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Bundesliga sequel? Sports ministers announce new date - "Still consider it reasonable"


The Bundesliga continues to pause because of the Corona crisis. Now the conference of sports ministers has clearly stated again.

The Bundesliga continues to pause because of the Corona crisis. Now the conference of sports ministers has clearly stated again.

  • The Corona pandemic caused game operations in Germany to be interrupted.
  • The DFL has now announced its further plan.
  • The liquidity of the clubs is initially secured thanks to the TV money - but one provider apparently refused to accept the offer. 

Update from April 28, 9:49 am: Will the ball soon roll back into the Bundesliga ? The question concerns not only the clubs, fans and players , but of course also politics . Because it has to decide whether, how and when the league starts again.

In the end, enough experts and experts had commented on this topic. In addition, the DFL had presented a master plan on how the league should be brought to an end with ghost games under the highest hygiene requirements. 

On Monday, the Sports Ministers' Conference (SMK) has once again campaigned for the league to resume. “The SMK continues to consider it reasonable to continue playing in the Bundesliga in front of empty spectator stands from the middle or end of May,” said SMK chairwoman Anja Stahmann (Greens) in a message: “The German football league must be strict Create, enforce and check hygienic and medical conditions with suitable measures. "

Melanie #Leupolz would be happy to restart @Bundesliga_DE. However, only if the health of all people is in the foreground. @ FCBfrauen #FCBayern #Bundesliga

- OmnisportDE (@OmnisportDE) April 28, 2020

The SMK also commented on the subject of limited test capacities : "We have to scrutinize this question conscientiously and discuss it further," said Stahmann: "Sports in general should not be reproached for claiming test capacities , for example for general health protection urgently needed in retirement homes or clinics. "

However, a final agreement was not reached at the telephone conference of the sports ministers of the federal states on Monday, but this should be submitted to the Federal Chancellery by Tuesday evening. 

On Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel will once again discuss with the Prime Ministers further easing of the measures against the coronavirus pandemic . It is possible that a decision will then be made about the continuation of the Bundesliga .

Bundesliga / Corona: ghost games? Expert accounts for football business

Update of April 27, 6:27 p.m .:  The sports ministers of the federal states want to decide on the resumption of play in the Bundesliga this week . In a conference call, the department heads agreed on Monday to present the Federal Chancellery with a uniform position on the so-called ghost games by Tuesday evening. The decision boiled down to allowing the game to go on again without spectators in the stadium from mid or late May , said the Minister of Sport.

Update of April 27, 11:10 a.m.: A Leipzig virologist warns against the resumption of the Bundesliga - and gives an alarming example of a Covid 19 deceased.


Gunter Gebauer does not want to waste any thought on ghost games at the moment.

© dpa / Horst Galuschka

Update from April 27, 6.15 a.m .: Sports philosopher Gunter Gebauer has the plans of the German Football League ( DFL ) to restart the Bundesligaand 2. Bundesliga criticized with ghost games . "It may be economically necessary for clubs to resume playing, but it is the absolutely wrong signal," said Gebauer of Augsburger Allgemeine (Monday edition).

The scientist emphasized that the concept was "irresponsible": "Singing, theater, acting, sitting together in a pub - anything that comes close to and physical contact is strictly forbidden and then a full contact sport like football is practiced?"

"Otherwise likes to see himself as a role model": Experts do not leave a good year in professional football

In sports such as rowing, weightlifting or golf, which can be practiced easily from a distance, competitions are not even considered. In contrast, however, in football, which "otherwise likes to see itself as a role model ". "But he does not do justice to this role and thus confirms all those who are skeptical of him anyway."


Gunter Gebauer does not want to waste any thought on ghost games at the moment.

© dpa / Horst Galuschka

Gebauer also does not like that up to 20,000 corona tests would be needed in football by the end of the season. "If you consider that there is definitely too little testing in old people's homes and nursing homes and that there is a shortage in some places, this special treatment for football simply leaves a bad impression," said the 76-year-old: "The special treatment is based on the fact that it is can just afford it. That just shouldn't be done. "

Bundesliga in the corona crisis: Watzke advertises ghost games

Update from April 26, 5:32 p.m .: BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke has defended the planned continuation of the season with the help of ghost games in the Bundesliga soccer leagues. “We don't want a special position in the beginning. But again, it is not to be compared with popular sports, but we want to pursue our professions, ”said Watzke in the program" Wontorra - At home alone "on Sky Sport News HD.

