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A really talented basketball player or athletic phenomenon? • A threat even out of color or forwards going to live under baskets? • And is it something we have never seen in the BBC? • The Rocky's historic debut rocked the world, but also provided some answers • Welcome to Zayun-Mania

  • Williamson rises to the premiere



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In a company I once worked for, we were able to help content sites understand "what makes men share content online." The analysis took a long time and was based on millions of data, all this, just so we could establish what any man could say in advance: give them a topic related to headlines, place (only) two arguable sides, and hopefully - the Share button will smoke.

So it's no surprise that New Orleans rock star Zayn Williamson (first choice in the draft) is provoking much more controversy than the number of NBA games he has been able to attend - a number that, at the time of this writing, following his sensational debut and record-breaking night From Wednesday to Thursday, only one stands.

Is he a guard in Forward's body? Is he Forward in Linebacker's body in football? Is he a chin in the body of a participant in the world's strongest man competitions? And what's more - fast or strong or flying? And is his basketball talent really something special or is it mainly an athletic and physical phenomenon that we haven't seen before? Admittedly, have we really never seen anything like it? And how much can it work against the "best men" of the best league in the world? Hello, here it is not high school or half season at university.

And how long will it last? Is his body capable of coping with his power and speed? Is he also capable of scoring, handing and passing his guard with dribbling? And how much will all these things hold up for when athletics are no longer what they are today? Is it another Style Derrick Rose case, which was too explosive for his own knees? Or is it kind of LeBron James - someone whose body is so unique that it will still prove to us all that it is actually from another planet?

Pffffffff some questions, and there are many more. And answers? barely. But in his debut against the San Antonio Spurs, he at least started to answer some of them. And how he answered.

Popovich will also not forget the last quarter // Photo: IP

Can it work with the NBA pro men? Yes. Some of the 7 rebounds he picked up in 18 minutes came when he just jumped out of nowhere higher than him. In one instance, Jacob Feltel thought it had to be Paul, because he felt he was being pushed. Williamson did not push. Their bodies were just slightly touched by each other, and it sent the Austrian to wonder what wall he was in.

Does he really have basketball talent? His assassin for Brandon Ingram's penetration was timed and accurate, as was the long delivery he launched in the burst he created, after a rebound down, and found Josh Hart for his own layup.

Is he able to score? Well, 4 in 4 to 3 catches as an answer? True, all the shots were relatively free, and he won't get them like that later, but with the speed and delivery he has shown to have, going for him at three can be just as dangerous. By the way, Zayon's four threes are exactly the number of threes that scored all the first draft picks in the previous three years (Simmons, Pultz, Ayton) in the first two seasons. Yes, all of them together. In 18 minutes.

Have we never seen anything like this? That's the most points scored in a first-team match less than 20 minutes, and nobody before him scored 4 threes without a miss in his first league game. So we can also mark here.

It ended in a loss to the Middle Spurs, but the 17 points he scored in 3 minutes and 8 seconds in the fourth quarter that put the Flickens back in the game, even Greg Popovich - who has already seen everything - will not forget. We probably won't.

Source: israelhayom

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