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Alarming news from the Bundesliga: A dozen clubs are facing bankruptcy due to Corona - and soon


The Bundesliga has a firm grip on the corona crisis. Due to the suspension of the game, there is a risk of bankruptcies in German football. Follow all developments here in the news ticker.

The Bundesliga has a firm grip on the corona crisis. Due to the suspension of the game, there is a risk of bankruptcies in German football. Follow all developments here in the news ticker.

  • Corona crisis in Europe: Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A and Champions League must stop playing.
  • Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bundesliga is initially paused until April 30 .
  • All developments on the Bundesliga in the Corona crisis here in the news ticker .

Update from April 3, 7.30 p.m .: Alarming news in the course of the Corona crisis from the Bundesliga !

According to a report by the kicker , up to 13 out of 36 professional clubs face bankruptcy this season due to the unpredictable consequences of the coronavirus pandemic .

Bundesliga in the Corona crisis: a dozen clubs have payment problems

According to this, twelve clubs have already assigned their next rate from TV marketing in order to be able to meet their current payment obligations at all. The kicker relies in his research on the general meeting of the German Football League (DFL) last Tuesday.

The situation in the second division would be dramatic: seven clubs would have to file for bankruptcy at the end of May if the game would not resume in the same month - and the much-needed TV money was distributed.

In the middle of the corona crisis: FC Bayern extends Hansi Flick for the long term

Update of April 3, 6:30 p.m .: Even during the Corona crisis, there are reports of enforcement in the clubs regarding personnel issues - this Friday, above all with the German record champions.

Karl-Heinz #Rummenigge: "The #FCBayern is very satisfied with the work of Hansi #Flick. The team has developed very well under him, plays attractive football, which is also reflected in the results." #MiaSanMia # Flick2023 ️ ✔️

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) April 3, 2020

As FC Bayern Munich announced, the contract with Hansi Flick as head coach was extended until June 2023 and thus in the long term. For weeks there had been confusion - now the double winner has created facts.

Coronavirus pandemic: Borussia Dortmund is setting up a corona treatment center

Update from April 3, 6 p.m .: Borussia Dortmund is making its stadium available in the fight against the corona virus . BVB announced this Friday.

B #BVB opens # Corona treatment center.

- Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) April 3, 2020

Accordingly, there will be a specially built corona treatment center in the area of ​​the north grandstand from Saturday. Suspected coronavirus cases are to be treated there, the Bundesliga club says.

“Our stadium is the figurehead of the city, a fixed point for almost everyone in Dortmund and the surrounding area, and due to its technical, infrastructural and spatial conditions, it is the ideal place to actively help people who are potentially infected with the corona virus or who have complaints How respiratory diseases and fever complain, ”said BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke about the measure:“ It is our duty and our desire to do everything in our power to help these people. ”

In its implementation, the club works closely with the Statutory Health Insurance Association of Westphalia-Lippe (KVWL).

Update from April 3, 4:15 p.m .: Since Tuesday, there has been another dominating topic around the Bundesliga in addition to the corona crisis : the recent quarrel between Jerome Boateng and FC Bayern *.

After the world champion left Munich without permission and missed cyber training because of a car accident on the A9 motorway, old differences of opinion have apparently been revived.

Update from April 2, 8:44 pm: As soon as RB Sport Director Markus Krösche spoke up, his coach Julian Nagelsmann chose completely different tones in an interview with “Sport im Osten”. A continuation of the Bundesliga in May does not occur to him.

When does the Bundesliga Corona break end? Nagelsmann disagrees with Krösche

"Maybe there will be games in July or August, " he says a cautious forecast. The football calendar is already upside down, and ending the Bundesliga and premier class should not be easy. "The problem is that there is no synchronicity ," explains Nagelsmann, "The national leagues have priority and then we will probably finish everything - but in a completely different constellation and at a completely different time than we planned and are used to. "

Bundesliga in financial distress: "Only works when business is running"

Many advocate continuing game operations as soon as possible in order to mitigate the financial damage. "Football is also an economic sector that only works if the business is running," Nagelsmann shows understanding for such demands, "and the business of a football company is just playing football ."

But that doesn't mean that the young RB coach approves of the financial excesses that are currently becoming more apparent than ever. Rather, he hopes that the crisis will reduce them to a normal level . "Maybe there will be a regulation, maybe the industry will be healthier," he muses.

Corona crisis reveals financial madness of the Bundesliga: Nagelsmann cautiously hopes for improvement

"At the moment I can't imagine that one hundred percent, I'm honest, but maybe at some point, depending on how long it all lasts. Perhaps then there is no other way than doing certain things differently and doing business healthier, ” Julian Nagelsmann hopes for a change that would certainly also be noticeable in his own salary .

