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Werder Bremen also out of the question in Leipzig - does a coaching change really help?


Leipzig - What should Werder Bremen help now? In spite of the short training camp in Leipzig, the penultimate player in the soccer Bundesliga delivered the next sporting oath of disclosure at RB Leipzig in second place and lost clearly with 0: 3 (0: 2). The game report of the * DeichStube.

Leipzig - What should Werder Bremen help now? In spite of the short training camp in Leipzig, the penultimate player in the soccer Bundesliga delivered the next sporting oath of disclosure at RB Leipzig in second place and lost clearly with 0: 3 (0: 2). The game report of the * DeichStube.

Lukas Klostermann (17th), Patrick Schick (38th) and Nordi Mukiele (46th) scored the goals for the hardly demanded team from RB Leipzig . Werder Bremen , however, put on the next game without their own goal and has not scored in the league for 696 minutes.

Since matchday 15, the Bremen team have only been able to celebrate two opponents' own goals - nothing more. The second half of the season is now one win and four losses. To make matters worse, Bremen's defender Kevin Vogt also lost with an injury that has not yet been specified.

Werder Bremen: The short training camp in Leipzig has no effect at all

For three days, coach Florian Kohfeldt had pulled his team together in Leipzig to prepare for the game. He wanted to talk to every player, he wanted to make the situation clear to everyone, he wanted to find football solutions to help Werder cope with the situation. And after 24 hours, he found that "the effect we hoped for had occurred". However, there was nothing to be seen on the square. The short training camp didn't work, and Kohfeldt now has one cartridge less in the magazine. In the meantime, the question of what Werder Bremen can do to avoid relegation comes to a head, and the answer is: change of coach .

Some fans have been calling for Kohfeldt's replacement for weeks. Sports director Frank Baumann and supervisory board boss Marco Bode have so far been firm with the coach. Davie Selke, the ex-Leipziger, who was missing Werder because of his fifth yellow card on Saturday, spoke out clearly for Kohfeldt in the Sky interview. “We don't have to talk much about the coach. It makes it outstanding. He got us all on board in the short training camp. We players are now responsible for taking the coach out of the line of fire, ”said the striker.

Werder Bremen's game was characterized by uncertainty and mistakes

However, Selke's colleagues in no way fulfilled this debt due to the runners-up. The Bremen game was once again characterized by bad passes and uncertainty, a lack of game structure and hair-raising mistakes. Basically this formula was: vertical pass = loss of ball. And in the back came a loyal friend who was not at all welcomed: the weakness in opposing standards . The Leipzig 1-0 resulted from a free kick from the half field. In the penalty area, all of Bremen had their opponents out of sight, which is why Schick was able to cross to Klostermann unhindered (17th). At Werder, Milos Veljkovic (preferred to Ömer Toprak), Marco Friedl and, ultimately, the surprisingly summoned Yuya Osako had failed collectively.

And so it went on. After a catastrophic Friedl return pass, Kevin Vogt prevented the 0-2 (26th), which then fell after a corner kick. Schick beheaded after he first got rid of Veljkovic's watch with a slight push. A foul? Selke saw it this way: "I'm a striker myself, so I don't want to look for an excuse. You can whistle that, but you don't have to. ”

Werder Bremen conceded goal number 51!

The goal counted and Werder scored the 50th goal of the season on Matchday 22, and also the 17th after a ball stopped. There are horror odds that leave little hope that the Bremen team can avert relegation in the end.

In the first half, the guests aggressively brought together two noteworthy campaigns. Friedl tried from a distance (33.), Rashica moved after passing by Gebre Selassie, who made his comeback after two months, significantly (35.). Nevertheless, these were the moments that motivated Selke in the half-time conversation to speak of scenes on which one could build.

Werder Bremen is going tough after the restart against RB Leipzig

You couldn't. Because right after the restart, Werder went hard on the boards. Captain Moisander, already terrifyingly weak, missed a long ball, Mukiele ran away from Friedl and uncompromisingly executed. There were only 32 seconds played after the restart. And if Werder had planned anything for the second round, it was all gone. 0: 3, no confidence, no playful means, no functioning defensive order, just nothing. Leipzig gave a performance somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of the normal requirement to clearly master and conquer the Bremen team.

