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With the support of the Arab leadership: the supporter of terrorism continues to deepen its roots throughout the country - voila! news


Highlights: Sheikh Ra'ad Salah is the extremist, inciting and anti-Israel sign among Israeli Arabs. Salah has been moving from town to town, village to village and city to city in recent years, establishing local groups of "Peace Committees" Two of his "peace committee" members have been accused in recent weeks of aiding Hamas. Both, it turns out, are members of the northern faction of the Islamic movement. Both are active in the new "social" enterprise that Salah founded after his movement was declared a terrorist organization.

Under the innocent cover of "Committees for the Spread of Peace", and under the auspices and assistance of the Supreme Monitoring Committee of the Arabs of Israel, Raad Salah deploys a huge network of activists and branches all over the Arab sector. Two of his "peace committee" members have been accused in recent weeks of aiding Hamas

Locating and destroying Hamas offensive shafts and terrorist infrastructure, Sabar Battalion, February 29, 2024/doc

Is Sheikh Ra'ad Salah - the extremist, inciting and anti-Israel sign among Israeli Arabs, the one whose movement was outlawed and recognized as a terrorist organization - returning in a big way, with the support of the Israeli Arab leadership, through a new organization that he has deployed in recent years all over the country, with the same people That they worked with him in that terrorist organization, just under a different and innocent cover?

Well, pay attention to the fascinating story told by two serious indictments filed in recent weeks against Israeli Arabs who collaborated with Hamas.

One of them describes the exploits of Osama al-Okbi, the man of the Negev.

The second, of Rami Habibullah, an Ein Mahel man in the north.

The media did cover these indictments, which we will expand on later, but few, if any, noticed the thread that connects them.

Al Uqbi and Habibullah are not just two defendants in acts related to terrorism.

Both, it turns out, are members of the northern faction of the Islamic movement.

Both are close to Sheikh Raad Salah.

Both are active in the new "social" enterprise that Salah founded after his movement was declared a terrorist organization, an enterprise that goes by the name of "Committees for the Spread of Peace", and which aims, at least in a statement, to fight violence.

The "committees for the spread of peace" were first established by Raad Salah, the leader of the northern faction of the Islamic movement, in 2017, about a year and a half after his movement was outlawed.

On the surface, it is an enterprise whose practice is reminiscent of that of the "Deva", with the aim in our case being to bring together as many people as possible through social and educational activities, and through war on violence, encouraging forgiveness and more.

Salah - whose activity is sheltered under the wings of the Supreme Monitoring Committee of the Israeli Arabs - has been moving from town to town, village to village and city to city in recent years, establishing local groups of "Peace Committees".

He works in front of the public, in front of the imams in the mosques, in front of the heads of the authorities, and in front of groups of women and students.

This is a project unimaginable in scope.

Salah himself spoke out on one of the occasions and said that his network is spread over at least 90 percent of the Arab sector.

It is doubtful if there is another person in this sector today - politician, party or any other entity - who owns an infrastructure similar to the one built in recent years by one of the biggest haters of the State of Israel.

The "Cities of Israel" organization, which monitors the activities of those who used to be members of the northern faction, mapped the various positions in the "Committees for the Spread of Peace", the members of the national management of this project and the heads of the local committees in the various Arab communities, and found that a clear majority of The leading figures held positions in the northern branch of Ra'ad Salah before it was declared a terrorist organization, and moved with it to the next operation with the new name and clean targets.

We do not know how to predict what will come out of this organization in the future and what Raad Salah plans to do with it.

We do know how to say, as mentioned, that his senior members of that terrorist organization follow him, and they come from all over Arab society.

From Tamra and Sha'ab, from Bekah to Jarbia and from Deir Hana, from Ma'araba and from Mazra'ah, from Toran and from the Negev, from Umm al-Fahm and from A'balin, from Menaf and from Jasr al-Zarqa, from Jaljulia and from Mekalnsoa, from Pouridis and Nazareth, from Jaffa, from Zarzir from Dvoriyeh and many other settlement points.

