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Weißmann: "I can't just snap a team from promotion"


The Bavarian Football Association has had its hands full in the last few days. Florian Weißmann is the association youth leader at the BFV. In the interview, he reports how complicated it would be to end the season.

The Bavarian Football Association has had its hands full in the last few days. Florian Weißmann is the association youth leader at the BFV. In the interview, he reports how complicated it would be to end the season.

District - As the youth director of the Bavarian Football Association, the Schwabener Florian Weißmann, 40, should almost make it possible to square the circle in the coming days and weeks, and in uncertain times a concrete action plan for young Bavarian football and its interrupted season 2019 / 20 present.

Mr. Weißmann, why don't you break off the current season in the youth sector, make a line and start a new season when that's possible again?

Of course the cry for just breaking off quickly is big. But I just assume that many people don't realize how differentiated and therefore difficult the situation in the youth field is. A uniform scenario as in the adult sector will not be possible in this form because of different game forms and competitions. We are working on a practicable solution for all sides and are already very far in many things that we are only four weeks behind. Important: the BFV board has yet to make a decision about the adult situation.

A court would have to determine a season break

The global virus pandemic has already led to the end of the season in many sports in many countries, including in Germany. . .

. . . in practice, however, a court will probably first have to determine this force majeure. We have four lawyers on the board who point out that the legal basis (editor's note: statutes and regulations of the BFV), according to which each club is entitled to a full game year, cannot simply be undermined. Probably not even the state could, because it would interfere with the autonomy of the association. It is questionable whether the association and the clubs would be satisfied with it and whether complaints against the decision of the state would follow.

Since a termination scenario has not yet been defined in the association regulations, could only an extraordinary association day decide on the actual termination?

Yes. Only the approximately 260 delegates to be elected might not even represent the majority opinion of all clubs, but possibly primarily that of their own.

Does this mean that, as with the adults, you now obtain an opinion for the young talent via virtual voting?

Over the next few days, I will go through a total of five webinars with the youth leaders to provide detailed information and four options, each with negative and positive consequences. I don't know yet whether there will be a vote. Because: Who can vote there? Would a JFG (junior support association) with three main clubs have four votes, even though two of them may not be in the game? We are faced with an extremely difficult task.

"In the small field we are flexible and can do what we want"

Shouldn't this be easier to solve, especially in the area of ​​young people, with significantly less commercial interest, pressure to perform and class changes than with adults?

In the small field, we are flexible and can do what we want. I also like tournament forms in June or a four-week round when we get the offer. But that is decided by the state and the individual municipalities - and then there is also the emotional component of the parents, who let their child go into training, but maybe not into games.

And in the large field area?

We will not treat an A-youth like an F-youth. Firstly, we have different interests in the mass and competitive sports sector. Second, different play groups. And thirdly, in the best of cases, I calculated that we would play six matchdays before the summer holidays and that we would definitely not continue playing until after the summer holidays in mid-September. But what if we don't play anymore this year and we have to accommodate 20 game days next spring?

An adjustment of the season to the calendar year. . .

. . . is definitely not an option! I would like to be convinced, but it will certainly not take away the youth tournaments in July as an essential source of income for the clubs. Likewise, I consider the motivation of parents and children for a single preparation in winter questionable, as is the case if a season / relegation does not come to an end in time due to the weather.

"The criticism always reflects the table situation"

Is the ambition in youth football so great that you actually fear a wave of lawsuits if you cancel or cancel it?

With every criticism I get at the moment, I look at the entire club and its standings and find that the criticism almost always reflects my own table situation. Of course, public ambition is often left behind and 60 to 70 percent of all teams have neither a chance up nor down and are therefore neutral.


I can't just snap away the season or promotion from a team like the U 17 of TSV 1860 Munich, which is first in the Bayernliga Stock. I doubt that I will get my consent, especially since in parts of the youth area not only the players count, but also the league affiliation for the clubs. The interest in the division of the league is definitely there, you just have to take a look at the many sports court proceedings due to unauthorized players. Under normal season, the opponents' game report sheets are looked through intensively.

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