As if that wasn't all bad enough, something happened that couldn't happen at all. Defense chief Vogt, until then the best Bremen, injured his left knee and had to be replaced. The central defender limped out of the field - that looked difficult after a breakdown for the game against Borussia Dortmund next Saturday (3:30 p.m.). Then Werder also has to do without Maximilian Eggestein . The midfielder saw his fifth yellow card early in the game. (CSA)

The live ticker from Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig to read:

5:21 pm: And then the suffering will end - at least for the time being! Werder goes down 3-0 in Leipzig!

90.Min +2: Jojo Eggestein again with a degree. But that's not enough either.

90.Min +1: Two minutes are added.

90.Min: Werner again with a degree, but he was offside.

88th Min: Werder is on the ground! But we all know that they can play football in theory. Only Werder has to show that again in the league if the relegation should not move further and further away.

87.Min: nothing happens here. In three minutes the thing is over - finally one would like to say!

82.Min : Werder's passport stickers are currently getting slightly better. This is due in particular to the fact that RB is on the move in energy-saving mode in this final phase.

81.Min: The free kick is nothing, but Kohfeldt brings Jojo Eggestein again after a long time. Leonardo Bittencourt has to get out.

80.Min: Then Bittencourt is fouled on the right edge of the box. Good opportunity for Werder?

79.Min: As is likely every week, the trainer question must be asked. As is well known, those responsible stand by Kohfeldt, but the Bremen game is anything but hope.

77.Min: Patrick Schick with a wanted cross, which becomes a shot on goal. Pavlenka is there. The following corner is dangerous again, but the header goes just over.

74.Min: The Bremen team are now trying again to play a little football and to get in front of Gulacsi's goal.

70.Min: For the Saxons it is now only a phase-out in relation to the upcoming Champions League game. For Werder, damage limitation is the goal. But maybe the first self-shot goal in two months is still possible.

69.Min: Dani Olmo leaves, Forsberg comes for him.

66.Min: Sabitzer pulls from the distance from half right, the ball is deflected by Werner, but then rushes over the goal.

65.Min: Josh Sargent comes into play for the weak Osako again.

64.Min: It gets worse and worse. Kevin Vogt limps towards the cabin with a bandaged knee.

63.Min: There is simply no more life in this game and no longer in the Bremen team since 3-0!

62.Min : Significant: Osako pulls from 25 meters and the ball spins more than 10 meters past the goal!

60.Min : Ampadu comes for Klostermann and Haidara for Laimer on the Leipzig side. On the Bremen side, Vogt actually has to limp from the square - Toprak comes for him.

58.Min : Now the one who sticks out in terms of performance is the only one lying on the ground. Vogt probably has to leave!

Werder Bremen on the way to the next swatter!

54.Min: For the first time in what felt like an eternity, the ball just ran over six to seven stations. But there was no danger. RB is of course also a strong opponent, but there is almost no belief to be seen or felt at Werder.

52 min: The thought that Werder could come back again shouldn't occur to anyone. I lack the imagination of how this should work.

50th Min: Next corner for the bulls. Next goal?

46.Min : Konrad Laimer with a good, but not inevitable long ball on Mukiele. And he is alone in front of Pavlenka and only has to insert it. Friedl had lifted the offside and Moisander hadn't caught the ball.

46.Min: 3-0 for RB - Mukiele with the decision!

46.Min: It continues with run two!

4:32 pm: In a few moments, the game continues. Let's see if Kohfeldt could really motivate and strengthen the team again for the second round. The teams are back on the pitch.

4:30 p.m .: Interim results from the other places:
Hoffenheim 1-1 Wolfsburg
Paderborn 0-1 Hertha
Union - Leverkusen 1-1
FC Augsburg 1-0 Freiburg

16:28: Selke on the general situation: ,, We have no doubts about the coach, because he prepared us excellently for the games. We players are responsible for bringing the coach out of the line of fire "

4:26 p.m .: Selke commented in the mid-term interview on the coming second half: "We have to get over the deep walkways, because RB is vulnerable there and build on the few good approaches."

4:24 pm: Purely from a playful point of view, the SVW did not start so badly, but without really getting ahead. At the latest, however, after the first goal, the absolute uncertainty came back into the game of the Bremen - hardly any passes arrived and thus RB came to more opportunities. Bad defending the standards made RB Leipzig relatively easy to make it 2-0.

45.Min +3: And then still a chance for Werder: Bittencourt with a flat cross, which is involuntarily dangerous due to Upamecano for Gulacsi. But he still gets his fingers on it. Nothing came of the corner and then there is a break in Leipzig.