The BVB chief warned of a season break and the resulting consequences. It's about nothing more and nothing less than saving football. If we don't play for the next few months, the whole Bundesliga will drown . Then it will no longer exist in the form as we have known it, ”said the 60-year-old.

You don't want "government aid and nothing," says Watzke. “We have developed a concept that costs us a lot of money. But we do everything so that we can go back to work. We do not want a special position , definitely not, but we also do not want to be disadvantaged, "said the 60-year-old:" Just because football may have played a very relevant role in society, but that cannot be the conclusion now, we now have to do everything possible to prevent anyone from saying that football claims a special role, ”added Watzke.

Ghost games in the Bundesliga: Uli Hoeneß with a blazing appeal - police warn against fan casseroles

Update from April 26, 5:17 p.m .:  Uli Hoeneß has a very clear opinion about the possible ghost games in the Bundesliga. In addition, the honorary president of FC Bayern remarkably agrees with his old intimate enemy.

Update from April 26, 2020, 2:51 p.m .: The police union (GdP) has concerns about the planned execution of ghost games in the Bundesliga. "The stadiums will become a potential target for fans who want to support their team. That would be devastating," said Deputy Federal President Jörg Radek of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung . Because of the corona pandemic "there should not be large crowds of people outside the stadium gates. It is not only prohibited, it would be irresponsible."

The German Football League (DFL) presented its concept for possible resumption of play in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga on Thursday. This provides for ghost games - the DFL could continue on May 9th. North Rhine-Westphalia's Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) wants to prepare the police as best as possible.

"We will develop space protection concepts that do not focus on just a few locations, such as the stadium and arrival and departure routes, but take into account significantly more places," said Reul in the world interview, in which he also shared his concern, "that right-wing hooligans are devoting this to demos against ghost games and commerce and then invoke freedom of association ".

Coronavirus: Watzke rules out improvements to the security concept 

Update of April 26, 2020, 12:22 p.m .: Borussia Dortmund's managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has ruled out any improvements to the security concept of German football for the restart of the Bundesliga and the 2nd division. "Nothing more is possible," said Watzke on Sunday in the program "Wontorra - alone at home" on Sky.

"If you reject our concept now, nothing will change in eight weeks," said Watzke: "We have developed maximum security. It's just that we have to do duels. Even when the hairdresser opens, there is physical contact . He can cushion it with a mask. We cushion it by isolating our players as best we can and by doing endurance tests. ”Anyhow, a possible restart is under probation. "We don't do excesses, that's clear."

Watzke fears that some football clubs will go bankrupt if they don't play again soon. "You can assume that," said the BVB boss. "And everyone knows that if there are bankruptcies, the so-called White Knights also come and say we give you money, but you have to make sure that 50 + 1 falls," said Watzke. “You have to be careful that developments in football that we can never get back are not happening now. If we didn't finish the season on June 30th, then we face huge recourse claims . ”

The 60-year-old emphasized that football does not require a special role . “We have developed a concept that costs us a lot of money. But we don't want to be disadvantaged just because football has played a very relevant role. We have to live with the fact that a few people who find football bad now are working on us, ”said Watzke.

Minister: "Games with masks not imaginable" - Söder sees strict condition for Buli continuation

Update from April 25, 2020: Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) does not think much of the proposal to resume playing in the Bundesliga with a mask requirement . “I don't think games with masks are imaginable . In joint discussions with the German Football League, constructive work is currently being carried out on other practical solutions, ”said Heil in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag . His ministry recently proposed in an internal paper that players could wear masks during the Bundesliga games.

He further said that he could understand the wishes of those responsible in football and numerous fans after the season continued, but at the same time made it clear that occupational safety also applies to professional footballers and club employees as employees

Heil suggested that the DFL's proposals should be " scrutinized ". Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) pleaded for the resumption of play in May. If it was "responsible for athletes and coaches", he would support "if football could continue in the second half of May".

