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FC Bayern also dismantles Cologne - but in the second half the ball is three times in the Munich goal


1. FC Köln vs. FC Bayern: The Munich team regain the league leadership of the Bundesliga in the Rhineland - but show a moving second half. The game in the ticker for reading.

1. FC Köln vs. FC Bayern: The Munich team regain the league leadership of the Bundesliga in the Rhineland - but show a moving second half. The game in the ticker for reading.

  • 1.FC Cologne 1-4 Bayern Munich (0-3)
  • Master duel between record champions and RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga comes to a head.
  • Bayern lead 3-0 in Cologne after just twelve minutes.

1.FC Cologne 1-4 Bayern Munich (0-3)

1. FC Köln: T. Horn - Ehizibue, Bornauw, Czichos, Katterbach (29. Kainz) - Skhiri, Hector, Drexler, Uth, Jakobs (72. Schmitz) - Cordoba (81. Modeste)

Bank: Krahl (Tor), Leistner, Schmitz, Höger, Kainz, Rexhbecaj, Thielmann, Modeste, Terodde

Bayern: Neuer - Pavard, Boateng (46th Hernández), Alaba, Davies - Kimmich (58th Tolisso) - Coman (79th Goretzka), Thiago, Müller, Gnabry - Lewandowski

Bank: Ulreich, Odriozola, Hernández, Goretzka, Tolisso, Cuisance, Coutinho, Zirkzee

Goals: 0: 1 Lewandowski (3rd), 0: 2 Coman (5th), 0: 3 Gnabry (12th), 0: 4 Gnabry (66th), 1: 4 Uth (70th)

Referee: Felix Zwayer (Berlin)

>>> Update live ticker <<<

Update from February 16, 7.40 p.m .: The busy second half should certainly be on the agenda again at FC Bayern at home in Munich.

Serge Gnabry and Thomas Müller have already commented on the game. Manuel Neuer was really upset - here are the votes for the game.

Update from February 16, 6:05 pm: We have the game of FC Bayern in Cologne looked very closely - here are the notes.

FC Bayern take the Bundesliga league lead with victory at 1. FC Köln

Conclusion: After 4: 1 (3: 0) at 1. FC Köln, FC Bayern takes over the league lead of the Bundesliga again.

The Munich team lead 3-0 after just twelve minutes - they have never done that before in Bundesliga history.

The offensive with Robert Lewandowski, Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman and Thomas Müller literally overruns Effzeh's defense and could have added more goals.

In the second half, the game is wild, twice the ball is in Bayern goal - but both times striker Jhon Cordoba is offside. In the end there is a clear victory, but the second half should be discussed in detail at home on Säbener Straße.

@FCBayern prevails against @fckoeln in the first #Bundesliga game on Sunday and maintains the championship lead! #KOEFCB

- BUNDESLIGA (@Bundesliga_DE) February 16, 2020

90th minute + 1: the game is over! FC Bayern wins in Cologne and takes back the league lead in the Bundesliga.

90 minutes: Another standard in front of the goal of Bayern. The cross ball lands in goal-out.

88.Minute: Cologne's next huge opportunity! Modeste is through in the middle again, but again the massive attacker fails at the world champion, who makes himself very wide.

86 minutes: Modesteeeeeee !! Again, the Cologne team is in the Bayern box, but the striker tends to play the ball back on Neuer.

84 minutes: Strongly resolved by Hernández against Uth - the Frenchman runs out of the Cologne striker.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: The Rhinelanders fight back

81st Minute: Change at 1. FC Köln: Modeste replaced in the storm center Cordoba.

79 minutes: Change at Bayern: Goretzka replaces Coman in the correct position.

78 minutes: Giant chance for Cologne! Cordoba holds its own against Alaba, but fails in one-on-one against the once again outstanding newcomer.


Bayern Munich's top scorer: Robert Lewandowski (Mi.).


