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Hertha chaos: Klinsmann makes a clear cut on Facebook with ex-club


Jürgen Klinsmann / Hertha BSC: After the media-based exchange of blows between ex-coach and top club, Klinsmann is taking the next step on Facebook.

Jürgen Klinsmann / Hertha BSC: After the media-based exchange of blows between ex-coach and top club, Klinsmann is taking the next step on Facebook.

  • Jürgen Klinsmann is no longer the coach of Bundesliga club Hertha BSC .
  • The result was an open exchange of blows between Klinsmann and the board.
  • After Klinsmann's live video on Wednesday, the next swipe followed .

Update from February 14, 11.35 a.m .: After Jürgen Klinsmann had been thrown out as coach of Bundesliga club Hertha BSC in the past few days and had to resign from the Berlin supervisory board a few days later, the posse continues briskly for the 55-year-old. Klinsmann had talked on Facebook on Wednesday evening about the background of his resignation via live video, now the former national coach lets the social media speak again.

Klinsmann, who shares news about him on Facebook with around 432,000 followers, changed his cover picture on Friday morning. Most recently, a cover picture on which Klinsmann can be seen as a Hertha coach on the sidelines adorned the profile of the world and European champions. Now the cover picture has been replaced with a photo showing the back of a helicopter in front of a California restaurant. For Klinsmann, who appears to be back in the USA, the Berlin stage has also ended in the world of social media.


Klinsmann's new Facebook cover picture.

© Screenshot Facebook

Klinsmann resigns: Hertha BSC already has a successor in mind - he is an old acquaintance

Update from February 13, 7:24 p.m .: There was plenty of air after Jürgen Klinsmann's departure as Hertha coach. The club grandees, including the investor, were very surprised by the actions of their ex-coach. At the same time, they strengthened the back of interim trainer Alexander Nouri . But it is probably only a temporary solution until ... yes, who actually? As the kicker now reports, Hertha should still hope for ex-FCB coach Niko Kovac's commitment.

They wanted him before the Klinsmann takeover - but Kovac canceled. Even now, the Croatian should not be immediately available, wants to orientate himself first. However, according to the current report, Hertha wants to start a new attempt at Berlin-born Kovac in order to sign him as a coach from summer. A comeback by ex-coach Pal Dardai is ruled out under Michael Preetz.

Hertha Chaos: Press conference at Hertha BSC for Klinsmann-Bang

Update from February 13, 3:37 p.m .: The Hertha bosses worked up the Klinsmann bang in a press conference. Berlin investor Lars Windhorst also made it clear that the now former coach would also have been important for the club in economic terms. This is another reason why Windhorst was very disappointed with the coach's departure. It was about to get new sponsors for Hertha, "that's why it's all the more regrettable how it ended," said Windhorst at the press conference, according to the picture . And the Hertha investor is following suit and thinks that the name Klinsmann should have helped to arouse the interest of new investors.

Hertha investor Windhorst shoots against Klinsmann: "Among adults ..."

Update from February 13, 1:05 p.m .: The bosses spoke. President Werner Gegenbauer , investor Lars Windhorst and managing director Michael Preetz dealt with the end of coach Jürgen Klinsmann in a press conference.

The PK went for about 45 minutes, which we followed here in the live ticker. The Hertha bosses made it clear that the problem could have been solved - if we had still spoken to each other. Investor Windhorst , who had the longest speaking time, was asked whether he had made a mistake in Klinsmann : "It's just not easy to answer," he replied.

Jürgen Klinsmann: Investor Lars Windhorst with violent allegations - confirmed in the supervisory board

Jürgen Klinsmann sees it himself as having carried out a short circuit. You can do that as a teenager. But that shouldn't happen in adult business . He sees it that way now. But I don't think that I was mistaken as a human being. "

So Windhorst found clear words, but he also made it clear that he would not close the doors for Klinsmann in the future - however, he is "only" the investor, the decision about a Klinsmann comeback should be able to influence other participants even more clearly. For the moment, the former coach is no longer on the Hertha board.

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"The whole pig that was invented there": Klinsmann scolds Hertha-Aus - the next blast follows immediately

Update of February 13, 8.31 a.m .: On Thursday morning, the leadership of Hertha BSC will answer journalists' questions. We accompany the press conference from 11.30 a.m. in the live ticker.

