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"The worst is the uncertainty": Lion all-rounder about Corona


What do people whose passion is usually focused on a football club do? Three TSV 1860 all-drivers about the Corona crisis.

What do people whose passion is usually focused on a football club do? Three TSV 1860 all-drivers about the Corona crisis.

  • The Coronavirus * also has the TSV 1860 Munich under control.
  • The third division and the training company are suspended.
  • Three all-drivers describe their thoughts on the virus and the club.

Munich - The city has been swept empty these days. Hardly any cars, no rush hour traffic. So there must be good reasons for people who are known for their punctuality to be late - if only because of their connecting hobbies.

Punctually for the interview, Roman Wöll has appeared , who has been letting the deserted lion area take effect since 12.55 p.m. ("Unusual, somehow sad"), and when 15 minutes later Franz Hell and Fritz Fehling turn the corner, it quickly becomes clear that three of the biggest fans of the TSV 1860 are not ready to throw certain principles overboard even in times of crisis. "Now I had to make a special turn around Säbener Straße", Hell calls and apologizes afterwards: "Fritz insisted." A detour, for which Wöll, internally called "boss", shows maximum understanding. "I've never been to the Säbener in my life," he emphasizes, which explains quite well why the three sixties sixties have spent so much time together over the past 50 years.


Roman Wöll.

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TSV 1860: All-drivers experienced the championship

The three passionate lions, who followed their TSV into the remotest stadium of the football world, are called all-riders, but would not run 700 meters over to Bayern for much money . Hell, Wöll and Fehling were in Meppen and Völklingen in 1860, in Pori, Finland, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and even in Korea. As young fans, they cheered the Meisterlöwen (1966), later mourned descents together, celebrated ascents, spent ten years in the Bayernliga and also survived the forced relegation to the fourth-class regional league in 2017. Recently, things went a little better for the Blues and their loyal companions: Michael Köllner's third division team did not lose 14 games in a row, and it is not without a certain tragedy that it is now a virus that unites the three old lions and their hopes missed the damper. "Now we were slowed down, but right," says Wöll. Fehling puts it similarly: “It went well in terms of sport, there is nothing. We are on the right path. It goes back to 1860 that there is now another block where it brakes. "

Corona virus: Game operations should be at least until the end of April

And what a brake block that is. At least until the end of April, the games in the 3rd division should be at a standstill, and what happens next, with ghost games and English weeks or not at all, is in the stars. Even for the normal football fan, this is a time of deprivation that is difficult to endure. All-time drivers who are doomed to stay at home may suffer a little more, as all three confirm without hesitation. "Personally, I'm fine, there's nothing missing," says the 68-year-old Fehling, "but of course something is missing. My main topic is the club with the four numbers. Since the Bundesliga, since 1963, I've been running after them. "

Second team, A and B juniors - not even a professional replacement program is currently available. The worst thing, says Wöll, is the uncertainty of how to proceed. "If it were foreseeable that one would say: In two or three weeks it will be over, then you can bring it there, but as it looks right now. . . It can take months. For us, of course, that would be the worst case scenario. ”

TSV 1860 Munich: All drivers sort their collections

Even now it is at least a moderate meltdown that weekends have to be filled that have had a fixed structure for decades. "It's a change if you don't go to football on Saturday or Sunday noon, but watch the umpteenth episode of a series that you've seen 1000 times," says Hell. “Or you get out some old video of old games. Thank goodness I have quite a few. "

Not just him. According to Wöll, 230 VHS tapes, each with a 240-minute runtime, estimate what Fehling can possibly top - "it's just not that well organized for me". Most recently, the man with the long beard "1977" picked out and put it in the recorder, the three relegation thrillers against Bielefeld (0: 4, 4: 0, 0: 2): "It was the first time that we had a dry spell behind us brought us (seven years 2nd league / red.) and things went well. ”A little encourager in these times.


Fritz Fehling.

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These are cloudy days, also for Hell, who always emphasizes that the government's “restrictions” are good, after all, health is the greatest good and one can only hope “that the chalice will somehow pass us by”. Wöll also says: “In the beginning I didn't take it so seriously, but when you read about the many deaths in Italy. . . I'm not in a panic, but of course I'm not the youngest either. ”Compared to Hell, 66, and Fehling, he is already, but also Wöll, 65, has to wait carefully these days, only leaves the house, to run his caretaker. "I'm not getting bored," he says, "but if it takes months now , it'll be a problem." Also for married life? Ms. Wöll is no longer used to so much togetherness, but don't worry, her husband says: “There has not yet been a quarrel. I'm a peaceful person. ”He adds with a smile:“ And we won't have domestic violence either. ”

TSV 1860: acts of compensation for all-wheelers

As in many households during the corona crisis, compensation actions are very popular with all-drivers. Hell, for example, is currently transferring his handwritten game records to an Excel file. “1900 to 2018, I have made good progress over the past three days. Until 1996. From this point of view, the pandemic also has something good, ”he jokes. Wöll says, amazed at himself: “I already made the tax return for last year. Completely crazy - I've never been so early. ”


Franz Hell.

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Wait, distract yourself, bridge time. Hell sums up the life of all-time drivers who are banned from not driving: "You can only see that you are busy to a certain extent." But even for that, emphasizes Wöll, he has an antidote in the VHS closet: "If I'm really moody, then maybe I'll put the Wettberg in, 1991. Or Meppen (the promotion to the Bundesliga in 1994 / ed.). Fortunately, it's not quite that far yet. "

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The players of TSV 1860 Munich are waiting in the corona crisis of things. To keep them happy, the lion professionals have started a challenge.

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