76th Minute: Bayern switch two or three gears back. Now it is probably only a question of the result.

72nd Minute: Change at 1. FC Köln: Schmitz, trained in the youth of Bavaria, may run for Jakobs in the back left.

71.Minute: dream combination of Bavaria: Davies on Müller, who puts on Gnabry with the Hake. But this time the Swabian strokes the ball around the post.

70 minutes: Goal! 1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich 1: 4, goalscorer: Uth. Now the Cologne team combine to their goal. Cordoba pushes through for Kainz, who continues on to the second post. There Uth runs in and only holds out the inside of his flaps. No chance for new people.

69 minutes: A strong attack by the Cologne team. Uth refueled through the left and hammered the ball in the direction of Neuer, who made the ball clap forward. So: The Effzeh is still participating, even if it should be a bitter afternoon for the West Germans.

66 minutes: Toooooorrrrr! 1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich 0: 4, goalscorer: Gnabry. WHAT - FOR - ONE - BUDE! The Swabian dribbles into the sixteen as if he were going to slalom.

He leaves three Cologne players like extras and circles the ball beautifully placed in the right corner.


- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 16, 2020

62nd Minute: Giant act by Neuer! Long ball on Uth that sprints up. But the world champion comes out of his box and pulls the ball away spectacularly. He can. He revolutionized the goalkeeping game, as some say.

60.Minute: Again an attack by the Munich: Müller sends Gnabry into the box, which is blocked by Ehizibue.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Tolisso can run for Kimmich

58 minutes: Change at Bayern: Flick brings Tolisso for Kimmich into play.

57.Minute: header duel between Hernández and Cordoba in the middle. The Bayern player holds his head briefly, but the tough Frenchman continues.

55 minutes: Again the ball is in the Bayern goal !! But Cordoba is offside again! Kainz holds the full post on the second post. Neuer directs the ball to the left, where the Colombian stands and pushes the ball behind the line. But this time he stands well and likes to be a meter offside ...

52.Minute: The Rhinelander attack quickly and cheerfully. FC Bayern, on the other hand, is taking it easy after the change. Is there anything left for Effzeh?

49 minutes: Yellow card against Thiago (Bavaria). The Spaniard stands on Cordoba's feet.

48 minutes: Cologne residents come back from the booth wildly. You are obviously willing to take a stand here.

46 minutes: Giant excitement in the stadium! The ball is in Bayern goal, but was that offside?

Zwayer gives the hit first, but the whole thing is checked again in the basement in Cologne-Deutz. And the TV pictures show - it was minimally offside. No goal!

46 minutes: It continues in Müngersdorf!

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: The Munich dominate in Müngersdorf

Half-time conclusion: A clear thing on Sunday afternoon: FC Bayern are playing their full dominance at 1. FC Köln and are already 3-0 after twelve minutes.

Lewandowski, Coman and Gnabry meet almost at will in this phase, Effzeh has no resistance against strong Munich.

Only gradually do the Rhinelander gather and play themselves. But the record champions always remain dangerous. Is there anything left for the newcomer - or are Bayern extending the lead?

45th minute + 3: break in Cologne-Müngersdorf - Bayern lead clearly after express start.

45 minutes: Three minutes of injury time.

43.Minute: Now Lewandowski is stopped. Bornauw and Ehizibue join forces to stop the Poles. The Effzeh is now playing along - at least.

42 minutes: New against Cordoba comes out of his box. He plays the ball out. Is he bored and that's why he wants to play so aggressively?

40th minute: Gnabry this time from a distance. But his shot rushes across the corner of the cross. Bayern keep the number of strokes high despite a clear lead.

37.Minute: giant parade by Horn! It continues for the Cologne keeper - and how. With his fingertips, he just directed a Kimmich end to the post.

34.Minute: Now Cologne's goalkeeper Horn must also be treated. For Effzeh it comes today as big as a stick. It has become alarmingly quiet in the stadium ...