Update from February 13th, 5.59 a.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann gave a clean handout on Wednesday evening via Facebook. What's next for him? Until now it was unclear whether he would remain on the Hertha KGaA (limited partnership on shares) as a member of the supervisory board - until now. Because now it should be fixed that you do not want this scenario at the capital club.

According to reports by Spiegel and Kicker , those responsible for the BSC have decided against Klinsmann's involvement in the Supervisory Board. That should be made public on Thursday. The ex-trainer had said in Facebook chat on the subject: "That is up to the people at Hertha. I have no problem with that, it has nothing to do with the supervisory board or anything. Let people say what they want. ”Apparently they have now.

"The whole pig that was invented there": Klinsmann shoots against Hertha Boss - and escapes from Berlin

Update from February 12, 6.40 p.m .: What a press conference from Jürgen Klinsmann on Facebook. Only with a laptop and with a mini camera did the 55-year-old Swabian comment on the retirement of Hertha BSC fans - and how.

The former national coach vigorously handed out against Berlin manager Michael Preetz , saying that he had never had a contract with the capital's club. And he chose very harsh words against his critics.

We have noted the most important statements - and summarized them here:

Jürgen Klinsmann with spectacular statements after Aus at Hertha BSC

6:25 pm: Klinsmann does not have enough yet, continues to hand out vigorously.

“It is absolutely not true that I am leaving a mess. The team is six points behind the relegation and is physically in a completely different condition than we found it, ”explains the 55-year-old at his Facebook press conference.

Regarding the so harshly criticized Preetz, he continues: “Making contracts with players is great for Michael Preetz in dealing with player advisors. The players who are here now will give us a lot of pleasure in the future. These systems were necessary for the future of Hertha BSC . I am absolutely convinced that we will be even closer to the relegation zone in a few weeks. ”

The video from Jürgen Klinsmann's Facebook press conference

The Swabian, who had already failed at FC Bayern , becomes emotional: "I will continue to be a Hertha fan, I owe it to my father, who took me to Hertha games when he was eight."

He thanks “for ten incredibly intense weeks,” he continues: “The club is going in the right direction. One day it goes to the Champions League . It's not insane to talk about these goals, they are realistic. If you don't define goals, you don't have to get out of bed in the morning. ”

Klinsmann becomes clear in the direction of his critics: "All the shit that was invented there. A week later they chalked me up to close the gates during public training. I only said that they should put the cameras away after half an hour Our training was always broadcast live. I am like that, with corners and edges. "

Hertha BSC sinks into chaos: Jürgen Klinsmann hands out against Michael Preetz

6.15 p.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann continues on the reasons that led to the separation from Hertha BSC : “We did not manage the division of competencies, and this affects Michael Preetz and me in particular. In Germany, a manager sits on the bank and intervenes. In England, the manager only has one boss, and that's the club's owner. That made me realize that the manager is sitting there and giving his comment to the referee and players. It's just different in Germany, here the managers all have their say. ”


Comments on Facebook: Ex-Hertha trainer Jürgen Klinsmann.

© Screenshot Facebook @ JuergenKlinsmann

Klinsmann continues: “Ultimately, only one person can make a decision, and that must be the trainer. We wiped ourselves out in a lot of side war scenes, where I realized that a contract would never be implemented. Then I walked in early in the morning, and then I'm just a guy who can't stop at himself. ”

6.10 p.m .: Klinsmann continues to drive up and describes that he never had a contract with Hertha BSC - because both sides never managed to draft one.

Klinsmann: “Then there was a training camp in Florida in early January. We didn't manage to develop a contract for weeks. ”

According to the latest developments, he says, “I left Berlin , I'm still close to Berlin , not far away. I had to let things sink. ”He took“ an Ascension Command in November ”.

Jürgen Klinsmann founded his retirement from Hertha BSC

Update from February 12, 6:05 p.m .: The Facebook Live Pk with Jürgen Klinsmann begins.

The ex-national coach says: "Things went wrong, then I got a reaction to tell the club that I was stuck as head coach. Of course, the way is questionable. If you send a negative message, it never comes across well. I would like to apologize for that. I should have spoken to the Hertha leadership. The process has been going on in me for weeks because a lot of things happened in the internal environment that were very difficult for me. I've lived through things in England, France and Italy. The cooperation worked differently. "

These are allegations against the Hertha bosses.

