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El "Negro" Rojas: the fearsome drug trafficker who planned to kill a judge, created his own PCC and has an anthem


Highlights: Néstor Fabián "El Negro" Rojas, 47, is being tried in Posadas, Misiones. He is accused of drug trafficking and hiring hitmen to kill a judge. Rojas created the First Border Command (PCF) trying to emulate a Brazilian group. He will not be in court, but will participate remotely from his prison cell in Ezeiza, Argentina. The hearings are scheduled for this Tuesday, March 5, 6 and 7 and 34 witnesses will testify.

47 years old, he created the First Border Command (PCF) trying to emulate the Brazilian group. He also hired hitmen to assassinate a judge. As of this Tuesday, he is being tried as the material author of the crime of a partner and drug trafficking.


PCF is the message/ and the message/ is that I command/ But I advise/ if it enters the life of the miscreant/ it stays fast/ It is a PCF command/ that arrived for the whole world/ to listen to/ It is a PCF command/ that I arrive for destroy/The border is not theirs/the border is ours


The stanzas (if they can be called that) belong to a

narco anthem


Handwritten and in Portuguese, they were kidnapped by the Federal Justice at the end of 2020 in the cell of

Néstor Fabián "El Negro" Rojas

(47) in Penitentiary Complex 1 of Ezeiza.

There he had been transferred from Misiones after the Gendarmerie detained a Brazilian commando who had crossed the border to rescue him.

Rojas is a heavy trafficker among heavy traffickers to the point that in the middle of the Covid pandemic - while imprisoned in Ezeiza - he hired two Brazilian hitmen to try to kill the Investigating Judge No. 3 of Posadas, Fernando Luis Verón (52), who was investigating.

Considered a "high risk" prisoner - and currently isolated in Marcos Paz - this Tuesday he begins to be tried in Posadas (Misiones) for the trafficking of

10 tons of marijuana, 32 kilos of cocaine

and the homicide of Aldo "El Polaco" Canteros ( 31) one of his partners whom, in 2018, he shot in the face because he thought he was betraying him.

Also known by the nickname "Loko" - which he earned hard - Rojas focused his drug logistics on the border with Paraguay and Brazil.

Justice points to his contacts with violent neighboring criminal organizations such as

Bala Na Cara

that operates in the south of Brazil and Paraguay or the First Capital Command (PCC) born in São Paulo.

The judge of Misiones Fernando Luis Verón.

Photo Missions Online.

Showing off this transnational link (which is not very clear) Rojas patented the brand

First Command of the Border



, as its anthem says).

With those acronyms, PCF, Rojas labels the marijuana loaves from his shipments.

The letters are always accompanied by a drawing of a dragon that devours itself, eating its tail.

The animal (called Uroboro) represents the cyclical nature of things.


"Record the acronym PCF well, because you are going to be marked for life," says Fabián "Negro" Rojas, arrested after a plan to kill a judge was discovered.

"You are going to regret having been born. You don't know what I have prepared for all of you. You know what I am saying, the acronym PCF. Record well because you are going to be marked for life, the rest of your short life ( ...) You have no idea, you are the ones who created me," Rojas shouts to the investigators during a telephone conversation with his wife, knowing that the woman's cell phone was tapped by Justice.

Beyond marketing

The trial against Rojas and part of his gang will be handled by the Federal Oral Court of Posadas made up of judges Víctor Antonio Alonso Fermín Amado Ceroleni and Enrique Jorge Bosch.

Vivian Barbosa will be the prosecutor of the debate assisted by Procunar.

The hearings are scheduled for this Tuesday, March 5, 6 and 7 and 34 witnesses will testify.

Rojas and two of his accomplices will be on the bench since 9 others have already signed abbreviated trials.

Although "El Negro" will not be in person at the hearings - he will participate remotely from prison - his explosive nature promises surprises.

Because Rojas has the easy threat.

"Let's stop hypocrisy and the crazy fantasies of your prosecutor. In case you're afraid, I'm going to give you a dog. Stop screwing around, you've already sentenced me.

Don't create a monster that you'll never be able to forget

," Rojas told the judges in a handwritten letter sent to the court on February 22.


The letters of drug trafficker Néstor Fabián "Negro" Rojas to the court

In the same trial, the one that begins in Posadas, two investigations were combined.

The first groups five drug shipments in the middle of the pandemic, which could have been thwarted.

The first, kidnapped by the Prefecture in the Paraná River on September 29, 2020, was 707,681 kilos of marijuana and was destined for the

Bala Na Cara criminal organization,

strong in the south of Brazil and an ally of the PCC in Paraguay.

This was followed by 12 packages of Peruvian cocaine sent to Argentina from Paraguay in two shipments of motorcycle spare parts.

That cargo was intercepted on October 14.

Aldo Canteros (31), the mechanic murdered in Misiones.

On October 23 of that same year, he suffered the hardest blow, on the Paraguayan side: they kidnapped him 10,039 kilos of marijuana that he planned to distribute in Argentina and for which he had already rented a warehouse in Garupá (Misiones) and another in Paso del Rey (Moreno). ).

In addition, on October 30, the Gendarmerie seized another 407 kilos of marijuana in Oberá.

The last kidnapping was on November 4 when he tried to triangulate 20 kilos of cocaine between Paraguay and Brazil.

The cargo, which was once again destined for members of Bala Na Cara, was kidnapped at the Santa Ana tollbooth by the Gendarmerie, who intercepted a motorcycle whose driver escaped.

The fall of Néstor Fabián "Negro" Rojas, drug hitman.

Photo El Territorio nestor fabian black red arrest drug trafficking hitman fight against drug trafficking

All that drugs ended up being kidnapped thanks to

the weakness that "El Negro" Rojas has for talking on the phone


They say that he talks for hours and hours from prison.

At least in the period investigated - October 2019 / October 2020 - he used two mobile phone devices, and both were tapped.

But the second case that comes to trial is more sinister.

He is accused of murdering one of his partners, "El Polaco" Cantero, in whose farm he had kept 1,800 kilos of marijuana.


After murdering his partner, the mechanic Aldo "El Polaco" Canteros (31), in his farm in Gobernador Roca (Misiones), the drug lord Néstor "El Negro" Rojas (46) says that he killed him because he betrayed him.

Canteros was shot twice in the head, one in the leg and another in the abdomen.

Rojas will go to trial for this homicide and two drug cases.

"El Polaco played us dirty, they squeezed us between four guys there today (...) they almost killed me, do you understand? I blew his head off, I blew his head off, his buddy's head and the others ran away. They pretended to be by soldiers and they were going to kill me," says Rojas in a listen that will be used as evidence during the debate.

Paradoxes of drug traffickers: in the case brought to trial, the widow of "Polaco" arrived as a victim of that crime and also as accused of being a member of the organization.

What is said to be on both sides of the drug counter.


Source: clarin

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