An absolute majority of the members of the national executive of the Peace Committees cooperated with Salah, but a few years ago in the northern faction he was outlawed.

Monitoring the activities of these "peace committees" often shows what the "peace" is that Salah and his partners are striving for.

In one case, for example, the "Committee for the Propagation of Peace" headed by Raad Salah came to pay a congratulatory visit to the terrorist Fakhri Mansour, when he was released from 17 years in prison, after driving a suicide bomber who exploded in the market in Hadera, an attack in which six people were killed and dozens injured.

Verdict of Raad Salah - the leader of the northern faction of the Islamic movement, incitement to terrorism, Haifa Peace Court, November 24, 2019/Walla! system, Habib Samaan

A point that is important to emphasize in this context: all the activities of Ra'ad Salah are covered under the supreme surveillance committee of the Israeli Arabs.

The chairman of the committee, former member of the Knesset Muhammad Barakah, appears himself next to Salah at quite a few events. The surveillance committee is like the government of the Arabs of Israel. In its council and in its secretariat, there is representation, according to an arranged key, to the heads of Arab authorities, to non-parliamentary Arab organizations, and to representatives The Arab parties. 3 representatives for the Hadash, 2 representatives for the Rem, 2 for the Bald, one for the Tal and more. I want to say, the return of Raad Salah, the supporter of terrorism, to the center stage and his re-transformation into a significant factor in Arab society, takes place in full cooperation with all The leadership of the Arab sector in Israel. These are not fringe people, who seek cooperation with them. These are not people without influence. This is the heart of Arab society and its mainstream.

Why is this story so important? For several reasons. Also because in this area of ​​the code, the activities of Islamic elements Some and others are familiar with the same "Daeva" activity that begins with social affairs, contributing to the community and helping the needy, and does not always end there. Also because the person who leads this project has been involved in inciting terrorism and violence for years. And also because it is amazing to see - while we often wonder where exactly his heart is of the Arab public in Israel - how this man, who sees us as an enemy, and who supports terrorism and violence against us, is embraced by dozens of heads of authorities and party representatives who receive him with respect, sign treaties with him, and give him certificates of appreciation for his work.

Raad Salah is an enemy of everything that appears on our national identity card.

An enemy of Zionism.

Enemy of Judaism.

enemy of the state.

An enemy of the IDF. An anti-Semitic person, a hater of Israel, who supports terrorist attacks and supports threats. He called us "bacteria", he called us "monkeys", he promised that "it won't be long before Jerusalem becomes the world Islamic capital for an Islamic caliphate He spoke of the duty to "launch an Arab Islamic intifada from ocean to ocean." "You will disappear," he prophesied, "and a day will come and the streets of Jerusalem will be clear of the blood shed by the occupation soldiers who captured al-Aqsa, and honor will return." Celebrations of his release from prison, to which Sent after he hailed and praised the terrorists who murdered two policemen on the Temple Mount, taught how popular the man is in the Arab sector of Israel. Thousands of jubilant revelers, convoys of vehicles, and just pilgrims who came to support him. Knesset members came to shake his hand. Councilors came to honor him. Delegations of students educated in the schools of the Israeli education system came to congratulate him.

Did we mention at the beginning the two members of Raad Salah's "committees for the spread of peace", who were recently arrested following their assistance and association with Hamas?

So here is their story, as it appears in the indictments against them.

Osama al-Okbi, close to Ra'ad Salah, served for years in senior positions on behalf of the northern faction in everything related to its activities in the Negev.

In the years before the faction was outlawed, he was in charge of the Negev region of the Northern Islamic Movement.

With the establishment of the project "For the spread of peace" by Raad Salah, El Ogbi became a key player in the national management of the new project.

The indictment filed against him by the Southern District Attorney's Office tells how he transferred money to a Hamas operative in Gaza even after it shared with him that the money was used, among other things, to dig tunnels by the organization's operatives.

