to promote candidates for chapel ministries.

Milei became passionate when detailing his – very optimistic – vision of economic evolution.

She would have said:

“In the spring it will be another country.”

But he could not contain his annoyance against

“the rat's nest” of politics


He spoke of “traitors” and promised to twist their arms.

Macri suggested caution in his public outbursts and clarified that he fully shares Milei's proposal.

He admires the decision, which Mauricio did not have in his government.

But he was honest: he told her that, sometimes, he feels “bullied” by various ministers.

Milei shares the secret of the meeting with Karina and Santiago Caputo.

A minister had the version and consulted him: Milei avoided denying it and did not respond.

Macri only spoke to her hard core.

He thus confided to them:

“We had a very good meeting with Javier

. ”

They both agreed to meet again.

The same formula would be used: absolute secrecy.

It would be after Macri resumes leadership of the PRO.

Mauricio anticipated:

“The next meeting will be crucial.

“We are going to define how we begin greater political work together.”

Both agreed on something key: this coordination between Macri and Milei will not include, for now, a co-government.

Macri clarified to his intimates:

“We are going to cooperate, but far from co-government.”

Milei is not willing to cede ministries to Macri.

He doesn't want to see himself in Alberto's poor mirror.

The “Patricia question” hovered over the conversation.

Milei praises his determination, but she knows that Bullrich is at odds with Mauricio.

The Minister of Security plays hard and challenges the power of Mauritius.

She acts without guilt and reproaches Macri: “What are you coming to reproach me for, if you made me lose the election.”

The PRO is a hive.

The appointment of authorities is closed, but Milei demands that Macri make Bullrich look good.

Patricia accelerates and openly militates for the underlying idea, her secret plan, the President's: that, in the end, the PRO will merge with La Libertad Avanza and that this new political movement will be led by Milei.

The Chubut crisis put everything on fire.

Mauricio looked for a solution that failed and Patricia bombarded Ignacio Torres: “You are irresponsible, you want to make Catalonia.”

The intention to cut off the supply fell like a bomb among the oil tankers.

They acted quickly to block Chubut's initiative and prevent Neuquén from joining.

Miguel Galuccio would have been active to prevent the conflict from spreading to Vaca Muerta.

The Vista “capo” had the support of Marcelo Mindlin and Paolo Rocca.

Both also spoke directly with Rolando Figueroa and shortly afterwards the oil unionist Marcelo Rucci stated: “Neuquén is not going to adhere to the Chubut threat.”

The “wolves” of Wall Street had been sniffing around about this nonsense.

All the reports in Manhattan talk about Milei's weaknesses and the weak political strength that the President has to do what he says.

Also, reports from JP Morgan, HSBC and Morgan Stanley agree on one question: “

Will Milei be able to master the impoverishment generated by its mega-adjustment?”

On Wall Street – and the IMF – they do not fully understand the logic of the Casa Rosada.

Milei is elated and insists that things are going very well


He ratified it in the meeting with his legislators.

The President admitted that autumn is coming hard: “March and April will be the worst months.”

Oscar Zago asked him: “Javier, what do your surveys say?”

Milei, exultant, said: “We don't do surveys.

But I smell the social resistance of the people.”

Milei will present this in Parliament today.

Yesterday he locked himself alone in Olivos to finalize details of her text.

The exhibition is divided into three chapters: inheritance and corruption;

what has been done so far and the proposal for the coming months.

In this last section she would go against the caste, the traitors, and accuse those who do not want change.


Caputo suggested that he go all out against the “rats’ nest

,” because that “claws” in the networks.

Guillermo Francos suggested moderation: that he continue his escalation, but in an institutional and not a personal way.

Cristian Ritondo – at lunch on Tuesday – warned him about the climate in Deputies.

And he transmitted this message: “Things are heated, if you are offensive, be careful that you can be left alone in the room.”

Everyone is on alert and it is known that an offensive speech will accelerate a decision: there are already 45 senators to throw out the DNU and leave Milei legally naked.

The President counterattacks.

In Olivos he becomes emboldened: “I have them by the balls.”


Sturzenegger has a symbiosis with Milei.

A week ago he spoke at an international seminar at the University of San Andrés.

There were economists from abroad and Sturzenegger was sincere in his academic talk.

The star advisor insisted that it was impossible to negotiate with governors, cartels, unions and politicians because they will be “the victims” of the reforms that Milei promotes.

Sturzenegger gave as an example a negotiation that Mauricio Macri – in his government – ​​had with the unionists for the PAMI.

“They fixed their own thing.

But nothing could be done, because they don't want to change the job.”

The intellectuals at the colloquium asked him if it was possible to govern confrontationally and without consensus.

Sturzenegger expressed that there were international experiences and mentioned Fujimori's Peru.

It was premonitory.

Yesterday, Milei told the

Financial Times:

“I don't need Congress to save the economy.”

The issue heralds tension for tonight.

Milei's idea is to say that he will move forward with or without Parliament's approval.

It happens when incredibly two ministers – Franco and Toto Caputo, plus Santiago Caputo – make underground negotiations to revive parts of the old Omnibus Law.

The trio would have told the dialogue opposition that they will seek to approve “Combi laws”: separately the labor reform, fiscal adjustment and oil regime.

Nobody took them seriously.

Miguel Pichetto stopped them in their tracks: “First let's see what your boss says.”

Milei asked her Cabinet “to unite and defend itself.”

There are many versions of fights.

Yesterday, Transener and Transba – the electric transporters –

raised a financial alert.

In an internal “memo”, Pablo Tarca, the general director, reported that he does not receive funds from the Treasury and that is why the firms went on high alert.

“Toto” does not spend money to achieve fictitious fiscal achievements.

In that text, the two companies announced that they were on the brink of the abyss.

Transener and Transba have already taken drastic measures: yesterday they paid only 50% of salaries and are warning because the electricity supply is in the red.

Source: clarin

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