45.Min +2: Werder with standard goals number 16 and 17 this season! In this regard, Werder is 18th behind Hertha, who have conceded 15.

45.Min +1: Three minutes are replayed.

44.Min: Yes, there were smaller opportunities for Werder in between, but overall this is simply not worthy of the first division.

43.Min: It's half time and that can only be good for every Werder player and Werder fan.

39.Min: The standard weakness can be felt again today. After a corner, Schick can easily get a header. And Pavlenka cannot prevent the goal from being conceded, even though it comes in quite a central position. The 50th goal for the green-whites this season, underground.

39.Min: goal for RB! 2: 0 by Schick!

36.Min: Then the hosts again. Angelino plays on Werner. Its sharp entry is well clarified by Vogt.

35.Min: And again Werder: Gebre Selassie with a flat, actually harmless cross into the sixteen. There Rashica still gets the ball, but pulls over the goal. Perhaps this is now giving a boost.

33.Min: And then actually a very good conclusion from Werder: After another bad pass, Klaassen keeps the ball through a tackle. Friedl then has a lot of space in front of the opponent's sixteen and pulls off - the ball doesn't go that far past the box!

30.Min : Spierlerisch nothing is now possible at Werder. The uncertainty is back after conceding the goal.

29.Min: Bittencourt was treated briefly, but can continue to play.

26.Min: Oh man! Friedl with a catastrophic return pass to Pavlenka, which Schick easily gets and then can walk alone to Werder's goalkeeper. Vogt then stops it in a rustic but fair manner. That was dangerous!

22.Min: Werder looked shocked for a short time, but now tries to take the initiative again without making any decisive progress. RB now with more game shares.

Lukas Klostermann gives RB Leipzig the lead against Werder Bremen!

17.Min: The free kick sails into the penalty area, where Halstenberg puts the ball on the free-standing Klostermann. It is easy to play and only has to be pushed in from six meters.

17.Min: Goal for RB Leipzig! 1-0 by Klostermann!

16.Min: Maxi Eggestein receives the fifth yellow card after a rather hard foul and is missing next week against BVB.

15.Min: Then the Saxons again with a degree. Sabitzer tries a long-range shot, but the ball flies over it clearly.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig: Werder starts surprisingly brave!

11.Min: Problems arise again and again due to unnecessary disaster passes, which means Leipzig can start to counter. So far, the bulls have not made it - also because Werder has been paying attention to the backward movement.

9.Min: Otherwise, the Hanseatic start quite brave and determined, compared to the last games.

7.Min: Great opportunity for RB: Mukiele with the flat cross on Timo Werner, whose attempt to shoot ends up at Olmo. He tries the lupfer from five meters, but the ball goes over.

5.Min: Werder initially with a surprising amount of possession in the first minutes, but without a chance so far.

3.Min: Werder tries to go on the front and receives a free kick from half right. Friedl crosses on Osako - his header is easy prey for Gulacsi.

1.Min : Dani Olmo puts Timo Werner through, but Pavlenka grabs it.

1.Min: whistle, it starts!

3:27 p.m .: The teams come in, it gets down to business!

3:24 p.m .: The game between RB Leipzig and SVW will start in a few minutes. We can be curious if Florian Kohfeldt has hired the team well and they can implement it.

3:20 pm: The chance could be to surprise the Leipzig team on the basis of a good defensive performance and a good switching game. Having to do the game yourself has not worked recently.

3:18 pm: Of course it will still be difficult for Werder to take something countable to Bremen today, considering that the green-whites have not scored a goal in the Bundesliga since mid-December.

3:15 p.m .: Although there were only four points from the last five games against the Saxons and none from the previous three away games at RB, Werder is not without a chance today. The Leipzigers have not won a single win from the last four competitive matches.

3:12 pm: In today's interview, Kohfeldt talks about today's tactical orientation: "Our active offensive game is still what makes us strong, but with today's strong opponent, the defensive is particularly important."

3:08 p.m .: In these difficult times and after three Bundesliga defeats in a row, the team from Kohfeldt are expected to score again with goals and a win for the title contenders RB Leipzig.

14:56: At RB Leipzig, the winter newcomers Dani Olmo (fetched from Dinamo Zagreb for 20 million euros) and Angelino (borrowed from Manchester City) are in the starting lineup. Quite impressive what the RBL bank has to offer in offensive alternatives. Poulsen, Forsberg, Lookman and Nkunku are waiting for their assignments.