In addition, El Egobi cultivated ties with Hamas members in Turkey, received money from one of them "for the Bedouin in the Negev", and even met with Salah El Aruri, one of the senior members of Hamas, who served as the head of the organization's military arm activities in Judea and Samaria and as the deputy head of the organization's political bureau, and eliminated in Lebanon about two months ago in an airstrike attributed to Israel.

By the way, a few days ago, at a conference held in the Negev after the arrest of Al Uqbi, it was revealed that the person who replaces him is attorney Khaled Azberga, a resident of Lod, another representative of the northern faction, a confidant of Raad Salah, and who represents some of the instigators of violence, including the Jerusalem mufti Ekhrama Sabi

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Salah al-Arouri with Gilad Shalit in captivity of Hamas 2.1.24/documentation on social networks according to Article 27 A of the Copyright Law

And here is the story of Rami Habibullah, another member of the northern faction, who was also involved in the activities of the "committees for the spread of peace" and was also recently arrested due to cooperation with Hamas.

Habibullah, an educator from Mein Mahal, who participated in several events with Raad Salah, and even spoke at his release ceremony from prison, traveled to Turkey in 2022 as part of a humanitarian aid mission, where ties were forged between him and Hamas activists with whom he was in contact for a long time.

He transferred money to those Hamas operatives knowing that they were such, and with the outbreak of the current war he spoke with them while expressing support for the actions of Hamas, and telling them that he was even considering joining its fighters.

Habibullah offered his friends in Hamas to help them and send them photos of a 'sensitive security location'.

A short time later he went to the "Elbit" factory, an essential security factory that produces ammunition for the security system, took pictures and sent them to a Hamas official in Turkey along with the factory's contact number, so that Hamas could attack the place with missiles. After being informed, in response, Since Hamas does not have the ability to attack the factory, Habibullah was asked to take the initiative and carry out an independent attack there. According to the indictment, Habiballah considered carrying out a shooting attack in Jerusalem, and in order to assist Hamas in its war in Israel, he contacted a resident of his village and contacted him to carry out an attack using weapons. The two were arrested before their plans could come to fruition.

The way in which Salah builds control over every point in the Arab sector, when he is treated with great respect and legitimacy, should have greatly disturbed anyone who thought that outlawing the northern faction would change anything here, and also everyone who who wishes to see the Arab sector become more Israeli, and move away from violence and from viewing the State of Israel as an enemy state. As mentioned, Salah is one of the extremists among Israeli Arabs. Over the years, he has been convicted time and time again of inciting racism, inciting violence, supporting an impermissible association, inciting terrorism, rioting, and attacking a police officer , and also spent several periods in prison.

The Or committee that investigated the events of October 2000 attributed to him repeated encouragement of violence as a way to achieve the goals of the Arab sector in Israel.

Salah, so it emerged from the committee's words, held mass meetings and used inflammatory propaganda methods with the aim of evoking a heated public atmosphere around the issue of the Temple Mount, thus making a real contribution to the inflaming of spirits and the violent and wide-ranging outbreak that took place.

Even before the events of October 2000, it was written about him, he was responsible for transmitting messages that deny the very legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel, and messages that present the state as an enemy.

It will be difficult to come up with claims for those who the current activity of Raad Salah in his new peace initiatives will remind him of what he did at the beginning of his career in the northern faction that he was the head of.

The faction also engaged in charitable activities aimed at mobilizing broad popular support.

The Islamic movement then invested large resources in providing social services and charity services to the weaker sections of society, as part of a "Dawa" activity designed to bring the population closer to religious values.

Against the background of this activity, over the years the northern faction has become a significant political movement among part of the Arab public in Israel.

All of this exploded with a big bang with the declaration of this faction as an impermissible association, when a detailed message published by the cabinet made it clear who we were dealing with.

The northern faction, it was explained, is a sister movement of the terrorist organization Hamas, and the movements maintain "close and secret cooperation".