Update from February 12, 4:50 p.m .: Who is telling the truth here? That could also be the headline about the sudden dispute between the management of Hertha BSC and Jürgen Klinsmann .

Hertha BSC: Gegenbauer, Windhorst and Preetz give press conference

Responsibility is being pushed back and forth eagerly. After Klinsmann announced that it would take a position via Facebook Live, the capital city club wants to speak on Thursday morning in a press conference about the turbulence in the middle of the relegation battle.


Investor at Hertha BSC: the entrepreneur Lars Windhorst.

© dpa / Soeren Stache

From 11:30 a.m. club president Werner Gegenbauer , investor Lars Windhorst and manager Michael Preetz will answer questions. Gegenbauer and Windhorst were already discussing the way out of the emergency in a crisis telephone call, according to information from the German Press Agency.

The coming weeks will show whether they can find this way.

What a mess: Even on the first day of the season it didn't look that bad after the 2-2 in Munich. But while chaos breaks out at Hertha , FC Bayern are planning the upcoming season - and are increasing the pressure on six players whose contracts expire in 2021.

Jürgen Klinsmann faces the fans of Hertha BSC

Update from February 12, 4:30 p.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann faces the disgruntled fans of Hertha BSC . The former national coach said via Twitter.

Dear Hertha fans, I understand that there is still a lot of ambiguity and resentment - I want to face that! At 6 p.m. I will talk to you live on Facebook about the reasons for my step and answer your questions. Your Jürgen

- Jürgen Klinsmann (@J_Klinsmann) February 12, 2020

Accordingly, there will be a Facebook live at 6 p.m. on the fan page of the sharply criticized former international and world champion from 1990 and European champion from 1996. How sharp will the questions be? what Klinsmann says about it? We will keep you up to date here.

Report: Jürgen Klinsmann still had big plans at Hertha BSC

Update from February 12, 4:15 p.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann is gone - and supposedly had much more planned. Not only that the Swabian spread out around 75 million euros for new players. To leave Hertha BSC days a few days later.

As the Sport Bild and the Kicker report, the former national coach actually wanted to extend his contract, which originally ran until the end of the season, if the next games of the Berliners were successful - as technical director.

With this project, the 55-year-old is said to have shot down at the club bosses. That's why it came to the resignation.


Failed in Berlin: Ex-Bunestrainer Jürgen Klinsmann.

© dpa / Soeren Stache

Update from February 12, 11.30 a.m .: Who will take on the job of head coach at the hard-hitting Hertha BSC ? After the lightning resignation of Jürgen Klinsmann , who started with huge ambitions, there is plenty of confusion in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, where the club is based.

Hertha BSC: Who will succeed Jürgen Klinsmann in Berlin?

The names of coaches are now being eagerly played. Roger Schmidt is said to be a hot candidate for the post of ex-national coach. That reports among other things Sky Sport News HD .

The Sauerland resident trained Red Bull Salzburg in Austria between 2012 and 2014 and was coach of Bayer 04 Leverkusen between 2014 and 2017.


Former Bundesliga coach: Roger Schmidt.

© dpa / Guido Kirchner

The now 52-year-old had led the Werkself to third place in the 2015/16 Bundesliga season and reached the Champions League eight-finals with Bayer 04 in 2015 and 2017, in which they each ended up against Spanish club Atlético Madrid.

Leverkusen had got into trouble in the 2016/17 season and managing director Rudi Völler reluctantly parted ways with Schmidt , as the 1990 world champion emphasized several times at the time.

Schmidt then trained Beijing Sinobo Guoan in China for two years. According to reports, the name Bruno Labbadia is also traded in the capital.

Hertha BSC: Curious return campaign after Jürgen Klinsmann's resignation

Update from February 12, 10.30 a.m .: Spectacular return campaign at Hertha : Berliners are bringing Zsolt Petry back as goalkeeper coach. As the capital city club announced, the Hungarian will again look after the goalkeeper of the first team.

Striking: Petry was already responsible for the keeper of the Bundesliga team until November, but was demoted to Klinsmann as head coach.

DFB goalkeeper coach Andreas Köpke had temporarily taken over for four weeks, after which Max Steinborn, the goalkeeper coach of the second team, held the post.


Back at the Hertha BSC professionals: goalkeeper coach Zsolt Petry.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

In the meantime, Petry had worked at Herthas U17 after he was dropped out . Steinborn will now return there, although he should regularly help out with the Bundesliga squad. A mess.