Corona crisis in the Bundesliga: hope of a continuation soon - club boss "very confident"

April 2 update: Football stands still across Europe - except in Belarus, but that's another topic. In the Bundesliga, too, some clubs fear for their existence. But suddenly there is hope that league operations will resume soon .

"I think that due to all the developments in the past few weeks, it makes sense to postpone the appointment for the time being", RB Sport Director Markus Krösche approves of the recently decided extension of the break, but is counting on the ball rolling again soon.

Bundesliga sequel: Club boss speaks of social importance

"I am very confident that we will be able to play again in early May ," he says of his hope for Sky. He builds on the importance of sport in society and on political support.

Football provides variety and helps people to change their minds, he explains, “and that is why we all have the goal - both politics and sport - as quickly as possible, if health permits, the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga again To show football that people love so much. "

Corona virus: will the Bundesliga start again soon? Belgium exemplifies the opposite

The fact that Krösche makes this plea on the same day that the Belgian league declares its season over is at least unfortunate timing. Perhaps the DFL will actually find a solution to finish the season .

Insolvent football clubs: only mini-penalties - because the Bundesliga is counting on bankruptcies?

Update of March 31, 9:20 p.m .: FC Bayern as an industry giant is of course significantly less at risk of corona effects than other Bundesliga clubs.

And yet the German record champions are also turbulent. So goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and the FCB board should by no means agree on the contract extension *, Jerome Boateng allegedly also built an accident on the highway *.

Update of March 31, 7.30 p.m .: As the German Football League (DFL) announced this Tuesday, it will significantly relax the conditions for the licensing procedure due to the Corona crisis .

Bundesliga in the corona crisis: only three points deduction in the event of bankruptcy

Specifically, the deduction of nine points is suspended as a sanction for opening insolvency proceedings. "In the event of bankruptcy in the coming season, a sanction would be the amount of a deduction of only three points," says a message. Because the Bundesliga is already counting on the insolvency of individual clubs?

Before the 2020/21 season, the 36 professional clubs also do not have to provide any evidence of liquidity; the DFL will not review them until September, when the new season is (probably) already underway.

Update of March 31, 6.55 p.m .: The corona crisis also affects the 1899 Hoffenheim Bundesliga club , whose patron Dietmar Hopp has become a beacon of hope in the fight against the corona virus. We'll explain why here. *

Bundesliga in the Corona crisis: European Cup matches at the weekend?

Update from March 31, 4:57 p.m .: Given the massive restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic , DFL boss Christian Seifert is also expecting significant changes to the game schedule for the coming season and will not rule out European Cup matches at the weekend.

For the coming season, "great flexibility and accommodation" is required among the leagues and international associations.


DFL boss: Christian Seifert.

© dpa / Arne Dedert

Everyone had to "swallow a toad or two", said Seifert on Tuesday during a video press conference after the DFL general meeting when asked whether Champions League games could be expected on Saturday evenings after the Bundesliga games . "There will only be a regular season again in 2021/22," predicted the 50-year-old.

Update of March 31, 3:51 p.m .: In the corona crisis , soccer stars have an even greater role model function . A Bundesliga kicker apparently doesn't know how to deal with it - and was caught at a corona party.

Update from March 31, 2:30 p.m .: "We in the Bundesliga look forward to being able to bring people back a little bit of normalcy in due course." With these words, DFL boss Christian Seifert closed his speech at the PK of German Football -League.

Anyone hoping for an early end to the Corona break in the Bundesliga was disappointed. The DFL and the professional clubs officially decided that the league would initially continue to pause until April 30 . The general meeting of the German Football League approved a proposal from the DFL Presidium on Tuesday.

Decision of the DFL: Bundesliga pauses until at least April 30.


- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) March 31, 2020

However, it is completely open whether the game will continue in May. Due to the pandemic, there are numerous restrictions in public life in Germany that could persist beyond April.

If anything, the remaining 163 games in the top two divisions will probably be played as ghost games . The concept for the restart must be supported by politics and the health authorities.

Bundesliga: officially! Game operations are suspended until May - then ghost games?

"First of all, and this is still not a question, it is a matter of controlling the spread of the virus and in particular the protection of risk groups," said DFL boss Christian Seifert on Tuesday. "It will stay that way for some time." But there is "high pressure" to work on "how we can get up and continue working after this crisis".

The general meeting made four "essential decisions". In addition to the suspension of play, team training is to be stopped by April 5 . "At the same time, we are developing production concepts for all 36 locations of professional football for how games can also be played temporarily without the presence of spectators, with the least possible use of personnel," said Seifert. In addition, a medical task force was set up and a "further package of measures" was decided to relieve the clubs during the licensing process.

As the kicker reports, from May it is planned to end the season with ghost games .

Bundesliga with spectators? Rummenigge is toying with UEFA plans

Update from March 30th, 9.09 p.m .: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge rules out a complete cancellation of the season and a football Bundesliga with only 14 or 16 clubs, despite the current existential crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic .


