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1860 professionals as Corona dads: "We do everything - except breastfeeding"


The corona crisis also has positive side effects for Stefan Lex, Nico Karger and Marius Willsch. The three lions can take care of their own offspring intensively.

The corona crisis also has positive side effects for Stefan Lex, Nico Karger and Marius Willsch. The three lions can take care of their own offspring intensively.

  • Nico Karger, Marius Willsch and Stefan Lex use the corona break and flourish in their father role. 
  • The three lions talk about the new everyday life with their own offspring. 
  • Marius Willsch announces that daughter Mila will wear the TSV 1860 shirt in the stadium.  

Munich - Three 1860 professionals have a very different daily life these weeks - not only because of the Corona crisis, but above all because they have become dads for the first time. The unexpected timeout came “absolutely at the right time,” says Stefan Lex, 30, who has loved spending his time with little Raphael since March 11th. 

For the first three weeks in his son's life, he was more or less “on parental leave”: “That is the only positive thing about the crisis.” Marius Willsch, 29, proud dad of Mila (born in late February) and Nico Karger comment similarly , 27, whose life has been enriched by Lian for nine days. Exclusive to our newspaper, the proud young fathers describe how they merge with the team in their new role between changing table and zoom workout.

Stefan Lex: Son Raphael allows mom and dad to sleep 

“The birth was indescribable and cannot be compared to anything - even if goals are always beautiful. In our new everyday life, one of us is always busy and only the other can carry out his other tasks, but of course we are happy to do that. The nights are usually not bad: I have also slept through the night. Most of the time, the little one wakes up only once and then breastfeeds. " 

Lex, on the other hand, can get involved when changing diapers: “I think I'm doing it well. My wife couldn't get up in the beginning, so I took it on from the start and so far I have changed diapers more often than my mom. ”At Lex, a typical day now looks like this:“ Getting up around 8 am, often with the little one. My wife then takes it at 8:45 a.m. so that I can get to the zoom workout. Then carry around a lot and go for a walk before or after the afternoon training. 

In the evening the little one usually sleeps on the couch on me until we go to bed. ”It is of course regrettable that the grandparents Lex jr. have not been able to see so far: “Of course, this is blatant when your grandson is six weeks old. Actually unimaginable. We're trying to make up for it a little bit via FaceTime calls, but nothing can replace it. But: We are concerned with protecting the older generation. Hopefully a little more normality will come back soon. ”Also, so that the youngest Lex can finally be dressed appropriately:“ Since the fan shop is not open at the moment, he has to make do with my old lion things. . . "


New passion, old hobby: Stefan Lex plays online sheep's head while little Raphael sleeps on him.

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Nico Karger when changing diapers "now completely clarified"

“Scoring a goal is nice, the feeling at birth is indescribable. It's insane and totally surreal, you can't compare it at all. Of course, a lot has changed. After all, I now have a great responsibility. My little one is only a few days old and still sleeps a lot. I think as a professional athlete you generally have more time to get involved as a dad. The nights are still very pleasant. The little one sleeps a lot and for a long time. " 

It gets exciting, Karger jokes, "when a smell flutters into my nostrils (haha)". Then it is time to change the diaper - a process that he felt for himself: "A bit cautious and shaky at first, but now I'm doing it completely." He also carries little Lian around "a lot". Until the training calls: “After that I cook food and basically do the same as before the training. Apart from breastfeeding, we take turns so that my girlfriend also has time to relax. It is not yet in full force. "


Already one unit: Nico Karger is enjoying the time with his few days old son Lian Henri.

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Marius Willsch: "Apart from breastfeeding, I can actually do everything now"

“Nothing in the world is more beautiful than the birth of your own child. You can't even speak of everyday life at the moment - Mila has her own rhythm and every day is different. She sleeps through sometimes, but is more of an exception. Of course I've already changed the diapers. Most of the time my wife changes. I'm responsible for bathing - and between team workout and group training also for baby fun. Because I spent a lot of time at home because of Corona, it was easier for my wife, I hope. Except for breastfeeding, I can actually do anything now. " 

Willsch also regrets that he can only share his fatherly joy with his relatives via "FaceTime and countless pictures and videos". "Hopefully the whole thing will change soon, because the grandparents can't take it much longer," he reports. Willsch, on the other hand, has to endure a new color in his house: "So far she's only wearing pink." At the latest when football games are allowed in the Grünwald stadium, she will then show herself in the stands "only with a lion's jersey".

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