Noah Katterbach has to get out injured. It didn't look good. Get well soon, Noah! ⚪ #KOEFCB #effzeh

- 1. FC Köln (@fckoeln) February 16, 2020

29 minutes: Giant chance for Bayern: Gnabry refuels the pits, turns keeper Horn, but then puts the ball on the crossbar. The Munich dominate at will.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker: Katterbach has to get injured

29 minutes: Change at 1. FC Köln: Katterbach has to get out injured, for him Kainz comes into the game.

28 minutes: Yellow card against Boateng (Bayern). Clear foul against Cordoba. This is the fifth yellow card for the world champion, who will be missing in the upcoming home game against SC Paderborn.

25 minutes: Cologne's Katterbach has to be treated - curious: The 18-year-old from Cologne is rattled with colleague Czichos. It probably doesn't go any further for the young lad, for whom this game should really be instructive.


Much reason to celebrate: Bayern in Cologne.


24.Minute: Cordoba is almost through. But the Cologne striker jumps the ball at chest level. The Rhinelander still want to take part in this game.

23 minutes: The Effzeh can free something. The Cologne try to escape the relentless pressure by long balls.

20th minute: Thiago dangerous! Cross from the left, the Spaniard comes rushing and holds it straight with a scissor blow, but does not hit the ball properly, which slips over his instep - and goes almost half a meter next to the goal.

14 minutes: Lewandowski with the next degree. But this ball rushes far over the gable.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Munich with a mega start

12.Minute: Toooooorrrrr! 1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich 0: 3, goalscorer: Gnabry. Goal, goal, goal - now the doorbell rings every minute. After a corner, Gnabry hits the ball on the second post.

The Swabian moves inside in the box and leaves his opponents like school boys. Looked up briefly, pulled off seamlessly - and in with it.

How cool is that? #KOEFCB 0-3

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 16, 2020

11.Minute: Cordoba falls in the sixteen of Bavaria - but he does it far too easily. The TV pictures show that Kimmich climbs on the front of the striker. But is that enough for a 911? Referee Zwayer says: no!

9.Minute: The Cologne gather, now get their flanks tight. But of course that's a tough board now, two goals behind. If they get caught up ...

5th minute: Toooooorrrrr! 1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich 0: 2, goalscorer: Coman. And the lively scoring of the record champions continues! Coman. Müller, Davies, Lewandowski, Müller again and then Coman steals in front of the Cologne Gate and is free.

The second preparatory work by world champion Müller. What a start for Munich!

3rd minute: Toooooorrrrr! 1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich 0: 1, goalscorer: Lewandowski. Express Gate! Czichos is in a very bad shape, Lewandowski loses at the back of the penalty area.

The Polish Susser striker goes into the interface, is superbly served and creates the ball over the horn in the mesh.

2. Minute: First free kick from the half field for Bayern. But the Cologne clear the scene.

1st minute: It starts in Cologne Müngersdorf!

3.20 p.m .: The mood is magnificent. Football lives in Müngersdorf - today also in the game 1. FC Köln against FC Bayern . It's starting soon!

15:14: Cologne manager Horst Heldt also expresses himself at Sky and hopes for the support of the audience, he demands the "interaction between team and fans".

Heldt continues: “In the home games we managed to get people back to our side through a committed approach. We have a very sensitive, good audience that gets in straight away. Bayern will try to take the lead quickly for the first 20 minutes. ”

1. FC Köln versus FC Bayern in the live ticker: Flick bases his choice on Coman

15.09: Hansi Flick speaks at Sky : “He is good in one-on-one, can prepare well. As long as it goes, he will be on the pitch and give everything, ”explains the Badener of the Kingsley Coman lineup.

