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This season, Yuval Sussman arrived, physically and mentally exhausted after not being drafted and not impressed in the summer league. Speropolus did not give up, Wilbkin supported and in recent weeks he answers all visitors. Career "

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This season, Yuval Sussman arrived, exhausted both physically and mentally after not being selected in the Draft and not finding a team in the best league in the world. While athletes are taking advantage of summer to rest and recover the body, he has not stopped working. Just hours after winning the Maccabi Tel Aviv Championship, he had already taken off for the US to test several teams in an attempt to impress Hashiman ahead of the draft.

He spent a few days there and returned to Israel to see with his family in Netanya the commissar Adam Silver reading name after name and eventually leaving him out of the second round. "Yuval was frustrated that night and in the days that followed," say people familiar with the actor.

The moody mood didn't last long, and "Zus," as his friends call it, left for the US again, this time to join the Summer League and try to find a non-draft team. "I'll prove to everyone who made a mistake when they didn't pick me," he said. He will be a partner in five Cleveland uniforms in Las Vegas, but has not received a contract.

Sparopoles. Support Zusman even in the difficult moments // Photo: Udi Citiat

Sparopoulos's bad opening and support

In mid-July, Sussman returned to Israel and joined the team in August. Opening the season was not good. In the first ten games in the Euroleague he scored an average of 4 points, and also in the league only twice crossed the 10-point threshold in eight cycles.

The commentators, and some of the fans, talked about being fearful and hesitant, and some even claimed he was not talented enough to be a key part of a senior Euroleague team, and certainly not a good fit for the BBC. "Fortunately for Yuval and Maccabi's luck, the coach is Janis Spruplus," says the source, "Every other coach would be discouraged, not Janis."

The Greek took Sussman for a personal conversation and explained to him that no actor is a machine and made sure he trusted and believed in him. Sparopoulos was not content with talking and helping him get into things through his strengths - the defense. Each time, he was assigned the task of keeping the rival star, and he usually met with great success. Among the victims is a superstar such as Nando de Colo, and also Jacob Brown.

"Sussman is a young player," explains assistant coach Tim Fanning, "as part of this process there are ups and downs. We are there mainly to support and spur and make him work hard day in and day out. That tactic worked."

The one who was still there to help is Scotty Wilbkin, who underwent a major makeover this year, not only on the field but also in leadership in the locker room. Wilbkin had a lot to support and encourage, and the effort paid off.

Sussman blocks De Colo last year // Photo: Gettyimages

The big break

Lately it's been a completely different player. In the last three Euroleague games he has scored in double digits as well as in the last two league cycles. The percentages to 3 have jumped (75 percent in the league, 41.6 in Euroleague), and it's mainly the aggressiveness of the attack, which has joined the defensive aggressiveness that's always there.

Its importance grew due to the backstroke injury that caused the professional team to instruct Zusman to lead the ball and place it in some minutes at position 1. "We lost two important players, and to fill the void everyone needs to give more power and cover with greater effectiveness," Fanning says.

"If you want to be a good player, you have to know how to stand the pressure," Sussman said in an interview with the Eurohops website. "There is no way you will be a good player if you are shy on the field." Lately, he seems to have internalized his own words and something has loosened - two-handed echoing dunks, one few yards from the famous San Antonio Spurs scout, Italian Claudio Cripe, virtuoso baskets and the demand of the ball. As if answering all those who claimed he couldn't.

Wilbkin immediately sat down to compliment: "Yuval is coming up in recent games, that's very important to us." Also Omri Caspi, who understands Israeli talent, puts his finger on the change factor: "He is aggressive on both sides of the field."

Spropoulos himself looks like a proud father: "When you trust the player and show him that, he always tries. Since I came to Maccabi we give him and trust him, and now he gives back. Who scored a season-high 15 points in 31 minutes. "I need to go to rest," the actor murmured as he was completely exhausted.

Wojciech. Professional manager builds on Sussman // Photo: Udi Citiat

"Want Jubilee to finish Maccabi career"

The rest is a word that Maccabi Tel Aviv does not recognize. Tonight, the Yellows will be staying at Zenit St. Petersburg again with a missing roster. Less than a year ago, Sussman delivered his Euroleague record when he stunned Europe and carried the Yellows to a first foreign win over CSKA Moscow since he did That's the great Anthony Parker in the 2003/4 season. To win, Israel's champion will need another show from her talent on Russian soil.

And what about the future? Speaking to Sports Director Nicola Wojcic, who recently gave him a contract for another two years: "We want to see Yuval Maccabi by the end of his career. He is an important part of the team, not only did we not bring another player to his position."

Info - Euroleague Data

Cycles 1-10

Minutes points threes rebounds index

16 4 3 from 16 2.4 4.1

Cycles 11-13

Minutes points threes rebounds index

23 12.3 5 from 12 4.7 14.7

Source: israelhayom

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