Corona: Söder comments again on Bundesliga start - and sets strict conditions 

Update of April 25, 2020:  Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has again commented on the opportunity to continue the Bundesliga . He emphasized that the game would only resume if each club could meet all the requirements. 

Last Thursday, the German Football League (DFL) presented  a concept that could be used to play football in the Bundesliga again in the Corona crisis . "It is imperative that maximum hygiene requirements be met," Söder emphasized in an interview by "Focus Online" on Saturday. Ultimately, the Robert Koch Institute must give the green light. "Then you could start on probation." 

Söder also mentioned a condition that must be met in any case: "But it must also be able to handle the smaller clubs - not just FC Bayern or Dortmund."

Söder on decision to restart Bundesliga: "Wouldn't expect too much"

Those in charge and fans are still hoping for an 'ok' on the part of politicians, so that they may be able to play again on May 9th. This coming Thursday (April 30) , the next video Turn Chancellor to Angela Merkel (CDU)  held with the Minister Presidents and Chairmen. Then the restart of the Bundesliga could also be decided. 

"But I wouldn't expect too much this time," Söder dampened expectations regarding the appointment and said: "It would make sense for us to update next Thursday, but not to take any additional rash actions."

Bundesliga pauses because of Corona: Seifert gives clubs hope

Update from April 24, 7:20 a.m .:  DFL boss Christian Seifert explained how to proceed in the Bundesliga in a one-hour press conference on Thursday. He also went into the TV money that the clubs so urgently need. Finally, around 300 million euros will be distributed .

With "almost all" media partners , an agreement had been reached in advance to pay the outstanding TV awards. "It will be possible to provide the clubs with liquidity by June 30," said Seifert . "The first payments should be triggered at short notice in May," he added.

Bundesliga: TV funds flow - but a provider refused to accept

According to a report by the kicker , the 36 clubs from the first and second league should initially receive around a third of the amount that would have been due by the media partners for the last part of the season - if the season ended in accordance with the contract. According to the magazine, the rest should be paid out in part for each match day played .

"We had intensive discussions that were characterized by respect," said Seifert after the general meeting. With one exception , agreements were reached with all partners. Agreements have also been made on how to deal with this should the season not be over. It is also clear that if the season does not start again, certain mechanisms for repayment apply. "

Bundesliga: Has Eurosport refused to pay TV money?

Special thanks go to the largest media partner, the pay-TV broadcaster Sky . But which station is the exception mentioned by Seifert ? The kicker had reported on Thursday morning that apparently streaming service DAZN had blocked . Seifert removed these speculations that an agreement had been reached with DAZN. The Sport Bild claims to have learned, however, that Euro Sport've refuses to pay. According to information from the paper, money should not flow even when the game is played again. 

#infotweet ℹ️

The #press conference with Christian Seifert, Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer and Prof. Dr. Barbara Gärtner after today's # DFL general assembly is available in full on our website ➡️

- DFL German Football League (@DFL_Official) April 23, 2020

Before the season, the broadcaster had sold a sublicense to DAZN for 45 games - apparently for 40 million euros . Originally, Eurosport was supposed to transfer 70 million euros to the DFL - so the difference was still outstanding. According to Sport Bild , Eurosport does not want to pay the last installment

The broadcaster has always had the Olympic Games on its program. Tokyo was postponed to 2021 , according to Sport Bild , parent company Discovery had to take out a loan of EUR 500 million . Revenue would have been secure via Olympia - but the games will be canceled in 2020. 

Bundesliga: clubs continue to hope for TV money - but a provider blocks

Update of April 23, 9.55 a.m .:  Football is facing important conferences on April 23 . Both the DFL and UEFA advise in their meetings on how to proceed with the season.

Finally, the news circulated that the media partners of the Bundesliga are distributing the outstanding TV money to the clubs and thus saving some clubs from impending bankruptcy - that some clubs are apparently facing financial problems in such a way as they are in one day - Read comment. * 

But there is still no final decision - according to information from the kicker , DAZN still refused to accept the fourth and final installment of the current season on April 22.

Bundesliga start on May 9? Spahn also prepared to do so under strict conditions: "Then it can certainly work"

Update from April 22nd: After Markus Söder (CSU) and Armin Laschet (CDU), Health Minister Jens Spahn now considers the resumption of play in the Bundesliga to be possible soon - but under strict conditions. 