Update from February 11th, 10:20 pm : After 76 days in office, Jürgen Klinsmann surprisingly resigned from his position as Hertha BSC coach on Tuesday morning.

Now an old companion Klinsmanns has spoken with whom he has already played for Bayern and the national team: Lothar Matthäus.

Matthäus on Klinsmann's resignation: "Jürgen is a power man who plays everything or nothing."

It is no secret that the two exceptional players of their time did not have much in common then or today. Now Matthäus handed out again against Klinsmann to the picture . “Jürgen is of course someone who is a power person who then plays everything or nothing. I assume that was crucial, ”said the record national player.

“I am used to a lot from Jürgen - in a positive as well as in a different sense. But of course that blew me away. Jürgen is consistent, he has always been. And he has now shown that again, ”said Matthäus on the day of his resignation about his then competitor. Klinsmann is therefore not a team player, as Matthäus went on to say. “Jürgen, like many center forward, has been very selfish in his career. First me and then the team and the club. Jürgen was always the top priority. ”

Klinsmann resignation: the eternal hostility between Lothar and Klinsi

The hostility between the two ex-professionals leaked more often during their active careers. Klinsmann devoted a few passages especially in Matthäus' biography "Mein Tagebuch", published in 1997. "He was and is clever, cowardly, selfish and above all for money", Matthew was quoted at the time. “And he was the spokesman for the eight international players when they wanted to kill me as Bayern captain. If he denies that today, he is lying as always. ”Despite triumphs like winning the 1990 World Cup or the 1996 European Championship, the players no longer became friends.

Klinsmann resignation: Ex-Hertha coach wanted more power - and flashed off at the club

Update from February 11, 6.30 p.m .: After the surprising resignation of Hertha- Coach Jürgen Klinsmann , further details come to light. The 55-year-old ex-national coach now spoke to the Bild newspaper about his decision. The reason for the change was probably Klinsmann's request for an installation of his person as technical director, which he abblitzt at Hertha .

Klinsmann declares resignation: "It was not a spontaneous decision"

"It was not a spontaneous decision of mine," said Klinsmann , who had felt for a long time that it would probably not work with him as a coach. The ex-international met with his coaching team on Monday evening "to check again whether I was wrong."

At 9:45 a.m. he informed his team, "Then I went to Michael Preetz's office to let him know my decision: 'I won't go on like this.' Then I shook his hand, ”said Klinsmann .

Klinsmann declares resignation: in the German system "I don't find myself again"

Klinsi cites "different ways of thinking and above all different cultures and approaches" as the exact reason for the resignation in the association. "Of course, it is also about the distribution of competencies. In my understanding, a trainer - according to the English model - should bear all athletic responsibility. So also about transfers. That gives the position much more power. "

In the style of a Premier League coach, Klinsmann therefore wanted more power and scope for decision-making and ultimately received a rejection. According to Klinsmann , the system in German football is to blame. "Things developed differently in Germany with sports directors and directors. I don't find myself there. Too much energy is lost for things that are outside the field, ”the ex-top scorer is quoted as saying.

Klinsmann declares resignation: "I took over an Ascension Command"

Klinsmann is also said to have called for a longer-term commitment, but the club abolished him. "I didn't even have a written contract for this season," complained Klinsmann , who then defended his results with the Berliners (three wins, three draws, four defeats). “I took over an Ascension Command and only did worse than hoped in one game. The coaching team had succeeded in stabilizing the team and moving them away from the relegation zone. Hertha BSC is currently in 14th place in the table.

Chaos at Hertha BSC: Ex-Bayern coach Niko Kovac has already canceled

After Jürgen Klinsmann's resignation, assistant coach Alexander Nouri, who has already been able to sniff Bundesliga air at Werder Bremen, will probably take over. Former FC Bayern coach Niko Kovac was already a successor to Hertha after Ante Covic's dismissal and was back in focus after the resignation of Klinsmann. However, according to information from the SID , the Berlin-born Kovac is not available as a trainer.

Klinsi resignation: Investor Windhorst was already informed on Monday - Hertha players surprised

Update from February 11, 2:58 p.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann is no longer coach of Hertha in Berlin. He announced this on Tuesday morning via Facebook. In the meantime, more and more details about the resignation are being made public.