2:51 p.m .: Today, next to the usual suspects such as Kapino, Sahin, Groß and Pizarro, young players Ilia Gruev and (one day after his 18th birthday) Nick Woltemade are sitting on the Bremer Bank.

2:48 p.m .: By the way: Benjamin Goller, who was always in the squad from matchday four to twenty-one and made ten appearances, is not in Leipzig. The 21-year-old collects game practice in the U 23 test match with the Bundesliga side BW Lohne.

2:45 p.m .: But what is Kohfeldt's idea for the offensive? Clear case: it's only about counterattacks. Osako is supposed to feed the fast Rashica and Bittencourt with the appropriate balls. Werder has completely foregone a penalty area striker.

2:42 p.m .: Small surprise also in defense: Ömer Toprak is missing in Kohfeldt's first team. Milos Veljkovic, strong against BVB, still a spectator against Union Berlin, moves into the chain. Theo Gebre Selassie has also appeared in the muscle for the first time since his muscle injury in mid-December. The Czech takes over the right-back position, Marco Friedl acts as usual on the left and in between Veljkovic, Kevin Vogt and Niklas Moisander will make the defensive chain of five and chain of four. Vogt is the candidate who can sometimes advance to the sixth position. A defender in commuting, so to speak.

2:39 p.m .: Yuya Osako is playing again! Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt once again gives the Japanese preference over other applicants for the storm, such as Jojo Eggestein, Josh Sargent or Nick Woltemade (all bank), despite the extremely poor performance in the 0-2 victory against Union Berlin. Can only mean: Kohfeldt hopes for countermeasures from Osako - like the pass to 3-1 against Borussia Dortmund.

Werder Bremen vs. RB Leipzig live: the lineups of both teams are here!

2:36 p.m .: And so the hosts from the east start today:

Our XI against @werderbremen #Mukiele is back in the starting XI #RBLSVW

- RB Leipzig (@DieRotenBullen) February 15, 2020

2:31 p.m .: Here is the list of the SVW: Pavlenka - Vogt, Veljkovic, Moisander, Friedl, Gebre Selassie - Bittencourt, M. Eggestein, Klaassen - Osako, Rashica.

Our starting eleven for #RBLSVW.

K #Kapino, #Pizarro, #Sahin, #Sargent, #Toprak, J. #Eggestein, #Gruev, # Groß und #Woltemade

⏰ 3.30 p.m.

- SV Werder Bremen (@werderbremen) February 15, 2020

2:17 p.m .: Moin Moin and welcome to the live ticker for the game of SV Werder Bremen at RB Leipzig . The lineups of both teams follow in a few minutes.

Werder Bremen vs. RB Leipzig live - preliminary report: does the enforced effect help?

There was a lot of talk and training: But now it has to be seen whether the short training camp of SV Werder Bremen in Leipzig has an effect and whether the green-whites can survive on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) against second-placed RB Leipzig . The preliminary report of the DeichStube * .

"I believe that the effect that we hoped for has occurred," said coach Florian Kohfeldt after the first 24 hours with SV Werder Bremen in Leipzig on Thursday evening on club TV: "There is a dispute about that we also forced the players to some extent. ”Kohfeldt was not asked by his staff exactly how that went. He only referred to new contacts and thus different perspectives for the players and could have meant ex-captain Clemens Fritz.

After Werder Bremen's unimaginative and dispassionate appearance against Union Berlin (0-2), RB Leipzig will of course look very closely to see whether the team is really fighting to stay in the league . "The important thing is the game on Saturday and the twelve games afterwards, but this was a small component here," emphasized Kohfeldt, who was otherwise not available for interviews.

Werder Bremen relegation battle: Florian Kohfeldt "ready to deal with this situation"

He wanted to concentrate fully on working with the team. But it was not possible without a message to the outside. "The signal to the team is very clear, there is no longer any time to wait for something - and we as sports management are ready to do everything possible to deal with this situation," Kohfeldt emphasized once again at Werder-TV . After a long day of training, however, he looked a bit strained, which was involuntarily emphasized by the melodramatic background music in the short film.

On Friday afternoon there was another to see the smiling Kohfeldt . He patiently signed autographs on the way from the hotel to the bus and took selfies with the fans. And there were not a few. Around 80 should have given the Kohfeldt and Co. courage before the final training from Werder Bremen. They can use it very well, because the job for title contender RB Leipzig could hardly be greater. (Coats / len)

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