It is crucial that occupational safety is guaranteed for the players, said the CDU politician. He sees that so-called ghost games are important for many million fans in football and other sports and therefore explains: "If this can be done with a minimal, as good as possible excluded risk of infection, then it can certainly be done," said Spahn of the Reuters news agency.

Update of April 21:  Politicians are reacting to the discussions surrounding the Bundesliga sequel. Not only Markus Söder and Armin Laschet have spoken in the meantime. What happens now? The DFL could make a decision on Thursday, April 23. The corresponding concept paper has already been leaked and describes how the ghost games could work. 

Bundesliga start on May 9? Söder and Laschet agree

April 20 update: will the Bundesliga season continue soon? Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (53 / CSU) and North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet (59 / CDU) have spoken out in favor of resuming play from May 9. Of course in the form of ghost games.

Söder said that it was a “tightrope walk”, but a comeback is conceivable in the near future. In his opinion, "such a ghost round could possibly only be played from May 9 at the earliest."

However, he also warned of possible recklessness. "We now have to be careful that we are not over-revving or frivolous," Söder told the picture, adding: "I would like the RKI to look again."

Such a scenario is also possible for Armin Laschet: “The prerequisite is that there is a well-thought-out concept. What the DFL has presented these days shows that protective measures are in place. I could imagine that we can go back to the state of the ghost games. ”

Also, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has been open for possible ghosts games in the Bundesliga from 9. May. “With the overall concept, ghost games are certainly possible again. It is crucial that the risk of infection is minimized. That would be a piece of normality for millions of football fans from May 9th, albeit in an empty stadium, ”said Spahn in the live program of the“ Bild ”newspaper.

Corona crisis in the Bundesliga: Seifert warns towards the clubs

DFL managing director Christian Seifert was relieved. "These are positive signals that have been sent out. It gives both leagues an important perspective," he said, while at the same time warning the clubs not to disappoint political confidence. "It is our job to repay this trust. It is the job of the clubs, but also of the players. Football must be a role model, " said Seifert.

Seifert rejected hopes of an early return to games with viewers as did politics. "There will be no more games with spectators this season," said Laschet. Seifert said he "longs for the day when a sold-out stadium signals that we control the virus and not the virus ourselves. But it will be some time before that."

Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was also very pleased with the vote by top German politicians for ghost games in the Bundesliga from May 9th. "The statements of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder and the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, are a very positive signal for the resumption of Bundesliga operations," said the CEO of the German record champions FC Bayern Munich on Monday evening when asked by the German Press Agency.

"It is important that we deal with the legal and medical requirements of politicians in an exemplary and very serious manner in order to minimize the health risk," added the 64-year-old.

Update from April 19: Ghost games appear more and more as the last straw for endangered Bundesliga clubs. But it is not quite that simple. The Sport1 double pass was discussed critically. Jens Lehmann particularly stood out. Carefree and controversial statements by the former national keeper irritated the group and sparked an outcry on the Internet.

Update from April 16, 8:18 pm: The German Football League (DFL) has been in difficult negotiations with the TV stations since the start of the Corona break . Is there television money despite the unclear situation ? Many clubs would face bankruptcy without the millions of media outlets .

Corona crisis: does Sky save the Bundesliga with this compromise? It's about crazy sums

Pay-TV broadcaster Sky in particular plays the decisive role here. He probably pays a total of about 900 million euros for the games of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga . But the payment of the last installment over 225 million was on the brink. Now the picture  (article behind the payment barrier) reports the happy customer: Sky pays despite the Corona break .

Sky pays a little less , but the money is transferred promptly , the newspaper describes the compromise with the DFL. Otherwise 13 clubs would allegedly have gone bankrupt .

Bundesliga in crisis: ARD and ZDF also show solidarity - DAZN struggles  

Also ARD and ZDF declared themselves according to the report prepared to pay their last installment of around 40 million euros. Only the DAZN streaming service is said to be still struggling. The pure sports provider is also experiencing anything but a rosy time during the Corona crisis .