Flick apparently has a cold, explains why everything stays the same in defense: “On the defensive it is important that you are well-rehearsed. So far, things have gone very well in the second half of the season. Lucas ( Hernández, d. Red. ) Is incredibly important, very confident. We will build in successively. "

3 p.m .: Effzeh coach Markus Gisdol is at Sky am Mirko: “We have to play football the way we did in the past few weeks. This is a stress test against the currently best team. It is important to us that we play good football, that we find solutions under pressure. I watched so many Bayern Munich games. My team should play football bravely, even if the pressure seems great. We want to get Bayern's incredible high back four into trouble. ”

2:45 pm: Bayern's line-up is here: Hansi Flick puts Leon Goretzka on the bench and brings Kingsley Coman for it from the start.

Our team for #KOEFCB! #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 16, 2020

Philippe Coutinho is once again not in the starting XI. Lucas Hernández does not get a stake from the start.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: David Alaba expresses change ideas

2.30 p.m .: Polarizing news even before the game of Bayern in Cologne : David Alaba, whose contract expires in 2021, has expressed change ideas.

"We will see. I'm not thinking too much about it at the moment, ”said the Austrian of the English Daily Mail :“ But I can imagine playing somewhere else in the future. ”

2:15 p.m .: Welcome to the live ticker for the Bundesliga away game of FC Bayern at 1. FC Köln - don't miss anything here!

Update from February 16, 8.15 a.m .: FC Bayern Munich can regain the lead in the table this Sunday in Cologne . After Leipzig's victory over Bremen, the Bulls are currently two points ahead of Bayern . With a threesome, the Munich team can score 46 points and then stand in front of Leipzig again.

FCB has already arrived in the cathedral city and the FCB stars were greeted by numerous fans here too:

Hello Cologne! ✌️ # MiaSanMia #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 15, 2020

1. FC Köln vs. FC Bayern Munich: Leipzig puts FCB under pressure

Update from February 15, 5:30 p.m .: FC Bayern under pressure! Before the Munich away game at 1. FC Köln , the champions rivals presented in the Bundesliga .

After BVB had already won 4-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt on Friday evening, RB Leipzig made a 3-0 win against Werder Bremen on Saturday afternoon - and (at least temporarily) took over the championship lead again.

The results of the 22nd game day on Saturday (before the evening game):

RB Leipzig - Werder Bremen 3: 0 (2: 0)

1899 Hoffenheim - VfL Wolfsburg 2: 3 (1-1)

FC Augsburg - SC Freiburg 1-1 (1-0)

SC Paderborn 07 - Hertha BSC 1: 2 (0: 1)

1.FC Union Berlin - Bayer Leverkusen 2: 3 (1-1)

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: ARD is once again in the second row

Update from February 15, 12.20 p.m .: The game of Bayern tomorrow in Cologne can of course be seen on Sky . The ARD will (once again) only be able to show highlights of the game.

When it comes to betting on TV rights , public service providers are now lagging behind Deutsche Telekom, DAZN and even Amazon Prime.

And at ARD there is now also a personnel rally: WDR sports director Steffen Simon will mainly retire to the second row, instead of which Florian Naß will increasingly comment on football games - those that have actually remained the first.

1. FC Köln against Bayern is at least not one of them. At * you can find out where and how you can watch the Bundesliga match live on TV and in live stream.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker: With Manuel Neuer at Effzeh

Update from February 15, 11.55 a.m .: Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer can play in Cologne on Sunday. That was announced by coach Hansi Flick at the Spieltags-PK on Friday.

The goalkeeper of the German champions had missed the training on Thursday due to illness, but was back on the lawn on Säbener Strasse just a day later.

Update from February 15, 8.21 a.m .: Bayern compete against 1. FC Köln on Sunday. In addition to concentration, Munich also has fun playing football. The criticized Jerome Boateng, whose new girlfriend published a kiss photo on Valentine's Day, is currently clearly enjoying being a defender and showed his Brazilian side in training:

@ JB17Official #MiaSanMia

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 14, 2020

Update from February 14, 10.30 p.m .: Borussia Dortmund presented the Bundesliga duel on Friday evening. BVB won 4-0 (1-0) against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The Westphalian thus moved up to second place before the other games on match day 22. RB Leipzig welcomes Werder Bremen on Saturday (3:30 p.m.), FC Bayern are challenged on Sunday at 1 FC Cologne (3:30 p.m.).

