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Israeli basketball

In light of the debate between the bodies that run basketball in Israel, we examined whether there are indeed two national teams that are able to meet the threshold and rise to the Premier League next season. • Hint: The budget is not a problem and the halls need improvement.

  • Upper roll opposite Herzliya. Worthy of the Premier League?


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In recent months, there has been a debate among the basketball players in Israel about the National League's ability to provide two teams each season to advance to the Premier League in terms of infrastructure and budgets. The Basketball Association and the National League Administration claim that there are two teams that can go up, while the Premier League administration firmly claims that things are wrong, and that the move will hurt the professional and marketing in the first league.

As a result, we checked in "Israel Today" whether the top-tier teams in a possible mountaineering position could rise if they finished in one of the first two places and meet the two major requirements of the Premier League administration: a minimum budget of NIS 6.5 million and a hall with a capacity of 2,500 seats or a construction plan Future of such a hall.

The Premier League requires a proper hall // Photo: Liron Moldovan

In conversations we have with clubs based on municipal support, it has emerged that in order to reach a budget of NIS 6.5 million, the municipality will need to raise around 3 million or take care of businessmen to transfer the amount in question. Along with the 2.2 million that the manager transfers and the million that the group achieves from tickets, subscriptions, and sponsors, the minimum budget can be met.

Hapoel Afula
However: The sports hall in the city contains 1,000 places and there is an option to expand if the team goes up. At the same time, the municipality has a 3,500-seat arena for hosting sports and cultural events.
Budget: This season, the municipality is budgeting NIS 2.1 million, and in response to our request, it has been made clear that the municipality will set the necessary budget for the Premier League.

The sons of Herzliya
However, the "Jubilee" which has been playing in the Premier League for many years, contains 1,350 seats. There is no plan to build a hall.
Budget: The municipality has in recent years set the required amounts for the budget above the minimum. The municipality said it was early to know what the amount of the allowance would be, but the club made it clear that the budget issue would not be a problem.

Frankel. In the league administration refuse to change // Photo: Danny Maron

Hapoel Haifa
However: Romema contains about 5,000 places, meets all criteria and is used by Maccabi Haifa in the Premier League.
Budget: The group does not receive grants from the municipality and its revenues amount to NIS 1.5 million this season. According to the club's estimates, in the Premier League revenues will be $ 4.5-4 million, which together with the allocation from the administration will allow a minimum budget.

Hapoel upper cylinder
However: The lot in Kfar Blum contains about 1,500 seats (including folding offers), and there is an option to expand if the group goes up.
Budget: Upper Galilee Regional Council gives about NIS 1 million and does not intend to increase support. However, the club makes it clear that some businessmen from the area will be financially helpful if they make it.

Elizur Kiryat Ata
HOWEVER: Hint Hall contains 1,000 places with no option to expand. There is no plan to build a new hall.
Budget: According to the group's data, season revenue from sponsors and tickets is estimated at about NIS 1.5 million and the municipality has spent more than NIS 1.5 million. If the group increases, the municipality will increase the allocation by at least NIS million so that the group meets the minimum budget.

Bnei Herzliya in front of Upper Galilee // Photo: Oded Karni

Maccabi Kiryat Motzkin
However: Goshen has about 1,000 places. A new hall is currently being built that is ready for summer with a capacity of 750 seats and an option to expand to 2,500.
Budget: In discussions with city officials, it was made clear to the group that if you qualify, the municipality will make every effort to help set a budget.

Elizur will build
However: Ralph Klein Sports Hall contains just over 2,000 places (two folding offers).
Budget: The municipality is currently spending close to NIS 2 million, and in response to our request, it has been made clear that the mayor wants to see the team in the Premier League and will work to meet the criteria if and when.

Source: israelhayom

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