Bundesliga: end of the Corona break? Politicians fire continuation - "Anything else would be absurd"

Update from April 16, 6:06 pm: FDP top politician Wolfgang Kubicki also finds words that will probably make many fans' hearts beat at first. The deputy party chairman sees no reason why the Bundesliga should not take place again in May , the SID quotes. 

"From my point of view, there is nothing against it as long as it is ensured that we will not have a pack with spectators ," the 68-year-old clarifies in the Sky interview. After all, players were all tested or "did not become noticeable", so Kubicki sees no great risk of infection

"In this respect, I believe that the prime ministers will agree to allow ghost games again, " he continues, " anything else would be absurd ." Only the number of fans had to be checked. Unfortunately, Kubicki cannot hope to see the Bundesliga live in the stadium again this summer

Meanwhile, the fan scene is against an early resumption of the current season. "At a time when we are all accepting very massive restrictions on our fundamental rights in the interests of the common good, it is unthinkable to play in the federal leagues, " a nationwide association of German football fans said in an official statement.

Bundesliga in the Corona break: Markus Söder gives fans hope

Update of April 16:  Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has given German professional football hope that the season will continue without spectators. 

"We will discuss together in the next few weeks whether ghost games are possible. But I think that is conceivable, ”said Söder in Munich on Thursday.

Bundesliga: soon to be continued with ghost games? Söder gives hope

The German Football League (DFL) is currently creating an “I see and hear intensive and very good hygiene concept. It's a job. We will now evaluate this again exactly and then you have to see whether you allow ghost games. Certainly not games with spectators, ”continued the CSU politician.

In the end it was also "that the relevance of football is classified not only in financial but also in psychological effects," says Söder: " For a lot of people, football is also a part of joy."

Meanwhile, some Bundesliga clubs are fighting for their existence - including FC Schalke 04.

Corona break: Spahn gives football Germany hope - but then comes the hard reality

Update of April 15:  As Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced in a joint press conference early Wednesday evening, major events due to the Corona crisis are also prohibited in summer .

Until August 31st - for now. That means: If the Bundesliga * continues, there will only be ghost games up to that day - at least. "There will be no more games with an audience this season," said NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU).


Speaking at a joint press conference on the corona easing: Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU, left) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU, right).

© dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

Merkel, Laschet and Söder had previously discussed the further measures in the coronavirus pandemic in an almost four-hour video viewing with the heads of government of the other federal states. Söder emphasized that the Bundesliga  did not initially play a role in talks about easing.

"The Bundesliga was not an issue," said the CSU politician, referring to the ongoing discussions at the German Football League (DFL) . "Whether and in what form ghost games are possible," will "certainly soon" become the topic.

Bundesliga in the corona break: Ralf Rangnick advocates continuation

Update from April 15: Former Bundesliga coach Ralf Rangnick has spoken out in favor of continuing the season under certain conditions. 

“Professional football is not allowed, should and will not claim an exceptional position. But it is also no less important than other economic and social areas of our lives, ”said the global soccer boss of the Red Bull group of the Leipziger Volkszeitung. "If the teams, the supervisors and all those directly involved remain healthy and that is checked continuously, the season can be over."

The 61-year-old explicitly pointed out that the games should take place without spectators

From the point of view of Rangnick, that wouldn't be a big problem for the players. “In the past, we have had test games closed to the public. It was a matter of fact, it was about tactics, form and regular positions, ”said the former sports director and trainer of RB Leipzig .

Bundesliga in the Corona break: does it start earlier? Spahn gives soccer Germany hope

Update from April 15: It is still not clear when the ball will roll in the Bundesliga again. Football in Germany has been dormant for four weeks now. The DFL will now discuss next week (24th) when and how it will continue after April 30th

The Federal Government is already deciding on a possible relaxation of the current corona regulations on Wednesday . In addition, it is planned that the league may continue on May 9, of course only with ghost games

Health Minister Jens Spahn is also said to have spoken in favor of this. As rp-online reports, however, strict hygiene requirements must be met. An early continuation of the Bundesliga is "possible and also important for the millions of football fans in view of the other hardships," Spahn is quoted as saying. 

Bundesliga in the Corona break: decision on continuation? DFL breathes air

Update from April 14: While SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach shocks football Germany, the DFL postpones its decision to continue the current Bundesliga season. The extraordinary general meeting planned for Friday on further measures in the coronavirus pandemic will be postponed to April 23, the German Football League said. This gives the umbrella organization of the 36 domestic professional clubs some air in the debate about ghost games .