Can BVB and RB Leipzig continue to stand up to Bayern ?

1. Bayern Munich 21 games, 58:23 goals, 43 points

2. Borussia Dortmund 22 games, 63:32 goals, 42 points

3. RB Leipzig 21 games, 53:25 goals, 42 points

4. Bor. Mönchengladbach 20 games, 38:23 goals, 39 points

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Mega penalty against Guardiolas ManCity

Update from February 14, 8:50 p.m .: Hammer announcement to the former coach: As the European football association Uefa announced on Friday, Manchester City will be excluded from the Champions League for two years after this season.

The Premier League club, employer of ex-Bayern coach Pep Guardiola , is banished from the premier class for serious violations of financial fair play.

Update from February 14, 6 p.m .: While the current Bundesliga season is running, there are admittedly speculating about possible new signings at Bayern .

As Sport Bild reports, the double winner should also watch a native of Munich: Kevin Ehlers from Dynamo Dresden . The 19-year-old is a regular in the second division of the Saxons - and thus attracted the interest of the top national clubs.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker: all clear for Manuel Neuer

Update from February 14, 5 p.m .: The all-clear was given to Bayern Neuer by Manuel Neuer before Bayern's away game at 1. FC Köln . The national goalkeeper had to deal with a gastrointestinal infection during the week, but is ready for action again in the Rhineland.

Hansi #Flick on the personnel situation: "@Manuel_Neuer took part in the training as normal today. Except for @ Javi8martinez and Niklas # Süle, we all have men on board. @David_Alaba has paused today because of muscular problems, but should be back tomorrow." # KOEFCB

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) February 14, 2020

Munich coach Hansi Flick meanwhile is considering replacing Jerome Boateng in central defense with Lucas Hernández . That would mean: three left-footers in the defense of the record champions.

“Whether three right-footed or three left-footed is nothing special, but it has to fit. The players have to feel comfortable. We will train that, ”announced Flick with a view to the guest performance at Effzeh.

First announcement from February 12th: Five out of six: 1. FC Köln recently scored 15 out of 18 possible points in the Bundesliga *. The Rhinelanders have a run under coach Markus Gisdol - and now face FC Bayern Munich on match day 22.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker: Big hurdle in the Rhineland

Is the Effzeh a master stumbling block for the double winner? The promoted offensive is particularly dangerous, with Jhon Córdoba and colleagues striking 15 times in the past six games.

The Bayern defense will be armed. During the week, left-back Alphonso Davies had slight ankle problems, the only 19-year-old Canadian has been in outstanding shape for months and has already been THE winner of this season with the record champions. The all-clear: it is nothing serious.

1. FC Köln - FC Bayern Munich: Players have to prove themselves to the bosses

Meanwhile, the bosses of Bavaria put a lot of pressure on their staff in the hot phase of the season - or rather, those professionals whose contracts expire in 2021. You should prove yourself first. Board member Oliver Kahn explains internally tellingly: "At FC Bayern only one thing counts: the maximum success!"

Brazilian Philippe Coutinho is likely to feel pressure. The loan player of FC Barcelona is playing for a fixed contract before the transfer summer, either in Munich - or at ex-club FC Liverpool?

In any case, there is sufficient tension.

Javi Martinez said in an interview how he could imagine walking around the square. He would wear an unusual accessory that made a European football legend famous before him. Martinez will probably have to pause in the game against 1. FC Köln on February 16. Perhaps he is fashionable in the stands.

Follow the Bayern game from 3.30 p.m. in the live ticker here.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


With this lineup it comes into play at 1. FC Köln.

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