Apparently only investor Lars Windhorst was informed on Monday evening that the Klinsmann era had ended. He said the picture . Some of the players have now spoken to the newspaper.

Marko Grujic , for example, said: “We thought Jürgen was inviting to a team meeting. Suddenly he announced his resignation to us. For me personally, that's a real shame. ”Team colleague Per Skjelbred reported that the farewell did not take longer than ten minutes. Dedryck Boyata added: “This is a big shock for us. Obviously there were some problems in the background. Perhaps private reasons also play a role. I'm curious to see how it goes now. ” Javairo Dilrosun spoke of a great loss. "Now there is of course chaos in the club here."

Chaos at Hertha BSC: coach Klinsmann resigns, next hammer follows immediately: does he want more money?

Update from February 11, 12:29 pm: Hertha BSC suddenly stands there without Jürgen Klinsmann . The coach announced his resignation. The bomb exploded on Tuesday morning - but that's far from all. The next hammer: According to Sky Sport News HD on Tuesday afternoon, Klinsmann wanted to remain a coach beyond the summer.

For this, he is said to have demanded more power and a significantly higher salary . Hertha did not want to comply with this, as the TV broadcaster continues. However, Klinsmann should remain in the association as a member of the supervisory board.

Chaos at Hertha BSC: coach Klinsmann resigns - boss Michael Preetz last informed?

Update from February 11, 12.18 p.m .: Jürgen Klinsmann is no longer coach of Hertha BSC . The Berlin hammer made the rounds on Tuesday morning, curious: The reaction of managing director Michael Preetz . He was surprised by the "development in the morning".

According to the picture , Preetz was the last link in the information chain. After his decision Klinsmann was supposed to have informed his coaching staff and the coaches first, then the players followed and finally Michael Preetz before the former national coach went public.

Chaos at Hertha BSC: Trainer Klinsmann resigns - Boss Preetz with a strange reaction

Update from February 11, 11.20 a.m .: Chaos at Hertha BSC ! Jürgen Klinsmann has resigned from his position as a trainer. Now the Bundesliga fourteenth has announced an official statement. And she has the talent.

Hertha Managing Director Michael Preetz is quoted on the homepage as follows: “We were surprised by this development in the morning . Especially after the trusting cooperation regarding the personnel decisions in the winter transfer period, which is intensive for Hertha BSC , there were no signs of this. We will inform you about further developments in due course. "

So in summary: The trainer announces his resignation via Facebook , which is more than unusual in itself - and his employer had no idea about it in the morning? First, the previous assistant Alexander Nouri and the rest of the coaching team will take over the team. In the Bundesliga *, SC Paderborn will continue on Saturday.

Jürgen Klinsmann: Hertha coach resigns - violent criticism of the bosses

First announcement from February 11th, 10:22 am : Berlin - bang at Hertha BSC ! Jürgen Klinsmann resigns as coach of the capital city club. The 55-year-old announced on his Facebook channel.

He was really clear when he spoke about staying in the class: “As head coach, however, I also need the trust of the people involved for this task, which has not yet been completed. Especially in the relegation battle, unity, cohesion and focus on the essentials are the most important elements. "

If these are not guaranteed, Klinsmann will not be able to exploit his potential as a trainer and thus will not be able to fulfill his responsibility.

Jürgen Klinsmann resigns as Hertha coach: but he remains on the board

So clear words against the team and probably also against CEO Michael Preetz . Klinsmann further explained that after a long consideration he had come to the conclusion that he would "make his position as head coach of Hertha available". He wanted to concentrate on his original long-term task as a member of the supervisory board.

Klinsmann recently gave his team two days off - a fact that is of course now under a completely different light. It was important that the players "not only rest, but also switch off their heads", emphasized the Berlin coach in a chat with fans on Monday, "that they take the time with family or girlfriend and then go to training Come back".

Jürgen Klinsmann: Hertha coach resigns - who will be his successor?

The fourteenth starts on Tuesday preparing for the game at the bottom of the SC Paderborn on Saturday (3:30 p.m.). But without Jürgen Klinsmann , who, like once at FC Bayern München *, enters the list of former coaches *.

Most recently, the Herthanians had a riot of concern. Jordan Torunarigha was insulted at Schalke. Klinsmann is said not to have had the best status among the players - in addition, there has been fuss over his coaching license in recent weeks.

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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