Bundesliga to Corona: not until the end of October?


Corona crisis in the Bundesliga: when will it go on?

© dpa / Jan Woitas

Update from April 12: It's been  a month since the ball rolled in the Bundesliga *. The catch-up game Gladbach against Cologne, which went down in history as the first ghost game * in the league *, was the last game for the time being. Then the corona virus forced the entire sports world * to pause indefinitely.

But when can players and fans enjoy Bundesliga football * again? In a report by Bild  , May 9 was the starting date in the room, but the league does not have this in its own hands. Because even a Bundesliga without a spectator would have to be justifiable from a medical perspective before it is approved. According to the virologist Prof. Alexander Kekule , some general conditions, such as regular corona tests on players, should be in place for this case. 

In addition, football should not be preferred to other economic sectors. Some politicians, including Christian Lindner (FDP) and Karl Lauterbach (SPD) were critical of the Bundesliga restart. 

Bundesliga: Will things continue soon after the Corona break? 

A season break, which would mean a financial disaster for many clubs, could be prevented in the event of a late restart . FIFA has now decided that all leagues worldwide, if  necessary, can end their seasons by the end of October . The transfer periods should also be adjusted as part of this. The unusually exciting championship in the Bundesliga * could still be concluded with a winner in the foreseeable future. FC Bayern * still has the chance to win their next title this year *. And should the master party not take place until the end of October, the temperatures could already make for an icy party. 

First announcement of April 10: The Corona pandemic * caused the interruption of the European football leagues, including the German Bundesliga *, weeks ago 

Since the beginning of the compulsory break, one has been wondering how the professional leagues should go on. The German Football League (DFL) recently commented on how to proceed, while a newspaper is already writing about the league association's  plans

Bundesliga: Will things continue soon after the Corona break? 

There was also a lot of discussion about the "second" start date of the first and second Bundesliga * . Since the association had stopped playing until at least April 30th, the earliest date would be the weekend of May 2nd. However, in a video session with DFB representatives, a clear tendency towards the following weekend on May 9 should have been communicated, as the picture writes. However, a final decision is still pending. 

The decision-making power over the top two leagues lies with the DFL anyway. The video session in question was primarily about the 3rd division , for which the German Football Association (DFB) is responsible. On May 16, the third-highest league could therefore possibly continue.

Bundesliga sequel in May? There is obviously a first tendency

“When planning, the DFB, with the 3rd division and the women's Bundesliga, is also based on the DFL and its models for the operation of the federal leagues *. However, these are currently only business games that depend on many external factors, ”a DFB spokesman quoted in the picture .

Finally, there has been a lot of public discussion and speculation about the work of the "Task Force Sports Medicine / Special Game Operations", the founding of which was decided by the # DFL General Assembly on Tuesday.

The current information status ➡️

- DFL German Football League (@DFL_Official) April 5, 2020

The clearly intended target of the top two leagues to finish the season until June 30, but what mystery games * indefinitely necessary would. The protective measures for spectators * would probably be too complex in the case of full stadiums. The DFL is also planning to play ghost games * in the Bundesliga and, according to the picture , is said to have already laid down the provisions for the games without spectators.

When resuming play, only a minimum of people should be allowed in the stadium. Specifically, there are 239 people who should be allowed to enter the stadium at the games, 126 of them inside - including the two teams. 

Bundesliga: Specific numbers for ghost games - 239 people allowed

The teams will only be accompanied by eight coaches , supervisors and doctors to the game, and there will be only four ball boys instead of twelve . The largest proportion of the admitted persons applies to the reporting, because 36 persons are supposed to be responsible for the transfers. In addition, 70 folders should prevent fans from clashing.

When games in the stadiums of the Bundesliga * rise again and whether FC Bayern * will be able to expand its title collection * this year remains uncertain . Some Bundesliga clubs * like FC Bayern * have already dared to play in small groups, but cyber training is no longer an exception. Other measures relating to training operations as well as a waiver of wages * were also determined by the record champion. 

The situation is quite different in the US meanwhile. There wrestling shows have now been classified as systemically important.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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