In the Bundesliga, the game is suspended due to the Corona crisis. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is now proposing a spectacular scenario to save the season.


For Bayern Munich's CEO, it would even be an option if the season didn't end until September and the new season didn't start until next winter. "If this were not possible from a health and political perspective, this scenario would have to be dealt with," Rummenigge said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung .

Bundesliga with spectators? Rummenigge brings completely new options into play

"We should definitely finish this season , for reasons of sporting fairness, but of course also to keep the economic damage as low as possible," said the Bayern CEO before the DFL general meeting on Tuesday (10.30 a.m.) in Frankfurt .

The head of Bayern admitted that the acute crisis will not leave the industry leader from Munich without a trace. " Bayern would also face economic difficulties if we don't play football for too long," said Rummenigge.

Bayern might be "a bit better off than other Bundesliga clubs because of our very good equity situation". "But we too are currently waiting in the transfer market to keep the powder dry and to see how the situation develops," said Rummenigge. "Today we all don't know how long the corona spook will be with us."

Bundesliga with spectators? Lindner: "This will be the last thing we ..."

Update from March 30, 7 p.m .: Tomorrow, Tuesday, the bosses of the 36 professional clubs and the heads of the DFL will come together for the next virtual Corona summit in the Bundesliga (10:30 a.m.).

According to agency information, the trend is to restart game operations in May - in all likelihood without spectators. But: Even if the number of new corona infections drops, even this scenario is even possible.

There is still a little leeway. It is expected that the officials will initially extend the mandatory break until April 30. A further postponement would still be possible afterwards with a view to the remaining nine Bundesliga games.

Update from March 30, 2 p.m .: While the Bundesliga is not playing , there are discussions in the background about the nearer and longer-term future of the players.

World champion Thomas Müller is said to be in negotiations with FC Bayern * to extend his contract, while two Premier League clubs from London are said to be interested in Munich youngster Chris Richards *.

Corona crisis in the Bundesliga: FDP boss Lindner does not promise full stadiums


© Instagram / Christian Lindner

Update of March 30, 11 a.m .: How and when will the Bundesliga continue in the Corona crisis ? FDP boss Christian Lindner has given football fans no hope of returning to matches in front of full stadiums soon.

“We are sociable beings who need contact. Bundesliga with audience and fans will be the last thing we open again, “said the opposition politician of the picture .

Lindner is friends with BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke and sits on Borussia Dortmund's board of directors.

Check out this post on Instagram

What a thriller in Dortmund ... CL #bvb #bundesliga PS: And I treat it to @mariogotze ...

A post shared by Christian Lindner (@christianlindner) on Oct 6, 2018 at 8:30 p.m. PDT

Update from March 30, 10 a.m .: You can find all previous news about the Corona crisis in the Bundesliga under this ticker *.

First announcement from March 29: Professional football is currently only played in Belarus. Despite the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, which causes a lot of shaking of the head in the rest of Europe.

Bundesliga, Champions League, Premier, League, La Liga, Serie A and so on - they all have to pause because of the Corona crisis * .

Bundesliga: FC Bayern boss Rummenigge and BVB boss Watzke want to end the season

FC Bayern Munich was in great shape and would have had the chance to expand its title collection *. But nothing will come of it for the time being.

But after the boss of the board, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke, had vigorously pushed for it, the European Football Association Uefa left no doubt that the season should definitely be brought to an end.

"We could start in mid-May, June or even late June," said Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica . After that, the season was "very likely lost".

When will the Bundesliga continue because of Corona? Spectacular proposal from Uefa

The head of the European Football Union also made it clear that talks with the leagues about an adjustment of the calendar would take place - and called a spectacular proposal.

For example, the current season could be ended "at the beginning of the next", which would start the next season "a little later". However, there is still no final decision.

Apart from Belarus, the ball is currently at a standstill in all of Europe's professional leagues . In the Bundesliga , the game will be suspended until April 30 at the suggestion of the German Football League (DFL) . The 36 clubs of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga still have to agree on Tuesday. However, this is a matter of form.

Corona crisis: The Bundesliga faces high losses

If the season is stopped altogether, the Bundesliga could face losses of an estimated 750 million euros.

Uli Hoeneß, honorary president of FC Bayern , said in an interview with the kicker : If there were no games by Christmas, then "the livelihood of the entire league would be threatened" surrender, charlatans ”.

Because of the corona virus, the Bundesliga has to pause for a long time. A FC Cologne fan has a guess as to the origin of the virus. What does FC Bayern have to do with it?

pm / fs with SID material

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

More FC Bayern news and rumors: will Ivan Perisic stay at Bayern? Inter Milan is probably planning a spectacular exchange.

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