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Rugby World Cup: All matches and results at a glance


In Japan, 20 nations compete for the title at the Rugby World Cup. New Zealand is also defending champion and top favorite. All information and results about the tournament at a glance.

Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby is one of the oldest sports in the world, the history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Nevertheless, only since 1987, the official world champion is played. Previously, the national associations had not been able to agree on a continental tournament. This year, for the first time, a World Cup will be held on the Asian continent, in Japan. New Zealand are title holders and world champions with a total of three titles. Also this year, the All Blacks are considered the top favorites, next to South Africa, England, Wales, Ireland and Australia.

The World Cup on TV

ProSieben holds the rights to the Rugby World Cup and transmits selected games on free TV to ProSieben Maxx. The remaining games are shown on the internet stream on with original English commentary.

The mode

For the World Cup, 20 nations have qualified, playing in four groups of five teams the quarter-finalists. There are four points in the preliminary round for a win , two for a draw and none for a draw . There is also the opportunity to earn bonus points: if a team scores four or more times in a match , it receives an extra point regardless of the final score. Likewise in a defeat with seven or less points distance . In the case of equality of points in the groups, first of all the direct comparison, then the difference of the game points counts.

Rugby briefly explained

For outsiders, rugby is at first glance a sport that is difficult to understand. The basic principle is simple: The oval ball must be carried by the teams into the enemy end zone, the so-called paint field and stored there. The players may pass the ball only to the back of other players or pass. On the other hand, shooting is allowed forward. If a player is torn to the ground, he must not hold the ball and must pass it back to his teammates.

Most points can be achieved by running into the opponent's Malfeld, there are five counters for the so-called Try. After each attempt, the team has the chance of an increase (conversion) by two points . The situation is similar with a so-called penalty kick. After a serious rule violation of a team, the opposing team may shoot a penalty kick (Penalty Kick) on the crossbars, there are three points . From the game, a player can also score three points with a drop kick through the crossbars.

Shuji Kajiyama / AP

The New Zealand All Blacks are top favorites and one of the attractions of the World Cup

Group A (Ireland, Japan, Russia, Samoa, Scotland)

September 20 (12:45): Japan - Russia 30:10
22nd September (9:45 am): Ireland - Scotland 39:21
September 24 (12:15): Russia - Samoa 9:34
September 28 (9:15 am): Japan - Ireland 19:12
30th September (12.15 pm): Scotland - Samoa 34: 0
03. October (12.15 clock): Ireland - Russia 35: 0
October 5 (12:30 pm): Japan - Samoa
09. October (09.15 clock): Scotland - Russia
12th October (12:45 pm): Ireland - Samoa
October 13 (12:45 pm): Japan - Scotland

Group B (Italy, Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa)

September 21 (11:45 am): New Zealand - South Africa 23:13
22nd September (7:15 am): Italy - Namibia 47:22
26th September (9:45 am): Italy - Canada 48: 7
September 28 (11:45 am): South Africa - Namibia 57: 3
02. October (12.15 clock): New Zealand - Canada 63: 0
04. October (11.45 clock): South Africa - Italy 49: 3
06. October (06.45 clock): New Zealand - Namibia
October 08 (12:15 pm): South Africa - Canada
October 12 (6:45 am): New Zealand - Italy
October 13 (5:15 pm): Namibia - Canada

Group C (Argentina, England, France, USA, Tonga)

21st September (09.15): France - Argentina 23:21
September 22nd (12:15 pm): England - Tonga 35: 3
September 26 (12:45 pm): England - USA 45: 7
September 28 (6:45 am): Argentina - Tonga 28:12
02. October (09.45 clock): France - USA 33: 9
October 05 (10 clock): England - Argentina
06. October (09.45 clock): France - Tonga
09. October (06.45 clock): Argentina - USA
October 12 (10.15 clock): England - France
October 13 (7:45 am): USA - Tonga

Group D (Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Uruguay, Wales)

September 21 (6:45 am): Australia - Fiji 39:21
September 23 (12:15 pm): Wales - Georgia 43:14
25th September (7:15 am): Fiji - Uruguay 27:30
29th September (7:15 am): Georgia - Uruguay 33: 7
September 29 (9:45 am): Australia - Wales 25:29
03. October (07.15 clock): Georgia - Fiji 10:45
05. October (07.15 clock): Australia - Uruguay
09. October (11.45 clock): Wales - Fiji
October 11 (12:15 pm): Australia - Georgia
October 13 (10:15 am): Wales - Uruguay

October 19 (09.15 clock): First Group C - Second Group D
October 19 (12:15 pm): First Group B - Second Group A
October 20 (9:15 am): First Group D - Second Group C
October 20 (12:15 pm): First Group A - Second Group B

October 26th (10 o'clock):
October 27th (10 o'clock):

02. November (10 clock):

The World Championships since 1987 at a glance:

1987 final in Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand - France 29: 9

Endgame 1991 in England: Australia - England 12: 6

Endgame 1995 in South Africa: South Africa - New Zealand 15:12 after extra time

1999 final in Wales: Australia - France 35:12

2003 final in Australia: England - Australia 20:17 after extra time

2007 final in France: South Africa - England 15: 6

New Zealand 2011 final: New Zealand - France 8: 7

Endgame 2015 in England: New Zealand - Australia 34:17

Source: spiegel

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