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Press comments on the Wada verdict against Russia: "That's clear nonsense!"


The World Anti-Doping Agency locks Russia for four years. The international media judge the punishment partly as "discouraged", a Russian newspaper finds the decision "ridiculous".

Russia is banned until 2023, according to the judgment of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). As a nation Russia may not participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 and at the World Cup in the same year in Qatar. In the international media, the verdict of the Wada is judged differently, from "mild" to the "toughest sanction in sports history." The press reviews at a glance:


Sport-Express: "Wada's decision was predictable, and hoping to escape or at least get a 'reduced' penalty was considered crazy from the outset, and unlikely to keep all Russians out of all sporting events with a total spell The Wada has now opted for an intermediate option: it's a pretty tough one, but at least one that the world has already gotten used to, so what's going to happen now? First and foremost, our sport will be going through very hard times and will be with a new wave faced with fierce sanctions. "

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "This is very insulting and even more: It is a ridiculous decision, not only Russian athletes are not allowed to travel to competitions as such, and Russian civil servants are not allowed to participate in major international competitions.

Kommersant: "The domestic sport has caught up with the biggest catastrophe in its history. (...) The recommendations and the final verdict is probably the most painful blow the Russian sport ever got."

  • More on the topic: This is what the main witness Grigory Rodchenkov says about the Wada judgment


The Times: "Vladimir Putin wants to break and break, that Russia will emerge victorious from all his undertakings, and if necessary, rules will be violated and bowed down to what the President sees as national interest."


La Vanguardia: "Exemplary punishment for the Russian sport"

El País: "Who knows which of them is currently more injured: the national sports patriotism of the Russian great power or their pride in criminals who have fallen by their own clumsiness."

El Mundo: "The hardest sanction in sports history."


Gazeta Wyborcza: "It seems that the game has become somewhat more equal, at least in sport, but again the punishment is not proportionate to the offense, and Russia should be thrown out of the sports world without exception."


Volkskrant: "The conclusions drawn by Wada show that Russia has not learned anything from the punishment it has been given for manipulating samples at the Sochi Olympics. (...) Under Russian President Putin, the Russian athletes became instrumentalized: They are fighters for their homeland and must, as at that time already practiced in the GDR, be promoted with performance-enhancing means. "


Neue Zürcher Zeitung: "So far, so bad, but at first glance, what sounds like a decided crackdown by the sporting world against one of its rebellious members is not much more than a paper tiger on closer inspection. (...) The Russian athletes will The Russian footballers will compete in the Euro next summer, with the Russian city of St. Petersburg hosting three rounds of matches and a quarter-final, with the Wada leaving enough backdoors to the Russians to circumvent the sanction and face to protect."

Blick: "A discouraged decision. (...) Too many questions are still open - for example, what conditions athletes have to meet in order to qualify as clean if they want to compete in the Olympics or World Championships."

Tages-Anzeiger: Congratulations to the Russians The punishment of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) against Russia sounds harsh, measured by the immense fraud, it is mild, what happens when a nation systematically doses its athletes for years - and This scam is undoubtedly proven? It will be punished a bit. "

Source: spiegel

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