The Islamic movement "helps the global financial system of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and is financed by it", and for years it was financed by funds identified with Hamas.

In the background to the decision, it was reported back then that the northern faction was leading a false campaign of incitement entitled "Al-Aqsa is in danger", with the aim of accusing Israel of false claims of intentions to harm the Mount of Israel.

In this framework, the northern faction, in cooperation with Hamas, established an array of paid operatives designed to initiate provocations on the Temple Mount.

The faction, it was further explained in that cabinet announcement, is a "separatist, extremist and racist organization that does not recognize the institutions of the state, denies its right to exist and strives to establish an Islamic caliphate in its place. The Islamic movement belongs to the extreme Islamist current and is part of the global 'Muslim Brotherhood' movement, while both share An extreme ideological view and a common goal - to destroy the State of Israel."

The decision to establish the "committees for the spread of peace" was made by Raad Salah about a year and a half after the declaration of the northern faction as a terrorist organization.

When he was in prison the activity stopped.

When he left it, at the end of 2021, she continued in full force.

As mentioned, the "Cities of Israel" organization mapped the officials in the "Committees for the Spread of Peace", and found that a clear majority of them previously served as officials in the northern branch of Ra'ad Salah, before it was declared a terrorist organization.

In October 2017, a few weeks after he was arrested for praising and encouraging acts of terrorism, a meeting was held at the offices of the monitoring committee, at the end of which it was decided to put Sheikh Abdul Karim Hajajara, who also previously held a position in the northern faction, at the head of the "Shalom" project.

At this meeting, ten representatives from different districts in the country were also elected, with the aim of serving as the national management of the project, nine of whom also held positions in the northern part until two years earlier.

As mentioned, during the days of Raad Salah's imprisonment, the committees worked on low heat.

Upon his release, in December 2021, he published an article entitled "Brothers and Sisters in the Local Peace Committees", addressing the people of the infrastructure he established before entering prison and informing them of his return to full activity and his intention to meet soon with his representatives across the country.

Salah explained that the purpose of his organization will be social and educational and will deal with the fight against violence and the values ​​of peace.

Less than a month after his release, he convened representatives of the local committees and members of the national administration from all over the country in Umm al-Fahm, where, among other things, the activists were informed about his role in the project of Hashem Abdel Rahman, formerly the mayor of Umm al-Fahm and the spokesman for the northern faction.

Another senior representative from this faction.

Raad Salah, the leader of the northern faction of the Islamic movement, entered prison at Kishon Detention Center, Haifa.

August 16, 2020/Shlomi Gabai

Two more months later, Raad Salah published another article entitled "Committees for the Spread of Peace" in which he detailed the aspirations and goals: establishing a committee in each locality, dividing the country into districts, establishing local youth committees, and establishing a religious body that would include religious leaders.

In one of the work guidelines documents, there is already talk not only about fighting violence, but about organized trips, competitions, cleaning days and more.

Recently, one of the "Peace Committees" published photos of a trip she organized for the activists to one of the abandoned villages from '48.

The local committees hold honor ceremonies for doctors, hospital activities, soccer games, sports events, equipment distribution projects, imams' conferences, lawyers' conferences, women's conferences, school visits and more.

Salah himself is present at almost every event, moving from place to place, plowing the land along its length and breadth.

The fact that dozens of heads of authorities cooperate with him and host him and his ventures shows the direction.

It is doubtful if there is another entity in the Arab sector that has under it such a large and significant network that covers almost every point in the sector, with people and branches that operate under it.

Where is this all going?

Everyone is allowed to evaluate as they wish.

But given the familiarity with the man and his power, given the familiarity with his past, given the familiarity with the movement he founded and which was declared a terrorist organization, given the fact that many of those who cooperated with him in that organization went on to cooperate with him in this venture, and given the not very far-fetched assumption that there is a very small chance that These have converted en masse their ideology and their perception of the state, violence and terrorism - in view of all this it is appropriate that someone give their opinion on what is happening here, rather under the radar.

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